The Daily Buzz for Feb 26

Pharrell Williams For Billboard Magazine
Super producer Pharrell Williams covers the latest issue of Billboard Magazine. The 40-year-old singer recently announced that he would be dropping his upcoming album G I R L on Tuesday, March 3.

When Columbia Records presented me with the opportunity to make an album, three things came to mind,” Pharrell said in a statement. “One was the sense of overwhelming honor that I felt when I realized that they were interested in partnering with me on the album that I had always dreamt of making. Two, it would have to feel festive and urgent. And three, I instantly knew it would be called G I R L. I hope you like it.”

Kelly Rowland Parties In ATL With T.I. & Fiance Tim Witherspoon
Kelly Rowland knows how to have fun and celebrate her birthday all month long.  The "Kisses Down Low" singer put on her sexy thigh high leather boots and hit the club in Atlanta with T.I. and her fiancee Tim Witherspoon. Kelly Rowland kept the (birthday) party going as she hit up Compound in Atlanta with her friends
After getting escorted in, the hot 33-year-old caught up with ATL's "Kaaang" T.I. to party HARD:

And fiancee Tim was there as well. How cute!
Loving Kelly's look for the night.  Fab times!

Miley Cyrus: “I Gotta Stop Puttin Random A** Panties In My Mouth”
It’s becoming a bit of a tradition, and Miley Cyrus had another intimate encounter with a fan’s underpants during her concert in Los Angeles.

During the course of the evening, the “Wrecking Ball” songstress had many memorable moments (including kissing Katy Perry), but perhaps the most controversial event occurred when she put another pair of panties in her mouth.
Following the show, Miley tweeted, “I gooooootttttttta stop puttin random a** panties in my mouth BUT you know what they say #cantstopwontstop.”
Last week, Cyrus chewed on a skimpy thong that was thrown onstage in addition to her usual routine of simulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator and prancing around in marijuana leaf-printed attire.

Twista's Security Guard Found Shot Dead & Burned In Chicago Apartment
A man who did security work for rapper Twista was found shot to death and burned inside a South Side, Chicago home this past weekend. The body was identified as Davy Easterling by the Cook County medical examiner.
According to the Chicago Tribune, Easterling was found in an apartment around 6 a.m. on Friday, February 21. Firefighters were called to the home and discovered the body in a bedroom during an initial search.
Twista sent his condolences via Instagram, along with a photo of Easterling, the next day. "#RIP Davy Easterling aka 6'9 I have lost too many good friends to these streets,"  read the pic's caption. 
Reportedly Bomb and Arson investigators from the Chicago PD are looking into the fire, which seems to have been purposely started by an unknown person.  Police are investigating Easterling's death as a homicide

Is Tina Davis Trying To Sabotage Chris Brown?
Tina Davis and Chris Brown have been the subject of gossip fodder since the very beginning of their career. And though I didn’t know Davis and Brown aren’t working together, would Tina try to sabotage Chris’ career?
Well according to Chris she is:
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Tina immediately fired back though
“@ChrisBrown Trace it! Find out where it originated from…RCA can do that for you. Then send a defaming tweet out on who really did it.”

Chris later deleted the Tweet.

Vanessa Williams looks great as she soaks up the sun on the beach with her daughter Jillian Hervey 
But Vanessa Williams was upstaged by her daughter Jillian Hervey when the pair hit the beach on Sunday.
While the Desperate Housewives actress looked great in a one-piece patterned bathing suit as she topped up her tan, her 24-year-old daughter showed off her flawless figure as she paddled in the sea.
Jillian had her washboard stomach fully on show in a mismatched two-piece bikini, comprising of a leopard print top half and red bottoms.
The brunette beauty also had her perfectly tanned pins on show as she walked through the water but didn't appear to be enjoying the temperature as she sported a slight grimace on her face.
Vanessa - who played Renee Perry in Desperate Housewives – looked in relaxed mood as she sunbathed on the beach.
The former Miss America also took some time out to chat to her friends as she cooled off in the warm sun.
As well as her one-piece attire, Vanessa ensured she protected her eyes with a pair of sunglasses and had her hair tied up.
When she wasn't chatting to friends, the actress indulged in a very tasty looking snow  cone.
Later on in the day, the Ugly Betty star covered up in a pretty yellow patterned kaftan while she went for a stroll.
She packed up her items into an orange bag and walked along with her lime green mobile phone in hand.

Jeremy Scott Makes His Debut For Moschino In Milan
Ronald McDonald meets Chanel with a little Frito-Lay Couture is the best way to describe Moschno’s newest
Jeremy Scott makes his runway debut as the Creative Director of the fashion house for Milan fashion week.  This collection is everything we imagined it would be.  Scott brings his junk culture flair to a fashion house that was known for “poking the bear of fashion orthodoxy.”  Hit the flip to check out more for the collection, including a celeb catwalk experience.
On a history note….Moschino was sued by Chanel for a “Channel No 5″ tee back in 2008.  So it is interesting to see how Scott took that moment in fashion history and fired shots yet again at the fashion house.  Check out these consumer culture pieces which embody the Chanel classic style. Speaking of consumer culture…here goes the best of it.

We love everything about these looks.  It seems that Jeremy Scott x Moschino has success on the runway.  But drop a comment in the box with your thoughts.  Do you love it???

