Uh Oh… BAD News For Sheree Whitfield, Here’s What Her Angry Contractors Are Demanding! 😒

Uh Oh… BAD News For Sheree Whitfield, Here’s What Her Angry Contractors Are Demanding!
By now, most Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know all about the drama surrounding Chateau Sheree. For years now, Sheree has struggled to complete the construction of her dream home. She’s faced every possible complication anyone could imagine. From financial woes and running out of money, to back taxes and legal woes, Sheree has seen it all. But, despite all of the obstacles she’s faced, she still managed to build the house from the ground up.

However, there are still a few problems. Apparently, there are still contractors who haven’t been paid for their work and they definitely aren’t happy. Now, there’s reportedly a major demand of Sheree to ensure she comes up with the cash.

The Latest Drama: According to The Shade Room, Master Craft Stucco of Buford, GA is one of the companies Sheree allegedly owes for work done on her Sandy Springs, GA home. Although the stucco company won a judgment against the reality star’s company Sheree Corp. and Blu Management. However, the company is still facing problems with recouping funds because they haven’t been able to garnish her income or bank accounts.

Here is an excerpt from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
On May 9, 2016, a Fulton County superior judge Tom Campbell rewarded the company a lien on Whitfield’s home to the tune of $26,586.41, plus $1,981.50 in interest and court costs. Emory Potter, the attorney for Master Craft Stucco, said in an exclusive interview last week that he tried to garnish Whitfield’s wages but since the home is not under her name, “we haven’t been able to find bank accounts to garnish.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Now, it has been reported that the company is hoping drastic measures are enforced for her to repay the funds. The publication reports the companies are demanding Sheree sell the home to cover the debts she owes.
Girl just ask BRAVO for a raise, a Loan or something!


Is Jermaine Dupri Secretly Working on Xscape Biopic without their Knowledge?🤔

Is Jermaine Dupri Secretly Working on Xscape Biopic without their Knowledge?🤔
Last week former Atlanta girl-group Xscape announced they were getting back together after ending their bitter 10 year feud

Now, according to reports, So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri is working on an Xscape biopic without any of the girl's knowledge or participation...
Sources tell Straight From the A Jermaine Dupri has been secretly working on an Xscape biopic with former Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Carlos King.

And apparently Carlos neglected to mention the biopic while pumping Kandi's mother for information. The source claims Kandi was livid when she found out.

In case you forgot, Carlos King and Kandi's husband Todd Tucker's business relationship soured after their negative experience producing the ill-fated reality show, Hollywood Divas, together.

The Daily Buzz For March 30

Solange on the cover of Bust Magazine talks ‘FEMINISM
Solange has no qualms about embracing the label “feminist.” In the latest issue of Bust magazine, the singer-songwriter discusses how she identifies as a “proud black feminist and womanist.” In doing so, Solange makes it clear that she embraces the social theory of womanism that advocates for centralizing the experiences of black women and other marginalized groups. But she doesn’t rely on the terminology to make her point. Instead, she tells the magazine she wants to help ensure that intersectional feminism is practiced.

While she’s proud of the work that’s been done to advance women’s rights, there’s still more to do, she told Bust:
“I’m a feminist who not only wants to hear the term intersectionality, but actually feel it, and see the evolution of what intersectional feminism can actually achieve. I want women’s rights to be equally honored, and uplifted, and heard…but I want to see us fighting the fight for all women — women of color, our LGBTQ sisters, our Muslim sisters. I want to see millions of us marching out there for our rights, and I want to see us out there marching for the rights of women like Dajerria Becton, who was body slammed by a cop while she was in a swimsuit for simply existing as a young, vocal, black girl. I think we are inching closer and closer there, and for that, I am very proud.”

