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Kevin Hart Covers EBONY, Talks "Standing By His Race"
Kevin Hart has gotten his fair share of criticism from the black community about his stance on the current racial strife in America.  But he's covering EBONY magazine for its October/November issue, and the highest paid comedian period is letting folks know he will always stand by his race.  More inside...
He's a comedian, actor, writer, and philanthropist.  Really just call him a mogul.  But some folks were calling him out for not thinking race needs to be a part of his comedy acts.

Still, Kevin has made it clear he's black and he's proud.  He's even made videos telling folks he believes the media is trying to incite a race war, and urging them to not allow it to happen.  He also starred in a #BlackLivesMatter video with other celebs.
Now, in the new issue of EBONY mag, the dapper comic is letting folks know where he stands saying:
“I love representing my race all over the world at the highest level where people have to look and go, ‘Hey man, that strong Black man right there is a smart individual. He’s got it together; he’s trying to do some positive things.”
The Central Intelligence star also opens up on hot topics including why he isn’t more outwardly “political” during a time when many celebrities are taking sides in the #allivesmatter and #blacklivesmatter debate saying:

“I love my people. I have never not stood by my people and by my race.”
In the issue, Kev talks about the challenges he faced during his climb to the top, the importance he places on marriage and being a family man, and his upcoming stand-up comedy film, KEVIN HART: WHAT NOW?

The issue hits newsstands soon!

The Insane Trailer for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 9 Is Here
When things ain’t so peachy. The explosive trailer for season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta dropped on Wednesday, September 28. In the jaw-dropping clip — which you can watch below — Bravo’s feistiest group of ‘wives don’t disappoint in the drama department.
The sneak peek starts out with Sheree Whitfield announcing her return as a full-time cast member after years of slipping in and out to play a supporting part on the hit reality show.

“The bitch is back!” she declares. “And the chateau is finally ready, unlike ‘Moore Work Needed Manor.’”
As fans are well aware, Whitfield, 46, and her costar Kenya Moore have continuously taken blows at one another as they’ve raced to see whose mansion would be finished first.

Cut to the “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” singer, 45, calling Whitfield a “ho” during a particularly heated argument about their incomplete estates. Without a beat, Whitfield retaliates by screaming back at Moore: “Ho?! Why you running away with your unfinished ass house?!"
Aside from her fraught friendship with Whitfield, Moore’s relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Jordan, seems to be suffering as well. “He kicked in my hotel room door,” she says through tears as Jordan is seen tearing through her house. "Just mad and hitting the walls."
Another couple on the rocks? Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas. As Us Weekly reported earlier this summer, the former model made the painful decision to separate from the businessman after nearly six years of marriage.
 “I want a divorce,” she tells her lawyer in the preview. In another scene, besties Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams (a.k.a. “Frick” and “Frack”) wonder aloud if Bailey, 48, is calling it quits because she has been seen arriving alone at the apartment of a rumored new “love interest.”

However, Thomas isn’t quite ready to throw in the towel. "I love my wife," he tells a friend. "I was in it till we died."
Meanwhile, Parks, 42, can’t believe that an old client of hers attempted to hurt her by throwing a grenade — literally! — at her office. “He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the f--k up," Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, tells the entertainment attorney.
For her part, Burruss, 40, is adjusting to second-time motherhood with her 9-month-old son, Ace — who she shares with husband Todd Tucker — and tries to mend the relationship between her 14-year-old daughter, Riley, and the teen's father, Russell Spencer.
While it’s unclear if NeNe Leakes will make any cameos this season, Kim Fields will not be returning after a brief stint on season 8.
Watch the insane video above. The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 premieres on Bravo Sunday, November 6, at 8 p.m. ET.

