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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ EW Cover Reveals Thor’s New Look, Valkyrie and Hela
Next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly gives us a first look art Thor: Ragnarok, providing us with the first official photo of Chris Hemsworth‘s new look as the God of Thunder and standing alongside him are Cate Blanchett‘s the Goddess of Death Hela, and Westworld’s Tessa Thompson‘s Valkyrie. Hit the jump to find out what we learned from the Thor Ragnarok EW cover issue.

Thor Ragnarok EW cover. Things to note on this Thor Ragnarok EW cover:
Thor star Chris Hemsworth is sporting a newer, shorter haircut. The God of Thunder seems to be wielding two swords instead of his trusty hammer, Mjolnir.
Tessa Thompson‘s Valkyrie looks badass. She is one of Thor’s new allies in this adventure.
Yes, that is Cate Blanchett as Hela, the Goddess of Death, on the left. She is the main antagonist of this film, and rumor has it, she might even play a significant role in Avengers: Infinity War.
EW’s story on the cover reveals that Hela is accidentally unleashed from her prison where she was locked away for millennia and is not happy or interested in going back. Hela’s attack on Thor sends him to a desolate planet called Sakaar where he realizes he’s no longer special compared to the people on this world. There he’s forced to become a gladiator and team with his frenemy the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) who has become Sakaar’s most successful and popular fighter. Hemsworth describes the new planet as “where every wormhole across the universe dumps out its trash, so you get people from all walks of life with all sorts of incredible abilities and powers.”

Blanchett also reveals that she worked with stuntwoman Zoë Bell (who starred in Quentin Tarantino’s segment of Grindhouse) and learned the Brazilian martial art capoeira to prep for the role. I’m sure we will find out a lot more about Thor: Ragnarok when the issue hits   later this week or early next.

What are your thoughts on Thor’s new look? How badass is Valkyrie?

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

RHoA: Bob Whitfield Claims 'I never hit her' Talking about his EX Wife Sheree!
Sheree Whitfield tearfully confronted ex-husband Bob about allegedly abusing her Sunday during an explosive episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.
The 47-year-old reality star grew emotional during a car ride with Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore on the group trip to Maui, as she claimed Bob had abused her during their marriage.
Tensions grew as Bob told the women that after he and Sheree broke up she fell asleep as he drove her through Las Vegas.
'I was like it would be easy for me to take the seat belt off of you and hit the brakes so she would fly her a** through the window,' he said to shocked looks from the women.

'He sure did,' said Sheree. 'I never hit her,' insisted Bob.

'That is not the look she just gave,' said a serious Kenya.
'Have I ever physically touched you? Have I smacked you? Choked you? Have I ever choked you? I might have forgotten,' he told Sheree.
Sheree looked at him seriously and said: 'Yeah.'
'Could you still breathe?' he saucily asked her. Kenya was angry at Bob's attitude.
'That's not funny, sorry, that's not funny' she told him coldly.
'I don't remember choking her, but if I did I'm sorry - because maybe I didn't choke you hard enough,' said the former NFL player.
Sheree looked at the other women and shrugged as they gave her astonished looks.
'I have always said he is like Jekyll and Hyde, the funny one he is nice, I like him, but there are two sides,' Sheree told the cameras.
'There is a bad side, a dark side, a frightening side to Bob.'

Bob clearly realized the mistake he made and tried reaching over to comfort Sheree, but she was having none of it as she broke down crying.
Kenya leaned over to comfort her friend as Bob sat awkwardly and was urged to apologize by Phaedra.
'She, you know I don't like to see you cry and you know I don't like to be the one to make you cry. This is why we are growing together, because we are willing to do this again, even if it's for the sake of our grown kids,' Bob told her.
'I'm still your number one confidant, I believe in you the most, trust.'
Phaedra told the cameras she understood Sheree's pain.
'Sheree is a strong woman and she dos not put up with much, but obviously it is tough to be in a relationship and when they go sour it is emotionally draining,' said Phaedra.
Sheree said she was shocked at what she had seen from Bob.
'I honestly thought Bob was a changed man, but this Bob right here is taking me back to the cheating, the abuse and I don't want my girls ever to be treated like that by a man and here I am thinking I am going to give that person another chance, it's f***ing stupid,' she told the cameras.

