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Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t believe great actors need to destroy themselves for art
Jake Gyllenhaal covers the new issue of DuJour Magazine to promote Nocturnal Animals, the Tom Ford film where he plays dual characters. Jake has gotten good reviews, and the film is well-received overall. I’m not sure if Jake is in for a big awards season, but I could see the film being up for some Best Picture awards, and Jake might come out to support the film in general without being personally nominate for anything. While I’m not a Jake super-fan – I could take or leave him, honestly – I ended up feeling a little bit sorry for him in this DuJour interview. Maybe he was just in a weird head space when he spoke to DuJour, or maybe he really is just this quiet, serious, lonely, solitary figure. Throughout the interview, there are near constant references to his isolation and loneliness, to the extent that the DuJour journalist even pulls back and avoids asking a question about Heath Ledger. You can read the full piece here.
Why he signed on to ‘Nocturnal Animals’: “I read it and was immediately like, ‘Yes. I’m in.’ That was actually a very difficult experience for me, emotionally, because there was no opportunity for retribution. I don’t think I ever really [did] get out of it in a way. It’s not like I’m walking around in character all the time, but I think the mood definitely [was] pervasive in everything that I did while I was making it. But, I think film, generally, in my opinion, is a lonely place. I found sadness in the fact that everything was about aesthetics in this world. I was living in a space where I was like, ‘Where is the truth here?’ I walked through it like that the whole time—and I think that’s where Tom [Ford] wanted me to be.”

He’s learned that his great love is the theater: “I did one show on the West End in London when I was 22 years old. And then was convinced by a lot of people at a certain age, when I was very impressionable, that it was more important to be doing movies. I’m thankful for that because, you know, it’s wonderful financially—but I think my heart has always been on the stage.”
He doesn’t want to be a self-destructive actor: “I think I came to the realization that acting is not just one thing. There is not just one way… There’s this growing notion—there always has been with actors, in particular—that the real great ones are the ones who mess themselves up somehow. I’ve always wanted to dispel that idea. I really don’t condone the idea of hurting oneself.”
Seriously, theater is his great love: “You can spend your life looking for this idea of what you think love looks like. Or you can actually open yourself up to the things that are capable of loving you, and that you are capable of loving. And that means people who are of like minds. Finding the space that you love—I think that’s the biggest thing that I feel.”

He’s an isolated man: “My imagination is becoming more and more important to me. When you go too far into the reality of something, you kind of destroy your imagination.”
[From DuJour]

The quote about his imagination being important to him came after the writer’s riff about how Jake seems to be very in-his-head these days. It’s not that Jake is rude at any point – if anything, he seems very polite and professional. It just seems like he needs something light in his life. Everything is too serious, too heavy, too isolating. That being said, he doesn’t seem unhappy. Maybe this is just a weird promotional tour.
“There’s this growing notion—there always has been with actors, in particular—that the real great ones are the ones who mess themselves up somehow.” I get that. Actors and artists tend to glamorize the idea that their art is supposed to be an act of self-immolation by various means (alcohol, drugs, chasing the adrenalin rush). At least Jake seems to be making a conscious choice to avoid that.

#RHoA: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The End of Men?
Is The Real Housewives of Atlanta just a collection of scenes about how the men in these women's lives are garbage? Between Bob, Peter, and Block, there isn't a man in this episode who is worth his salt. Well, there is one man. One glorious man. One fine, fine, fine man: Leon.

Leon is the only man I've seen this season who gives a modicum of a damn about a woman's emotional state and doesn't rely on her to pay his bills. I'm sure he's still got that David Ruffin money coming in. (Old black dads are still buying that DVD. It's a great DVD; we should all buy it and put some more cash in Leon's pocket.) We get to see Leon because Cynthia is getting ready to launch her bag line, Cargo, and she wants her daughter, Noelle, to be the face of the line. Such is the way of fashion: Making your unqualified daughter the heir to a legacy just because she's pretty and doesn't put her foot in her mouth on a regular basis. Fashion and politics, they're not so different. The similarities continue: Just like in politics, Noelle manages to sully her professional demeanor the second she's given just a little bit of responsibility. But we'll get to that later.

