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Gabrielle Union is insanely gorgeous for ELLE Canada!
Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union may be 45 but doesn’t look a day over 30.The beautiful star with an infectious smile,shines as she covers the latest edition of Elle magazine Canada.

#RHoA: WAIT A MINUTE! Cynthia Bailey Admits she Still Loves Peter Thomas?
In last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, newcomer Eva Marcille made an accusation against Cynthia Bailey’s boyfriend Will Jones that may threaten their relationship. Cynthia started dating Will Jones after divorcing Peter Thomas after six years of marriage and about nine years of dating.
Marcille claimed that Will introduced a different girlfriend at a fundraising event for her fiancΓ© Michael Sterling.

Will Jones told Cynthia Bailey that he has not had a girlfriend for about three years and strongly denies that he introduced a different woman to Eva Marcille as his girlfriend.
In an interview with US Magazine, Jones states that he met Eva for about 10 minutes and suggests that she may have mistaken the introduction of the woman that accompanied him to the event.
“Any woman that I’m with, I’m going to validate them because that’s what a gentleman does. I’m going to introduce them to somebody as ‘Hey this is my lady, this is my woman friend’ because that’s what a gentleman does. So, I don’t know maybe it just got taken out of context, I don’t know, what can I say.”

In the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10, Episode 10, Cynthia confronts Peter about leaving Kandi Burruss’ Essence Magazine cover party without saying hello. Thomas says that he was not comfortable approaching her while she was on a date, and Cynthia admits that she was unsure whether introducing them would have been appropriate.
Cynthia admits that Peter was special, which is why he is the only man she married after he teased her that Will Jones is more her type.

In another clip of Episode 10, Cynthia admits that she still loves better but in a platonic way. The RHOA castmates Porsha and Kim Zolciak believe that Cynthia is still in love with Peter in a romantic way.
Will Jones explained that Cynthia did not want to be exclusive when they started seeing each other. They were both dating other people and Jones later admitted that he would rather have an exclusive relationship with her.

Cynthia felt that she met Jones too early as she promised herself not to get into another relationship suddenly. It will be another week before Episode 10 of RHOA airs, but it seems like Cynthia and her boyfriend may call it quits for the time being.

#EMPIRE: ‘Shocked, hurt, offended.’ Taraji P. Henson responds to news longtime manager Vincent Cirrincione is accused of sexual harassment.
Taraji P. Henson, star of the new action movie “Proud Mary,” publicly responded Sunday to news that her manager, Vincent Cirrincione, has been accused of sexually harassing women of color over a period of two decades.

Henson, in an Instagram post, said the news, first reported by The Washington Post, “shocked, hurt, offended and yet again put professional women in a position to not trust the men they work with.”
“Everyone knows how difficult this industry has been for women and my hope is that all of these unspeakable events ignite true change in the treatment of women in this entertainment business,” Henson wrote.
Nine women are accusing Hollywood manager Vincent Cirrincione of sexual harassment. Cirrincione is known for helping advance the careers of minority women. (Joyce Koh/The Washington Post)

Henson has yet to publicly sever professional ties with Cirrincione, her manager of two decades who has also been her producing partner. Her publicist, Pam Sharp, is Cirrincione’s longtime girlfriend.

Henson told The Post in an interview last week that she regarded Cirrincione as a “father figure” who helped her rise in Hollywood. She said she never experienced, witnessed or heard about any inappropriate behavior by Cirrincione toward women.

“I’ve never had any issue with this on any level,” Henson said. “He totally respected me.”

She said he would at times pay for her rent, child-care fees and, later, her son’s school tuition.
“He saw a single mother trying to make her dreams come true, and he nurtured that,” Henson said. “He wrote checks and wouldn’t ask for anything in return. It wasn’t coming from a creepy place. If anything, it empowered me. Like this man believes in me. I love him for that.”
Cirrincione was also Halle Berry’s manager for more than 25 years. The nine women of color who spoke to The Post about their experiences with Cirrincione said the manager regularly dangled Berry’s and later, Henson’s, stardom as bait in an effort to get them to comply with his sexual requests.

