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#EMPIRE: Yazz & Serayah Are on the cover Seventeen Magazine!
“Empire” stars Yazz and Serayah were once lovers on the hit FOX drama series. But, that’s simply not the case in real life.
The young celebs cover Seventeen magazine’s December ‘16/January ’17 issue where they open up about their real-life relationship. But, it’s not what you think. They are NOT a couple (at least for now) and are just friends.

"She's a cool girl," Yazz told the magazine. "She's very attractive, but we're just so much friends, like homies."
We can respect that. Although, they would make a cute couple.
The young stars also dished on their journey to stardom and learning to appreciate the struggle. You may not succeed the first go around, but never give up.
"One yes can turn everything around for you and Empire did that for me," Yazz said. "The struggle makes me appreciate the little things, like just being able to have lunch every day."
Serayah noted that she looks up to icons like Beyonce, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and how she tries to model their work ethic in her own career. She also talked about learning to love her luscious locs that we're obsessed over.
"I hated my hair — it always felt poufy and curly and people would poke it and ask, 'Why is it so big?' I started dyeing and cutting it and trying to make it as straight as possible," she said. "Then I got this role on Empire where I wear my hair big and natural, and I've come to realize it's beautiful."

Well good for her. You can grab a physical copy of their magazine cover when it hits newsstands.

#RHoA: Kandi Burruss Blamed For Mama Joyce’s Comments About Phaedra Parks
Y’all tell me how did the friendship between Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks went south, but I’m just gonna blame Apollo Nida. That’s an easy thing to do – no one would ever go against someone hating on Apollo.
Unfortunately, now it’s just so awkward every time Kandi and Phaedra are on screen together. And I can’t imagine things are going well between them these days since Mama Joyce was talking all about Phaedra’s personal business on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.
It’s hard to tell if Mama Joyce really did all that research herself or if she was just representing Kandi’s clique by attacking Phaedra on her behalf. Sure, Kandi looked super uncomfortable during that scene, but it’s not as if she put a stop to the bashing.

When I saw Mama Joyce got her own interviews during the last episode, I took that as foreshadowing that she was going to be a major shit stirrer part of this season and it seems like Phaedra is going to be her main target. And Kandi is going to suffer the consequences.
It’s up for the debate whether Kandi encourages or condones Mama Joyce’s shady ways, but the woman is reality TV gold so I cannot look away.

In an interview with Bravo, Kandi was asked about Mama Joyce’s theories on Phaedra and her estranged relationship with Apollo.
Kandi admitted, “I was thinking, ‘Oh God!’ Any time my family or team says anything about Phaedra, all of Phaedra’s fans get mad at me as if I told them to say it.” Well yeah, she is the one who brought them on the show, and pretty much all of the family and friends are on Kandi’s payroll, so I can totally see why Phaedra fans could get the wrong idea when one of them talks negatively about her. Especially since Kandi really never puts an adamant stop to it.

At the same time, I have (maybe naively) always felt like Kandi was a nice person when I watch her on TV so I can’t see her setting up something like this. I feel like she’s too busy for petty bullshit, but what do I know?
Kandi also added, “My family, friends, and team all speak their mind. They do not hold back.”

Yeah, I’m sure they all genuinely do have their own opinions, especially about someone Kandi has had beef with, but I’m also sure Phaedra has to be fuming over them expressing those thoughts.

New Music: Trey Songz – Comin’ Home
The R&B heartthrob has surprised us with a brand new song for the holiday season. Titled “Comin’ Home,” the Virginia native brings sexy love-makin’ vibes, while singing about his plans to return to his lady in time for Christmas.
“Nights get cold that’s when I miss your touch / The snow is falling it won’t let up / Ok, I’m on my way / Cause it’ll be nothing, without you / Christmas will be nothing, without you girl,” sings an impassioned Trigga.
Snuggle up with your No. 1, or your seasonal bae, and let Trey serenade your holidays HERE

New Hip Hop from New Music: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Made in the USA’
Prepping for his long-awaited album Drogas Light, Lupe Fiasco unleashes a new banger, “Made in the USA.”
The StreetRunner-produced track allows Carrera Lu’ to drive across the country, while rhyming about where things are made. “My Glock came from Savannah, Georgia,” he raps. “My AR-15 from California / My cocaine come from Arizona / My Detroit whip run quick like Forrest.”

Ending things off on a bit of a patriotic note, he adds: “I be speaking stars and stripes and I be dreamin’, pledge allegiance, bitch.”