Solange added that she’s thankful for other black feminists and scholars who’ve allowed her to be “a student” in informal ways. Much of her education, she told the magazine, came from learning from other women she encountered in her mother’s hair salon or, whom she simply learned of via the internet. “I’m really grateful that I’m also a student of black feminists and womanists … and of women who have created this terminology for us to use as we carve out this space” she told Bust. “That is one of the beautiful things about the internet. I’m a high-school educated woman. And I rely on incredible women like [the groups Crunk Feminist Collective and Black Women’s Blueprint] … to really guide me through the process of carving out my feelings, and how I articulate them.”

The latest issue of Bust magazine is on newsstands now.

#RHoA: For 20th TIME Kenya Finally Breaks Up With Matt On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
What is it about some Real Housewives of Atlanta and terrible relationships this season? There's Cynthia and Phaedra, who are both going through divorces, Shereé realizing she should happily stay divorced, and Porsha making an ill-advised plan to get pregnant before even moving in with her new boyfriend. At least Kenya Moore broke up with Matt Jordan, finally. However, it was at the expense of the more interesting material going on right now, because Kenya, naturally, is relishing the chance to be offended at Phaedra's attack over the divorce party. At Cynthia's fashion show, which Frick & Frack did not attend, she rats out that Phaedra did not apologize for once again claiming that she broke up her marriage with Apollo.

But for some reason, Kenya then decides to go back to her relationship with Matt for drama? At first, the two tried to peacefully reconnect, but quickly, after Kenya refused to disclose enough of her flaws (so it seems), Matt storms off and paces around. The two argue for a while, but I'm going to be honest: this all continues to feel so fake. Sure, this is all about Kenya refusing to say sorry? But also, Kenya could have had Matt arrested for breaking her garage? Finally, with many fake tears, this relationship is over. And Matt certainly deserves to be placed on the cast of Empire (or at least Star) for his performance, but I'm just glad this is finally done. Bye Matt!

On Instagram, Kenya posted about the end of her tumultuous relationship. A simple black background highlighted the starkness of her quote: "I'm done." She did, however, elaborate in the caption, writing: "Watching myself tonight from 6 months ago... realizing my failures are my successes, my regrets are my lessons and my life is immensely blessed. I thank God everyday for my life. I wish you all love and happiness. We all deserve to be loved. Don't ever settle."

But the newly single Kenya may need to watch out. Unbeknownst to the Duchess of Twirl, Cynthia put on her best Wendy Williams wig and gets Phaedra on her couch to nail down: is her divorce finalized? After some hemming and hawing about it, Phaedra is finally willing to admit that yes, her divorce is final. After that tense moment, the two bond briefly over how weird it was that Kenya threw them a very presumptuous divorce-themed party. And when Cynthia, perhaps motivated by the technicolor dreamcoat she has on, suggests hosting a baptism, excited at the idea of calling Kenya a demon again, agrees. This sounds like a stunt waiting to happen, and it might send RHOA Season 9 out on a very un-blessed note.

#EMPIRE: Taraji P. Henson's Glam Vacation Photos Are Something to Aspire to on Your Spring Break
Make no mistake about it, Taraji P Henson is a bonafide queen. If her general stately presence on the red carpet and award-winning tour de force performances on the big screen aren’t proof enough, then we’re positive her always superbly dressed character on Empire, Cookie, would be more than happy to set the record straight for you. And now, the actress finally has a crown befitting her royal status, swapping out her usual blunt bob for a head full of locs.
As we’ve pointed out before, Taraji and Rihanna are basically on their way to morphing into the same person. So of course, the Hidden Figures star needed to try out the signature hairdo Riri has been sporting for the past few months as part of her role in the new film Ocean’s 8.
Unlike the pop star, however, Henson chose to keep her locs slightly shorter, only coming down to her ribcage instead of her waist, with blonde pieces mixed throughout as well as a smattering of metal beads.
Taraji shared another look at her new do, enlisting her friend Jay Walker to take a photo of her posing in front of the ocean, with her new do piled high into a twisted up-do, all the better to show off those bold, shaved sides. As for that cover-up dress she’s wearing?
The piece designed by MuurSwagg is called the “Empress Dashiki,” naturally.

