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MADONNARAMA!  Madonna covers Harper's Bazaar's February 2017
Madonna poses on the covers of Harper's Bazaar's February 2017 issue, celebrating the magazine's 150th anniversary.
Madonna wearing a gorgeous Ray of light gown by Italian fashion designer and dressmaker Alberta Ferretti and necklace by Erickson Beamon, shot by Luigi & Iango. Out Jan 17th.

#RHoA: RECAP Matt Jordan Threatens Ex-Girlfriend Kenya Moore Before Hitting Her Driver
The saga of Kenya Moore and ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan’s tumultuous relationship took a scary turn on Sunday’s all-new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta — as fans got to see the violent extremes Jordan would go to get her back.
The two had been on a break in recent weeks, failing to reconcile after Jordan angrily kicked-in Moore’s garage-door window. Despite asking for forgiveness and another chance, Moore was unable to look past his jealousy and anger. The last thing fans saw was an upset Jordan calling Moore “manipulative and fundamentally deceptive” before speeding off.

They’d stayed in communication, though. And when Cynthia Bailey‘s ex Peter Thomas invited Jordan to the opening of his new club in Charlotte, North Carolina — an event Moore was scheduled to host — the 45-year-old former Miss USA initially obliged. “Matt needs his guy time, and the last thing I want to do is alienate him from his friends,” she explained.

But as the event drew near, Moore hand a change of heart. “I realized, ‘You know what, Matt — you have not worked a minute on yourself,’ ” she said. ‘You are not in the head space to be around me, let alone in a public setting where we arguing could probably ruin Peter’s opening night.’ ” She therefore told Thomas, who has paid for Jordan’s airfare, to cancel the ticket.
Thomas did so, but somehow Jordan missed the memo. When he arrived at the airport for his flight, he learned the ticket wasn’t there — and took to social media to express his outrage. “Guess who cancels my ticket? Kenya Moore,” Jordan told his followers in an angry video before telling them he’d be driving down to Charlotte to attend the event regardless.

He also began texting a scared Moore —words she read to a “freaking out” Bailey. “He’s threatening me to come back to him or he’s going to go ham,” Moore explained.
The messages were scary to hear. “I promise I’m going to make it my business that you never want to talk to me again,” Jordan wrote. “Do anything to manipulate any situation from this point on and I promise you on every fiber of my being, you’ll regret every move you’ll make. Call the police, I promise you’ll regret it. Flirt with another guy, I promise you’ll regret it. Come to me humble and open your arms.”

While she debated not going, ultimately Moore decided to attending the Club One opening. “I made a commitment to Peter,” she said. “This is a professional booking. And I’m not going to make any man intimidate me where I don’t show up for work.”
All looked fine at Club One — with no sign of Jordan in sight. But as soon as Moore’s vehicle arrived, he showed up and approached the car. “I want to talk to you, ” he said.

#EMPIRE: Lee Daniels Doesn’t Care if the ‘Oscars Are So White’
Lee Daniels is not letting Hollywood’s anti-black attitude and the lack of diversity among the Oscars nominees stop him from being great.
“I’m going to be me,” he says. And he’s suggesting that his fellow thespians follow suit.
In an interview with the New York Times  last month, Daniels became frustrated by the mention of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy during a segment exploring his new Fox music drama, “Star.”
The Academy-award winning director chalks his success up to his outlook regarding racism: he doesn’t think about it or speak about it, so therefore it doesn’t exist in his world.
In the video, Daniels discusses his anti-embracing view of racism in a chat with “The Real” hosts.

“If I had thought that way — that the world was against me — I wouldn’t be here now,” he said to The Times. “These whiny people that think they’re owed something are incomprehensible and reprehensible to me. I don’t expect acknowledgment or acceptance from white America. I’m going to be me.”
Daniels claims that if he embraced racism, he would eventually become “an angry black man.”
“I wouldn’t be where I was if I embraced racism,” he said on the show at the time. “If I embraced it, then it became real. And if it became real, I would be an angry black man.”
He’s encouraging black creatives with big Hollywood dreams to “Go out and do the work. Oscars so white! So what? Do your work. Let your legacy speak and stop complaining, man. Are we really in this for the awards?”
Watch below as Daniels responds to critics of his comments about “Star” when he appeared on “The Real.”

Meanwhile, while Lee prefers to avoid making white folks uncomfortable by speaking about racism, he’s always quick to throw black women under the bus. This seems to be a common reaction among gay black males who prefer white.

