OOOPS! Sheree Whitfield & "RHOA" Producer Get Slapped With $1000 Fine!

OOOPS! Sheree Whitfield & "RHOA" Producer Get Slapped With $1000 Fine For That Housewarming Party Ends up in Court!
Welp, looks like that housewarming party Sheree Whitfield threw on a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" landed her and the producers in some hot water.  Chick ended up in court yesterday and got charged with fines.  Deets inside...
Ever since Chateau Sheree was "finished," the "RHOA" star has been telling the world.  Looks like she may have jumped the gun though in her haste to show off her new project.

Sheree found herself at the Sandy Springs, GA courthouse Friday where Atlanta reporter Mike Petchenik says she faced the judge over city ordinance violations.
The reality star was reportedly fined $1000 and placed on probation for not having a certificate of occupancy for her home and throwing a party without permit. So...nobody checked for this?  Or they just didn't care?
You would think the Bravo and "RHOA" producers would have been on their P's and Q's since they were filming the debacle of a party.  The judge clearly thought the same way and fined a producer $1000 as well for not obtaining permits:
It's unclear if the certificate of occupancy wasn't attained because folks forgot, or if the home was not deemed habitable.


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