#NewMusic from Syd – Treading Water
Following the release of her stellar debut solo album, Fin, the front woman of The Internet has pulled a new song out of her vault that didn’t make the project.
The vibey song, titled “Treading Water,” is produced by Steve Lacy and Ronald “Flip” Colson, and it finds Syd singing about a rocky romantic relationship while co-signing women and men that take things slow.

“Feels like I’m treading water, waiting for your call / And it’s getting harder trying not to drown / Come on baby, come on baby, come back to me,” she sings.
The singer/songwriter/producer told fans that it was her “favorite song on Fin” before it had to be cut. She didn’t give an actual reason why it was cut from the album, but most likely it’s because the same instrumental was used by Big Sean and Jhené Aiko on the song “Selfish,” off their collaborative album TWENTY88.

Take a listen HERE

#HIPHOPNEWS: Crime Mob Reunites in Atlanta
Crime Mob is getting back together.

Ten years after releasing their album Hated on Mostly, the Atlanta collective has reunited. Over the weekend, Diamond, Princess, Lil’ J, M.I.G., and Cyco Black teamed up at the V-103 Live concert in the group’s hometown.
Building off of the performance, Crime Mob is headed back in the studio for their third album, which is expected this year, according to Lil’ J. “Album number 3 is coming up next,” he told V-103. “2017.”
Princess spoke on the reunion, as well, celebrating the fact that the group is finally ready to release new material. “It was good to be in Atlanta, to do it here first,” she said. “I’m glad y’all called us to do this. It’s been a longtime coming but we had to come back and do it right. Now, the timing is right, the energy is right, we got our heads right. Now it’s time to get that money right.”
Ahead of this, Diamond and Princess are also planning to release a joint project as a duo. More news on this should be coming in “about a week or two,” according to the twosome.

In 2004, Crime Mob released its debut self-titled LP, which spawned the Lil Scrappy-assisted single “Knuck If You Buck.” In 2007, Hated on Mostly dropped, along with “Rock Yo Hips,” which peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Take Their Romance to Buenos Aires!
The 24-year-old actress and her 27-year-old boyfriend singer looked cute in matching all black outfits as they were left date night at the Boris Jazz Club on Tuesday night (March 28) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Earlier that day, Selena and The Weeknd were spotted doing some sightseeing around town as they held hands and took cute selfies together.
Selena recently flew down to Brazil to join The Weeknd on the South American leg of his Starboy Tour.

James DeBarge Claims Janet Jackson Was ‘Pressured’ to Hide Love Child
*Janet Jackson’s ex James DeBarge claims that her closest advisors pushed her to abandon their child and save her fame.
DeBarge claims that young Janet not only hid a secret baby from the world for decades; but that she knowingly did it to help her career.
“I’m not sure, but I think it was the pressure, the fame,” that caused Jackson to give up the alleged child, DeBarge told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

As Radar reported, James said he believes Jackson gave birth to his child after their split in the 1980s, and that their daughter could be a 31-year-old Philadelphia woman named Tiffany Whyte.
“When you’re young, it’s easy to be persuaded and to do things you may not even want to do…” he said, when asked why – if Jackson did in fact give birth – she would have kept it a secret.

Whyte alleges that she received a text about a year ago from a woman claiming to be Janet Jackson. “She said she was Janet Jackson,” Whyte told Radar, claiming that people close to Jackson “made her” give up the alleged child.

“She was just very apologetic,” Whyte said.
DeBarge has claimed for several years that he fathered a secret baby with Jackson, who now lives privately with her husband, Wissam al Mana, and their newborn son, Eissa. Janet has never commented on her “secret baby” scandal.
Meanwhile, DeBarge and Whyte took a DNA test last month to set the record straight once and for all. #staytuned — as the results are going to be published on RadarOnline.com any day now.