First, Shereé is puttering around her condo while her son manages to unhinge his jaw and eat the contents of their refrigerator. Her son is transferring to Morehouse in the fall, but he's trying to eat every sandwich he can find in the meantime. Shereé laments that her condo is a little cramped. There are three people living there and only — GASP – three bedrooms. How can people live like this? Thankfully, Chateau Shereé is almost finished. Her children ask if they'll have room for Bob in the Chateau. Physically, yes. Emotionally? Well, Bob hasn't apologized to Shereé for all he put her through. Her kids just ask, "Why meet someone new when we already know dad?" That's … quite the question. I'm not exactly sure how or why that would be the logical reason to get back together with a cheating ex, but her kids certainly float the idea.

Meanwhile, Kandi is dropping off Ace at Mama Joyce's house. While wearing a positively baffling high ponytail, Kandi says in her confessional that Mama Joyce doesn't like to babysit and she had to be grandma today. Being grandma isn't an optional status. When your child has a baby, you're a grandma. Mama Joyce also wants to be paid to watch her grandson. As much as I like that crafty old broad, she is petty. You don't get paid to watch your own grandchild unless you own and operate a fully licensed day care. Mama Joyce also advises Kandi on the whole Block situation. I absolutely hate on shaming people for having unusual names, but I don't think you could ever trust a man who insists on going by "Block." I haven't seen Kandi just once refer to him by the name his mama gave him. (Unless she named him Block, in which case … moving on.) Mama Joyce says that if Block wants to see Riley, he needs to cough up $50,000. Mama Joyce and I agree on this point.

Phaedra and Kenya are meeting for a little tense tea to establish some friendship foundations. Phaedra asks if Kenya is willing to apologize to Shereé for giving her a tongue lashing at the mystery room. They also argue about whether Kenya called her a bitch or not. Kenya clearly said, "No bitch is going to tell me what to do in my house." The argument is if Shereé was indeed the aforementioned bitch. Shereé was telling Kenya what to do with her house, so I suppose Shereé was being that bitch. Kenya has her man and her manor so she's not interested in anyone's opinions. Phaedra wants to launch a camp for children affected by the Flint water crisis and we get some photos of her in a giant fur hat, handing out water in Flint. Phaedra needs all the ladies to donate some time and money to support the camp. Kenya offers to teach "how to be a lady in public" lessons. Maybe stick with arts and crafts, Kenya.

Shereé is meeting with Bob for lunch and she has dressed up. Bob is wearing a gray sweaty T-shirt and takes her to a vegan restaurant. He was trying to keep their first non-co-parenting rendezvous casual. He succeeded. Shereé wants to know if Bob can have a conversation with her and be serious for five goddamn seconds. He manages to apologize for the extramarital affairs — after some prodding from Shereé — and compliments her on her titty glitter. They sneak out of the restaurant and go get some chicken and seafood. I think these crazy kids just might make it.

Cynthia is doing her daughter's hair in L.A., getting ready for the brand launch. She lectures Noelle about responsibility and duty; Noelle just wants some Nobu. She has some expensive taste for a literal child. She can get some Nobu when she got Nobu money. They head out to the launch, where Noelle manages to spend 65 percent of the event sitting down because "her feet hurt" while Cynthia works the room. When it's time to reveal the "ad," Noelle makes everyone stop what they're doing so someone will go find her phone. Noelle: There are dozens of cameras, including the ones for the reality show you are currently on. The memory will be preserved.
Back in Atlanta, the rest of the ladies and some hangers-on go play laser tag at Phaedra's suggestion. Phaedra also suggests that the teams be "Black People" and "the Police." TOO. DAMN. SOON. PHAEDRA. After the laser-tag free-for-all, Phaedra asks the ladies to stock her pop-up shop fundraiser for her Flint Michigan camp. Shereé can sell a few T-shirts. Cut to Kenya in a confessional: "Maybe she's not in Chateau Shereé because those T-shirts aren't selling. Kandi can sell Bedroom Kandi; Porsha says in a confessional, "We're selling penis for the children." Doesn't anyone have some other trade or good they can sell? Phaedra asks if Kenya and Shereé can put their differences aside for the length of the fundraiser and that just opens the petty-ass floodgates. Blah, blah, blah. They hate each other. Kenya manages to call Shereé's wig a "Mama Joyce–looking wig" and Kandi gets a few barbs in. I'm tired of this feud. Go live in your tired-ass unfinished McMansions.
After the event in L.A., Cynthia grabs a bite with Leon and opens up about her divorce. She thinks it might be time to start a new chapter in L.A. because Noelle wants to go to college there and Leon is there. Yes, Cynthia — go to Leon. Cynthia uses Leon as an example of how exes can love and support each other. Leon says her wedding to Peter felt a little rushed and we get a montage of everyone Cynthia knows, including herself, saying the wedding is a bad idea and should be called off. That black dress might have been an omen, girl. She breaks down crying and Leon tells her that she looks her best with no makeup on. Oh, Leon.

