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Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon & Mindy Kaling cover O, The Oprah Magazine’s March Issue!
The co-stars sat down with the magazine as they discussed the #TimesUp cause, sexism in Hollywood and more.

Read excerpts below:
Mindy Kaling on if she has experienced or witnessed harassment in Hollywood: I’ve been lucky enough to never have been the recipient of the kind of overt, sexually menacing harassment that has been in all the headlines. But I’m empowered as a show creator and writer in a way that I’m not as an actress. Actresses I’ve worked with suffer far more because of the vulnerable nature of their job.

Oprah on being sexually harassed: I didn’t grow up in the movie industry, but in the television business, I was so sexually harassed. It was absolutely, implicitly understood that if I said a word about it, I would have been out of television.
Reese, on women in power: Women in positions of power need to help people understand what the new normal is. You tell people how you want them to treat you.
Oprah, on #MeToo: I’ve seen this happen over and over and over again- the moment you release the thing that has held you in chains or that has made you feel shamed or disappointed in yourself, there’s always, always, always, another person saying, ‘Me, too.’

Reese on Women in Hollywood: For me, one major issue is women’s stories, and creating opportunities for women to tell their stories, which is why I started my production company, Pacific Standard. We cannot expect change in our society if we see only the same movies by the same 20 male directors.
It’s been my mission over the past five years to create better parts for women, and also opportunities for women of color, of different generations, to tell their stories in any capacity. Whether they’re taking photographs or doing podcasts. Just shine a light on those people
For more from Oprah, Reese and Mindy, visit Oprah.com

#RHoA: NeNe Leakes Takes Credit For Starting Real Housewives Of Atlanta…Should She?
There’s no need for sunglasses on Real Housewives of Atlanta. There is plenty of shade. At best, the self-appointed queen NeNe Leakes seems to think she’s why RHoA is!

During an interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest asked NeNe, “Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve for being an original on this series?” In true NeNe fashion, she used that question to toot her own horn. She said, “It’s hard to get the respect you deserve. They all come up with these sayings like ‘I’m the new queen. I’m the this. I’m the that.’ They don’t try to give me the respect, but it is what it is. I started the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I reached out to Sheree, Kim, DeShawn Snow for Season 1 and I’ve been there. So I am the original queen bee, honey. Give me my respect.”

NeNe was asked about how her husband Gregg Leakes‘ feelings when she returned to Real Housewives of Atlanta as a full-time cast member. NeNe shared, “Gregg is OK with it. The thing is, Gregg is like my rock so I talk to him a lot about what’s happening on the show. I think Gregg’s biggest concern was ‘are you going to be able to handle it this time around?’ because it can get very difficult. It’s hard working with women who are pulling you apart and trying to snatch your wig off all the time.”

Kelly Ripa tried to get NeNe to call out the “most difficult person” who was trying to snatch that wig off the most. The most obvious answer would be Kim, but she’s not a full-time cast member and I doubt NeNe would ever want to give Kim credit as a genuine adversary. Kelly pushed, “Who’s the one person who’s trying to establish herself against you?”

NeNe’s answer was actually pretty surprising: “That would probably be Kenya. Kenya, she’s an alpha female as well, so she’s a tough cookie.” That was a misleading answer at first until NeNe added, “But we’re in a great place though. I’m very happy for Kenya. You know she’s married.” Oh, we know. We all know.

Tell Us – Does Nene Get The Respect She Deserves On Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

#EMPIRE: Taraji P Henson will host The amfAR New York Gala Honoring Lee Daniels.
Tonight in NYC our girl Taraji P Henson aka Cookie Lyon will be hosting the amFAR NYC Gala benefiting HIV AIDS. And the honoree will be none other than her #EMPIRE boss Lee Daniels. She took to her Instagram account to talk about it. Look below.
Gotta love them. Remember #Empire begins March 28 on FOX.

#R&BFLASHBACK: Luther Vandross “Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me”
Luther Vandross was an accomplished songwriter who penned songs for himself and legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, he was also loved for his ability to reinterpret songs that we all knew and loved.
This talent put him in a league with singers like Frank Sinatra and Isaac Hayes who were loved for their ability to make you think that they were the first person to perform classic songs.

Here’s a classic song the late Luther Vandross covered and made his own.

“Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me”

Listen HERE

Prefacing it with a bit of the Stevie Wonder-penned Aretha Franklin classic “Until You Come Back To Me,” Luther took The Carpenters’ AM radio classic “Superstar” and filled it with a ton of soul.

#HIPHOPNEWS: Cardi B Receives Gang Threats After Dissing Crips On Instagram
Cardi B, who’s publicly declared her Blood ties, is now fielding alleged gang threats over an Instagram caption that many deem disrespectful, according to TMZ.
On Monday (Feb. 5), the “Bodak Yellow” chart-topper posted a photo of herself in a blue fur coat. “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin,” she captioned it.

