EXCLUSIVE:Diddy's 'Estranged' Son Exposed By Gay Lover?!


EXCLUSIVE:Diddy's 'Estranged' Son Exposed By Gay Lover!?
Well it seems like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
Or even worse got someone else’s hand in their cookie jar… while tea bagging lol.
Check out Diddy son gay love as he exposes everything. I didn't know he did but Radaronline gives that tea here!
According to the kids over at 4UMF.com Moe Howard of the original three stooges had a interracial affair and his birracial gay great grandson Tie’Lonzo Rovheir have been having affair with famous men on the downlow.
Moe Howard great grandson Tie’Lonzo Rovheir has been dating “Diddy” estranged son Cornilus Wilson and “Diddy” isn’t to happy about it… Why you ask? Seems “Diddy” hired Tie’Lonzo Rovheir family to have 2Pac taken off the scenes on his publicized Vegas night. The man who took down 2Pac is Tie’Lonzo cousin Orlando Anderson and the one Diddy paid 1 Million dollars to was Keffa D; Tie’Lonzo uncle (who snitched In major magazines.) Why is all this Huge? Tie’Lonzo is known to date and have dirt on Major Hollywood names considering his tell all book with a major Publication in New York and currently wrapping up a deal with Paramount Pictures on a series he created.

Name for book is ” Tie’Lonzo Rovheir Scandals Make Great Introductions
A Cautionary Tale ” exposing athletes, actors, and rappers all on the downlow
Dramatic TV series Paramount is signing w/Tie Is called ” Inheritance ”
Tie’Lonzo Rovheir Tell all Book will include top athletes and famous men who play on the downlow including a current Los Angeles Laker basketball player.
Tie’Lonzo Rovheir studied at UCLA and lives in Beverly Hills California. See the evidence and what was said for yourself:

Sexy as hell? Hmmm, read on…
Cornilus Wilson: (323)
Address 7th Downtown Los Angles, CA 91304
Read just some of the text messages.


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