BREAKING: Pastor Creflo Dollar Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer!

Pastor Creflo Dollar Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer!
According to a christian news station Pastor Creflo Dollar has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, he recently opened up about his bout with prostate cancer on the Rickey Smile Morning Show. Dollar admitted that he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, but he is now cancer free.

Creflo said after he was diagnosed with Cancer he felt that it was important for him to laugh and be in good spirits, but after being diagnosed he said he told no one but his wife, Taffi. Then he took to unusual steps to becoming healthy. He locked himself in a room, fasted and prayed for two weeks and did not talk to anyone. When he went back to the doctor, there was no sign of cancer in his body.
Dollar is the founder of World Changers International located in College Park, Georgia. The well-known ministry started in a school cafeteria with eight people attending in 1986. The ministry has grown exponentially over the years and now has 30,000 members with revenue reaching up to $60 million in gross cash contributions. Why the normal person never have this type of outcome?

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