'BAD GIRL' Natalie Nunn BUSTED Cheating on Hubby while he is in BRAZIL?

Exclusive: Natalie Nunn Is A “Bad Girl”… Was She Out Creepin’ With Nba Baller John Wall While Hubby Is In Brazil?!?
We for sure thought the ultimate “Bad Girl” decided to hang up her crown when she married NFL baby baller Jacob Payne but my spies spotted Natalie Nunn out to dinner with NBA baller John Wall from the Washington Wizards.

Hush Yo Mouth!!!...YES CHILE Now sit back and let me tell the story!

For all we know, Natalie is still married to Jacob Payne, who is no longer playing in the NFL and currently shakin’ things up overseas. Natalie recently tweeted pics of her hubby doing his thing playing football in Brazil and pics of his gear.

Also, Jacob Payne posted a text convo he had with his “Bad Girl”/ Ride or Die wife on June 7th:
So… what’s really good?!? 

Well my spies spotted Natalie Nunn on Wednesday, June 12th, dressed to get sexed in a tight “Kelly Bundy” type fitted dress having dinner with John Wall, who was looking incognito at Crustacean’s in Beverly Hills…
They say the two were seated in the cut having dinner and conversation. Making sure they were not seen, they walked in separately. They were seated near the front but off to the side.
Our spy also said what they didn’t notice was a ring claiming residences on Natalie’s left hand.

HMMMMMMM So what does all of this mean? Well… Yes! It could have been a business meeting because Natalie has a radio show on Playboy but… according to our sources, the two seemed a little suspect once they were leaving the restaurant and watching people to see who was watching them.
This would definitely be an upgrade for Natalie, bank roll and all but still…

No one deserves to find out that their wife was out in Beverly Hills having dinner with a good looking NBA player with a better looking bank account by the name of John Wall, while they are in Brazil… playing… “football”.

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