Drag Race Alums Get Festive Again For Christmas Queens 2!

Drag Race Alums Get Festive Again For Christmas Queens 2!
Queens proved to be such a fruitful venture that a sequel was warranted. Rupaul’s Drag Race BOTS announced Christmas Queens 2 by sharing the official cover art via Instagram.
The roster includes several fan favorites returning for a second round but also some new blood. Thorgy Thor from Season 8 being one. However, the most notable newbie isn’t even a drag queen. Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips fame joins the motley crew, giving Michelle Visage some estrogen company.
Also worth mentioning is the inclusion of Phi Phi O’Hara. I wonder if she laid down her tracks before notoriously skipping out the reunion for All-Stars 2. Someone was salty πŸ˜‰

Christmas Queens 2 drops on November 11. Check out one of the tracks below, “Chr!$Tm@$ $Ux” by RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 2 winner Alaska. The full track listing for the festive album is also listed below.

Christmas Queens 2 Soundtrack Track List

1. “‘Twas the Night (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
2. “Deck the Halls” – Christmas Queens
3. “Christmas Stories (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
4. “Chr!$Tm@$ $Ux” – Alaska Thunderfuck
5. “A Hanukkah Moment (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
6. “Passive Aggressive Christmas (feat. Major Scales)” – Jinkx Monsoon
7. “Katya’s Smelly Friend (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
8. “Merry Christmas, It’s Whateva” – Trish
9. “Hangry Queens (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
10. “Xmas Hams (feat. Ginger Minj)” – Jiggly Caliente
11. “Food Coma (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
12. “Fireside” – Phi Phi O’hara
13. “Not-so-Secret Santa (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
14. “Down Home Country Christmas (feat. Carnie Wilson)” – Ginger Minj
15. “Pandora Boxx’s Gingerbread Person (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
16. “The Nativity Twist” – BenDeLaCreme
17. “This Party Blows (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
18. “Bossa Nova Christmas in Outer Space” – Jackie Beat, Katya Zamolodchikova
19. “Mother Lovin Rotary Call (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
20. “Homemade for the Holidays (feat. Mamatox)” – Detox Icunt
21. “Tardy for the Party (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
22. “Snow Machine” – Sharon Needles
23. “Darienne Lake vs. Egg Nog (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
24. “Working Holiday” – Manila Luzon, Alaska Thunderfuck
25. “Blackout Fantasy (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
26. “O Holy Night (feat. Thorgy Thor)” – Michelle Visage
27. “Let There Be Light! (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
28. “Elfy Winters Night” – Ivy Winters
29. “Miss Fame Serving Santa (Interlude)” – Christmas Queens
30.”Auld Lang Syne” – Christmas Queens

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