Is Jermaine Dupri Secretly Working on Xscape Biopic without their Knowledge?
Last week former Atlanta girl-group Xscape announced they were getting back together after ending their bitter 10 year feud
Now, according to reports, So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri is working on an Xscape biopic without any of the girl's knowledge or participation...
Sources tell Straight From the A Jermaine Dupri has been secretly working on an Xscape biopic with former Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Carlos King.

And apparently Carlos neglected to mention the biopic while pumping Kandi's mother for information. The source claims Kandi was livid when she found out.

In case you forgot Carlos King and Kandi's husband Todd Tucker's business relationship soured after their negative experience producing the ill-fated reality show, Hollywood Divas, together.

George Clooney Says Pregnant Wife Amal Is Doing 'Amazing'
George Clooney is joined by his Suburbicon cast members Matt Damon and Julianne Moore during an appearance at 2017 CinemaCon on Tuesday (March 28) in Las Vegas.
The 55-year-old filmmaker is directing, writing, and producing the upcoming movie and the trio presented it to movie theater owners during the event.

George opened up about expecting a baby with wife Amal while on the red carpet.

“She is doing really great. She is amazing. I don’t have anything to do. There is nothing I can do to help, but make tea and stuff,” George told Extra. When asked if he’s ready to become a father he said, “I know swaddling… I know what I’m in for.”

WTYF?!? Cuba Gooding Jr. sparks outrage by peeking under Sarah Paulson’s dress
On Sunday night at an L.A. panel discussion for American Horror Story, Cuba Gooding Jr. lifted up Sarah Paulson's skirt while she wasn't looking.
Cuba Gooding Jr. staged his own American Horror Story onstage at Los Angeles PaleyFest Sunday when he lifted up the dress of his co-star Sarah Paulson.
As the cast of American Horror Story: Roanoke took the stage to discuss the sixth season of the FX anthology series, Gooding lifted the hem of Paulson's dress to expose its slit, as she was greeting co-star Kathy Bates.

The action sparked condemnation on social media, with many calling for the 49-year-old actor to apologize to Paulson, 42.

Kate Middleton Meets Alexa Chung, Views Art at Portrait Gallery
Kate Middleton looks absolutely gorgeous in green while stepping out for the 2017 Portrait Gala at the National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday (March 28) in London, England.
The 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge greeted fashionista Alexa Chung, among others, at the event.
Alexa is back in the UK after spending time with her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard in New York City last week. Make sure to see the photos of the hot couple!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Temperley London gown.

Mel B Makes First Major Public Appearance Since Divorce Announcement, Ditches Wedding Ring

Mel B hit the red carpet for the “America’s Got Talent” season 12 kickoff last night, making her first public appearance since announcing she’s divorcing her husband Stephen Belafonte. Peep her pics, plus rumors of her estranged hubby chilling with a mystery woman inside…
Mel B made her first major public appearance at NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” season 12 kickoff in Pasadena, California last night, following news that she’s divorcing of her husband of nearly 10 years, Stephen Belafonte.
The “AGT” judge made her way down the red carpet in a gorgeous gold embellished Nadine Merabi jumpsuit topping her look off with a long high ponytail. As she posed it up at the event, we noticed she’s no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Soon after filing for divorce, the former Spice Girl and her estranged husband decided to participate in family therapy sessions with their children, Phoenix, Madison and Angel. It’s reported Mel B and Stephen rode in separate cars and the kids rode in a third car with the nanny.

Making matters worse, Mel B lost her father earlier this month. Last week, she flew home to the UK to attend her father’s funeral in Leeds.

EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Ricardo Bearymoore!
Ladies and others meet Ricardo Bearymoore! So you know what to do to see them goods. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN NOR ALTER any images posted on this blog. All images are found online or submitted.

You’re Welcome!

That 2:30 Feeling

He doesn’t have a care in the world…LOL!


BOOM! Rihanna wants you to know she is on #TEAMREMY!

