Is Beyonce's Half-Brother Living on Food Stamps?

Beyonce's Half-Brother Living on Food Stamps
Back in August Mathew Knowles' baby mama Alexsandra Wright took the former music mogul to court claiming he was $24k behind in child support.
According to reports Mathew still hasn't paid a dime forcing Alexsandra to apply for public assistance...

Alexandra tells TMZ that Mathew Knowles now owes her $32k in back child support and that she and four year old Nixon have to make ends meet with $300 from her state issued EBT card.
Mathew Knowles failed to show up for his last court hearing but blamed the arrears on a clerical error.

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  1. I really feel bad about this whole situation Beyoncé, half brother shouldn't have to suffer with matters that two adults decided on. Mrs. Carter if u can find it your heart to help your half brother because isn't his fault that your dad made a poor decision leaving your family broken. Beyoncé life is so short that u may be missing out on a blessing by not getting to know your half brother. Please don't get me wrong I fully understand that u don't own no one anything and this really not your problem but I am just thinking about the child needs and not the adults. Well GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY AND ALL THESE MATTERS AMEN