LOL….Listen HERE
In the meantime, Lupe continues on a nationwide tour through Dec. 22 in Minneapolis. Check out the remaining dates below.

Nov. 18 – McMenamins Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR
Nov. 19 – Temple Theater – Tacoma, WA
Nov. 22 – Crest Theater – Sacramento, CA
Nov. 23 – The Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 27 – The Historic El Rey Theater – Albuquerque, MN
Nov. 30 – The Belmont – Austin, TX
Dec. 1 – Gas Monkey Live! – Dallas, TX
Dec. 6 – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
Dec. 8 – The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 10 – The Granada – Lawrence, KS
Dec. 11 – Bourbon Theatre – Lincoln, NE
Dec. 15 – Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO
Dec. 16 – Belly Up – Aspen, CO
Dec. 20 – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
Dec. 22 – Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN

Miss Robbie Shades Son Tim Over “Sweetie Pie’s” Lawsuit!
They may be embroiled in a bitter lawsuit, but they’re still mother and son.
Hearts were broken and tears were shed when news broke that Miss Robbie was suing her son Tim over the wildly successful “Sweetie Pie’s” restaurants. Fans were hoping this wasn’t yet another example of reality TV breaking up a happy family. Luckily, that’s not the case … even though the lawsuit is still full steam ahead.

Tim, who helps his mom run the restaurants, is trying to strike while the iron is hot and open as many locations as he can. But, Miss Robbie, who created the popular eatery, is trying to block her son from doing too much, too soon. Thus, the lawsuit. “We haven’t really moved past it; it’s still happening,” Miss Robbie told the folks over at HipHollywood during the “Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s” press day, “I can’t stop him from being my son, but I can beat him up about that other stuff.” Tim playfully chimed in saying, “We’re still fussing with each other.”

And even though they’re still “fussing” at each other, the duo is hopeful that they will come to a mutual understanding. “We just got to get on the same page about that other stuff, that’s all that is. I’m hoping we work that out,” Miss Robbie stated.

Yes, we’re hoping the same thing, too!

Lyfe Jennings Pleads With Judge to Help Him See His Kids: My Baby Mama Won’t Give Me Visitation
According to our friends over at theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Lyfe Jennings is blasting his baby mama for refusing him visitation with his kids recently. The singer has headed to court pleading with the judge to order he be allowed time with them, along with denying allegations he hurt their mental & emotional health.
Here’s the latest: Last month, Lyfe went to court addressing his baby mama’s motion for contempt. The singer and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star denies all her allegations saying he violated the previous court order. Throughout the years, he claims that he has exercised liberal parenting time with his kids, until recently, when she began wrongfully refusing to allow him to see them.

Lyfe wants the judge to order a visitation schedule so she can’t refuse him. He asks that the motion for contempt be denied and she pay his legal bills.
Here’s the backstory:  Joy Bounds, the mother to two of his children, filed a petition for contempt in Georgia Court. The two battled it out in court over custody and support years ago, with a final order being entered into their case back in 2009.
However, since the order was entered, Joy says Lyfe has made her life hell by refusing to provide proof of life insurance, not paying his kid’s medical expenses, along with negatively intervening in the kid’s religious beliefs and teachings and has intervened in their emotional and mental health. Per the 2009 court order, Lyfe was ordered to maintain life insurance for his kids and pay the medical expenses.
Joy was awarded primary physical AND legal custody of their kids. She was granted the power to make all important life decisions for her sons. The singer was awarded only visitation in the order. He was also ordered to pay $4k a month in support to Joy for their boys.

She sued demanding Lyfe be found in contempt of court for violating the 2009 order and wanted the judge to order him to comply. Also, earlier this year, the singer was hit with a restraining order which required that he stay 200 yards away from Joy and their 2 children.
According to her petition, she accused Lyfe of trying to brainwash their boys and even threatened her with violence. The singer was arrested back in 2008 for allegedly kicking down Joy’s home door, firing shots and proceeding to lead police on a high speed chase. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

She claimed she feared for her safety after Lyfe made light threats including telling his baby mama she wasn’t hard to find and told her “I’m gonna remember this” after an incident. He claimed he was a good father and others would back up his claim.

YIKES! Porn Star Leya Falcon Accuses Snoop Dogg’s Son Of Raping Her
A porn star is accusing Snoop Dogg’s oldest son, Corde Broadus, of date rape. Leya Falcon made the allegations on Facebook over the weekend, claiming Corde drugged her and then had has way with her approximately four years ago. At the time, Broadus would have been 18 years old.
“On the way to my car I took another sip of my drink and asked you to hold my cup for a second while I put my jacket on because I was a little cold and that is where I firmly believe you very stealthily snuck something into my drink, something that would immobilize me, erase my memory and allow you to do whatever it was you wanted to do to me.

