Uh Oh… BAD News For Sheree Whitfield, Here’s What Her Angry Contractors Are Demanding! 😒

Uh Oh… BAD News For Sheree Whitfield, Here’s What Her Angry Contractors Are Demanding!
By now, most Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know all about the drama surrounding Chateau Sheree. For years now, Sheree has struggled to complete the construction of her dream home. She’s faced every possible complication anyone could imagine. From financial woes and running out of money, to back taxes and legal woes, Sheree has seen it all. But, despite all of the obstacles she’s faced, she still managed to build the house from the ground up.

However, there are still a few problems. Apparently, there are still contractors who haven’t been paid for their work and they definitely aren’t happy. Now, there’s reportedly a major demand of Sheree to ensure she comes up with the cash.

The Latest Drama: According to The Shade Room, Master Craft Stucco of Buford, GA is one of the companies Sheree allegedly owes for work done on her Sandy Springs, GA home. Although the stucco company won a judgment against the reality star’s company Sheree Corp. and Blu Management. However, the company is still facing problems with recouping funds because they haven’t been able to garnish her income or bank accounts.

Here is an excerpt from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
On May 9, 2016, a Fulton County superior judge Tom Campbell rewarded the company a lien on Whitfield’s home to the tune of $26,586.41, plus $1,981.50 in interest and court costs. Emory Potter, the attorney for Master Craft Stucco, said in an exclusive interview last week that he tried to garnish Whitfield’s wages but since the home is not under her name, “we haven’t been able to find bank accounts to garnish.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Now, it has been reported that the company is hoping drastic measures are enforced for her to repay the funds. The publication reports the companies are demanding Sheree sell the home to cover the debts she owes.
Girl just ask BRAVO for a raise, a Loan or something!

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