OVAH! Russia just got the BIGGEST Louis Vuitton piece EVER!

Russia just got the BIGGEST Louis Vuitton piece EVER!
Russia Outraged By Giant Louis Vuitton Anniversary Suitcase
Politicians didn't like it, the public didn't like it, so the gigantic Louis Vuitton suitcase is being booted out of Red Square.
The GUM department store on Red Square, which is responsible for 30-feet (nine meters) high and 100-feet (30-meters) long construction, promised in a statement released Wednesday that it would be dismantled.

Politicians and public alike condemned the exhibit, a stone's throw from the tomb of communist leader Vladimir Lenin. State news agencies reported that the Kremlin had demanded the removal of the display.
The construction is part of an exhibition called "The Soul of Travel," marking Vuitton's 150th anniversary and was to open on Dec. 2. Louis Vuitton said the construction was a copy of a model owned by a Russian noble, Prince Vladimir Orlov.
In a statement, Louis Vuitton previously said that the oversized version of its trademark trunk was actually a nod to Russian history, as it's modeled after "a trunk which once belonged to Prince Wladimir Orloff" and contains his monogrammed initials. Even the exhibition itself has ties to Russia -- proceeds from the six-week show will be donated to the Naked Heart Foundation, a children's charity backed by Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. (She's also the girlfriend of Antoine Arnault, the chairman and CEO of LVMH, the luxury conglomerate that owns Louis Vuitton.)

Well I’ll take it!

SHE’S BACK!!!! Lauryn Performs after her prison release!

SHE’S BACK!!!! Lauryn Performs after her prison release!
Guess who’s back! Lauryn Hill held her first post-prison show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom last Wednesday. According to the New York Times, the ex-Fugee member performed mostly her classic songs and one new track.

During her two-hour set, Ms. Hill dived into selections from her most revered album, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,’ and added her own spin to them.
For example, on ‘Lost Ones,’ L. Boogie stay true to the original version before signaling the band to switch it up and play a reggae groove to the mix.
Among the highlights were Ms. Hill singing “Happy Birthday” for an audience member and her son, Joshua, spitting a freestyle from his phone for the audience.

Finally, for an encore, Ms. Hill turned ‘Consumerism’ into a spoken-word statement without music. “Modernism has created modern prisons / Neo-McCarthyisms, new colonialisms / Impositions, superstitions, violence and contradictions / False pretense and no convictions,” she recited.

Ms. Hill’s homecoming concert was her first onstage performance since serving three months in federal prison for tax evasion.
The Grammy award-winning rapper will continue her trek through New Year’s Eve. Among the major cities she will be performing at include Washington D.C., Boston and back to New York.


We are glad that Lauryn Hill is back on the road and in rare form. Welcome back!


The Daily Buzz for Nov 29

Jennifer Hudson In Net-A-Porter's The Edit: There's More To Fame Than Just Making It
Her brand new holiday film “Black Nativity” opened in theaters today yesterday and during promotions, Jennifer Hudson fronted the latest issue of Net-A-Porter’s The Edit.
While donning designer garbs from Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs for the Francesco Carrozzini-shot spread, the 32-year-old actress/singer dished about winning her Best Supporting Actress Oscar award in 2007 and shared details about her life since becoming a superstar after “American Idol.”
Check out a few highlights from Miss Hudson’s interview below. For more, be sure to visit The Edit!

On her Oscar:
“I didn’t know what the Oscars was. Where we come from, we don’t know anything about that world. If you see it on TV, it’s like, ‘Oh, people in fancy suits and ties.’ Jamie Foxx [her co-star] was like, ‘You know you’re going to win an Oscar?’ I didn’t pay him any attention. I was hired to do a job. That’s all I knew. ”

On her life since “American Idol”:
"It is so bizarre to me to say, ‘OK, let me go email Alicia [Keys], let me go email Beyonce, let me go talk to Oprah…’ For so long I sat and admire them; now I’m among them. What I feel about people you never heard from again is that they get too caught up in the hype. They think that just getting here is making it. No, it’s not making it. It’s like a losing-weight situation: it’s one thing to lose it, it’s another to keep it off. Well, it’s one thing to make it, but it’s another thing to stay. [That is] why you have to constantly do stuff to keep people’s attention. It’s a hustle, it really is.”

