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Anne Hathaway in Elle Mag: 'Hollywood Is Not a Place of Equality'
Anne Hathaway strikes a pose on the cover of Elle magazine’s April 2017 issue, on newsstands March 21.
Here’s what the 34-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her husband, Adam Shulman: “He changed my ability to be in the world comfortably. I think the accepted narrative now is that we, as women, don’t need anybody. But I need my husband. His unique and specific love has changed me.”
On the importance of focusing on paid parental leave in the U.S.: “I can’t believe we don’t already have it. When [my son] Johnny was a week old and I was holding him and I was in the ninth level of ecstasy, I just all of a sudden thought, ‘Mommy guilt is invented nonsense.’ We’re encouraged to judge each other, but we should be turning our focus to the people and institutions who should be supporting us and currently aren’t.”
On starring in Ocean’s Eight and working with a female-led cast: “Hollywood is not a place of equality. I don’t say that with anger or judgment; it’s a statistical fact. And even though I’ve been in some female-centric films, I’ve never been in a film like this. It just kind of makes you aware of the ways you sort of unconsciously change yourself to fit certain scenarios. It’s not better or worse or right or wrong, but there are certain things you understand about one another because of experiences you have in common…it’s probably easy for men to take that for granted. Just being on a set where I’m the one who possesses that ease is really something. It’s a nice alternative narrative.”

For more from Anne, visit Elle.com.

#RHoA: Uh Oh? Lien Holders Band Together Against Sheree Whitfield
Real Housewives of Atlanta shitstarter Sheree Whitfield facing real life money problems...
According to reports a stucco company that has been awarded multiple judgments against Sheree Whitfield for unpaid work has been contacting other contractors who have been awarded judgments against her to help force the sale of Chateau Sheree. 

Lawyers for the plaintiffs are frustrated because the house was purchased at foreclosure and does not have a mortgage and is not in Sheree Whitfield's name.

The liens total more than $60k……DAMN GIRL!

Empire's Ta'Rhonda Jones on How the Show Has Changed Her Life: "I Can See the Skyscrapers Now"
Before she was Porsha on Empire, Ta'Rhonda Jones, 27, was a determined girl from Chicago's South Side working at a nursing home. Here's what happened next.

I'm the fourth of eight kids brought up by our grandmother. We didn't have much, but I was always a hustler. At 22 I was a manager of a shoe store and a butcher, and I thought, I want to better myself. I'll go work in the kitchen at a hospital. I went to all these hospitals in Chicago, and everyone said, "We would love to hire you, but you don't have enough experience." I tried nursing homes. Same thing. At the very last one, when the supervisor said, "I would love to hire you, but—" I cut her off: But I don't have enough experience? That's what you're trying to tell me? I was pretty much in tears—I didn't want to be in a standstill position. The lady was leaving and then turned around and said, "You know what? I'm going to give you a chance." I worked there for four years and got promoted to the assistant director of nutritional services. I loved it. Life was still hard: In April 2014 my cousin, who was really like a younger brother, had been gunned down on the Chicago streets and killed, but as a family we all pulled through. About four months after that, my older brother called out of the blue saying he'd heard from a friend that Terrence Howard was looking for female rappers in their twenties. I had done some rapping, but I had mostly given up on it. I told him, "Whatever, give me the number."

I called and went to this audition, where they had me read a few lines, then asked me to come back the next day. On the third day I went in again and said the same lines in front of a guy. I did not know the guy was [Empire producer] Lee Daniels, and I was still waiting to rap for Terrence Howard. Afterward I thought, Let me look up what I'm auditioning for. I saw all those names: Lee Daniels, Taraji, Terrence, Danny Strong. I'm like, Oh my God, this is big. This is huge. Two days later I got a call offering me the role of Porsha.
But that same day I also got a call from a hospital offering me a great position—I'd been job-hunting, wanting more money. Coming from where I come from, a lot of people are not successful at all, and I didn't know what to do. The hospital would bring me stability. Acting—who knows? I said, "Lord Jesus, I need a sign." Right then—I mean not a second later—there was a beep. I had kept a watch of my late cousin's in my jewelry basket; the noise was the alarm on his watch going off. It had never done that before. I broke down, and then I just said, "Ty, suck it up. You don't cry. That's not what we do." So I took it as a sign to take the acting job, and I quit the nursing home—I can't even tell you how petrified I was. But my older brother had always told me, "You're the one who is going to get us out of this hellhole."

Now I'm filming season two of the show. I can honestly say I'm not that different; a big glass of wine and Scrabble with my friends, and I'm still good for the night. But my life is definitely different. Before Empire I had never been on a plane. I'd never even been outside of Chicago! (When I flew first class for the first time, they came by with those hot towels, and it was so dark I thought it was a hot-ass marshmallow and was getting ready to put it in my mouth.) And thanks to the show, I live in a condo in Chicago on the seventh floor. I got outta the 'hood! I can see the skyscrapers now.

YAY!!!! EMPIRE comes back March 22 on FOX!

