Phaedra's new show might get CHOPPED due to Apollo's Drama!

Phaedra Parks’ Show Spinoff Put on HOLD Due to Apollo’s Arrest?
Looks like Phaedra Parks’ Real Housewives spin off has been put on the back burner!
According to Daily Mail UK reports:

Not only is Nida facing decades in jail if found guilty  but MailOnline has learned his arrest has put her latest reality show in jeopardy. Parks is due to star in a spin off show later this year called Rich People’s Problems. The show was to focus on Park’s legal career in the Atlanta area  where she bills herself as a “super sassy but always classy attorney to  the stars.” She represented Bobby Brown during his 2004 trial for assaulting his  then wife Whitney Houston as well as providing legal counsel to rap  stars. But a source at Bravo, who produce the Real Housewives series, said  the series could be placed on hold while TV chiefs wait to see the  outcome of what happens to her husband.
“All options are being looked at,” said an executive with Bravo TV.
Another former partner-in-crime of Nida, who was jailed for 18 years  in 2004 as part of a luxury car theft ring, is convinced Parks will be  implicated. He was released in 2009 on parole and Phaedra married him  soon after.
‘I cannot see how she can remain out of it,’ said Angela Stanton.
‘Where did she think her husband go all his money from? He didn’t  have a job but on the TV show boasted about spending thousands of  dollars at strip joints’.
 It’s unclear when the series was originally set to air, but Bravo had confirmed it was in development last April (2013). At that time, the network had also greenlit productions like “The Kandi Factory” and “Thicker Than Water: The Tankards.”

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