Your Nightcap Tea, Oh? George Zimmerman’s Brother Robert is GAY?!?

OH YOUR NIGHTCAP SHOCKER, Oh? George Zimmerman’s Brother Robert is GAY?!?
Over at Queerty I ran across this disturbing bit of news on George Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman had always felt like something of a disappointment to his parents. Or the way he tells it — “Unemployed. College dropout. With a DWI and a boyfriend.”
But in 2012, he did have one thing going for him. He didn’t shoot and kill an unarmed black teenager like his little brother, George.

And that ended up being an unlikely ticket to the fifteen-minute spotlight for Robert, as he appeared on scores of media outlets, playing the part of soft-spoken family savior. The “Zimmerman re-brander.”
In a recent profile for GQ, we get a sense of what the Zimmermans life has been like in the years since the shooting. And let’s just say the piece doesn’t do them any favors.
But it’s his gay brother Robert that really had us doing double-takes. Much of the reporting reads like satire (except for the fact that it’s all true), painting a pretty dark picture of the mind of a true opportunist.

For instance, Robert was hell-bent on turning George into a reality TV star:
“[Robert's] models were John Walsh, who began hosting America’s Most Wanted after his 6-year-old son was abducted and killed, and the Kardashians, whose fame was launched by Kim’s leaked sex tape. “I learn a lot from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Robert told me. “Like, use the shit you’ve got.” One idea was for George to be the focus of a Candid Camera-style program. One episode, for example, might feature a professor teaching a class about self-defense, and at the end of the episode it would be revealed—surprise!—that George was one of the students.”

Which sounds like a good idea compared to his plan to turn George’s “brand” into a line of home-security tools marketed to women. Yes. Really.
“They all start with Z,” Robert explained, walking me through an imagined product line. “There’s the Z Bar, the Z Rock, and the Z Beam. They’re all targeted to women. One is to secure sliding doors. One is to put in the front door. The light is to carry and is designed by George. It has a little alarm—you know, Help me, help me!”

Other horrific quotes include Robert explaining why he and his brother couldn’t travel on February 26th, the anniversary of the shooting. Or as the Zimmermans call it —  “the incident.”
“It is like 9/11 for my family! We can’t travel together that day—it’s like having the whole royal family travel together!”

Then to really round out the picture, there’s this simultaneously sad and horrible account of Robert after the family had racked up a $3,600 bill at the Ritz-Carlton Miami during a CNN appearance. They thought CNN would cover the costs but the network instead accused them of “splurging shamelessly on [their] dime.”
“Alone in his room, Robert started shaking. He wrapped all the blankets around him, ordered shrimp, chain-smoked cigarettes, got roaring drunk. Nothing helped. He called his mother in a panic. “I can’t get warm,” he sobbed. “I just can’t get warm.”

…Eventually CNN agreed to pay the bill, and the next morning Robert returned the only purchases he could: a bottle of Mercedes-Benz cologne and a Ritz-Carlton wallet that George had bought him to say thanks.”

And if you recall this idiot trashed Trayvon Martin in the worst way!! So to the LGBTQ Community , You want him on your team, OR NAH?

The Daily Buzz For Oct 1

Pitbull Fronts Ocean Drive's Annual Men's Issue 
Taking a break from the studio, Pitbull took a minute to front his hometown magazine Ocean Drive for its annual Men’s issue. 
The Miami-native posed for the sexy spread and opened up to the magazine about growing up in the rough South Beach neighborhoods and “beating the system” by receiving his high school diploma in a very unconventional way. 

Check out a few highlights from Pitbull’s interview below and for more, head over to Ocean Drive!
On where he gets his business savvy:
“Growing up, I saw a lot of people make something out of nothing; it may have not been in a legal fashion, but it was always interesting to see how people could flip things.”

On being shown the door of Miami’s Coral Park Senior High School a year early, because the principal didn’t want him back for another year:
“Being young, you’re just thinking, Wow, I beat the system. But in actuality, the system beat me. But hey, I ran into the university of life, and man, since I was a kid I’ve been living the School of Hard Knocks. Once you put the two together, you can develop someone either very dangerous or someone, I would say, very sharp—and dangerous when he wants to be.”

On living on his own at 16 and dealing drugs in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Miami during the hey-day of the ‘90s coke trade, following in his now deceased father’s footsteps:
“I don’t like to go into specifics too much, because I don’t want to glamorize it at all.”

On the inspiration behind his tight, tailored Italian suits
“The inspiration for the sharp suits comes from the guys I used to look up to. Being 5 years old and seeing the guys that would come around, they were always in sharp suits. Gentlemen, but you could tell that they were nothing to mess with, and very dangerous.”