Finally, Kandi picks up Mama Joyce to get manicures as thanks for watching her grandson for a medium amount of time. While they're in the car, Kandi gets a phone call from Block asking her to set up a play date with his own daughter. Kandi lets him know that it's a little late to start co-parenting. Block claims he's been calling and calling, but he's not going to chase anybody. Kandi rightfully blows up. Before hanging up, she yells at him for creating bad blood even though he never talks to his daughter. Once Riley says yes or no, it's up to Block to respect that. But damn it, man, put in a little work. Be a little more like Leon.

Empire’ Season 3 Is Likely Coming To An End? New Episode To Feature Cookie’s Dinner Ruined?
"Empire" Season 3 will again go on a hiatus and will return to screen with all-new episode on November 30. Rumors suggest that the FOX Network decided to delay its airing for Episode 7 because of Thanksgiving holiday.
The show has also been in hiatus for several weeks before because of the World Series and Presidential Debate. It can be recalled that "the highest-rated scripted series on TV, Fox's Empire, had a rough re-entry after a month-long hiatus for baseball coverage. In its first airing since October 12, the drama posted series-low marks of a 2.9 Live+Same Day rating in adults 18-49 and 8.1 million viewers," as reported by Deadline.
Many believed that the show will once again experience a significant drop in ratings when it goes back to screen next Wednesday and might eventually be canceled after Season 3. For some, the show is like being stuck in traffic where in every few minutes, you have an opportunity to be in motion a bit but then get jammed again and forced to wait in disappointment.
However, it has been said that fans of the series must look forward to the next episode as it will offer a lot of interesting scenes to make the lengthy wait worth it.
The Episode 7 entitled "What We May Be" will feature Cookie preparing for a dinner party to astound Angelo's mother.

The synopsis for the new episode reads:
"Cookie looks to Candace for tips on how to plan an elaborate family dinner that will impress Angelo's mother, Diane (guest star Phylicia Rashad). Meanwhile, old home videos cause Cookie to face secrets about her relationship with her father that she had tried to hide from her kids, and Andre organizes an unlikely duet."
In the sneak peek video of the episode, Jamal is criticized on TV for destroying his music career after getting shot by Freda gatz.

Lucious, on the other hand, is seen scolding his son for not performing again. "Artists that don't perform die, "he tells Jamal.
The promo clip also shows Cookie's planned dinner ruined by Lyon family. This is something very exciting.
In other news, Nia Long will return to Fox's hip-hop drama series play the role of Giuliana (Giusi), "a queenpin who runs a club in Las Vegas and makes brash moves in the gangster underworld of New York to secure a deal with Empire," according to Deadline.

Watch Empire Season 3 on November 30 on Fox Network.

Music News: Watch: Monica Opens Up About Life & Career On Own’s ‘Where Are They Now?’
It was recently announced that R&B songstress Monica had parted ways with RCA Records. While we haven’t heard any news on where she might end up for her next musical endeavors, the singer/songwriter gave fans an inside look at her home life, while she reflected on her career for OWN network’s series “Where Are They Now?”

Letting their cameras into her Atlanta home, Mo spoke about her early life and career, winning the Grammy with Brandy for “The Boy Is Mine,” her relationship with Whitney Houston, her marriage and relationship with Shannon Brown, above else always putting her children first, being in the new movie Almost Christmas, and what she has on the horizon.

Check out the full interview HERE

New Hip Hop New Music: D-Roc Feat. Lil’ Kim & Zoey Dollaz – ‘I Got A Feeling’
The Queen Bee is buzzing yet again as Lil’ Kim joins D-Roc and Freebandz’ own Zoey Dollaz on the infectious “I Got a Feeling.”
“They so obsessed with the Queen Bee,” rhymes the Notorious K.I.M. “They be watching me like Netflix / I’m the first bitch / I’m the last bitch / I got now and then / I got next, bitch.”
Kim’s appearance on the Miami rapper-producer’s single comes on the heels of her WEEN Icon Award at this month’s Women in Entertainment Empowerment ceremony.