14-year-old from Milwaukee plays young Tariq on hit FOX show “Empire”

VIA FOX MILWAUKEE -- A 14-year-old boy from Milwaukee on Wednesday night, September 28th appeared on the hit FOX show "Empire!"
"I like acting, modeling, basketball and football," Banks said.
Banks and his family and friends gathered at the Kiss Ultra Lounge on N. 76th Street to witness the biggest opportunity of his young life.
It all began months ago, when his aunt saw an ad on social media. She immediately thought of her rapping nephew, and called her sister at midnight.
"They were asking for kids between the ages of 10-13 that could rap. So I think I called her and said 'rap now,'" Banks' aunt said.
"I sent in a video first and they told me to come up there," Banks said.
The very next day, Banks had an audition in Chicago. He didn't get the part -- which is why it was so unexpected that five months later, producers called back.
"I think I waited couple days to tell him about it," Banks' aunt said.
"I went crazy. I went crazy," Banks said.
Banks spent a day in Chicago filming an episode of TV's hottest show -- "Empire." He played young Tariq in a flashback scene.
"When I went down, it was like, a whole bunch of vans and stuff, and then we got dressed and did the part. It was fun though," Banks said.
"A kid from Milwaukee, to be a movie star? Who knew?" Banks' mom said.
On Wednesday, millions saw the young Milwaukee actor on the small screen -- a teenager who has long been a star to everyone in the room, watching the episode with him.
Banks said he plans to try out for more shows in the future.

Congrats and Good Luck to him!

New Music: Mariah Carey Feat. Jussie Smollett – ‘Infamous’
Ahead of her long-awaited appearance on “Empire” next month, Mariah Carey teams with cast member Jussie Smollett on “Infamous,” a Jermaine Dupri-produced collaboration recorded for Fox’s hit show.

“I know it’s dangerous, but I believe / A greater love, there’ll never be,” belts Mariah on the powerhouse duet, while Smollett delivers Auto-Tuned vocals.
Mariah will guest as mega-superstar Kitty, who mentors Smollett’s character Jamal Lyon and helps him “overcome personal difficulties and reach a musical breakthrough.”
“It was great,” Smollett told EW of working with MC. “She’s a sweetheart. She’s a professional and, you know, this is a long time coming.”
The two will reunite in Hawaii later this year when Smollett opens for Mariah during her three shows in Honolulu on Nov. 23, 25, and 26.

Listen to “Infamous” HERE
And catch Mariah on “Empire” next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

New Hip Hop: Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane – ‘Oh Lord’
Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane call on the man above in their new collaboration, “Oh Lord,” which will appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, The Birth of a Nation.
Gucci calls for the shackles to be taken off of him and raps about riding with his brethren, while Wayne references his issues with Cash Money and Birdman, and feeding his family in his verse.
“Dear Lord, oh Lord. Please hear my prayer. You ain’t take me this far just to leave me here,” Gucci raps on the hook.

The “Birth of a Nation” soundtrack will be released on Friday (Sept. 30th), featuring contributions from artists like Nas, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill and Pusha T.

Angela Simmons & Fiancé Welcome A Baby Boy
Angela Simmons has given birth to her first child, a baby, with her fiancé, Sutton Tennyson. The Growing Up Hip Hop star took to Instagram to announce the news, posting an adorable snap of her and her newborn son in bed.
She captioned the pic: “The best part of life has just begun.. #Motherhood #ImSoInLove.”
The entrepreneur, fashion maven and reality star announced her pregnancy back in May, saying that she and her fiancé were overjoyed and super excited. “Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of,” she added.
Days ago, she celebrated her little one’s impending arrival with a baby shower at The Sugar Factory.

Congrats to the couple!

Fellas LOOK, Laura Govan Poses Butt Naked!
She’s in her birthday suit! This week, Laura Govan is celebrating her birthday in Cabo and in honor of her special day, the reality star is showing off her goodies, sorta. Laura posted a flic of her posing nude, covering up her lady parts.

Fantasia Apologizes for Black Lives Matter Flap
Earlier this week Fantasia Barrino caused a firestorm after decided to put on an #AllLivesMatter concert in opposition to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Fantasia apologizes after realizing she offended a huge percentage of her fanbase...
Good for you Fanny. You owned it and apologized!