Sheree later admitted that Bob had 'ruined my entire day' as she struggled to get over his attitude.
Bob later met Sheree at a jewelry store to buy her an apology gift.
'After everything that happened yesterday I'm sure he knows he f***ed up but you can't buy a piece of jewelry and everything be okay,' she told the cameras.
'Something that you did that was very painful for me, and you're still joking about the same thing,' she told him.
'It wasn't a joke then and honestly I don't know if it was a joke yesterday,' she told him.
Bob told her that he had cried about his past actions towards her and that laughing was his 'coping mechanism.'
Sheree could not hold back the tears and walked out on Bob, as he nervously laughed and told the cameras: 'I am not laughing.'
She then told the cameras that she was 'thankful' she invited Bob on the trip.
'He has not made the changes I need him to make and this was kind of an eye opener.

'This was a test and he failed. I can see now. I dodged a bullet,' Sheree said.

#EMPIRE: Sightings! SERAYAH, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Danny Strong Hanging out at MOCA!
Some of the EMPIRE Crew (SERAYAH, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Danny Strong) was out at The Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A at an exhibit and decided to tale a flick!

They look NICE. Empire returns next week March 22 on FOX!

More New Music from The LA Songbird Leela James – All Over Again 
Soul singer Leela James shines on her new love ballad single, “All Over Again.”

On the ballad, which follows “Don’t Want You Back” and “Hard For Me,” James sings words of true tender love, a tune perfect for the first dance at a wedding reception.

On the song, “I look in your eyes and I can’t deny it, somehow I’ve never loved you more,” she sings on the first verse before declaring “Today I fell in love with you all over again / Just like the very first time that you touched my skin,” she sings on the chorus.


Leela’s forthcoming album, Did It For Love, is slated for release on March 31st.

Hip Hop News: Brooklyn Nets Honor Notorious B.I.G. At ‘Biggie Night’
The Brooklyn Nets celebrated the life and legacy of The Notorious B.I.G. on “Biggie Night,” which was held at Barclays Center in his hometown on Sunday (March 12).
The rap legend’s family was on hand to celebrate the occasion, including his mother Voletta Wallace, his widow Faith Evans, and his children, Christopher Jordan and T’yanna. 
Grabbing the microphone at center court during a special halftime ceremony, Voletta spoke about her late son before his jersey was retired. “I have to remember what my son said in the past,” she told the crowd. “Brooklyn, we did it!”
Biggie’s close friends and collaborators, Diddy and Lil’ Kim, were also present. In fact, it was Puff Daddy who introduced a permanent B.I.G. banner at the arena.
“Usually we do a moment of silence,” he said. “But in honor of Biggie being from Brooklyn, he always said, ‘Spread love the Brooklyn way.’ I would like to get 10 seconds of Brooklyn noise.”

Following a roar from the crowd, Diddy pointed to the rafters where a black-and-white banner was being unveiled. “This banner honoring the life and legacy of Biggie Smalls will hang permanently at Barclays Center,” said the arena announcer.
With “Mo Money Mo Problems” playing, the banner was unveiled. It reads: “The Notorious B.I.G. — 72 — ‘Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way.'” The number 72 references his birth year, 1972, while the lyric comes from Biggie’s breakout single, “Juicy.” The banner hangs next to one that commemorates Jay Z as the arena’s grand opening artist.
Last week, friends and fans paid tribute to Biggie on the 20th anniversary of his death.

OH LORDT! The LAPD Wants To Talk To Chris Brown About His Reckless Behavior 
Complaints from some of Chris Brown’s neighbors to LAPD has the police department on alert, so much so, that they want to have a chat with the singer.
According to TMZ, the singer’s neighbors have been complaining about “reckless behavior” in the form of loud music and partying, reckless driving, drug use, and fighting.
TMZ reports the Los Angeles Police Department wants to have a chat with Brown and go over the complaints before something serious happens and come to an agreement.

A police source tells TMZ, “Chris is a chronic problem who takes up a tremendous amount of our resources.” The LAPD say this is an open invitation for Chris to talk; the singer isn’t obligated to do so.
This news comes after reports that Browns’ ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran is seeking a three-year restraining order from a judge to keep Chris away from her because she says she fears for her life.

Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves Sparred Together While Training for Their Action Films!
Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves both trained at the same gym for their separate action films: Atomic Blonde and John Wick: Chapter 2, respectively.
Charlize‘s movie was directed by Dennis Leitch, who is also a big Hollywood stunt guy and executive produced John Wick 2. Charlize and Keanu trained at Dennis‘ gym 87Eleven Action Design while prepping for their movies.