BOOM! Rihanna wants you to know she is TEAM REMY!
Last week pop star Rihanna raised eyebrows after unfollowing Nicki Minaj on Instagram leading fans to believe she was choosing sides in the Nicki Minaj / Remy Ma beef [click here if you missed that].
Rihanna makes it clear she is definitely #TeamRemy...
Over the weekend Bad Gal RiRi was spotted on Instagram 'liking' Remy Ma pics.

OOOPS!👀 NeNe Leakes TEAS🍵 that her Credit Card has been declined SEVERAL TIMES?

OOOPS! NeNe Leakes TEAS that her Credit Card has been declined SEVERAL TIMES?
Here some steaming TEAS! Popular Youtube blogger and personal stylist Arielle Cristiana claims NeNe Leakes credit card is often declined during shopping trips...

Arielle tells her followers,
“I’ve meet NeNe [Leakes] a couple times, a few times actually. She used to shop with me at a couple of the stores where I worked and I will say, Nene’s credit card was declined more often than not, so where them Trump checks b***h!? “
WATCH HERE Comes in at the 20:28 mark.
Ummmmmmm, Now what about them TRUMP CHECKS?????? 


The Daily Buzz For March 29

Naomi Campbell punishing for Sorbet- Issue #15
She's been in the business for over 30 years, but Naomi Campbell still leaves younger models trailing in her wake.
The south London born super, 46, looks incredible in a new cover shoot in which she's seen reclining on a leather couch in little more than a Burberry jacket and boots.
In other images Naomi wears a bandana as a headscarf - a nod to rock icons including Patti Smith and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.
Naomi was shot by the feted Spanish photographer Nico Bustos - a close friend and collaborator - in Burberry's latest collection for the latest issue of the fashion magazine Sorbet, which celebrates 'dynamic duos'.

Bustos first shot the supermodel 13 years ago for the cover of Spanish Vogue, and the pair have gone on to develop a close working relationship.
He reveals in an interview with the magazine how he dreamed of taking Naomi's picture as an aspiring photographer.
'I was really impressed by her beauty and charisma,' he says of that first shoot back in 2004.
And more than a decade on, his admiration has only intensified.
'What stands out for me the most is that she is such a caring and intelligent person,' he said.;That mixed with her stunning beauty is amazing.'
And we agree!

#RHoA:  Uh Oh? ‘Warrant Issued For Matt Jordan For Violent Fight With Peter Thomas
A warrant has been issued for Matt Jordan, as a result of a Tuesday brawl with fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Peter Thomas, according to All About The Tea.
It’s not a secret that Peter and Matt are not fond of each other. On Tuesday, they appeared on a radio show in North Carolina, and it quickly turned violent. According to Thomas, Matt threw a water bottle at him, then charged at him. Jordan thought he could over power him because he is much larger than Peter. As it turns out, Peter was the stronger man and won the brawl.
The RHOA drama didn’t stop there, according to TMZ. It was so bad between them that the cops were called and they asked Peter if he wanted to press assault charges. Of course, Thomas pressed charges, and now Matt has a legal mess to clean up.

The bad news for RHOA fans is the interview wasn’t live, so it probably won’t be aired. Peter claimed that Matt immediately had his attorney take the interview tape, so it won’t “accidentally” air. Thomas claims his lawyer is trying to get his hands on a copy of the video to publish on social media.
Mecklenburg County issued an assault warrant on March 22, the same day of the radio interview. In addition to the above warrant, Jordan has two other warrants that were issued in August 2016.

One of the warrants stems from Peter Thomas’ Club One grand opening in Charlotte in August of 2016. Apparently, Jordan assaulted a limo driver that was driving Kenya Moore to the club’s grand opening, and the driver pressed charges. Bravo camera caught the whole exchange on video.

Anthony Greene, the limo driver, stated, “I was driving Ms. Moore to Peter Thomas’ grand opening at Club One. ”
“A black SUV rolled up and this big guy came out and started walking towards the truck. I rolled up the window on him and that’s when he punched me in the face. Kenya screamed and he ran back into his truck and sped off. That’s when the police arrived.”

