Brandy’s Songwriter Claims She Got Mad When He Took A Pic With Beyonce!πŸ˜œπŸ‘΄πŸ’€

Brandy’s Songwriter Claims She Got Mad When He Took A Pic With Beyonce!πŸ˜œπŸ’€πŸ‘΄
Last week, Tiyon Christian, one of Brandy’s songwriters, went on a Twitter rant, exposing the singer for being petty and hard to work with.
It’s unclear what exactly transpired, but according to TC, who’s written for Brandy, John Legend, Tamar and others, Brandy is disrespectful and “treats others like sh*t.”
“If you’re gonna tell people something, tell them what YOU did and what you got,” TC tweeted. “being spiteful & ugly will get you nowhere.”

His rant continued, “You want respect, you give respect! But because you’re a “Vocal Bible” it’s okay to treat people like shit!”

TC then mentions that Brandy also felt a way when she discovered he took a photo with Beyonce. “And let’s not get on the fact that someone was made I took a picture with Beyonce…but let me shut up!”
TC has deleted the majority of his rant, but did make a mention that he was just trying to recover from the loss of his uncle before “people” had to be “petty.”
Later in the day it appeared that things had been smoothed over between TC and Brandy. Brandy posted a throwback video of the two on Instagram, insinuating that they may have hashed things out.  “So glad we talked and came to a true understanding,” the caption read.
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As stated before, TC deleted the majority of his tweets towards Brandy. He hasn’t spoken any further on the situation since his rant. As far as the photo he shared with Beyonce, it was taken in 2011. Hopefully any ill-feelings Brandy had towards Beyonce have been resolved since then…then again, there’s still that ill-will towards Monica that’s been looming since the 90’s.

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