Several of the women said they viewed Cirrincione, who is white, as a gatekeeper for black actresses in an industry notoriously difficult to break into — one whose path is even more narrow for minorities. They said he took advantage of that dynamic to prey upon young women of color seeking an entry into Hollywood.
They allege that Cirrincione pushed for sex as a condition for representing them, and that he did not take them on when they refused. Those he did work with say he made regular requests for sex, at times masturbating in front of one woman during their meetings in his office.

Cirrincione told The Post that he accepts responsibility for pursuing sexual relationships but denies allegations that he sought sexual favors in exchange for representing actresses. He apologized to the women but characterized all of his interactions with women as “consensual.”
Berry told The Post that she immediately terminated her relationship with Cirrincione more than three years ago after hearing a radio report about a misconduct allegation against him — a story that had not been previously reported. Cirrincione disputes her account of how their relationship ended.

Berry, too, said had Cirrincione had never made any inappropriate gestures toward her. Nor did she hear about any such behavior from anyone during the time they worked together.
Hours after the story was published Friday, Berry posted a public note on Twitter and Instagram saying that she was “sick after reading the horrifying detailed accounts of [Cirrincione’s] abuse towards 9 women.”

“I’m livid that he used me, and the role model he helped me become, to lure and manipulate innocent, vulnerable women of color for his predatory actions,” Berry wrote in her post. “I’m deeply hurt and I want these women and countless others to know I see you. I hear you. You matter. I will fight for you.”
Actor Jussie Smollett was the first of Cirrincione’s roster of more than two dozen clients to publicly announce that he has “severed all ties with Cirrincione & associates” after reading The Post’s story.

“I am both angry and completely heartbroken,” Smollett tweeted Saturday. Smollett stars with Henson in the Fox TV drama “Empire,” about the music industry.

#NEWMUSIC from Tisha Campbell-Martin Feat. Rich The Kid – Don’t Wanna Be Alone
Tisha Campbell-Martin has released the brand new single “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” featuring rapper Rich the Kid.
The dance-ready track finds Tisha singing about “a little bump and grind,” wondering if she can make it work with a new lover. “I don’t wanna be alone tonight,” she sings. “Can you make me safe and sound / Can you make my love come down?”

Rich the Kid jumps on the track with his boastful energy. “She don’t wanna be alone,” he raps. “Why she blowing up my phone? / She a dog, take her home / On the kush, I’m in the zone.”


Campbell said. “I am a singer first and acting came later. Being an actress is what I do but music is who I am. For many people acting was my genesis but music is my exodus. I feel most comfortable behind the mic. That’s where I feel most at home. As an artist I want to affect people. I like to make people laugh, think, shed a tear, heal…This outlet is important to me because I can connect to people in a different way.”

#HIPHOPNEWS: Was Detroit Rapper Peezy SHOT while in his hometown?
Over the weekend, Detroit rapper Peezy was reportedly shot while in his hometown.

Details on the shooting remain scarce, but at one point it was reported that Peezy was shot in the head, and was in critical condition. A local radio station has since revealed that the rapper was not shot in the head (but was still shot) and is currently recovering.

“UPDATE: #Peezy was not the victim shot in the head (there were two separate shooting incidents). Fortunately Peezy is currently recovering well,” tweeted Detroit’s HOT 107.5 radio station on Monday (February 5).
So Now you know the truth!

Justin Timberlake's halftime show was a wimpy joke if you compare it to Prince’s!
Considering Sunday's Super Bowl was hosted in Minneapolis, not paying tribute to Prince during the halftime show would’ve been sacrilege.
Prince, who died in April 2016, wasn’t just Minneapolis’ own king of pop, he also gave the Super Bowl its best-ever halftime show performance in 2007.

