Bishop Eddie Long's son is sending a message to y’all 'NEGROES' criticizing his father!

Bishop Eddie Long's son is sending a message to y’all 'NEGROS' criticizing his father!

Some within the African American religious community assume Bishop Eddie Long’s present illness is tied to past indiscretions. But the Georgia pastor’s son recently preached a sermon that could be a veiled defense of his father.

Elder Edward Long addressed “negroes” and their critical “opinions” about others’ destinies based on past failures.
Is that mere coincidence? Probably not.
“It’s nothing you can do to mess up what the Lord has for you to do in your life,” declared the slender young preacher in a snippet that surfaced on Bishop Long’s Facebook page Monday.
If not a direct clap-back, it is undeniably a well-timed response to individuals who have once again begun gossiping about Bishop Long’s 2010 gay sex scandal.
“Yeah, I’m crazy. Yeah, you’re crazy. So what!” continued Elder Long, adding, “Crazy people make mistakes, but we still love God.”
The message delivered by the Senior Director of the student ministry at New Birth is markedly different from the one shared by Houston pastor Kim Burrell.
In her now viral sermon condemning homosexuality as perversion, the leader of Love and Liberty Fellowship Church International amplified whispers that Bishop Long is afflicted with HIV/AIDS due to divine judgment.
But for anyone thinking his personal failings are responsible for his health failing, Elder Long, a third-generation minister, no doubt believes otherwise.

Bishop Eddie Long has sparked online reactions after appearing much thinner in the months following his revelation of a personal “health challenge”

 “I cried too many tears to let negroes stop me. You done been through too much to let some people stop you and their opinions to stop you,” he said.
Members of the congregation shouted amen, stretched their arms in praise and stood on their feet.
In recent months, Bishop Long has been too frail to carry out his ministerial duties. In the interim, his son, CEO of The Good Life Media Group, independent recording artist, and Stellar Award-winning songwriter, has been right by his father’s side, picking up the slack.
 “You’ve been through too much to let your mistakes, yesterday, hold you back from where you’re going today,” Elder Long said.
On New Year’s Eve, Bishop Long pressed through his infirmity, telling his congregation, "The devil told me to stay home. God says, 'I've already done everything I'm going to do. I'm just waiting on you to catch up to what I've done,’" according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

He continued, “God ain't through with me and sometimes you need to see the skinny Eddie and the big Eddie and all that. It ain't got nothing to do with physical appearance, it's what in your heart ... You are a Scripture ... I want to see you struggle. I want to see you fight the devil and get victory.”

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