SHADE or NAH? Brandy vs Monica Part 1000? Soul Train Awards BEEF!

SHADE or NOT? Brandy Throws Subtle Shade at Soul Train Awards, Monica Responds!
The 2016 Soul Train Awards not only brought back a few 90s classics, but a 90s feud as well, as Lady of Soul Honoree Brandy took a few subtle shots at former nemesis-turned-collaborator-turned-nemesis-again, Monica.

The shot stems from the recent back and forth between the two singers after Monica’s #SoGoneChallenge went viral, opening up the floodgates to what has become a bit of a tit-for-tat on social media between their fans. B-Rocka tore the house down with her performance of classics like “I Wanna Be Down” and “Talk About Our Love,” the latter of which the “vocal bible” remixed live, tossing some subtle shade her fellow songstress’s way. While the original lyrics deal with friends and foes being too involved in her relationship, the powerful vocalist switched the words around to address someone’s “whole fan base” and how their feud has “the whole ‘Gram (Instagram) buzzing.”
Fans of Monica’s picked up on the diss and quickly took to Brandy’s Instagram page to press her about it, with one fan coming to the “Full Moon” singer’s defense.
“Monica fans stay talking about Brandy…smh no wonder she had to address ya’ll! Cuz these disrespectful ppl aren’t getting checked. What’s the point of bashing another artist on this page? She must be very significant in ya’lls life. Closet fans of the vocal bible.”

The “Don’t Take it Personal” singer is truly living by her lyrics, brushing off the subtle shade just as she did on The Real, claiming on Instagram that B’s fans are just as rabid as hers, while still showing respect to the Soul Train award winner.

Do you think this will bring an end to the ladies’ R&Beef? 

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