Yet, it’s unlikely that Prince and his deservedly-large ego would've been satisfied with the treatment he received: a tribute from Justin Timberlake, an artist with whom Prince had a historically fraught relationship, during a show that fell woefully short of The Purple One's legendary 2007 set.

There’s a reason why, when rumors spread last week that a hologram version of Prince would join Timberlake on-stage, that the late singer’s fans rioted. Timberlake had a history of mocking Prince in public, from taking a dig at the 5’2’’ singer’s height at the 2007 Golden Globes to dedicating an entire verse to dissing Prince on his song Give It To Me later that year.
There was no Prince hologram on Sunday, though a projection of the late artist performing I Would Die 4 U, projected on a stories-high white sheet reminiscent of the one Prince himself posed behind during his halftime show with his legendary phallic guitar left fans unsettled.

Yet, Prince devotees can take solace in the fact that their idol’s 2007 halftime show eclipses Timberlake’s in every way.
Prince sang his songs during his halftime show, while Timberlake let his backing tracks and background singers do the heavy lifting, following a disastrously garbled opening in which the sound was so muffled fans could barely make out Timberlake’s lyrics.

Between Timberlake willfully ignoring his Suit and Tie vocals in favor of kicking around his mic stand, and the singer desperately reaching for his high notes at the end of Mirrors, he was doomed whether he opened his mouth or not.
Prince also knew how to balance his classic songs with some innovative risks, ripping through faithful versions of his hits (save a few added guitar solos) before debuting a blistering mashup of All Along the Watchtower and the Foo Fighters’ Best Of You. Meanwhile, Timberlake’s attempts to remix his own pop classics resulted in the lurching rock arrangements of songs like My Love and Cry Me a River, the instrumentals further jumbled by a horns section behind him. As heard in the confused Americana-R&B of Man of the Woods, Timberlake’s genre experimentations didn’t just doom his new album, but also Sunday's show.

And Prince knew how to stick his landing, ending his halftime set with one of the greatest moments in halftime show history, his breathtaking performance of Purple Rain.  What would Prince have thought that Can't Stop The Feeling, a song from the Trolls movie soundtrack, capped Timberlake's set instead of his duet with Prince?
In a moment that went instantly viral, Timberlake ventured into the stadium stands in the song’s final moments and took a selfie with a teenager who, nonplussed, immediately looked back down at his phone, the singer still performing next to him.

Somehow, we think Prince would've been more proud of that kid than anything else in Timberlake's set.

Oscar Nominees Luncheon Presents Their Class Photo
More than 175 Oscar nominees attended the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ annual luncheon today at the Beverly Hilton.
Among the assembled for the event was Guillermo del Toro, whose film The Shape of Water leads all nominees with 13. He was joined by the likes of newcomer Kobe Bryant, Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig. And also somewhat by Agnes Varda, who co-directed nominee Faces Places but did not attend. Her helmer counterpart JR held a cutout of her in the photo instead.
The gathering comes ahead of the 90th Oscars on March 4 at the Dolby Theater at Hollywood & Highland.

Check out the annual photo above and up close below
Congrats to all the nominees!

Nicki Minaj’s Mother Carol Maraj Shuts Down Alleged Video Of Jelani Maraj Being Brutally Beaten.
Last year, Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj has been found GUILTY of child rape.
Jurors on Thursday convicted rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother of sexually assaulting his former stepdaughter in a Baldwin home, after a month long trial in which the defense claimed the allegations were invented to try to extort $25 million from the man’s famous sister. Click Here if you missed that.

Over the weekend, There’s alleged video floating on the blogs of  Jelani Maraj allegedly beat up in prison.
It turns out to be completely FALSE. According to her Mom
Carol Maraj posts this message below via social media.
Click HERE to view the video.

Sneak Peek Of Gerard Mcmurray’s ‘The First Purge’
Check out the first poster and teaser for Gerard McMurray‘s “The First Purge.” The film arrives in theaters on July 4, 2018.