Eventually, Matt apologized to Greene, but the limo driver decided to press charges for assault, All About the Tea explained. Just a few hours after the incident, Jordan was accused of damaging Kenya’s garage, security cameras, and vehicle. Moore told the cops that Matt was upset about their breakup.
As a result of the limo driver assault, Matt received two more warrants. One was a communicating threat and the other for simple assault.

Peter went on record with his take on what happened in the radio interview. According to an eyewitness, Thomas pulled a knife during the incident and he threatened to use it. Peter’s account did not mention any knife, but Thomas stated he hopes the video of the fight will be leaked soon.

RHOA fans suggested that Peter’s account may not be completely accurate. They mentioned that Thomas likes to exaggerate the truth and the fact he pressed charges seemed to imply that the fight may not have gone his way.
Even so, Peter Thomas claims he won the fight and wants the RHOA fans to see the fight, but Jordan has possession of the tape that captured the exchange. He also hopes that Matt Jordan serves some time for this because his violent behavior has to stop.

Docs courtesy of CelebNReality247-
Peter stated that he will not drop charges and hope to see Jordan pay for his actions.
Real Housewives of Atlanta fans, Will Matt Jordan final pay for his violent behavior? Will Peter Thomas ever get possession of the radio interview video?

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights on Bravo.

#EMPIRE: Eva Longoria Teases Her Upcoming Role on 'Empire'
Eva Longoria is ready for her Empire debut!
In a new teaser for the show’s third season, fans are getting a glimpse at the 42-year-old actress’ character!
Eva is set to play Charlotte Frost, the director of Nevada’s all-powerful state gaming commission.
Charlotte has the power to make or break Lucious’ dreams of expanding Empire’s reach to Las Vegas but she is more corrupt than people realize.

Watch the entire preview HERE

Her episode is slated to air this spring.

#MUSICNEWS: Mary J. Blige Reveals ‘Strength of A Woman’ Release Date & Album Cover
Mary J. Blige is finally ready to deliver her 13th studio album, Strength of a Woman.
Today the R&B Queen has unveiled the album’s cover art, and announced that it will hit stores and streaming services on April 28

On the cover, a confident MJB sits on a golden throne with her legs crossed in a leather and lace outfit.
Mary’s first album since 2014’s The London Sessions, has spawned the singles “Thick Of It,” and “U + Me (Love Lesson).” It is expected to feature contributions from Jazmine Sullivan. DJ Camper, Hit-Boy, and Kanye West, who appears on a song called “Love Yourself.”

Much of the project has been inspired by Blige’s divorce from her husband and manager Kendu Isaacs.
Previously speaking about the album title, Blige explained that it’s meant to symbolize power in the face of tribulations. “We find that strength in us to not just survive these trials, but to thrive, to live, to get something out of it to not make the same mistakes again,” she said

We luvs us some Mary!

#HIPHOPNEWS: Drake Cancels Amsterdam Concert Due to Doctor's Orders
Drake had to sadly cancel his Amsterdam concert on Monday (March 27) hours after it was supposed to begin.
The audience for the concert had already packed into the stadium and they were disappointed when a promoter came on stage to reveal that Drake was unable to perform.
Drake reportedly fell ill before the show and his doctor ordered him not to perform.
What makes the cancellation even more upsetting for the Dutch fans is that the concert had already been postponed twice before. The show was originally supposed to take place on January 20 and it was later moved to January 26. Then, the show was pushed to March 27 and now it will hopefully happen on March

In other Drake news, his new playlist More Life is at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and he just broke the record for most Hot 100 songs of any solo artist.

However fans at the concert after finding out 3 hours later at the show was feeling some kind of way. Look at a few tweets!

Whose ADORABLE Pup is THIS”? Steph Curry Drops $3,800 On Adorable New Puppy
Steph Curry's got a brand new family member -- he's adorable, he's furry and he ain't cheap!
Steph and Ayesha just brought home a 10-week-old Goldendoodle puppy this week from a place called Murphy's Doodles ... a high-end breeder in Florida.
Word on the curve has it that the NBA superstar and his family fell in love with the pup from the moment they saw him -- specifically because of his green eyes (like Ayesha!) and dropped $3,800 to add him to the fam.
The kids got to name the pup and went with "Rookie" -- and it appears he's already getting along with the family's other dog, Reza.