On whether he’s mended the fences with Lindsay Lohan, who had sued him over the line, ‘I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan:’
“We had no reason to make up, because I never disrespected her. Where I’m from, that’s a compliment! We say, ‘We got this locked up,’ like, we got this.”

On his critics:
“Haters gonna hate—let them hate. It’s when people stop talking about you that you have a problem.”

On hanging out with his six kids, ages 1 to 11:
“My kids mean the world to me; what makes them so special to me is that that’s where I get the genuine love from. To them, I’m not Pitbull, not Armando, not Chris, not Mr. Worldwide or Mr. 305—no, I’m Papi! And one thing I never want them to do is live in my shadow. I want them to be able to do what they want with their life, without having to use me as that connection, and to have that, as we say in Spanish, agalla, which is backbone. Any chance I get to have them all together and enjoy them all is priceless.”

On his relationship status:
“C’mon man, you know my slogan is ‘single, bilingual, and ready to mingle’!”

On his upcoming New Year’s special, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution:
“What’s better than being Miami-born and raised, Dade County, 305, and putting together a New Year’s Eve revolution and showing the world what it is to enjoy New Year’s Eve here, bringing in 2015 on a positive note?”

Ciara Gets FAB For Valentino Show At Paris Fashion Week, then gets PHOTOBOMED by Red Carpet Attacker
While Ciara arrived in a gorgeous red lace Valentino dress to the Maison Valentino Paris Fashion Week show, she also arrived to some foolery.  

Remember the celeb red carpet attacker who tried to get Kim Kardashian a few days ago and plenty of other celebs in the recent past?  Well, he's back!
Vitalli Sediuk photobombed Ciara's pics wearing a thong and knee high boots:
Ha!  This guy...

Chris Brown Slams Harvey from TMZ: ‘This is what the devil looks 
Chris Brown has had enough with TMZ and its founder Harvey Levin. 
When the news surfaced of Chris Brown blocking an unwanted kiss from a fan. 
TMZ ran the story with an unfavorable headline towards Brown, suggesting the altercation was a little more violent. 
In response, Chris posted a picture of Harvey on Instagram along with the caption:
Well damn!

EJ Johnson Shows Off His Weight Loss Progress After Getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery
"#RichKidsOfBeverlyHills" star and NYU student EJ Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson, revealed on the recent season finale of the show that he was ready to undergo surgery to jumpstart a new lifestyle.  He told his fellow rich kids that he would be getting gastric sleeve surgery.  And this past August, he went through with it.
We're already seeing a bit of a difference just one month later, compared to the above promo pic from several months ago.  Here's a few more pics of Chanel lover EJ making appearances since his surgery:
EJ told his crew he's ready to take the challenge head on...after he throws one last party of the summer: A Soul Food Dinner Night!
He was seen telling his little sister (above), Elisa, that he's thinking about doing a weight loss surgery similar to what co-star Jonny Drubel did with his lap band. And it wasn't really known Jonny had a lap band surgery.  Slight shade.
EJ said he met up with Star Jones and chatted about it all.  She told him, "A lot of people think it's the easy way out, but it's not. It's a step in the right direction, just a big push."
He told his friends, "I feel very mature and in the right place.  I'm ready to be cute."
Daily Mail reports that he received the surgery in August right after the final episode was taped.  And the diva is well on his way to a new lifestyle. All the Best!

Lance Gross & Rebecca Jefferson Share Baby Bump Photo
As Lance Gross and his fiancée Rebecca Jefferson anxiously await the arrival of their baby, the couple posed for an adorable pic in which he says is – “What Our Delivery Day Will Probably Look Like.”
With both of them rockin’ all denim, Rebecca’s button down top is open; showing off her baby bump.
Lance announced that they had a baby on the way back in July, when he posted a picture of Rebecca posing nude with her baby bump on display.

