Has Dawn from Danity Kane visited the Cosmetic Surgeon?

Has Danity Kane Lead Dawn Richard Spent Some Dirty Money To Enhance Her Look?
Danity Kane’s lead vocalist Dawn Richard is at the center of new rumors. Did she have some work done so young?
Rumors circulating the web, is that Danity Kane’s ‘reunion’ could be putting so much pressure on some of the girls, that one has sunk over 100k into some..um..upgrades.

OK. I can kinda see something..

Definitely here.

OMG Goodness.
They say:
“cheek implants, an eye lift,  nose job, chin reduction, and she also appears to have had some sort of chemical lightening process.”

I say:…………..Chile

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  1. She has always been a pretty lady. She didn't need to tweak anything.