New & Upcoming Music from Tinashe! She announces New Single “Flame”
Get ready for some ‘fire’ from Tinashe. On Sunday, the R&B/Pop singer/songwriter has announced the forthcoming release of her new single, “Flame,” due out on Thursday, March 16.  She revealed the sexy cover art, which features her lying down, wearing a red leather biker jacket, panties, and heels, with her legs in the air.
“Flame” arrives ahead of Tinashe’s long-awaited sophomore album Joyride, which does not currently have a release date. She also shared a single lyric from the song, “Tell me that you’ve still got the flame for me,” she posted on Instagram.
A post shared by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on
So are you ready for the FLAME?

New Hip Hop from New Music: Rick Ross feat. Gucci Mane – ‘She on My D**k’
Rick Ross is prepping for Friday’s release of Rather You Than Me with his Gucci Mane-assisted banger “She on My Dick.”
Over trap-ready production with gunshots and horns in the background, Rozay raps about the phonies in the game. “Fake golds, ni**as front with these Dracos,” he raps. “Walk up on ’em with the 40, and the case closed.”
Guwop joins Renzel for the track, matching his streetwise, lady-stealing bars. “She just wanna make a scene, tryin’ to join the team,” he raps. “And I just wanna paint her face like it’s Maybelline / Bill Belichick, I just got another ring.”
Last week, Ross dropped the tracklisting for his new album featuring Nas, Future, and Meek Mill. He also unveiled the Young Thug and Wale-featured “Trap Trap Trap.”

Rather You Than Me will be Rozay’s ninth album overall and his first for Epic Records. It arrives March 17, just one day after he hosts the MTV Woodies in Austin.

Listen to “She on My D**k’” HERE

Is Olivia Munn Twitter Stalking Aaron Rodgers?
According to Terez Owens Actress Olivia Munn and Green Bay Packers superstar are seriously dating, they have been together for three years, which begs the question, is it possible to stalk your boyfriend? This one source tell us yes, and this is what Olivia has been doing, “Olivia is Twitter stalking Aaron because she’s now following Julianne Moore’s husband on Twitter. Just like Aaron.

She continues to like every Tweet of Aaron’s. No I am not obsessed with Olivia. Just keeping everyone updated. Olivia is definitely coming across like she’s stalking Aaron” said our source. I feel like Olivia and Aaron are apart more than normal couples, so this may be a result of trying to feel connected.

Jordan Peele’s GET OUT! Has crossed the 100 Millon Dollar Mark!
Jordan Peele is WINNING!

The comedian’s directorial debut Get Out is sweeping box offices across the nation since it was released two weeks ago.
Over the weekend, Get Out crossed the coveted $100 million mark in 16 days. Woot! The horror satire, produced by Blumhouse Productions, beat out Split, Paranormal Activity 3 and Paranormal Activity in meeting the mark. It’s the fastest earner for the horror-oriented production company.

As of the time of this post, the film has raked in over $111 million bucks. And get this, it only cost an estimated $4.5 million to make. Jordan's coinage just hit a major upgrade!
Thank you to everyone who's out there supporting Get Out. I'm humbled by this and so inspired to bring you more films!!! https://t.co/jWEPjP4S7h
— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) March 12, 2017


Safaree Wants $2 Million From Nicki Minaj
Last week, in a sit down with Wendy Williams, Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend / ghostwriter Safaree Samuels had trouble coming up with a number after Wendy asked how much he thought he should be compensated for contributing to Nicki's albums uncredited [click here if you missed that].

Safaree sets his price... In an interview he is...telling ThisIs50.com

“When [Wendy] said how much, I wish I would have said $2 million.“
“I know what’s really there. You can say, here…live your life, leave me alone. “
“It’s not like I’m saying I need half.”


Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Montana Arrested in Florida For Driving Under the Influence.
Back in 2013, Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana ‘s sextape surface on these e-streetz. Fishburne appeared in an adult film in 2010 when she was 18.
“Being in an adult film is not a big deal to me,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “It’s something I always wanted to do. I have always been comfortable in my body and with my sexuality.

Sources inform D-listed website Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana sextape is worth only $60,000.
The last time we heard from ol’ girl  Karrine was taking Montana under her wings click Here if you missed the story . This does not last very long. Karrine addresses why Montana Fishbourne was kicked to the curb. Click Here if you missed that.

It looks like Montana is in hot water.
Montana Fishburne, the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Florida Saturday morning, PEOPLE confirms.
Florida Highway Patrol troopers took Fishburne, 25, into custody at 1:56 a.m. March 11 after she allegedly hit a vehicle that had slowed down to avoid another crash. The incident occurred on I-95 near her home in Fort Lauderdale.

A trooper allegedly discovered an open bottle of wine on the rear left floor of Fishburne’s 2016 Toyota Corolla and “the two front seats splashed with a purple liquid emanating a strong odor of alcohol,” according to the Florida Highway Patrol report obtained by PEOPLE…..…

California Policeman Under Investigation After Caught On Video Brutally Punching Suspect
A California police officer is now under investigation after being captured on video brutally punching a man during an arrest. (And, the video is definitely hard to watch.)