Rapper Trina Denies Ever Dating French Montana: I’m Not Bitter or Upset
Were rappers Trina (real name Katrina Laverne Taylor) and French Montana (real name Karim Kharbouch) ever REALLY a couple? According to the Miami-bred rapper, the answer is no. In an interview with Mara the Socialite, Trina denies that the two were ever an item. She says:
"I was not in a relationship, I have not been in a relationship in a very long time, and me and the person that I was around [French], we was friends. Me, I’m a person that believes in building a very solid, strong friendship before a relationship. That way, if something goes wrong, and the relationship doesn’t work out, the friendship could probably still be cool. And I never got into a relationship – we were friends, we worked together, we did records, we did stuff. And that’s just the end of that – I never came in the public and said this is my man, I’m in a relationship, and vice versa."
Trina explains that because the public saw them together, folk assumed they were in a relationship:
"I don’t think that was ever done, so I think with just being around somebody, and everybody assuming"
"that, and that’s just what it is. Whatever they did, or whatever, you know, the person chose to do, and like however, to me, I just feel like it’s just certain things that you just don’t do out of respect. And I feel like if you are friends with somebody, you should be friends with that person enough to have enough respect for them to say, ‘hey, I want to do X,Y,Z. I want to do this, I want to hang out with this person – I want to do my thing’. And me as a woman, I respect you for that. If you don’t say that, and you leave everything just…I found out just like everybody else found out that you’re doing X,Y, Z, and who knows who, and whatever else, so it’s a little shocking to me as well."
When French began dating Khloe Kardashian (they’ve since broken up), there were unconfirmed reports that Trina was heart-broken. While not directly addressing Khloe and French’s relationship, she explains:
"And I don’t play the victim – I’m just the one that, I see real for what it really is, and it was just that situation. So you are free, you’re not locked up, you’re not in jail, you’re a grown man – go do your thing and live your life, and I’m going to do my thing and live my life, and that’s the end of it. I’m not bitter, I’m not upset, I don’t care about what you do, it’s just certain things – it’s just how you do it. And that’s just that. I don’t have a reason to bash you, or be a certain way because I was never in a relationship with you."

LeBron James, Drake, Mike Epps & More Celebrate The "Survivor's Remorse" Premiere 
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has added "tv producer" to his long list of accomplishments.  He's executive producer of the new basketball star dramedy "Survivor’s Remorse”, which starts on STARZ October 4th at 9 pm ET/PT.
Shown atop with rapper Drake, LeBron was joined by executive producer Maverick Carter at the STARZ Los Angeles event on Tuesday at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.  The two (along with the cast) discussed the new series, which follows a family dealing with one of its members heading off to the NBA.
Survivor’s Remorse” stars Jessie T. Usher and Ronreaco Lee posed for a selfie during the event.
The show also stars funnyman Mike Epps who joined Ronreaco, Jessie T. and executive producer Mike O’Malley for a pic.

Oprah and Tyler Perry Settle Lawsuit Over Alleged Stolen Show
*Oprah and Tyler Perry have settled a lawsuit against the entertianment duo — accusing them of stealing the idea for one of their OWN shows from another writer.
The Jasmine BRAND got the exclusive and revealed the writer — who claimed they ripped off “The Have and Have Nots” — dismissed the case.

Initially, Parables Entertainment sued Perry & Harpo Productions earlier this year. An executive, Vanessa Lynn, at Parables Entertainment claimed to have written a screenplay called “Affairs.”
The script focuses on a small town family — including a father running for mayor, his health challenged wife and a daughter named Peaches whose best friend has an affair with the father. A premise that is very similar to “The Have and Have Nots.”

Lynn said the script was made into play and released on DVD in 2011. Also, she said the script was copyrighted.
Parables Entertainment demanded to have a beginning credit on the OWN show — saying it was based on the play “Affairs.” Also, the company wanted an injunction against the show and cut out of its profits.
Neither Winfrey or Perry responded to the legal battle. They’ve been settling the legal dispute privately.

But the powers that be worked in Perry & Harpo Productions favor. Parables Entertainment dismissed the case and are paying all the legal fees. This means the company can never sue again and make the same claim.

Joan Smalls COVERS "Self", REVEALS Her Scoliosis DIAGNOSIS Made Her STRONGER 
For the latest issue of SELF, Joan Smalls recounts her rise to stardom from Puerto Rico to Queens to the international stage.  Five years ago, Joan was living in her aunt's apartment in Queens where she wrote down a list of goals: model for Chanel; get photographed by an iconic photographer like Mario Testino; and wear angel wings at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.  Five years later - she's done them all! Check out highlights and BTS video from the shoot: 
On getting diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 13:
"The lower half of my spine was inside out. I started crying. I couldn't believe that was inside my body. I said, 'I'm not going to use this as a handicap. I'm going to push myself harder.'

On taking up boxing at age 17, to combat Scoliosis:
"People might think that because I'm skinny and tall, I'm fragile. But I always knew I wasn't. And it's comforting to know that I can throw a proper punch if I have to."
On why she workouts and has a steady diet of fruit and vegatables:
"I want to last in my career, and that relies on the way my body performs. So I need to take care of it. I need to push myself. I don't want to be on such a strict diet that I don't have fun. So if I eat sweets, I'll just put in more of an effort when I go to the gym."