“We would kind of spar with each other,” Charlize said (via Buzzfeed). “I’d be like, ‘Come on, Keanu. Let’s take it down.’ Shit like that. It was very macho. It was great.”
“It was so hard, are you kidding me?” Charlize added about the intense training for the action film. “When [training] first started I was like, ‘This is never going to work, I look like Big Bird.’”

Charlize and Keanu co-starred in 2001′s Sweet November together.

Ciara you should CHECK YOUR MUA and Keep her AWAY from your Hubby!
Ciara’s bestie/make-up artist is REALLY close with Ciaa’s husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.
Over the weekend sports gossip blogger Terez Owens, who broke Ciara’s pregnancy news posted pictures of Ciara’s make-up artist and best-friend, Yolonda Frederick sitting on Russell’s lap while he tightly grips her thigh.
I’ll just leave Yolanda’s Instagram post from back in December right here while you make up your mind.

BLOOP! So She Wasn’t Rooting For Her? Tyra Banks Wants Rita Ora Off America’s Next Top Model After Ratings Drop
Yea, so about the new America’s Next Top Model show reboot? Lets just say things aren’t going so well. After just one season comprised of new judges, a new host in Rita Ora, and most noticeably, no Tyra, ratings took a crucial dip

via OK magazine: Tyra Banks is allegedly regretting handing over her huge gig as host of America’s Next Top Model to singer Rita Ora! Apparently, the British beauty cannot take the heat, and the supermodel wants her to pack her bags and go.
“There was hope that Rita would revive ANTM’s ratings” for the 23rd season, “but after a promising start, the numbers dwindled.”
And when Tyra, who remains as the executive producer, found out about the reason behind the sliding rating could be partially Rita’s fault, as she was “sometimes unprepared,” said an insider, Tyra “was furious.”

While a VH1 rep told Life & Style Rita is “a total pro” and they are “thrilled to have partnered with her,” we have a feeling there may be more to this story.

The DEVASTATING Effects of Trumpcare: GOP’s health care plan would leave 24 million people UNINSURED!
The Republicans' Obamacare "replacement" will strip insurance coverage from 24 million people. That's a lot
Budget Office blows up Trumpcare: GOP's health care plan would leave tens of millions uninsured
The Congressional Budget Office just dropped a train on the Republicans’ Obamacare “replacement” bill. According to the budget office, the American Health Care Act would, if enacted, result in 14 million people losing insurance coverage next year. The office’s long-term projections for insurance coverage were awful as well: By 2026, the number of people losing insurance would rise to 24 million. Per the office, if Obamacare were to be left to its own devices, 28 million people would lack insurance coverage in 2026. Under the American Health Care Act, that number would be a whopping 52 million.
The Congressional Budget Office score is going to cause major problems for the GOP leadership’s plan to jam this terrible bill through Congress, which explains why top Republicans moved to pre-empt the fallout by trashing the agency’s credibility and making wild claims about all the wonderful things the AHCA would accomplish.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price flat-out lied about the AHCA’s impact on coverage and the affordability of insurance. Over the weekend Price said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “nobody will be worse off financially” relative to his or her situation under the ACA and that he believes coverage will actually increase under the Republican bill. The budget office’s score just rammed a dagger through both those claims: It found that premiums on the individual market would be higher in the short term relative to what they would be under Obamacare.
As I and many others have pointed out, the Republican bill would make the lives of older, sicker people on the individual market considerably worse; their premium subsidies would be slashed as much as 80 percent while insurers would be allowed to charge them higher premiums. The Wall Street Journal reported today that “a 62-year-old currently earning about $18,000 a year could pay nearly $20,000 annually to get health-insurance coverage under the House GOP plan — compared with about $760 a year that person would owe toward premiums under the ACA.”
The legislation would also halt Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid and slash funding for the program. Expanded Medicaid accounts for a large portion of the coverage gains under the Affordable Care Act. Restructuring Medicaid’s funding as intended by the AHCA would guarantee that people would be dropped from the rolls. As the budget office noted, the spike in the number of people left uninsured under the AHCA would stem “in large part from changes in Medicaid enrollment.”

While Price making wild promises about what the Republican plan will do, House Speaker Paul Ryan was busily talking up the “freedom” aspect of the bill. “Freedom” in Ryan’s telling is the ability to use your money to buy whatever you desire. That’s not freedom so as much as it is “being rich.” Part of Ryan’s message is that the AHCA offers people the “freedom” to go without insurance and slip into medical bankruptcy.
Asked on CBS News how many people the Republican plan would cover, Ryan declined to provide a number, explaining that the bursting geysers of freedom that will erupt following the bill’s passage make it impossible to do any estimates. “I can’t answer that question,” Ryan said. “It’s up to people.”