The Internal affairs department is examining the video to determine whether the cop inappropriately used excessive force.
The unidentified policeman in question was called to a Vallejo gas station last Friday in response to a man acting “crazy,” New York Daily News reports.

Watch the video HERE
via NYDN: One arriving Vallejo police officer chased the suspect for several minutes before the suspect sat down on the street and was knocked to the ground, witnesses said.
“The kid surrendered,” one witness, who asked not to be named, told KPIX-TV. “The cop, on the other hand, came up right behind him and he was tired too. But he immediately dove on the kid and started wailing on him.”
The officer can be seen on video punching the suspect repeatedly with his fists and flashlight while the suspect shouts “I am God, I am God.”

The two appeared to struggle on the ground and the officer — shouting profanities — eventually placed handcuffs on the man.
Neither the suspect nor the officer were identified.
Local law enforcement experts say even though the video was difficult to watch — the officer used appropriate force during the arrest.
“That’s what they’re trained to do,” police trainer Don Cameron told the station. “When we’re down on the ground, we want to get the person in custody as quickly as we can, and we use personal weapons.”

Former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said the officer’s initial contact was appropriate but is concerned that he continued using that same force on the suspect after another backup officer rushed to the scene.
The Internal Affairs department is investigating the incident and the officer’s actions, police said.
The beaten suspect faces charges of resisting arrest and being under the influence.

Daft Punk May Join Lady Gaga at Coachella
Daft Punk may be helping Lady Gaga out with her headlining set at Coachella on April 15th.
via Page Six:“They are working out logistics,” a source told Page Six of the DJs Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.
Another added, “I hear it is possible,” but said nothing’s confirmed.

If you recall, Lady Gaga stepped in as a replacement after Beyoncé pulled out due to her pregnancy.

Oh? Did Nick & Mariah Have it Out at the Kid's Choice Awards?
Spywitnesses claim Nick Cannon and ex-wife Mariah Carey got into a nasty little fight off camera at the Kid's Choice Awards...

From OK Magazine: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon looked like divorced parent goals as they rocked the red carpet with their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, and all color-coordinated their outfits.
But, a source told OK! exclusively that Mariah and Nick, who put on a united front around the cameras, were not as happy once inside. The two “apparently had an argument of some sort while they were sitting in their seats.”
And while it’s unclear what they disagreed on, it didn’t seem to blow over, as “she got up and left and Nick went over to her manager and grabbed his kids,” continued the insider.
And catch this Tea! Mariah didn’t return to her seat!

Has Steve Harvey been Caught Creeping?
Uh Oh? Has comedian Steve Harvey been caught stepping outside his marriage...? According to this recently revealed blind item he has.

May 6, 2016
Staffers on this popular daytime talk show are buzzing about the married host’s affair with a member of his staff.

Steve Harvey

Chrissy Metz Reveals Reaction to Hearing About Her 'Sexy' Photo Shoot
This is Us star Chrissy Metz dons a red swimsuit in this photo shoot for HarpersBazaar.com.
Here’s what the 36-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On hearing about the photo shoot: “When I first heard Harper’s Bazaar wanted me to be sexy, I was like, ‘Who, me?’ I knew y’all were edgy but this is incredible—it’s validation.”
On how her self-worth isn’t made by validation: “Like, if I ever end up on the worst-dressed list, it’s not going to make me fall apart. I want to look great and feel good and be comfortable, but at the same time, none of this really matters. This is the fun stuff.”

On the industry being more accepting of all people: “There’s more room for all of us now—no matter our sexuality, race, body size, gender or whatever else.”

For more from Chrissy, visit www.HarpersBazaar.com

Designer Zac Posen Says He Will Not Be Dressing Melania and Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump’s divisive presidential campaign and subsequent presidential era has caused many to withdraw their support of the reality star and anyone or anything that bears his name. Since the inauguration, several department stores have dropped Trump-branded items, celebrities have refused to stay in Trump hotels, and designers have refused to dress the First Lady to protest the Trump era.
In an interview with The Daily Beast, designer Zac Posen revealed the reason behind his refusal to dress Melania and Ivanka Trump, as he chooses to protect his “political responsibility” as a designer. Although Posen has dressed both women in the past, he has now decided not to, based on the views and policies of the Donald, joining Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Sophie Theallet.

“I think everybody has a political responsibility,” the designer, who has dressed several big-name fashionistas including Rihanna, Oprah, and Kim Kardashian, told the publication. “Everybody has a voice, whether in fashion or any field.”
 “[I have] no current plans to dress members of the first family,” Posen said. “Right now, I’m staying away from bringing my brand into politics. There are issues that are being questioned that are fundamentally upsetting to me, deeply: LGBT rights, immigration, funding for the arts, Planned Parenthood, and women’s rights. These are just issues that are very close to my heart, and I use my own private voice and funds to fight for them and in support of them. I think it’s important to use your voice. I think that every brand and person has a right to be vocal,” he added.

“I’m very updated with the state of affairs right now. I always try to be optimistic. I think that freedom will prevail. And I don’t dictate who buys my clothing in a store,” Posen said.

Ladies and others LOL! Meet Ken Pipe! So you know what to do to see more. Just CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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‘Multiple Layers’
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