New Music: Sevyn Streeter, Dreezy, Siya & Lyrica Anderson – Do You Mind (Remix)
DJ Carisma celebrates girl power, tapping Sevyn Streeter, Dreezy, Siya, and Lyrica Anderson for a posse cut remix of DJ Khaled’s star-studded “Do You Mind” single off Major Key.
Leaving Nicki Minaj’s verse from the original on the revamp, Carisma’s crew keep things raunchy. “I’ma turn this bedroom to a strip club / Do you mind?, sings Sevyn.”
Dreezy only adds to the steamy cut with provocative rhymes. “Spend your last on me, play with the pearl, yes,” she rhymes. “My friend like, ‘Was it good?’ I was like, ‘Girl, yes!’ / Vs are like the whip, we got range on the truck / I could put you in the game, even The Game wanna fuck.”

The remix can be found on DJ Carisma’s This Is the Queen mini mixtape, the 5-track project features the aforementioned artists along with PJ and Mila J, who flips Kap G’s “Girlfriend.”

Hip Hop News: OutKast Course to Be Taught at Georgia University
Students at Savannah, Georgia’s Armstrong State University will learn all about “Da Art of Storytelling” as part of an upcoming course, “OutKast and the Rise of Hip-Hop South.”
The class is meant to teach and explore how “ideas about the South and southernness seep into other Southern writers,” college professor Regina Bradley told the Savannah Morning News.
Bradley, who was a Nasir Jones fellow at Harvard University’s Hiphop Archive & Research Institute, said the course will also address the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

“My areas of interest are African-American literature and popular culture,” she explained. “I try to find ways to connect those… Often, students get most of their information, their outlook from how they engage in popular culture.”
Big Boi recently shared pride in the news. “It’s an honor to be studied,” he told Creative Loafing. “I am originally from Savannah, and I remember Armstrong, so that is just super dope.”
OutKast began its career in 1994 and released their fifth studio album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2003. However, their latest official project as a duo was the soundtrack to the 2006 film Idlewild.

The Moonlight Cast All Celebrate The 'Moonlight' Best Picture Historic Win At The Globes
Naomie Harris & Mahershala Ali may not have won their individual categories, but their movie Moonlight won the night at the Golden Globes! 
"Golden Globe winning Moonlight" won the top award Sunday night, making it the first film in history with a black director to win the Best Picture Golden Globe!
Producer Adele Romanski and director Barry Jenkins accepted the award for Best Motion Picture, Drama at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Check out the acceptance speech and backstage interview below

Congrats to the cast and crew on such an enlightening, necessary and fabulous project!

OH MY?  Drug Abuse Caused Bobby Brown’s Intestines to Explode
Bobby Brown’s intestines reportedly exploded, which is said to be a result of decades of drug abuse and the stress of losing his daughter Bobbi Kristina, according to a report. A source says,
"It was terrifying, and rocked Bobby to the core. It really looked like the end!"
The 47-year-old singer was home alone when he collapsed on Dec. 19, and then drove himself to a medical center near his Tarzana home.
"Bobby was minutes from death! Doctors said he had just over one liter of blood left in his system."
He was reportedly given a blood transfusion, and spent a few days in the hospital before being released.
The source adds,

"It’s a miracle Bobby didn’t die. He hasn’t come to terms with losing his baby girl, Bobbi, and we thought this could be the final straw!"
The former New Edition singer, who was married to and later divorced the late singer Whitney Houston, had suffered through substance abuse issues. The source says,
"After everything Bobby’s gone through with Whitney [Houston] and Bobbi, he’s a nervous wreck. But it seemed his life was slowly getting back on track, and then he almost died. Everyone is distraught!"
Brown has yet to comment on alleged incident. BET’s three-part miniseries “The New Edition Story” airs this month on BET.

Star Wars x Po-Zu Collection Adds Poe Dameron Sneakers
Po-Zu has revealed their newest Star Wars shoe design and I’m thinking these are going to be very, very popular. This is a follow-up to the Rey boots that everyone loved and they’re made with the same sustainability in mind.

This vegan high-top lace-up sneaker will be available from August for women’s, men’s and children; made in organic cotton with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance rubberized badge. Key features include a quilted rear hexagonal panel, removable memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ (allows orthotics placement) in latex and cork, a high-performance grip natural rubber sole, and a highly visible woven ‘Star Wars™|Po-Zu’ woven label on a padded tongue.
Po-Zu says pre-orders will start in the Spring, so you have time to start saving.