We got into my car, you went into the driver’s seat, I plugged in my ipod, took another sip of my drink and went back to trying to find a good song on my ipod to listen to on the way to wherever we were going to decide to go and the next thing I know is I wake up naked, completely disoriented, my vagina feeling swollen and torn like never before, I was covered in vomit and somehow made it upstairs to the room I was staying in.”

Falcon stopped short of calling out Corde by name in her original post, but has since taken to IG to confirm she’s talking about the young man.
It’s been almost 4 years I’ve kept quiet. I want honest answers, I want acknowledgement of the pain you have caused me as well as a sincere apology and In exchange I offer forgiveness. Please. I have gone so long with so much pain, help fix the pain you have caused. I need answers. I need closure. My entire letter to you can be found on the link in my bio . I am NOT trying to prosecute you I am NOT trying to sue you I just want answers

Her claims, however, have been met with skepticism. While Leya did go to the police to have a rape kit administered, nothing came from the LAPD’s investigation. This has led some to argue that she’s lying and only trying to get money or discredit a Black man. Leya is currently engaged to an African-American male and has two biracial children, so that theory doesn’t really hold up. As for the money, she maintains she’s never asked for a dollar.

So far, Snoop’s son has not responded to the allegations.

DJ Khaled Throws Star-Studded B’Day Bash In L.A..See the pics
DJ Khaled rounded up all of his celebrity friends to celebrate his 41st birthday. Go inside for party pics of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, Mairah Carey, Nas, Future, Karrueche and tons others See some pics.
EVERYONE came out. Literally all of his music industry friends were there to help the superproducer/new dad celebrate another year on this earth. Nice Happy Birthday DJ Khaled.

Who Wore It Better: Christina Milian, Lupita Nyong’o, and Karrueche Tran Wearing HM x Kenzo Off-the-Shoulder Top
There is nothing wrong with a friendly fashion battle among the celebs. There are many celebs that have been seen out and about in some of the same haute pieces.  The pieces are possibly the hottest and trendiest item in Hollywood. In today’s showcase of Baller Alert’s Who Wore It Better, we have Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran, and Lupita Nyong’o.
Earlier this month, Christina Milian attended Latina’s 20th Anniversary celebrating The Hollywood Hot List Honorees. The actress/songstress hit the red carpet wearing one of the most talked about collaborations from Kenzo x HM. For the event, she wore the silk floral reversible kimono styled with the off-the-shoulder top.

Karrueche Tran attends the 2016 Whitney Art Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC. The gorgeous model/entrepreneur showed off her abs in the matching H&M x Kenzo ensemble.
Lupita was seen in the same silk off-the-shoulder top and matching skirt for the New York premiere of ‘Loving.’ Lupita was one of the first to wear from the H&M collaboration
The silk short, off-the-shoulder top features a gorgeous pattern. The top also has a tiered detail and elastication at top and at hem.
Grab what is left from the collaboration at HM.com. So who do you think wore the silk top better: Christina Milian, Lupita Nyong’o, or Karrueche Tran?

OH HOW NICE: Melania Trump & Son Ditch The White House For NYC
It was previously reported that #DonaldTrump was considering only living at the #WhiteHouse part time and retreating to his penthouse at #TrumpTower for the remainder of the week. Now it appears that his wife and young son won’t be living at the White House either.
Following the inauguration in January, #MelaniaTrump and 10 year old son #BarronTrump will continue living at Trump Tower so that Barron can continue attending his Upper West Side private school.

“Melania is extremely close to Barron, and they have become closer during the campaign,” a source close to Trump’s transition team tells the #NewYorkPost. “The campaign has been difficult for Barron, and she is really hoping to keep disruption to a minimum.”
Melania’s primary focus will be on Barron, though she will still travel to the White House as needed.
“Melania is very supportive of her husband and is fully on board of doing everything that’s needed as first lady,” another source says.

It’s possible Barron and Melania will move to the White House at the end of the school year but official plans have not been confirmed.
In the meantime this means security will be at an all time high at Trump Tower.
“That building is going to become the White House of New York,” said Jim Reese, a former Delta Force commander and president of TigerSwan, a global security company based in North Carolina. “The Secret Service is going to have to keep that whole area cordoned off so that some wacko can’t get close and detonate a car bomb.”
Prepare for a heavy #SecretService and #NYPD presence. Traveling around Trump Tower will be difficult too. #NYPost reports that strict security measures around Trump Tower will remain in place, with two of the five lanes on Fifth Avenue between West 56th and 57th streets closed because of barriers.