Garcelle Beauvais Says Her Comments About Beyonce's Sexiness Were Taken Out Of Context
In case you missed it, White House Down star Garcelle Beauvais, had some words about herself being a sex symbol and kids being subjected to oversexualized entertainment. And while speaking about it, she mentioned Beyonce, who she said she loves, as an example.  Garcelle, who posed for Playboy in 2007 magazine, told Hello Beautiful recently:

For me, you’re obviously flattered when someone calls you sexy or thinks you’re sexy. I think that’s great. But, for me now, there’s so many ways to be sexy without being overt about it. I think you can wear a great short dress, but if you have long sleeves and you’re only showing leg. I think you have to stick to a body part and show  that. I don’t think you have to show all of it. As I get older, I still want to be sexy, but I want to do it in a different way. I want to do it in a way that’s more classy. Certain things are just too overt for kids. I love Beyonce. I love her. I think she’s beautiful and talented. But, I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do. I think it’s good to be sexy, but sexy can come across in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be everything showing out grinding, all of the time.

Y'all already know the BeyHive went to work.  Especially with the fact that Garcelle has posed naked more than once in magazines.  And the story took on a life of its own.  So  Garcelle just responded saying this was taken out of context:

I love Beyonce! What I said was taken out of context, and of course I support women being sexy!
— garcelleb (@GarcelleB) February 22, 2014

It sounds like she's saying that children watching ANYONE being overtly sexy could be problematic.  And Beyonce was used as one example, even though she's also saying Beyonce has every right to be sexy.  But kids simply shouldn't be watching.

Well, unlike some oversexualized artists who are well aware kids are watching, Mrs. Carter did label her latest super sexy Beyonce album as EXPLICIT.  So, monitor your kids.

By the way, Garcelle also spoke on the debate about the number of black women on television being portrayed as mistresses.  And you KNOW she has real life experience after her very public and EPIC lash-out at her cheating ex-husband years ago.
My thoughts are that entertainment is entertainment and you have to do what’s happening so people can relate. But, I do think it’s glorified and I do think that nowadays it seems like there are no consequences for bad behavior, there are no consequences for mistreating another human being. That part saddens my heart because I feel like young kids are seeing that it’s okay to do this and, as a mother and human being, we do have to take responsibility for some of the things that we put out there. It seems like now it’s okay to do that, if you’re not caught. And, even if you’re caught, nothing really happens. You can have a girl, be pregnant with somebody’s child and then be engaged to somebody else, it just seems like everything’s ok and it shouldn’t be.


Jermaine Dupri Sued For $1M By Ex-Business Partner
Jermaine Dupri has been a living, breathing example of the "mo money, mo problems" slogan for some time now and it doesn't seem like he can relinquish the title anytime soon.
It is being reported that Eddie Weathers, his former business partner over at Dieniahmar Music LLC, is suing him for a flat fee of one million bucks after Dupri (real name Jermaine Mauldin) allegedly cut him out of receiving royalty payments.
Struggle via Radar Online:
Weathers says he and Dupri — real name Jermaine Mauldin — created the company together in 2005 and “the name of the company was derived from the birth names of Weathers' and Mauldin's children Eddie Jr., Shaniah and Kamar.”

But in 2006 Dupri entered into a co-publishing deal with EMI Music and Weathers says he told them “he was the sole owner in Dieniahmar when in fact he was not.”
The court papers state that all royalties paid by EMI went directly to Dupri and his business manager between the years of 2006 and 2013.
Weathers claims that when Dupri hired a new business manager in 2011, Willie Carter, his payments ceased, or came late, or were just a fraction of what he was owed.
And when Dupri told Weathers he planned to sell Dieniahmar Music to EMI in April 2013, he claims he was promised a $238,000 cut — which he never got.
Dupri is going through a similar situation as the plaintiff with a personal banker-turned-swindler that could jeopardize his rights to the So So Def catalog.
Dupri is currently managing longtime friend and collaborator Mariah Carey.

Neicy Nash Celebrates Gospel Birthday
It was a Turn-Up for Jesus, for actress Niecy Nash and friends. The ‘Getting On’ actress celebrated her 44th birthday with a gospel brunch. Guests included a festive time including eats, gospel music and photo booth fun.
Attendees included her HBO Getting On and RENO 911 colleagues, LL Cool J and his wife, The View’s Sherrie Shepherd, Kym Whitley, The Insider’s Nina Parker, Kathy Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, singer Ledisi, Lisa Leslie, TV journalist Shaun Robinson and a few other familiar faces. Check out a few candids.

<iframe src="//instagram.com/p/kyT1hxDy16/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Nice Happy Birthday Neicy!

50 Shades of Ratchetness: Tameka Raymond Quits Atlanta Exe’s
Tameka Raymomd has called it quits with the new reality show Atlanta Exe’s, apparently Torrei Hart and Tameka do not get along and former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Traci Steel caused some  Drama at an event she was doing in her late son’s honor.
According to STFA:

Tameka Raymond quit Hollywood Exes in disgust after former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star DJ Tracee Steel made a scene at an event honoring Tameka’s late son Kile  Glover.

Apparently Tameka and her Hollywood Exes co-star, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart, haven’t been getting along so Tracee decided to insert herself in the situation.

Sources tell SFTA Tamika was horrified Tracee and Torrei would sink so low as to bring drama to an event honoring her son and has submitted her resignation effective immediately.

Just pathetic that we as women can’t even get along without all the jealousy and hate that we bring upon each other, they had to bring the drama at an event honoring her son? Damn! No couth! Traci Steele is taking her place? One thing that was enjoyable about Hollywood Exes were they were actually exes. How does Traci fit in? I’ll wait on that answer…

Nobody cared when she was on Love and Hip Hop Atl, and we will continue to not care.

I’m starting to think that big butts’ new favorite food are yoga pants. Every time I see them they are eating them up! Also, maybe “yoga” pants aren’t the best name for them anymore. If I had to bet my life on it, I’d say these two don’t do any downward facing dog for fun.


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