Whoopi Goldberg, North Carolina Commissioner In Online Feud
WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) Comedian and talk-show host Whoopi Goldberg is being targeted by a North Carolina county commissioner over her comments about President-elect Donald Trump.
Local media reports New Hanover County Commission Chairman Woody White used Facebook to criticize Cape Fear Community College for hosting Goldberg’s concert June 23. White asked if taxpayers were footing the bill and if the school was going to bring conservative performers to the campus.

White also criticized the school for “providing a venue for someone who just a few weeks ago was moving to Canada in protest to Trumps election? Terrible.”
Goldberg responded on Twitter that she never said she would leave if Trump was elected.
The school said ticket sales will help cover the cost of Goldberg’s appearance.

Stevie J. Is Getting Another VH1 Reality Show — This Time He’s Looking for Penthouse Cover Girls
Stevie J is coming back to reality television — but this time the focus is on his “professional” life.
He received the greenlight for a new reality series that will showcase his efforts in searching the U.S. & Canada for 8 fresh Penthouse cover girls.
via TMZ:The working title is “Penthouse Pets,” the longtime pet name for the mag’s XXX models. Filming starts in March with Stevie taking his baby mama, Mimi Faust, and Rick Ross’ ex and model Brit Eady along for the ride as his “pet wranglers.”
We’re told each episode will hold auditions in a new city with Las Vegas, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Toronto and L.A. on the map. It’s expected to air on VH1, so expect a bunch of censor bars.

Well that child support isn’t going to pay itself.

MLK’s Daughter Praises Meryl Streep’s Speech About Trump’s ‘Disrespect’
The “higher plane of dignity and discipline” was on view at the Golden Globes.
Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech criticizing the lack of empathy shown by President-elect Donald Trump ignited applause from those in attendance and praise from people across the internet ― including Bernice A. King.
The activist and daughter of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. took a moment to voice her support for Streep’s message on Sunday night over Twitter.
“Thanks for reminding us that we should live on what my father called the ‘higher plane of dignity and discipline,’” wrote King, who serves as CEO of The King Center, an Atlanta nonprofit dedicated to civil rights.
While accepting a Cecil B. DeMille Award at the event thrown by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Streep addressed the room full of whom she termed “the most vilified segments in American society right now,” referring to the “outsiders and foreigners” that have been subject to hateful rhetoric by Trump ― but who also comprise large swaths of the entertainment industry.
Without calling out Trump by name, the actress compared his campaign and election to a movie that “sank its hooks into” her heart. One defining moment for her happened in 2015, when Trump, “the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country,” mocked a disabled New York Times reporter.

“This instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing,” Streep said.
 “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”


Usher And Justin Bieber $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Dismissed
Justin Bieber and Usher have weathered the storm and can relax now.
The singers have prevailed in a copyright lawsuit brought against them over the song “Somebody to Love,” with a judge dismissing the case on Thursday. It was dismissed with prejudice, meaning that it cannot be re-filed.
 “For good cause shown, it is hereby ordered that all claims in this matter against Justin Bieber, Universal Music Corporation, and Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (formerly known as The Island Def Jam Music Group) are dismissed with prejudice,” federal judge Arenda L. Wright Allen wrote. “It is further REQUESTED that the Clerk remove the above named Defendants from the heading of this case and forward a copy of this order to all parties.”

Allen’s order ends a years-long legal saga surrounding the roots of the song. Devin Copeland, an R&B singer who performs under the name De Rico, and songwriter Mareio Oberton filed the $10 million lawsuit in 2013, claiming that they wrote the song “Somebody to Love” in 2008, and that Bieber and Usher later stole the idea of the song after Usher listened to Copeland’s music and had interest in doing busines with him.
“Somebody to Love” was at first put on YouTube as a demo by Usher, with a version by Bieber appearing on the album “My World 2.0” and a remix featuring both Bieber and Usher released in June 2010.

A district judge initially tossed out the suit, agreeing with Bieber and Usher that “no reasonable jury could find that the Copeland song and the Bieber and Usher songs were ‘substantially similar.’” In June 2015, a trio of appeals court judges vacated that decision.
“After listening to the Copeland song and the Bieber and Usher songs as wholes, we conclude that their choruses are similar enough and also significant enough that a reasonable jury could find the songs intrinsically similar,” the ruling reads. The judges also cited an “almost identical rhythm” and a “strikingly similar melody.”

EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Selfie Man Ryan
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Looks like someone checked off their New Year’s Resolution beach body already.


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