Angie Stone is going to SUE Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars over ‘Uptown Funk’! πŸ‘€

Angie Stone attempting to sue Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars over ‘Uptown Funk’.
Angie does an interview with Sun Uk and talks seeking legal action against Bruno Mars and she spilled some tea.
Angie Stone has accused Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars of copying one of her old group’s tracks for their 2014 smash hit ‘Uptown Funk’.
The star believes the track borrows too heavily from The Sequence‘s 1979 tune ‘Funk You Up’. Speaking to The Sun, Stone said feels “robbed” by the similarities.

She said: “As far as I’m concerned the song belongs to us. We have been robbed, railroaded, overlooked and completely disrespected. Everyone got paid but my group.
“The truth of the matter is no one on that suit deserves it more than The Sequence because those lyrics are ours – ‘Funk You Up was ours’. We branded it in 1979. Their record was not recorded before ours and I think it is because we are women on the ballot and we are getting railroaded. The truth is we have been trying to sue them long before the record became Record of the Year [at the Grammys].”

Angie added the enormous fees and the power of Warner, the label that has signed Bruno, have so far prevented a suit being filed. But her lawyers have since reached out to the MARVIN GAYE estate lawyers — who won £6million in damages from ROBIN THICKE and PHARRELL WILLIAMS in the Blurred Lines lawsuit.

She added: “A lot of attorneys didn’t want to take the job because the industry is crazy because they don’t want to p*** off Bruno Mars.

No shade her money must be funny!

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