Catch the “Feeling” HERE

True or False? Beyonce Running for Mayor of Los Angeles?
Last week there were reports pop star Beyonce had experienced a political awakening causing an edgier shift in the tone of her music
Somehow those reports morphed into Beyonce running for the next mayor of Los Angeles which she denies... 
Leave it to Gossip Gop to get us the truth. They said: "Beyonce is not running for Mayor of Los Angeles, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this untrue claim.”
A rep for Beyonce tells Gossip Cop that talk of Beyonce pursuing a political career is “ridiculous.

So there’s that!

R. Kelly Hints at Future Collaboration With Mariah Carey
R. Kelly and Mariah Carey may have a new duet or collaboration in the works. The Pied Piper of R&B recently hinted about the two cooking something up in the studio.
R. Kelly has penned songs for Carey and was featured on records like “Betcha Gon Know (I Checked)” and “Touch My Body (Remix).”
R. Kelly recently released his first holiday album and 14th studio LP. He is gearing up for the “12 Nights of Christmas Holiday Tour,” which kicks off on December 5 in Nashville and will make stops in Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, and more.
Carey will be busy this holiday season as well. Her new reality show, Mariah’s World, will premiere on December 4th on E! while her ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ New York residency at the Beacon Theatre is set to kick off on December 5th.

‘Beaches’ Trailer: First Extended Look At Lifetime Remake Starring Idina Menzel & Nia Long
We’re getting a look at the first full trailer for Beaches, Lifetime’s telefilm remake of the 1988 feature.
Allison Anders directs the contemporary remake. which follows two young girls who meet by chance on the Venice Boardwalk and, though worlds apart in lifestyle, embark on a lifelong friendship. CC (Idian Menzel) is an aspiring singer trying to make it in Los Angeles until she is discovered by a director who gives her a first big shot. Hillary (Nia Long) is the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer who struggles to find her own destiny. Their friendship, even with its ups and downs, sustains them for decades.
Set to the backdrop of Menzel singing “The Wind Beneath My Wings” (sung by Bette Midler in the film), we see several of those ups and downs — Hillary and CC as children, CC finally making it as a singer, and, Hillary resenting her friend’s success, then both women celebrating the birth of Hillary’s daughter, followed by one of their biggest challenges yet.

Beaches premieres January 21 on Lifetime.

SHADE or NOT? Brandy Throws Subtle Shade at Soul Train Awards, Monica Responds
The 2016 Soul Train Awards not only brought back a few 90s classics, but a 90s feud as well, as Lady of Soul Honoree Brandy took a few subtle shots at former nemesis-turned-collaborator-turned-nemesis-again, Monica.

The shot stems from the recent back and forth between the two singers after Monica’s #SoGoneChallenge went viral, opening up the floodgates to what has become a bit of a tit-for-tat on social media between their fans. B-Rocka tore the house down with her performance of classics like “I Wanna Be Down” and “Talk About Our Love,” the latter of which the “vocal bible” remixed live, tossing some subtle shade her fellow songstress’s way. While the original lyrics deal with friends and foes being too involved in her relationship, the powerful vocalist switched the words around to address someone’s “whole fan base” and how their feud has “the whole ‘Gram (Instagram) buzzing.”
Fans of Monica’s picked up on the diss and quickly took to Brandy’s Instagram page to press her about it, with one fan coming to the “Full Moon” singer’s defense.
“Monica fans stay talking about Brandy…smh no wonder she had to address ya’ll! Cuz these disrespectful ppl aren’t getting checked. What’s the point of bashing another artist on this page? She must be very significant in ya’lls life. Closet fans of the vocal bible.”

The “Don’t Take it Personal” singer is truly living by her lyrics, brushing off the subtle shade just as she did on The Real, claiming on Instagram that B’s fans are just as rabid as hers, while still showing respect to the Soul Train award winner.

Do you think this will bring an end to the ladies’ R&Beef? 

Ohio State University Attack Leaves 11 Injured
Police fatally shot the suspect, OSU student Abdul Razak Ali Artan.
A male suspect, whom police have identified as Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, attacked people with a vehicle and a butcher’s knife at the school on Monday
11 people were injured; one is in critical condition. Police quickly shot and killed the suspect

Ohio State University was left reeling Monday after a student attacked people with his car and a butcher knife, leaving 11 injured. OSU police said an officer shot and killed the student, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, less than a minute after the attack began.
Students and staff were milling around outside a science building after a fire alarm had gone off when man drove his car over a curb and plowed into them, authorities said. The man then left the vehicle and began attacking people with the knife.
OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko, 28, opened fire after the suspect failed to obey commands, police Chief Craig Stone said. Authorities said Artan acted alone. 

