Michael Vick's Ex: HE GAVE ME HERPES....HUH?

Michael Vick’s Alleged Ex Writes Tell-All Book About His 2005 Herpes Scandal
Really 9 years later, you want to write a tell all about Michael Vick’s herpes scandal. Bella Escritor is looking for a pay day, Vick’s ex is prepping to release a tell all-book about all of her experiences with NFLer Michael Vick.  

Bella  shared a copy of her book with Mara the Hip Hop Socialite, who published a brief excerpt about Michael’s 2005 herpes scandal.
 “Another news headline came up a little further into my relationship with Vick. The headlines had to do with Vick having been accused of somehow giving a girl he slept with in the past, herpes. When I first saw the herpes news story, I was immediately scared for myself. Although I had practiced safe sex with Vick, I was still concerned that I could have accidentally made some kind of skin-to-skin contact. I didn’t play when it came to my health. I was regular with my checkups and STD/AIDS test even when I was not having sex with anyone. People would often call me a hypochondriac about my health, but I always thought it was better to be safe than sorry.
The news headlines were accusing Vick of using an alias by the name of [R.] Mexico, and going to a local clinic, and disguising himself to find out if he contracted herpes. The woman in question claimed to have been careless enough to allow Vick to have unprotected sex with her. She later said she found out the hard way after having symptoms and going to seek medical care that she allegedly had contracted herpes from Vick.

I rushed to my doctor to have lab work performed and eagerly awaited the rapid results of my blood work and cultures. Although the initial physical exam revealed nothing, I was still nervous as hell about what bad news may come. That night I went to see Vick, and unlike any time before where I would just wait for him to tell me what he wanted me to know, I asked him for myself right then and there. When I asked him, Vick told me that he did know the girl in question. He went on to say that they did have sex more than once but that he practiced safe sex each time. After saying that, he finally answered my question with a simple, ‘no, I don’t have it.’”

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