Chauncey Black VS Dave Hollister & the Soul Train SHADE at Blackstreet!

Chauncey From Blackstreet Responds To Dave Hollister’s Shade via Twitter!
It looks like this group has more drama than Destiny’s Child, Xscape , Boys II Men, En Vogue all combine.Teddy Riley  received the 2016 Soul Legend Awards at the Soul Train Awards. Folks were wondering where is Blackstreet. Blackstreet was unable to perform.

Dave Hollister pretty much says Chauncey is doing some shady ass shit with Blackstreet. It appears there will no be a reunion with the original members no time soon. Dave Hollister went off with no phucks given on social media.
Interesting news..  Chauncey holds the trademark on Blackstreet  and tells other members of the group to put some respeck on his name.
Now there!

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