Her use of the word “Flue” in place of blue was seen as an act of disrespect against Crips. Some allegedly took to social media in retaliation. According to the report, some also threatened her safety in Los Angeles during the NBA All-Star festivities, which is set to take place Feb. 16-18.
“This will not be accepted. #DONTCOMETOLA,” one commenter wrote, while another added: “Now why you go and do this f**k s**t Cardi. This is literally WestCoast Suicide …. bitch betta get #neutral.”

Cardi has since deleted the caption and disabled comments on the video.

Quincy Jones spills Tea About Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, & The Beatles with Vulture Mag!
Obviously once the other person is dead. Quincy Jones doesn’t hold back.

The iconic producer shares his controversial thoughts about Michael Jackson and The Beatles, while celebrating Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper in a candid interview with Vulture.
Speaking of his frequent collaborator M.J., Quincy explained why he viewed him as a “greedy” person who “stole a lot of songs.”
“I hate to get into this publicly,” he said, “but Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs. [Donna Summer’s] ‘State of Independence’ and ‘Billie Jean.’ The notes don’t lie, man. He was as Machiavellian as they come.” He added: “Greedy, man. Greedy. ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ — Greg Phillinganes wrote the c section. Michael should’ve given him 10 percent of the song. Wouldn’t do it.”

He was also not exactly glowing with his review of The Beatles. Speaking of his first impression, Jones said he thought “that they were the worst musicians in the world.” He added: “They were no-playing motherfuckers. Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard. And Ringo? Don’t even talk about it.”
Elsewhere during the interview, Jones said that he isn’t inspired by too many musicians today, but praised Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, and Chance the Rapper, among others.

ON MICHAEL JACKSON’S PLASTIC SURGERY: “I used to kill him about the plastic surgery, man. He’d always justify it and say it was because of some disease he had. Bullshit.”

ON MICHAEL JACKSON’S CHILDHOOD: “He had a problem with his looks because his father told him he was ugly and abused him. What do you expect?”

ON THE BEATLES: “I remember once we were in the studio with George Martin, and Ringo had taken three hours for a four-bar thing he was trying to fix on a song. He couldn’t get it. We said, ‘Mate, why don’t you get some lager and lime, some shepherd’s pie, and take an hour-and-a-half and relax a little bit.’ So he did, and we called Ronnie Verrell, a jazz drummer. Ronnie came in for 15 minutes and tore it up. Ringo comes back and says, ‘George, can you play it back for me one more time?’ So George did, and Ringo says, ‘That didn’t sound so bad.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, motherfucker because it ain’t you.’ Great guy, though.”

ON MUSIC TODAY: “It’s just loops, beats, rhymes, and hooks. What is there for me to learn from that? There ain’t no fucking songs. The song is the power; the singer is the messenger. The greatest singer in the world cannot save a bad song. I learned that 50 years ago, and it’s the single greatest lesson I ever learned as a producer. If you don’t have a great song, it doesn’t matter what else you put around it.”

ON MODERN ARTISTS HE LIKES: “Bruno Mars. Chance the Rapper. Kendrick Lamar. I like where Kendrick’s mind is. He’s grounded. Chance, too. And the Ed Sheeran record is great. Sam Smith — he’s so open about being gay. I love it. Mark Ronson is someone who knows how to produce.”

WOW…So much to say when the dead cannot defend themselves!

‘Big Brother: Celebrity Edition’ 2018: 11 Contestants Revealed!
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will make its highly anticipated debut on Wednesday night (February 7) – and the star-studded cast is sure to have everybody talking!
This new season will feature some much-buzzed about reality stars, star athletes, performers, actors and more. As with the previous seasons, this new season will also feature Power of Veto and Head of Household competitions, plus live evictions. Internet feeds will also return, as part of CBS All Access.
This is the very first edition of Celebrity Big Brother for CBS.

Omarosa Manigault
The three-time Apprentice contestant and Trump campaigner departed the White House for the Big Brother house. No word on if that is trading up or trading down.

Mark McGrath
The Sugar Ray singer also did a stint on Celebrity Apprentice. He’s actually been on many a reality television program, including Celebrity Wife Swap, a guest judge on American Idol, and host of not one but TWO Pussycat Dolls shows.

Shannon Elizabeth
The American Pie star may not like living on slop if she becomes a “Have Not.” She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, because of course she did.

Metta World Peace
The former Ron Artest won NBA Defensive Player of the Year honors as well as an NBA title. He’s also best known for the “Malice at the Palace” brawl between fans and players in Detroit while a member of the Indiana Pacers. Not that there’s ever any fighting on Big Brother. Oh, yeah, he also did his time on Dancing with the Stars.

