Angela Stanton tells Phaedra Parks GIRL BYE! You're a LIAR!

Angela Stanton's Attorney Wants Phaedra Park's DEFAMATION Suit Dismissed...Says Angela Told The Truth And Phaedra Knows It!

As "RHOA" star Phaedra Parks continues her Secrets of The Southern Belle book tour and Apollo Nida guards his grill against federal charges for fraud and identity theft, the lawyers for Angela Stanton (whom Phaedra filed a $30M lawsuit against) are striking back.  They want a judge to see through Phaedra's B.S. and force her to pay Angela's mounting attorney fees, as well as dismiss the case.

A while back, we told you about Angela's tell-all book, Lies of a Real Housewife (it linked both Apollo and Phaedra to several elaborate federal racketeering schemes) and now Angela's lawyer wants to know why Phaedra won't sit for a deposition related to the lawsuit she filed against Angela that essentially said all her claims were a lie.

A few months ago, Phaedra was all set to defend herself (when she initially filed the lawsuit) but now she and her legal team have repeatedly dodged efforts from Angela to hear Phaedra's side of the story. Now, Angela's lawyer, James Radford, has filed a motion asking a judge to dismiss Phaedra's lawsuit for three reasons:

1. Phaedra has placed no evidence supporting her claims (pg. 15)
2. There is no evidence to support claims that statements Angela made were false (pg. 19)
3. Phaedra has not proven malice or reckless regard for the truth (pg. 21)

And we're sure it helps Angela's case that Apollo DID get recently arrested on fraud charges that were similar (if not the same) to what Angela originally said...and what Phaedra originally sued her for saying.
The lawyer is also asking that Phaedra be forced to pay Angela's attorney fees (since she's the one dragging the case out).

And the House of Parks may just be crumbling before our eyes.  Somebody get Phaedra's mama a church fan...

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