On her new movie “Black Nativity”:
“I turned down I don’t know how many [musicals]. What drew me to this is that it’s a holiday film: I’m a holiday fanatic. It’s uplifting – we don’t have enough of that in the world.”

Robert Townsend CONFIRMS ‘Five Heartbeats’ Sequel
Actor/writer/director Robert Townsend is developing a sequel to his 1991 film “The Five Heartbeats”, says BlackAmericaWeb.
“I am working on a sequel. Next year I’ll be making an announcement”, Townsend said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, according to the site.

The film tells of an all-male group, struggling to make it as big-time musicians whilst battling their own demons, and aside from Townsend, featured early performances from “Man of Steel” actor Harry J.Lennix and Leon (“Cool Runnings”).

Nakamichi Unveils Bluetooth Headphones & NK 22 Soundbar For 2013 Holiday [PHOTOS]
The marketing prowess displayed by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Beats line has been an undeniable force. Ditto for their estranged competitor, Monster. While many consumers like to have top-of-the-line technology to compliment their entertainment, the expense of obtaining all the products thrown in your face could leave some bank accounts in dire straits.
For the more penny-wise shopper, Nakamichi is offering what they call "direct competition with Beats--for half the cost."
The Japanese born company has been around for 65 years and calculating their wave into the U.S. market.
A bit of info about Nakamichi, via their official press release:
Nakamichi was founded in 1948 by Mr. Etsuro Nakamichi, and has since established itself as a trusted creator of high-quality audio products that deliver sound, style, and substance. The Nakamichi product line is driven by an intense scientific curiosity, the love of music, and commitment to uncompromising quality and performance.

Nakamichi was born from a small research institute in Tokyo, Japan that provided R&D for major brands, government entities, universities, and organizations in the private sector. The first Nakamichi product was a reel-to-reel cassette deck, the Nakamichi 1000, which quickly set the standard for top-of-the-line cassette decks. Since then, Nakamichi has contributed to various innovations in technology, such as the compact disc and similar optical memory systems, paving the way for an entire range of high-end consumer electronics.
Today, Nakamichi prides itself on relentless research and development, while delivering some of the world's best products to people who appreciate sound at its highest quality.
Check the gallery for in-depth images of the products they offer including Bluetooth headphones and a NK 22 soundbar. With the holiday season coming up, their products are available at retailers, Sears, K-Mart and of course, Amazon.

John Legend THROWS Chrissy Teigen A "Super Mario Bros" THEMED 28th Birthday Party!
John Legend celebrated the birthday of his wife Chrissy Teigen with a "Super Mario Bros." themed bash in West Hollywood
John Legend was very busy as he performed for hundreds of fans at Sony Crackle's Playing It Forward event in the Town Plaza of Culver City (in the LA area).
John alerted his 5-million Twitter followers about the "impromptu"mid-day concert via social media and ended by tweeting, "Had a great time performing for Playing it Forward in Culver City!!"
After the Sony event.....
John donned a curly wig and thick mustache to become Mario for a Nintendo/Super Mario Bros-themed birthdy bash for wife, Princess Chrissy Teigen.
Chrissy and John looked adorable as Mario and Princess Peach.
Mario's brother, Luigi, was also in the building.
The party celebrated the 28th birthday of the Sports Illustrated model, who wed the singer in September in Lake Como, Italy.
John is currently on the North America leg of his fall tour. 

Chris Brown Denied Medical Marijuana In Rehab
Chris Brown will not be allowed to use his medically prescribed marijuana to treat depression while in rehab.  Check out the report from TMZ below.
Chris Brown weed 2Chris Brown surrendered his phone and the Internet while in rehab for anger management, TMZ has learned — but he didn’t give up his weed without a fight.