Congrats, Rookie ... you're about to have the greatest life ever.

Will Smith & 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Cast Reunite without Aunt Viv!
Will Smith and the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a mini-reunion over the weekend!
The cast, including Alfonso Ribeiro, Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, Daphne Maxwell Reid and Joseph Marcell, all met up to spend an ocean side afternoon together.
Alfonso took to his Instagram to share a fun photo of the entire group.
“Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete,” Alfonso wrote, referencing their late co-star.

How nice!!!!!

Tameka Harris Mother Puts Tamar Braxton On Blast For Neglecting Her God Daughter Heiress Harris.
Tamar that is MESSY BOOTS if true!

Tamar have falling out with majority of her ATL friends Toya, Monica and, Tameka. At one point Tameka and Tamar were best of friends.  Every since ‘The Real’ incident. Tamar has distance herself from the crew. TAMAR PLEASE GROW UP!
Anyway, Tameka and Tip daughter Heiress turn 1 over the weekend..

Watch a clip from the party below…

Tameka’s mom had this to say underneath Tamar’s comment section.

Kerry Washington Steps Out In Fire Red Jumpsuit At Paleyfest
Scandal star Kerry Washington continued to turn heads with her post-baby physique on Sunday when she teamed up with her cast members to discuss the popular show at Paleyfest.
The Paley Center For Media's 34th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles - 'Scandal' - Arrivals

The New York native shut it down in a red jumpsuit by London based designer Roksanda. With big stylish bows accenting the sleeves, Kerry’s form-fitting jumpsuit came with a silky fabric that accented her complimentary neckline and waist, giving the outfit a nice, classy pop.
The pants were fitted and cropped at her ankles, showing off her gold Christian Louboutin pumps.
Kerry even had to take a moment out to admire her outfit when she pulled out her phone to take a selfie. We don’t blame her!
In addition to working the scarlet red number, Kerry had her hair in a simple up-do while matching her outfit with red lipstick.

Scandal is celebrating its upcoming 100th

BOOM! Rihanna wants you to know she is TEAM REMY!
Last week pop star Rihanna raised eyebrows after unfollowing Nicki Minaj on Instagram leading fans to believe she was choosing sides in the Nicki Minaj / Remy Ma beef [click here if you missed that].
Rihanna makes it clear she is definitely #TeamRemy...
Over the weekend Bad Gal RiRi was spotted on Instagram 'liking' Remy Ma pics.

Kanye West No 'American Idol' For Me
Kanye West is not in discussions with NBC or anyone else about doing a re-boot of "American Idol" ... contrary to reports. This is according to website TMZ!

Reports are surfacing NBC and producers are chomping at the bit to bring Kanye on as host, and discussions are underway. Not true.
Sources close to Kanye and with direct knowledge tell us ... "There is no conversation with Kanye West to join 'American Idol' or any other show for that matter."

There's been a buzz NBC might bring the show back, but not with Yeezy.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has a Night Out With Nina Adgal & Orlando Bloom
The couple were spotted enjoying some time with their friend Orlando Bloom on Sunday night (March 26) in St. Bart’s.
The three friends were seen as they climbed aboard a yacht and spent the evening together.
It seems like Nina and Leonardo might be there to celebrate Nina‘s birthday, as the model celebrated her 25th birthday that day!
Meanwhile, Orlando has been on the French island for a few days enjoying the beach, shirtless paddle boarding and rock climbing.

Ladies and others LOL! Meet that hard body JAYE! So you know what to do to see more. Just CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN NOR ALTER any images posted on this blog. All images are found online or submitted.

You’re Welcome!

There’s always that one asshole who loves Fireball so much they’re ready to get the party started anywhere anytime.