BLACK SUPERHEROES: “Luke Cage” Cast On Fire At Series’ NYC Premiere
The cast of Netflix’s new Marvel series “Luke Cage” made their way to the red carpet at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem Theater for the NYC premiere.
Making their way down the carpet, Luke Cage himself, Mike Colter, snapped it up with his co-stars Simone Missick and Rosario Dawson (who also stars in "Daredevil") front-and-center for all the action.
lIf you haven’t been keeping up with “Luke Cage,” he’s a black superhero with super human strength and bulletproof skin.  How fitting for this day in age.
Luke Cage first popped up in Netflix’s recent “Jessica Jones” series. Mike dished to Variety about the show being labeled a “black” series, describing it as "inclusively black." He said,
“People want to describe it as a black show, but I would say it’s inclusively black, in a sense that yes the characters are black and yes you’re watching a show shot in Harlem, but these inclusively black characters have the same problems you have, and go through the same sort of issues that everyone goes through.”
The actor said his character is very relatable, but he has super cool powers.
“When I think about Luke Cage, the last thing I think about is a superhero. It’s more like, By the way, it’s a superhero story.  The guy has special abilities, but he also goes through the same things we go through.”

Cute skirt! Rosario Dawson will bring her "Jessica Jones" and "Daredevil" character Claire Temple to the series for a few episodes.
Star Simone Rissick was pretty in pink. She plays Misty Knight in the Marvel series.
Simone’s actor husband Dorian Missick, who starred in Brandy’s “Zoe Ever After,” was right by her side to show support. #BlackLove
Work it out then! “Luke Cage” star Cassandra Wilson struck some poses in a gold embellished Laurel Dewitt jacket over a black mini dress, a Blackbird Dillinger for Laurel DeWitt handbag and Laruicci jewels.  Looking fab.
Hollywood veteran Alfre Woodard will play Mariah Dillard, a local Harlem politician who is looking to bring a new era of change to the streets where she grew up. She was joined on the carpet by her husband Roderick Spencer.
Star Frankie Faison will play Pops, a reformed gangster who owners a barber shop that Luke Cage works at.
A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younger were on the carpet. They composed the series soundtrack.
Fun times!

Adele on giving up cigarettes: ‘I’m convinced that’s made my voice weaker’
Adele used to be a smoker. She recorded both 19 and 21 while she was a smoker. She spoke often about how much she loved to smoke, and even know that she’s a non-smoker, she’s said she still misses it. I always thought that her smoking habit was one of the big reasons why she needed such aggressive vocal cord treatment years ago. She apparently kicked the ciggies around the same time, especially during her pregnancy and after she gave birth. It’s pretty classic for ex-smokers: they know they quit smoking for all the right reasons, but they still miss it and think about it every day. But here’s something I’ve never heard: smoking makes someone a better singer? Er…what? That’s what Adele said in a new interview:
Despite releasing some of the most powerful ballads of recent times, Adele believes that giving up smoking has left her with a ‘weaker’ singing voice. The 28-year-old chart-topping singer quit her habit five years ago in a bid to improve her health – but she fears she has damaged her voice in the process.

‘The people with the best voices, they always smoke. I’ve given up smoking and I’m convinced that’s made my voice weaker,’ the Hello hitmaker told Canada’s etalk. And while her commanding vocals have been praised around the world, the 10-time Grammy winner has confessed to not being able to hit all the high notes that she once could. And working with chain-smoker Bruno Mars on her hit track All I Ask last year made her realise how much she missed smoking.
‘Bruno smokes like an old woman,’ she said. ‘My make-up artist will stink after having a fag. I had never noticed it before. But my fingers ain’t orange any more,’ the Tottenham-born star revealed as the one positive aspects of her decision to quit smoking.

