Cissy Houston Accused of Dragging Legal Battle Due To Hatred Of Bobby Brown

Cissy Houston Accused of Dragging Out Legal Battle Due To Hatred Of Bobby Brown
According to theJasmineBRAND.com Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy still has an immense amount of disdain and animosity towards Bobby Brown, according to the court-appointed administrator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, who says she was accused of trying to divert money from the estate to Brown by the late singer’s mom.

Following Bobbi Kristina falling into a medically induced coma, a Georgia judge appointed an administrator to handle her trust with the co-trustees that had been appointed prior to her tragic situation.
Since her death the administrator, Bedelia C. Hargrove, and the co-trustees, Pat and Cissy Houston, have been battling it out in court over everything from the Nick Gordon lawsuit to the administrator demanding the Houston’s reimburse certain funeral costs, which they refuse to pay.

Last month, a letter was sent by the lawyer for, Bedelia C. Hargrove, the administrator of Bobbi Kristina’s trust which accused the co-trustees of Bobbi Kristina’s trust – Cissy and Pat Houston – of being unable to perform their duties partly due to their hostility towards Bobby Brown.
The letter accused Cissy and Pat Houston of unnecessarily dragging out the legal battle and damaging the KEH 2012 Trust by incurring an enormous amount of attorney fees due to their ongoing efforts not to pay the expenses of the administration.

Further, it said the trustees – Cissy and Pat – conduct was driven by their extreme animosity toward’s Bobbi Kristina’s father. She claims they made it very clear when they accused the administrator of attempting to re-direct money from the Trust of the Estate to engorge the Estate for the benefit of the Heir (aka Bobby Brown).
According to the sweeties over at thejasminebrand.com the administrator pointed out to numerous media interviews done by Cissy in which she blasted Bobby Brown, saying she had no contact with him and commenting that she was deeply disappointed in his book which she believed was nothing more than an expose on Whitney’s life. She also claimed it would have been easier for Whitney to get clean if he wasn’t around always wanting to party.

The court documents reveal that Pat and Cissy at one point were in possession of Bobbi Kristina’s property including her clothing, jewelry and other personal effects, which they placed in storage. They noted that some of her clothing had to be disposed of due to cat urine odors that made them unsalvageable.

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