Meet THE DL Pastor who chose to let it ALL HANG OUT! AND I MEAN ALL OF IT!

Former Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Pastor Darwin Randolph Exposed As A PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker)!!!
I am not even gonna try and write my own version of this story! THE FOLKS OVER AT OBNOXIOUS HAS IT FULLY IN CONTROL RIGHT HERE. Now do ya’ll see why folks are fleeing from the church? Well here is the entire story as William “Obnoxious TV” McCray can only tell it!

WTF!?!? Checkout these photos of Darwin Randolph or someone that looks a great deal like him in these Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long type of photos! Close to six or seven years ago rumors began to surface that former Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Superintendent and Pastor Darwin Randolph might have been a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker, Obnoxious phrase for on the Down Low) he seemed to have disappeared in the mist of all the talk about his sexuality. At first the rumors seemed to have been impossible to believe due to Darwin being such an Alpha Male (extremely masculine). Plus this guy was well on his way to making a name for himself in ministry. Traveling and preaching on some notable lineups and for a number of high profile people all over the country. However, it was said that his wife somehow caught him in the bed with his church administrator, a male COGIC elder that is said now to be a pastor. Darwin was not helping the rumors to die down, but he seemed to fan the flames. It was not uncommon for the ChattanoogaTN pastor to leave his pulpit and head South to Atlanta. A ninety minute drive away from his church, wife, and children Darwin could live his double life as a gay man until his two worlds began to collide. For some reason he did not think that a number of other men was doing the same thing he was as well.

It had become common knowledge that Darwin Randolph frequently went out to the gay clubs. In fact one night while sitting in the closing fiery service of revival Todd Hall had been running a text came through on the phone of a friend and fellow elder tat Darwin was in the club. The phone was passed to me, Mr. Obnoxious, to read the message. In shock beyond belief I rounded up an entourage of friends and we left church in the mist of Todd Hall hooping and hollering to see Darwin in action. The group of us rolled out six or seven deep to see Darwin with our own eyes in the punk bar. While in route myself and my entourage of friends removed suit jackets, ties, bow ties, and and anything else that would make us appear churchy. All of us was following each other around totally out of place and nervous that someone would recognize us while looking for Darwin. Finally, there he was in his outfit of choice jeans, construction boots, a baseball cap turned to the back, and the famous wife beater tee-shirt. Darwin was drunk grinding on a much younger light brother with a beer bottle in his hand and occasionally deeply tongue kissing while grinding and thrusting him in very sexual manner. Moved beyond disbelief one of the friends in my entourage began to cry at the site of this preacher in that state. Quickly I, Mr. Obnoxious, slapped him upside the head and instructed him to get a damn grip on himself and stop being so weak.
Although, Darwin was drunk and high that night he eventually spotted me and my crew. Bold enough to speak to everyone except me the pastor carried on having a good time. While he was distracted and talking I got a chance to corner the guy that had been an object of Darwin’s affection. He shared with me that the guy said his name was Daryl and that he had no idea that he was a pastor let alone married with children. The dude said it was not a big deal and he was just out having a good time, but had met “Daryl” in the club before a few times. Darwin was also spotted in Lenox Mall during Black Gay Pride in his baseball cap and wife-beater tee-shirt. This man seemed to really enjoy the gay lifestyle and would forget that he had a family or did not care.

On another occasion Darwin was busted in Detroit on a Sunday night after he had preached at Bishop Brooks church. A fellow COGIC pastor and superintendent stopped by the hotel where Darwin was staying after having attended the service to be sure he did not need anything on behalf of the bishop. Much to his dismay Darwin was in jeans, boots, baseball cap, and wife-beater with a flaming church sissy headed out. When Darwin was confronted about his attire, behavior, and company he lied and said he knew the guy and had him bring him some pills due to his not feeling well.
Here we are all these years later, actually six years later on July 2, 2013 a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee contacted me about a man tat was a pastor and possibly COGIC that had tried to meet and hook up with a friend of his on a gay sex site. Checkout the e-mail he sent me below along with the photos Darwin sent his friend and the chat messages about their hooking up along with the photos of Darwin Randolph or a man that looks a great deal like Darwin. Notice in the chat messages he was still using the aliases Daryl. Look at the photos and share with us if you think the photos are of Darwin or not. However, let us know if you think this is the same man or not? Read the e-mail below:

Mr. McCray,

I wanted to pass alone some interesting news regarding one of COGIC beloved sons. A friend of mines sent me these pictures of this pastor and superintendent of the church because he was trying to hook up with him on a gay site. When my friend received this pics he quickly shut him done because he recognized him. The minister is suppose to be married yet wanted to connect to engaged in male on male sexual acts.

I am forwarding you the pictures because I wanted you to have the first scoop on the story.
Here is a clip of Darwin Randolph preaching below:

Now they say that The Lord is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. I guess he’ll be sitting on that throne for a long time! Some saints just don’t know how much they are hindering souls from God’s house!


  1. Pastor Randolph has a soul and instead of spreading this mess all over the internet. We need to pray for him. He has an awesone ministery and the devil knows it, that's why he uses people to drag preachers through the mud. I am praying for Pastor Randolph and the evil people that is spreading this mess! Pastor Randolph I am praying for you and pray that God will totally deliver you and anyone else that is struggling with homosexuality.

    1. You can pray all you want... But, you need to stop being blind to the facts that are right in your face!! Dummy !!!!!!!

  2. We should pray for him but lets not forget in order for these pictures to be spread everywhere they had to been taken first. And these were self photos that was sent somewhere that should not have been sent.

  3. All I can say is, THANK GOD for black men.... this man is fine and packing heat, or its just me feeling heat.

  4. that church is the hospital for the sick and all of us are sick .we need to learn how to pray and encourage one another and if you all will all that why God didn't use you on the cross the reason he didn't because you are jacked up like me go somewhere and sit down and pray quit acting like a bunch of tricks.also I thank God for His mercy is new every morning

  5. Willam G. McCray III is nothing but a ol' messy church SISSY!!! Somebody gon get that @$$ one of these days.

  6. He is PACKING & gay (YAS LORD)... This is why I stay down with my Black men.. No other race has it blessed like ours!

  7. As a woman who was in a relationship with a pastor who I found out was DOWN LOW, I say continue to exposed their behinds! Cover him? Hell, who is covering his WIFE. Church people make me sick with that "cover the man of God". They know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are intentionally out to deceive others and will pay big time for it.


  9. He can punish me with that rod of correction anyday

  10. Hahahahaha. hypocrisy at its finest. When will people stop believing in this fake ass fairy tale called religion.

  11. My heart goes out for his family and his church family . .Where are the elders of the church???. Where are the praying be leavers; this brother needs our deep sincere prayers. As be-leavers its not the time to hang our heads in shame and be bewildered . Its time to sound the battle cry , The enemy must be defeated.its time this brother comes face to face with himself . He needs our prayers and as the church it is our duty to pray for him and for all thous who are hurting because of his actions