Ryan actually admitted that the AHCA can’t compete with Obamacare’s individual mandate when it comes to expanding coverage, but countered by saying, “People are going to do what they want to do with their lives because we believe in individual freedom in this country.” That includes the “freedom” to go without health insurance. “You get it if you want it,” Ryan said. “That’s freedom.”

There’s a lot to process here, but let’s zero in on this “freedom” to go uninsured that Ryan is extolling, as it actually undermines the case for the AHCA. As I’ve written before, there is a de facto mandate within the Republican health care bill: It’s just weaker than Obamacare’s mandate and won’t really work all that well. Under the AHCA, you have the “freedom” to go uninsured, but if you go more than two months without coverage you are subjected to a 30 percent penalty rate by insurers when you do try to buy a plan.
Look at it this way: The Republicans’ health care reform bill punishes you for trying to buy insurance if you’ve previously been uninsured. The Congressional Budget Office found that while this penalty rate might encourage some people to purchase insurance in 2018, it will have the opposite effect in the long term. “In most years after 2018,” the budget office noted, “roughly 2 million fewer people would purchase insurance because they would either have to pay the surcharge or provide documentation about previous health insurance coverage.” Basically, people will just wait until they’re sick to buy coverage and end up paying more for it.
Promising people the moon when it comes to health care is, to put it mildly, stupid. The GOP knows this, given the fact that it reaped substantial political rewards from attacking Democrats on their unmet health care promises. But Republican leaders now find themselves caught between their campaign pledges to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, the expectation to maintain the ACA’s insurance coverage gains, and the difficulty of crafting legislation that can actually pass Congress.

The Congressional Budget Office report makes clear how aggressively mendacious the Republicans’ health care strategy is. It also showed that the American Health Care Act is an absurd and dreadful piece of legislation that cannot, by any reasonable standard, be called a “replacement” for the Affordable Care Act.

MTV Renames The Movie Awards To Include Television & The Move Makes So Much Sense
This just in: the Golden Age of Television is now official. Your favorite music channel movie award ceremony has a new name, because the MTV Movie Awards are now the MTV Movie and TV Awards, which will air live on Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m. As you've probably guessed, the awards won't be limited to films anymore, but will be acknowledging the relevance of TV as an art form. And this isn't exactly surprising, since MTV has always been about innovation.

MTV President Chris McCarthy stated: “We’re living in a golden age of content, and great storytelling and characters resonate regardless of whether you’re watching it in a theater or on TV. The new ‘MTV Movie and TV Awards’ will celebrate even more of the brightest, bravest, funniest and most shared films and TV shows resonating across youth culture.”
MTV first launched by effectively half-inventing a product, the music video, which, back in the '80s, consisted of "video records" mostly from "marginal or unpopular British and Australian bands." And there weren't many of them available, with MTV relying on just a hundred clips in their earliest days and demanding that record labels create more music videos for them. But, arguably, MTV's USP has never just been music videos, but their flexibility in defining what they're about. And this makes this announcement more predictable than it first seems.
After a decade and a bit of ushering the music video into the mainstream, MTV changed direction abruptly with their launch of The Real World in 1992, the show often credited with creating the reality TV genre. After a few years, MTV focused more and more heavily on reality TV, barely offering any of the thing they first made their name with: music videos.

Clearly, MTV realized that evolution was key to survival in the ruthless entertainment world. Thus their announcement in 2016 that they'd be returning to music programming after all, with a reboot of their classic series Unplugged, a live music show Wonderland, and a music competition show set in the hip hop world. The only consistency to expect from MTV is glorious inconsistency, and that's what's kept the channel so fresh after all these years.
So, sure, this news makes sense. MTV is adapting to keep up with the cultural climate, just as they always have. Given the growing number of quality actors who choose to star in television over film, the fact that television doesn't have to stick to a specific number of episodes meaning writers can pair structure to the story (while the average film clocks in somewhere around 130 minutes), and the freedom offered by an industry that doesn't have to rely on franchises to get a safe return on its dollar, television is more popular than ever before.

So kudos to MTV. They might be 35 years old, but they're as on the pulse as any teenager. The 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards will air live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, May 7, at 8 p.m.

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