As previously reported, McMurray is directing the fourth installment in “The Purge” film franchise and was handpicked by the franchise’s only other director—James DeMonaco.
Gerard McMurray during the ATL premiere of Burning Sands
“I have not seen a film as confidently directed in a long time as Burning Sands and I’m excited to see Gerard’s own expression of The Purge world,”  said DeMonaco.
According to S&A, “The First Purge” is a prequel to the previous films and is being described as follows: To push the crime rate below one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) test a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community.  But when the violence of oppressors meets the rage of the marginalized, the contagion will explode from the trial-city borders and spread across the nation.  “The First Purge” stars Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Luna Lauren Velez and Marisa Tomei.


McMurray is best known for his work on “Burning Sands” and “Fruitvale Station.”

#RIP: ‘Frasier’ Star John Mahoney Dies at 77
John Mahoney, best known for playing Martin Crane on 11 seasons of “Frasier,” died in Chicago on Sunday while in hospice care, his manager, Paul Martino, confirmed. He was 77.
Mahoney played the father of Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce’s characters during the show’s run on NBC from 1993 to 2004. He won a SAG Award and received two Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations for his portrayal. He was also a mainstay of Chicago’s theater community.

From 2011 to 2014, Mahoney had a recurring role on “Hot in Cleveland” as Roy, the love interest of Betty White’s character, Elka. He was much praised for his performance as an anguished CEO in psychological counseling on Season 2 of HBO’s “In Treatment” in 2009.
Producer Greg Berlanti credited Mahoney with allowing him to secure a greenlight for his first feature, the 2000 romantic comedy “The Broken Hearts Club.”
 “He never wavered in his belief in me — a first time director,” Berlanti said via Twitter. “And he was even more kind than he was brilliant.”

Mahoney worked in film for more than 35 years, appearing in classics like “The American President,” “Moonstruck,” “In the Line of Fire,” and “Say Anything,” along with voicing animated characters in the “Antz” and “Atlantis” films. He also had guest spots in a number of TV shows including “Cheers,” the forerunner of “Frasier” (although he played a different character), and “3rd Rock from the Sun.”
Born Blackpool, England, the actor started his career in theater and continued to return to the stage, appearing in “Prelude to a Kiss” on Broadway and “The Outgoing Tide” and “The Birthday Party” in Chicago after “Frasier” ended.

He came to the U.S. at age 19 and taught English at Western Illinois University before entering into the entertainment industry in 1977.

Mahoney never married and didn’t have any children.

DRUNK HISTORY: Kevin Hart Issues An Apology For His Drunken Super Bowl Antics
Kevin Hart showed out in Minneapolis after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl!
The comedian and actor, who was still drunk as a skunk, took to social media to issue a “sorry not sorry” apology for his antics.

The video on his IG page was accompanied by the following hashtags:

Who gives a sh*t….Fllllyyyy EAGLES FLY!!!!! #iShouldHaveListenedToMyWife #iWasCaughtUpInTheMoment #iWasSuperDrunk #ImSoHappyForMyCity #AtLeastiDidntPunchaHorse #ThatSecurityGuardDidHisJob #iWantedToHoldTheTrophy #SoWhat #PhiladephiaStandUp #FreeMeekMill #EaglesEverything #WeBeatTomBrady #iSh*ttedInMySuiteAndiDidntFlushTheToilet #ThugLife #GoEagles #iWonSoMuchMoneyOnThisGame #PhiladelphiaForever #WeFinallyGotaSuperBowl #iWitnessedHistory #iThrewUpThisMorning #SoWhatTheEaglesWon #ImGettingOld #F*ckYouGaryTheBengalsSuck #MyFriendsAreTheBlame #TheyGotMeDrunk #HelpMeBabyJesus #WhereAreMySocks #iTrippedAndFellOnTheFieldAndHeardaWomanSayAintThatKevinHart #DontJudgeMe #ImBuyingaEagleWithTheMoneyiWon

I think this dude just found his new Elite Singles dating app profile pic. You’re welcome for this winner ladies.

Meet Ortiz! You can see more when you GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS! And remember they’re NSFW!

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