Pick up the latest SELF now.....

Iggy Azalea Blasts Rah Digga for Calling Her Music ‘Not Hip Hop’ 
*Rah Digga came for Iggy Azalea — calling her out as “not hip hop.” And of course, the “Fancy” rapper took offense to Digga’s criticism.
“I honestly don’t really mind if I’m described as rap or pop. My passion is purely making music and entertaining,” Azalea tweeted.
She added, “Its definitely funny seeing ppl get so emotional over it all. What does it matter? music is music and many enjoy mine, no need to feel upset.”

Nevertheless, Digga has passionate feelings towards what she believes is the lack thereof authenticity behind Azalea’s music and image — blasting her for misappropriating hip-hop culture.
“Because it’s just not real to me. There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into. Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture,” she said.
She added, “don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo…We’re not going to believe you if you’re trying to convince us that you’re out here trap shooting.”

Digga continued to blast rappers like Azalea for not writing their own music and not truly being hip hop.
“That’s the problem. Their are too many passes being given. When did it become wrong to call out people that don’t write their own rhymes? When did that become a crime in hip-hop?”
She added, “Hip-hop is representative of this—to inform and empower inner city youth. I’m fine with anybody’s race, creed, or color participating, but don’t ever forget what it was created for in the first place.”

Fantasia Barrino Defends Her New Man’s Criminal Past: ‘He’s Just Like Me’ 
When Fantasia introduced her new love Kendall Taylor to the world a few weeks ago, not even 24 hours had passed before it was revealed that he was a convicted felon.

Some of you love muffins didn’t think it mattered, while others were concerned that Fantasia was destined for another troubled relationship. Unfortunately when you choose to make certain things public you open them up to criticism and scrutiny.

Fantasia took to Instagram to defend her man and their love. She posted the above photo along with the caption:
YOU!!! & My Kids are the best… My kids are the Happiest I’ve Ever Seen.. 13 years of Doing it All Alone with Zion NOT BY CHOICE.. I have a Son who’s Father is Great!! He is an Amazing Dad and THAT I can’t take AWAY from Him.. Thanks Cook???? To be able to see my Niece and Zion Come lay on the Bed and him go to the room with them and just Talk for Hours About ( Grades, Boys and Family) makes me feel so Good all OVER???? LORD….. This man Past is why I fell for him. (He’s Just Like Me) I sit and watch a strong Black Man get ready for work EVERY MORNING???? (suited Up) and Running of a Company that a Husband and WIFE seen something inside of him to be able to do… Mrs.G and Mr. G we Love you.. Thank you so much for believing in those who have been thru something’s but have nothing but Favor over their lives… I think about all the things he has told me and I’m Like Man!!! Nothing but God.. This event was his lane and the GREAT PEOPLE HE WORKS WITH.. You Can’t tell me God won’t take something Out of Nothing and Turn it into SOMETHING???? I Love This Man And He is Crazy about me also he HATES WHEN I POST HIM cause he’s not about that life..

As we told you before, Kendall mentors young boys who are offenders through the MOVE program in Charlotte — so maybe he has indeed turned his life around.
“Through his teen years, he began associating with what was considered as ‘the wrong crowd,’ his bio on the organization’s website states. “Kendall began experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol. At the age of fifteen, he became a father…Lacking maturity and strong male guidance, Kendall began walking deeper into dark places. Places that robbed him of his education, his childhood and ultimately, his freedom. He was arrested and incarcerated in a facility hundreds of miles from home.”

“He began to clearly hear and respond to the call of God on his life,” the site claims. “He laid down the failures of his past and began to carry his cross for the sake of Christ.“

Well amen.

Usher Suffers Tour Sales Slump, Live Nation Stands To Lose $5 Million 
Pop star Usher having trouble selling tickets for his upcoming tour.
Usher is supposed to be headed out on a 27-city tour with August Alsina and DJ Cassidy in a few weeks but insiders tell Page Six only a fraction of the tickets have been sold and Live Nation stands to lose $5 million on the deal.

The source claims sales are brisk in New York, LA, Chicago and Toronto its not enough to offset the huge loses.
Well I have an idea, Stop selling tickets at 250$ AND BRING THE PRICE DOWN!

