Trumpster Pastor Darrell Scott's Church Has Been In Foreclosure Since 2005 and Been Sued over 25 Times! ๐Ÿ˜’

Trumpster Fraud Pastor Darrell Scott's Church Has Been In Foreclosure Since 2005 and Been Sued over 25 Times!
Cleveland Heights pastor, with ties to President Donald Trump, is being sued for back rent on a home in Solon that was allegedly paid for by his church.
Darrell Scott, Pastor at New Spirit Revival Center at 3130 Mayfield Road, is named in a lawsuit filed in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. Scott, who rose to prominence for his early support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, hosted Trump for a town hall meeting at his church in September.

Then, last month during an event honoring Black History Month at The White House, Scott claimed Chicago’s “top gang thugs” had contacted him in order to reach President Trump. Scott later claimed he misspoke and blamed the error on a lack of sleep.
When contacted by News 5 on Friday, Scott’s former landlord Munna Argarwal said he wants Scott to pay $563,000 in unpaid rent and fees, or more than $1.7 million to buy the home outright.
Argarwal said he entered into an unusual rent-to-own agreement with Darrell and Belinda Scott in 2010, out of desperation over the slow economy. But Argarwal said the couple, who lived in the home for six years, fell behind on their weekly payment plan.
He showed News 5 the handwritten agreement, which included an option to purchase the house.
Argarwal said a second, typed agreement was never signed, but he said the original handwritten document is legally binding.
“You can write an agreement on toilet paper,” he said, “So long as it’s signed.”
Last summer, Argarwal said the couple moved out after he threatened to evict them for failing to pay rent on time.
In text messages to Argarwal, Scott conceded his “numbers are way down” at the church daycare and that he’s driving a 9-year-old car, adding “I don’t live lavishly.”
Checkout what a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee informed us about Darrell Scott below:
William, I saw your post about Pastor Darrell Scott. Pretty sad…Are you aware that he, his wife, and/or his church have been sued over 25 times in civil actions? Let me know if you want to see the proof, and I will let you know how to see it for yourself….
You will have to do this yourself. Go to http://www.cuyahogacounty.us . Go to the Pipular Links on the right side of the page. Click Court Docket. Next page click Yes. In Searches click Civil Search By Name. Next page enter Darrell Scott’ s name. Their huge church building has been in foreclosure back 2005. They have had more than one house foreclosed upon. 
The Mayfield Rd Addresses are the address of their church building and Conference center. The conference center is attached to the church building. The complex was once a synagogue. It is a beautiful building,, which the Scotts remodeled several years ago, but the sanctuary is starting to show water damage.
You can find photos of the building online.
The address of the house is 6610 Cummings Court, Solon Ohio. It looks like a castle. If you use the Bing search engine, and enter the address you can see a photo of the mansion…
If you to the Zillow website and enter the address, you will see photos , exterior and INTERIOR! 4 bedrooms. 4.5 BATHS. MARBLE MASTER BATH WITH FIREPLACE. The place looks like something out of a Hollywood movie.
The owner’s name is Munna Argarwal. His telephone number is 585 773 1536. h/t Obnoxious

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