As a move to protect her voice, Adele – mother of three-year-old son Angelo – has also given up her favourite food: pizza.
She told her fans at a recent show: ‘I can’t eat pizza anymore! How bad is that? Because it’s got cooked tomatoes on it which are bad for your throat and give you acid reflux. How bad is that, I can’t eat pizza.’
[From The Daily Mail]

Smoking will give you a deeper voice, and presumably a deeper/thicker-sounding singing voice, but will it make you a better or stronger singer? I doubt it. Besides, even if smoking gives you a better voice temporarily – like, in your 20s – you’ll pay for it later. All of the singers who still smoked into their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond have the worst voices. Also, I did not know that Bruno Mars is a chain-smoker.

Lady Gaga Set For Super Bowl Halftime Show On Fox
Fox has the Super Bowl in February and is staying in the corporate family for the halftime show. Fox Sports and the NFL have confirmed rumors that Lady Gaga, who stars on 21st Century Fox sib FX’s American Horror Story, will headline the world’s highest-profile concert gigs.
“It’s not an illusion. The rumors are true. This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA!” the singer-actress tweeted today. Super Bowl LI airs February 5 from NRG Stadium in Houston. Fox will premiere its drama series 24: Legacy in the prime postgame slot.

Gaga is in her second season on AHS, the horror anthology series whose sixth go-round premiered September 14. She made her season debut in last night’s episode. She won a Golden Globe for last year’s AHS: Hotel and was nominated for an Best Song Oscar with Diane Warren for “Til It Happens to You” from documentary The Hunting Ground.

As was the case with last season’s Super Bowl 50 halftime headliner Coldplay, Gaga will have a new album to promote. Her fifth studio record, Joanne, is set for release October 21. But its lead single, “Perfect Illusion,” stiffed — falling out of the top 40 after two weeks and a No. 15 peak. It will be interesting to see whether see chooses to play that song during the show or opt for whatever the next single is.

#EGGPLANT NATION Meet Bearded Bill Behr!
Meet Bearded Bill Behr! Well to see more you can GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS!  And remember they’re NSWF!
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Girl I feel ya, the lines at Walmart are too damn long. You take your stance by sitting down! You’re like the Colin Kapernick of Walmart now!


Spotted Out: A Very Pregnant Janet Jackson Out In London!

Spotted : A Very Pregnant Janet Jackson Out In London
WoW!! Get a look at Miss. Jackson 

Our friends at ET has gotten their hands on the first photos of the very pregnant Janet Jackson, while she stepped out in London on Tuesday. Making her first known public appearance since announcing that she and husband Wissam Al Mana were attempting to get pregnant back in April, the superstar performer was caught by paparazzi outside baby furniture store ‘Back In Action.’
Showing a large baby bump, the 50-year-old Jackson was wearing dark sweatpants, a black sweater, sneakers and a matching scarf and headband. An eyewitness tells ET that Jackson arrived at the store in a chauffeured black Mercedes along with her bodyguard, her assistant and two others from her entourage. Jackson was greeted by staff, who shut the doors for her visit and seated her at a table to seemingly go over some of their merchandise. According to the eyewitness, she also strolled the store and took an interest in one of the prams.

Jackson and Al Mana have a home in London, one of several homes they own around the world, but no word yet if she’ll give birth there. As for when she’s due, no date has been confirmed, but signs do point to November.
Congrats to Janet!!!


The Daily Buzz For Sept 29

Alicia Keys Talks to Time Out New York Magazine abut her new Project!
Alicia Keys has been riding a new, more conscious wave since launching her new #MaekupFree campaign. And her newfound freedom will be reflected in her upcoming album.
The R&B songstress graces the cover of Time Out New York magazine’s newest issue where she drops a few tidbits about her upcoming musical offering. Her new LP will be like nothing she has done before.
“This is a conversation between all of us [about] what we’re going through as women, men, young people who want to change the planet, people who are sick of being silenced,” the Grammy Award winner said.
Alicia has gathered a few heavy hitters for the new project, including her producer husband Swizz Beatz, superproducer Pharrell Williams (whom she calls her brother), and writer-producer Mark Batson.
The “In Common” singer tells the publication fans will get a unique blend of sounds that will mesh together on her new album.
“There’s only one of each of us in the whole world,” she says. “Only one. If we just look at each other and celebrate that, we can meet each other where we are. How dope is that?”