‘SVU’ Tackles Ray Rice, Solange/Jay Z, Donald Sterling Scandals in One Episode
Screenshot from Wednesday’s “Law & Order: SVU” episode, which shows the silent elevator altercation between Henry Simmons’ Shakir and Kelley Missal’s Carla Cannon. (Lower Left) Teri Polo and Stacy Keach (Right) also guest star
*”Law & Order: SVU” continues to “rip from the headlines” this season, with Wednesday’s episode borrowing from the recent domestic violence scandals rooted in elevator surveillance footage.
In this Wednesday’s episode, titled “American Disgrace,” famous basketball star Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins is accused of rape by a PR employee from his clothing line.

According to The Huffington Post, “SVU” borrows from the Ray Rice elevator assault and the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight to show just how ambiguous scandals can be when there’s no audio and only raw camera footage.
“I’m trying to keep the show 10 minutes ahead of the news,” “SVU” showrunner Warren Leight told HuffPost Entertainment earlier this month. Leight told us that he wanted to keep the series in tune with the manner in which news leaks now, which is coming more and more from security camera footage released by TMZ (on the show it’s call LMZ).

“I loved the idea of just a silent black and white scene, then sound goes out,” Leight said. “You kinda wanna know what’s going on.”
The showrunner, who wrote the episode with Julie Martin, revealed that it also tackles the Donald Sterling scandal via Stacy Keach’s character .
Watch a teaser or the episode below:

“Law & Order: SVU” airs Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Feds Raid “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” Producer Mally Mall For Human Trafficking 
FBI agents Monday morning raided the Las Vegas home and escort service of rapper Mally Mall in an investigation into human trafficking. Agents assigned to the FBI’s public corruption squad, which also investigates civil rights violations, executed search warrants at Mall’s 4311 E. Oquendo Rd. home and his escort service, Las Vegas Concierge, at 6207 Dean Martin Dr.
via Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Mall’s home is listed under the name of Jamal Rashid, according to county records.
Joseph Dickey, the supervisor of the public corruption squad, declined to provide details of the investigation.
Mall, who also is a hip hop producer, has associated with an number of music stars, including Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and Drake.

Animal control officers were called to Mall’s home during the raid. He is known to be a lover of exotic animals. Three years ago, Mall got into a spat with his neighbors over his push to keep two serval cats and a Capuchin monkey at his home.

Check Out The Latest Pictures Of Dwyane Wade’s “On Break” Baby Boy Xavier 
Although he’s been rarely seen, new photos are currently circulating of Dwyane Wade’s so-called “break baby.” Little Xavier Zechriah Wade who’s the son of the baller and Aja Meteyor,is nearly a year old now.
So is he cute OR NAH?

Black Twitter Having Fun With This: LeBron James’ New Hairline Gone Already
Just two weeks ago, LeBron James showed up at the Nike World Headquarters to debut his LeBron 12 sneakers. But far more was being talked about than his new kicks. King James had the media buzzing about his sudden hair growth spurt.

It appeared as though Bron Bron had finally done something to correct his thinning hair. Or maybe not? The Plain Dealer recently published photos from his opening practice with the Cavaliers from this past weekend and, as you’ll see, his hair magically disappeared again!

The word is out and the Internets have taken notice. Twitter especially is discombobulated at the NBA star’s ever receding hairline and have taken to their timelines to play Inspector Gadget.


I’m not sure what we are looking at. Just a lonely cart with a Mt. Dew and a floating arm. I don’t see anything else so I’m curious why people find this picture funny?


Beyonce and The case of the NIP SLIP at The Global Ciitzen Festival!

Beyonce and  the case of the NIP SLIP!
Beyonce wasn't the only surprise guest at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City Saturday night…
Beyonce showed up unannounced to perform Holy Grail with hubby Jay Z at the Global Citizen Festival in New York Saturday night when her boobs popped out in the middle of her performance. Luckily the pop star was wearing a nude colored bra.


Beyonce handled the situation like a pro and finished the song, hand over chest.

SIPPING TEA: Is Memphitz going to Leak a K. Michelle Sex Tape?

Is Memphitz going to Leak A K. Michelle Sex Tape? 
Last week rumors spread that R&B singer K. Michelle may have exaggerated the severity of the alleged beating she received at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, music exec Mickey 'Memphitz' Wright. Need a refresher? GO HERE!

Is Memphitz planning to expose K. Michelle for revenge…? 

Shortly after parts of the deposition from Memphitz' defamation of character lawsuit against VH1 leaked online contradicting parts of K. Michelle's original story, Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright began lashing out at K. Michelle online including a cryptic threat to release a certain video tape. 

Then came this!!!
Stay Tuned!