Hot Tea Alert: Is this Woman Pregnant with T.I’s Baby?

Rumor Alert: Is this Woman Pregnant with T.I’s Baby?
Word on the street is  T.I.P is expecting another baby and it’s not with his wife Tiny. We all hear the stories and rumors of T.I.P  cheating with other women and how Tiny accepts his behavior and deals with it, probably because of her love, family  and because there is one thing she has that them other chic’s will never have- his last name!!! This particular situation is very interesting because people  have alleged  they’ve slept around before, but now it is alleged she is pregnant with T.I.’s baby!  But like I said it’s  a rumor… “Allegedly”…
None other than Ms. Hanna Kang the GM of Grand Hustle.  Sources say that Tiny got wind of what is going on and that she is expecting the rappers baby and is not too pleased about the situation. But she will continue to put on a brave and happy front for the family and the show.

I mean hell I wouldn’t be too happy either, especially with someone who works closely with your husband for all these years. Sources say that their chemistry is undeniable you would think that she is his wife if you didn’t know Tiny.
The source also said TIP offered her a cool million to abort the baby, even Tiny has begged her to keep it secret and get an abortion. Just imagine how this makes him look, especially for T.V.
Tiny get some self esteem boo…Hannah is supposedly in her early stages of pregnancy, but I guess we will see what’s the real deal if people start denying…. My source did say that if she comes up not being pregnant that nine times out of ten she has gotten rid of the unborn fetus.  Like I said this is some alleged tea so sip with caution.

“I guess things went from professional to personal. Not only was she the side chick, now she has become a baby momma, Tiny is hoping that she isn’t having a girl, because she would be devastated  because the baby before Major was a little girl, but she died, and this would be heartbreaking if indeed she would have a  girl”.

I am shocked,  I can’t see this happening,  unfortunately you can’t put nothing pass men now a days… Or celebs because they live a totally different life outside of the cameras and the things that we see.

I guess we shall see But she has now responded Hannah Kang the GM of Grand Hustle  took to her twitter to address the TI and the Pregnancy rumor, peep below
Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 10h
Would never disrespect family. Or play myself. Where do y’all come up with this stuff? Lol.

Hannah Kang 강하나 ‏@MsHannahKang 11h
Don’t believe sh$t u read. Lmao ewwww why can’t a girl just work hard?

At the end of the day,you know a hit dog is always the first to holla….. Like I said previously time will tell…..

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  1. Omg t.i get a hold of ur self first u go to jail in high school and drop out of high school next thing u know u get another girl pregnant