Time Out New York writer Eve Barlow got the chance to listen to Alicia’s upcoming album and she describes it like this:
Elsewhere, the music is gospel, driven by classic soul. There’s a retro song about pawning all her material wealth, a cascading arpeggiated track painting images of heroin users, cockroach-infested slums and gritty reality. It’s a record about unrealistic projections of identity, success and happiness.
Alicia opens up about no longer being silenced and having her voice heard by any means necessary. She says,
“It’s an imperative time to be loud. We’re not going to be silenced. All of us are battling wars: sexism, ageism, racism. We’re fighting the war of borders. We’re fighting a war as women. As a black woman raising black sons, I’m seeing so much systemic racism exploding in our faces. These days you have to be afraid to be killed just because you’re black! It’s devastating.” She breathes. “Outrageous statements are made out of fear and hate. The intolerance is not acceptable. It’s ancient and patriarchal. The way to propel our country forward is not by building walls. Anyone that thinks that is out of their mind.”

She adds, “I did have to find my freedom. There comes a time when you have to become a woman, stand on your own two feet. That’s why this music has such a surprising, relentless, raw New York energy.”

Fans are expected to get a taste of Alicia’s new album at a surprise show in NYC on October 9th. Details on the gig are very hush-hush. But, she will hit the stage at the Barclays Center on October 15th for the TIDAL charity concert. Maybe she’ll perform one (or more) of her new tracks there.

Are you excited to hear what Alicia has in store?

#RHoA: Kim Zolciak-Biermann reflects on 1-year anniversary of her stroke
Believe it or not, it’s been one year since Kim Zolciak-Biermann suffered a stroke. Here’s what the “Don’t Be Tardy” star had to say about how her life has changed.

“1 year ago today my life changed. Having a stroke has changed me in so many ways,” she began her emotional post. “At 37 I thought I was invincible … boy was I wrong. I thank God every day that I’m still here on this planet,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum wrote via Instagram.
As previously reported, Zolciak suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA) on Sept. 24, 2015, while competing on “Dancing With the Stars.” According to Zolciak, the stroke occurred moments after arriving home from a red-eye flight from Los Angeles
As you may recall, just days after the health scare, the reality star was forced to withdraw from DWTS days after suffering the blood clot, as she was advised by her doctor not to fly back to Los Angeles. “I’m honestly worried,” her partner Tony Dovolani said on the show. “A stroke is nothing to mess around with, whether it’s minor or massive.”

“I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the past few days,” Zolciak said in a statement at the time. “I am now home with my family, resting and taking care of my health. I can’t express enough how much I love dancing and this whole experience.”‘

Are “Empire” Stars Romeo Miller & Serayah dating? Seen together in Hollywood!
Well looky looky We see new cast mate Romeo Miller is getting better acquainted with his “Empire on-screen love interest Serayah.

Romeo, who broke up with his pageant girlfriend Toneata Morgan over the summer, and Serayah were spotted with a pizza box leaving The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood last night.
The rapper/actor has joined the star-studded cast as Gram, Tiana’s new love interest and Hakeem’s (played by Bryshere “Yazz” Gray) new nemesis, for the 3rd season of the hit FOX series. He replaced rapper Kid Cudi after creative differences.
The timing of this "relationship" is quite a coincidental as the new season of "Empire" just kicked off.
This could all be publicity for the show (that airs a new episode tomorrow night), or maybe the two are getting to know each other. Either way, we’ll be watching them both.

Music News: Anthony Hamilton Goes Back to His Roots On NPR Music’s ‘Noteworthy’
Following Alicia Keys, NPR Music caught up with celebrated soul singer Anthony Hamilton for the latest episode of their ‘Noteworthy‘ mini documentary series.
Host Jason King, curator of NPR Music’s R&B stream “I’ll Take You There,” uncovers new insights behind the singer/songwriter’s creative direction, inspiration, and early development.