None of the 11 victims sustained life-threatening injuries, but one is in critical condition. 
A car inside a police line sits on the sidewalk as authorities respond to an attack on campus at Ohio State University on Monday. Several people were injured after a man plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at the university and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot to death by a police officer.
Authorities declined to speculate on the suspect’s motive or a possible connection to terrorism. The FBI has joined as a partner in the investigation.
The school sent out an emergency alert at 9:56 a.m, telling students: “Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight.” The campus remained on lockdown for about 90 minutes. 
“Run, hide, fight” is the phrase that the Department of Homeland Security advises as the default response to an active-shooter situation. The order suggests that people in danger should run if they’re able to and seek shelter if they cannot. A person’s last resort is to fight in order to “incapacitate” an attacker approaching them. 
“I was sitting in my dorm room and heard gunshots and 10 seconds later heard sirens,” Stephen Yunker, an OSU freshman, told The Huffington Post via Twitter. “Looked outside to see a fire truck + cops a couple streets away and a body laying on the ground.”  

“Smelled what was like gun smoke as people rushed into buildings,” Mackenzie Bart, another student at the university, said over Twitter. “Police and fire were everywhere. Got locked into a building with just 4 other girls and pushed everything we could find against a door.” 
“The man just stared at the cop, didn’t say anything,” Bowers said. 
OSU is one of the largest public universities in the country, with more than 66,000 students. Nearly 60,000 attend school on the main campus in Columbus, where the incident occurred Monday. 

“This is a diverse, welcoming, and warm community where we welcome people from all over the world,” Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said Monday at a news conference. “That is what makes us so special. I ask everyone to lean in, to pray for one another, to look out for one another, and … continue to focus on what brings us together as opposed to what divides us.”

Son Confronts His Father Who Injected Him With HIV As An Infant
“Badger” Jackson was just 11-months old when his biological father, Brian Stewart, injected him with a vial of HIV infected blood. Stewart, a phlebotomist and violent man, had threatened the child’s mother before, even going as far to stick his hand in his then- pregnant girlfriend, Jennifer Jackson’s, vagina stating “he would ruin her” for any one else. The threats didn’t stop there. He also once threatened to inject her with an air embolism. But with any abusive man, apologies and empty promises are given shortly thereafter and the behavior continues.
During the relationship, thoughts of a future were often discussed. Stewart was in Desert Storm when his son, “Badger” was born. He seemed genuinely excited and proud, however that quickly shifted upon his return. Stewart began denying his son until a paternity test proved otherwise and a child support order followed.

In February of 1992, Jennifer called Stewart at work to let him know that their son was in St. Joseph Hospital. He had bad asthma . To her surprise, a woman asked : “Are you sure you have the right Brian Stewart? Brian doesn’t have a son”.
Stewart visited his son in the hospital. When the mother left to get something to drink, Stewart used a butterfly needle to inject his son with a vial of blood containing HIV. Because it was not Badger’s exact blood type, the infant had a hemolytic reaction.

Jennifer recalls entering the hospital room with Stewart holding Badger who was crying inconsolably. In court documents, Jennifer relived Stewart’s statements. “You won’t need to look me up for child support anyway, because your son is not going to live that long…I just know that your son is not going to live to see the age of 5.”
It was later discovered the baby Badger had full blown AIDs. After a series of appointments and near death experiences, the medical team was able to conclude the diagnosis. Through laborious efforts, Stewart was brought to justice. Testimony from Jennifer, others and his ex wife secured his life sentencing.
Recently Stewart sat in front of a parole board wanting mercy and a chance at freedom. Badger, who was named after his father Brian, ( later legally changing it to Brryan) spoke against it.
“He didn’t just try to kill me, he changed my life forever. He was responsible for the bullying, he was responsible for all the years in the hospital. He’s the reason I have to be so conscious about my health and what I do…At first, I was very angry and bitter. I grew up watching movies where fathers cheer on their sons from the sidelines. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my own father could do that to me.”

Badger immune system was suppressed causing him to get numerous infections. He wasn’t allowed to participate in activities and often was physically and emotionally bullied. His life has forever been altered. He lost a great portion of his hearing and his normalcy at the hands of a man that fathered him.

EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Sexy Steven!
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