LeBron James donates $2.5 million to Muhammad Ali exhibit
LeBron James is giving back to a champion who shaped his life.
The Cavaliers star is donating $2.5 million to support an exhibit honoring Muhammad Ali exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.
"Muhammad Ali: A Force for Change" opened in September to honor the legacy of the boxing champ, social activist and world ambassador whose contributions transcended the sports world.
"Every professional athlete, regardless of race and gender, owes a huge debt of gratitude to Muhammad Ali," James said. "His legacy deserves to be studied and revered by every generation. I am honored to partner with the Smithsonian to celebrate one of the most influential figures in our nation's history who, along with Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens, used the power of sports to advance our civil rights."

James' business partner, Maverick Carter, also is contributing to the donation.
"I am overwhelmed by the incredible generosity LeBron James has shown," Ali's wife, Lonnie, said. "This exhibit will enable children visiting the Smithsonian to learn more about Muhammad's work outside of the ring, particularly his humanitarian work and stance on social justice for all people."

The exhibit includes artifacts such as Ali's headgear and the training robe worn at Dundee's Fifth Street Gym. It celebrates the late champion's achievements in community activism, resistance, politics, spirituality and culture.

Ali died in June at age 74.

Denver Broncos star Von Miller being blackmailed over sex tape
In what seems to be an all too frequent occurrence these days, a sex tape is being used as a tool to extort money from a celebrity. The latest apparent victim is Denver Broncos star Von Miller, 27, whose sex romp with a video vixen was caught on tape.

The sex tape was allegedly recorded in June of this year while Miller, a Super Bowl MVP, was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, with a group of friends. That’s where he hooked up with model Elizabeth Ruiz. The pair enjoyed the luxuries of the 11,550-square-foot beachfront home that Miller had rented along with jet skiing, dining and partying with his group of friends. The two decided to have sex in an indoor encounter and Ruiz recorded the session with Miller’s knowledge. He allegedly asked Ruiz to keep the recording private and not to let anyone know about it. Later, he asked Ruiz to just delete the recording to which she allegedly responded “Gotcha” to his request.

But according to court documents in September of this year, representatives of Miller were contacted about the tape and Ruiz’s intention to release the recording. She allegedly told Miller’s representatives that she wanted to be the next Kim Kardashian. Ruiz was asking Miller to buy the tape from her for $2.5 million. Her request was no idle threat and she attempted to sell the tape to media outlet TMZ and employed a sex tape broker to help find buyers. A judge has since put a temporary restraining order in place to preventing Ruiz from making copies, releasing or distributing the tape  Miller contend that if the tape is released, it will damage his appeal to ‘many different people from virtually all walks of life including families and children.’

His lawyer, Andrew Kim, added that the release of the tape featuring the “most intimate of physical acts between a man and woman” would damage his client’s commercial appeal. Miller has several substantial promotional opportunities with companies that include Beats by Dre, Old Spice and Best Buy. In 2016, Miller signed a six-year contract worth $114.5 million with the Denver Broncos, which made him the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history based on guaranteed money. The case is now in Los Angeles County Superior Court to block Ruiz from ever selling the tape and making it public.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Actress Lisa Lynn Masters Found Dead of Apparent Suicide in Peru Hotel Room: Report
Lisa Lynn Masters has reportedly been found dead inside her room at the Nuevo Mundo hotel in Lima on Tuesday, according to Peru21.
According to the news site, the actress, 52, was found inside the closet of her room after she had hanged herself with her skirt. Officials, who said had been struggling with depression, found anti-depressants in her hotel room.
Masters, who starred in an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, has also had roles on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl.

Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page in Masters’ name and had surpassed their goal of raising $30,000 by Thursday.
“Our dear friend Lisa Masters passed away tragically and unexpectedly in Lima, Peru on November 15, 2016,” Ani Mason, who set up the account on behalf of Master’s husband, William Brooks, wrote on the page. “Lisa’s genuine warmth, generosity and tenacious strength will be deeply missed.”

“Lisa’s beloved husband William is shocked and grieving her sudden loss,” Mason continued. “In the midst of his mourning, William faces daunting financial challenges, including the substantial funeral and transport expenses for Lisa in and between Peru and the United States.”

Meet Rico ! So you know what to do to see more. Just GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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‘Fresh Out The Joint’
There is an alarming pattern of people breaking out of hospitals or psychiatric wards and heading straight to Walmart. Why is that?


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