Anthony takes King to the house where he grew up; the barbershop where he cut hair and found stories for his songs; and the church where he sang his first gospel solo. Hamilton says his whole family played a role in the initial steps of his career. “Grandmother, granddaddy and aunts and uncles and everybody else [said], ‘Boy, you better go down there. You gonna do something. You need to join the choir because you need to serve the Lord,'” he says.

Before he got the record deal that would bring him to New York, and then to millions around the country with the release of his breakthrough album, Comin’ From Where I’m From, Hamilton cut hair in a Charlotte barber shop, and credits the atmosphere there for helping to shape his voice as a songwriter. “Children come in and older folks come in and women come in. And you have all this conversation,” he says. “It’s like the information station. The sound manages to have a bunch of people talking about the same subject, but everybody has their own point of view. And even though they’re all talking at the same time, you can hear them all clearly. Then it all starts to make sense. You hear the things they desire, their dreams. It creates songs.”

Check out Anthony Hamilton’s Noteworthy below. 

New Hip Hop: New Music: Wale feat. Afro B & Sneakbo – ‘Stay Winning’ 
Wale stays “Winning.” Joined by Afro B and Sneakbo, Folarin unleashes his latest banger, “Stay Winning,” a dancehall-inspired tune ready for the dance floor. 
“They don’t like me,” he raps. “I don’t like them / My Nikes go for like 10 / I might be with a lot of hoes / But the main goal: keep my BM in the Benz.” 

It’s unclear where “Stay Winning” will land, but it could very well appear on Wale’s upcoming fifth album S.H.I.N.E. (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy). 

The new dad has been active in 2016. In June, he released his Summer on Sunset mixtape and last month, he dropped four new tracks. This month, he also released “One Reason (Flex)” featuring Eric Bellinger, another possible S.H.I.N.E. release. As if all of that wasn’t enough, Folarin is also reportedly executive producing the upcoming Maybach Music Group compilation, Self Made 4.

“Sonically, I always want to push myself as an artist and I think S.H.I.N.E. is a big example of me pushing myself and trying new things,” Wale told Complex. “My fifth album is a reason to celebrate, and a lot of the music I’ve been making is very chill. I’m singing—and I’m not singing to be the next Brian McKnight—I’m singing to enhance my songwriting ability and to evolve as an artist.”

Listen to “Stay Winning” HERE

SHADEFEST: Miley Cyrus Is Not A Fan Of Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is basically the definition of a diva. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, refuses to even walk the red carpet because "people are starving." So it's not too surprising that Miley's not the biggest Mariah fan. And it's for exactly the reason you'd think.
"I’ve never really been a fan, because it’s so much about Mariah Carey. That’s part of her shtick; I can see through that," she told Elle. "It's about what she's wearing, and it's about her. What I make isn't about me. It's about sharing my story; it's about someone being connected to what I'm saying."
It's clear from the interview that Cyrus thinks of herself as the opposite of Mariah. "I did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV," she said of her Hannah Montana days. "I was probably the least paid person on my cast because I didn't know any better. I was just like, I can be on Disney!"

When it comes to other pop stars, though, she is a fan of Britney Spears. The two are good friends, though they almost never text, she said. "I'm not sure if Britney knows how to text."
As the October cover star, she covered broad territory, also discussing her sexuality and what the word "pansexual" means to her. "That just means everyone. It doesn't stop at girl, boy, or if someone's in a transition," she said. "I don't see people ever for who they were before who they are right now. I think of who I was before who I am right now; that's a transition in itself. Everyone is constantly transitioning."