Brandi Glanville
It wouldn’t be a celebrity reality show without a Real Housewife. This time, it’s Brandi from Beverly Hills, who also paid her dues on Celebrity Apprentice. (Who didn’t?)

James Maslow
The Big Time Rush star also got fourth place on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars.

Keshia Knight Pulliam
Rudy Huxtable is in the house! The Big Brother house, to be exact. She also appeared on, yes, Celebrity Apprentice.

Marissa Jaret Winokur
The Hairspray Broadway star was on the same season of Dancing with the Stars as her new housemate Shannon Elizabeth. Instant alliance?

Ariadna Gutierrez
She was Miss Universe in 2015… for about two minutes. Then it was revealed that host Steve Harvey had read the wrong name. Whoops!

Chuck Liddell
The former mixed martial artist will have to use his smarts and social skills, not his fists to win this competition. And if you were wondering which show he previously appeared on: Celebrity Apprentice or Dancing with the Stars, it was the latter.

Ross Mathews
The former Tonight Show intern is a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. But now he will be judged by his fellow housemates… and America.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Feb. 7 on CBS and will conclude Feb. 25
The show airs at 8/7c, with several episodes airing each week. Julie Chen remains the show’s host.

Are you excited to watch Big Brother this season?

Keyshia Cole Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’
According to theJasmineBRAND Keyshia Cole is officially done with reality TV – at least for now. Sources says that the singer will not return to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.
Last year, Keyshia joined the show. Sources told us that she joined the show to promote her new album and expand her fan base.
However, she is NOT returning for the upcoming season. There are conflicting reports as to why she’s left the hit franchise.

As previously reported, this month filming began for the latest season. Sources tell us that Masika Kalysha, a regular since season one, will also not return.


Here’s Your First Look At Kerry Washington’s New Facebook Drama ‘Five Points’
Check out a sneak peek of Scandal star Kerry Washington‘s upcoming Facebook drama titled Five Points.

According to S&A, the series is centered around five Chicago youths from Five Points High whose lives aren’t always as they seem. The cast includes Madison Pettis, Haley Kiyoko, Ray Cham Jr., Trey Curtis, Nathaniel Potvin, Jake Walker and Spence Moore II.


Five Points is directed by  Thomas Carter, who also directed such films as Save the Last Dance and Coach Carter.  The project is being produced under Washington’s Simpson Street and Indigenous Media.

‘Black Panther’ Reviews Roar With 100 Percent Rotten Tomatoes Score
The Marvel film follows T’Challa, aka Black Panther, as he returns to his African nation of Wakanda to take his place as King.
Early viewers of the Marvel film “Black Panther” can’t stop purring about it ― and they want you to claw your way into theaters ASAP. Just look at the Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The early Rotten Tomatoes score for the film was already 100 percent after the first 55 reviews went up Tuesday.
“Black Panther” doesn’t roll out in North American theaters until Feb. 16, so the 18th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could lose scoring steam by next week. But for now, it doesn’t look like it.
As per Rotten Tomatoes, critics are saying that the film “elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU’s most absorbing stories ― and introducing some of its most fully realized characters.”
Additionally, “Black Panther” is making massive waves with both its glorious celebration of African culture and the #BlackPantherChallenge.

Recognizing the significance of a primarily black ensemble cast, New Yorker Frederick Joseph worked with GoFundMe to raise $40,000 to take children from the Harlem Boys & Girls Club to see the film. Joseph has since rallied others to build on this gracious act with the #BlackPantherChallenge. Thousands of people have gotten involved and have donated over $260,000 to similar campaigns.

If the Rotten Tomatoes score for “Black Panther” stays at 100, it’ll be the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and DC universe) to garner a perfect rating. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, both “Wonder Woman” and “Captain America: Civil War” had 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes in early reviews, “but ended up at 92 percent and 91 percent, respectively.”

You can catch “Black Panther” for yourself in theaters beginning Feb. 16, in both IMAX and 3D.

Stormi Bree Denies Throwing Shade at Kylie Jenner's Baby Name Choice
Model Stormi Bree is denying throwing any shade at Kylie Jenner‘s choice for her baby name: Stormi Webster.
Originally, hours after Kylie posted her baby’s name, Stormi seemingly took to Instagram to respond to having the same exact name as the famous offspring.
Stormi wrote, “Current mood” with a photo of her giving a somewhat annoyed look. Later, Stormi Bree amended the caption to the photo, writing, “(goodness gracious that was bad caption timing lol)”
It looks like the photo that Stormi Bree posted was purely coincidental!

I figured Trump would drive a nicer vehicle, especially now that he is President.

#EGNATION: Meet Chubby Hubby!
Meet Chubby Hubby! So you know what to do to see them goods. GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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