Mommy Duty!  Kelly Rowland takes selfies with son Titan
And on Tuesday, Kelly Rowland was quite the giddy mum as she carried her little one  on her hip during an outing in Los Angeles.
The 35-year-old singer displayed her child-like side as she posed for silly selfies with Titan and a pal.
Kelly displayed her feminine-athletic figure in a curve-hugging, black dress that hit right at the knee. 
Kelly's son Titan was perched on her hip. The little one was undoubtedly preoccupied with his sippy cup.
As the beauty walked, a pal snapped selfies of the trio, prompting Kelly to make silly faces towards the phone camera. 
While Kelly surely makes her family a priority, the former X Factor host has quite the packed schedule. 
The songstress is set to complete her album later this year and is currently filming a Lifetime movie with Meagan Good. 
Additionally, Kelly and pal Sheika Daley are working on a makeup-line called F.A.C.E. (For All Created Equal).  She's also currently writing a book. 
In an interview with Billboard, Kelly summed up her many projects. 
'My goal in my life is whenever I do these business ventures, I like to collaborate with women, so for my book, I’m actually working with my doctor. I’m very, very excited. So, music, book, movie, makeup –– 2017 is my year,' she noted.

Celebs Spotted at Beyonce’s Formation Tour In ATL
Beyonce’s Formation World Tour took over Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

A few of your favorites were spotted in the audience Check them out
We also spotted DJ Khaled, T.I. and Usher, who opened the show. We also spotted Young Thug, Big Krit, Jermaine Dupri, Migos, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, The Dream and a few others!
We see you Bey!

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Gloriously Chew the Scenery in Fences Trailer
A new trailer for Fences, or Please Hurry Up and Give Viola Davis an Oscar, has arrived—and its quick, dramatic pace lives up to the hype that has built around the Denzel Washington–directed adaptation of the famed August Wilson play. Put away your lists and theories—this is one of the most anticipated films of the upcoming awards season. 
Starring Washington and Davis, Fences is a tense drama set in the 1950s about a former baseball player named Troy (Washington) and his family. Davis plays Rose, Troy's wife. Though awards-season prognosticators have been murmuring for months that this role will almost certainly earn Davis an Oscar nomination, the teaser focuses heavily on Washington. It hones in on a sharp, brutal monologue he delivers to his son (Jovan Adepo), a juicy bit of scenery chewing that’ll likely land Washington in the awards conversation as well. Davis does, however, get a few moments to shine, particularly toward the end of the clip. 

Her performance has also been highly anticipated because of her history with the play. Back in 2010, Davis and Washington co-starred in a lauded revival of Fences on Broadway, and Davis later won a Tony Award for her performance as Rose. It doesn’t happen often, but awards-show lightning of that nature has been known to strike twice. 

Earlier this month, Davis was also nominated for an Emmy for her performance in ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder. Many were anticipating that she could win, then go on to scoop up an Oscar for Fences—making her one of the only actresses to pick up both awards in the same season. However, she ended up losing the Emmy to Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany. Nonetheless, Team Davis is sure to forge ahead more forcefully, eyes set on the glinting Oscar statuette before them. 

Fences hits theaters on December 25, a well-recognized Oscar holiday in the film world.

Mobb Deep’s Havoc Hit With IRS Tax Lien Months After Losing His Home
This isn’t even funny anymore…how hard is it for these celebs to pay their damn taxes??!!
Let’s add another one to the list of celebrities who have been hit with IRS tax liens in 2016. This time, it’s rapper Havoc from Mobb Deep. The IRS claims he owes $110k in back taxes. News of the tax lien comes just months after he lost his NY home to foreclosure.
According to The Jasmine Brand the IRS filed the tax lien last month for the years of 2009 and 2010. What the hell took them so long?!

For 2009, Havoc owes $70,185.09, and he owes $39,844.74 for 2010. Bringing his total to $110,029.83… a whole lot of money for a rapper who hasn’t had a hit in over a decade.
If the rapper doesn’t settle this debt quickly, the IRS is more than ready to start seizing his assets and whatever property he has left.

The Police Dept. Kindly Asks You Refrain From Calling 911 When You’re Pissed Off About Trump and Clinton
Sometimes people can take their political passions just a bit too far.
Just ask the Lawrence, Kansas police department who took to its social media yesterday to kindly remind the members of the local community to taper their anger during the Hofstra University debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Dark Chocolate Chuck
Ladies and others meet Dark Chocolate Chuck ! So you know what to do to see the chocolately goodies. GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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‘This Weather Has Me Like…’
Nothing makes the day go better than a perfect fitting bra. Am I right ladies?