When Chris enrolled in his court-ordered rehab joint after last week’s progress hearing in the Rihanna beating case … he asked the rehab staff if he could bring his weed along.
Chris told staff the Mary Jane was prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition — depression — but the staff rejected his request. We’re told Chris kicked up a stink, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending.

Dude needs help!

Taye Diggs DENIES Dissing Black Women
A celebrity satire site attributed some pretty atrocious comments about Black women to actor Taye Diggs (The Best Man Holiday) which forced him to issue a denial.
In the article, Taye is (mis)quoted as saying, “Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with. Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife”.

Unfortunately, the rumor gained traction on the web with people who thought it was real.  And it forced Taye to tweet "Regarding the preposterous quote about black women: It is false. I have not and would never say such a thing. Ever. Period."
There you have it....

Chanel Iman & A$AP Rocky Cuddle Up In Cold In NYC, Hit "Mandela" Screening
It is officially BRICK in NYC (that means ridiculously cold for those of you who live in warmer parts).  So rapper A$AP Rocky bundled up with his model girlfriend Chanel Iman last night as they headed to a screening of the Mandela movie.
These two still appear to be going strong.  Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky were spotted arm-in-arm in the NYC streets last night on their way to a screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, hosted by U2, Anna Wintour and Bob & Harvey Weinstein, with Burberry at the Ziegfeld Theater.
Chanel looked gorge--and cold--in her white gown.  And A$AP kept it hip hop in a hoodie, slacks and an overcoat:
Fun times.

Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Scaff Breezy Tatt’s Her Face On His Arm
Nicki Minaj and Safaree have been together for a long time and of course when she first came on the scene he was introduced as the hypeman only to be put on blast that, they were together. Now he is showing that his love for her is real by getting her face tatted on him.
He explained:
“A lot of people out there tattoo somebody that they don’t know. Why not tattoo somebody that I know, you know? *looks at left arm* The Bob Marley? I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Mona Scott Young Gives the Scoop on Rumored Love & Hip Hop L.A. Spin-Off
For months, whispers of Love & Hip Hop expanding to a new city have been flooding the web and with creator Mona Scott Young confirming that she’d been looking at cities such as L.A., Houston, and New Orleans, we’ve been anxiously waiting to hear whether or not she’s come to a decision. Well, it looks like Mona’s finally picked the City of Angels as the newest locale in the franchise.

In a recent interview with Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, the media mogul gabbed:
“We’ve been looking at a few cities. We’ve been to a few of those cities. It’s feeling like we may land in LA. I don’t know if that’s a scoop, I don’t know if I should be saying that, but L.A. feels like the next city,” later adding “It’s feeling like we’ve got some great stories to tell in L.A.”
The media maven didn’t go into detail as to which celebs she may be looking to cast in the L.A. edition of the show, but rumor has it that the spin-off may feature the likes of reality TV vet, singer Ray J  (Grammy Award-winning singer Brandy Norwood’s brother), his “close” friend, Teairra Marí, and Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s on-again-off-again girlfriend!

Would you watch the Love & Hip Hop L.A. spin-off when it comes to TV?

‘A BJ A Day Keeps the Divorce Attorney Away!’ Niecy Nash & NeYo Serve Relationship Advice
There is no perfect man, woman or relationship for that matter, but a few celebs are giving us a bit of insight on what a woman can do to keep her husband from heading toward divorce court. This week, comedic actress Niecy Nash stopped by Wendy Williams to discuss her new HBO show “Getting On”,  Kim Kardashian booty selfie and everything in between. Niecy also dished on how she keeps her hubby of two years happy. She joked:

If you are in a relationship or married, I would say a BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away! Oh wait a minute, my children might be watching, kids turn off the TV, you didn’t see that!
Continuing with her deadpan delivery, Niecy explained why her family Christmas photo is missing one of her children:
Oh see in that picture my son look like he’s dead, cause we’re holding up his photo. This is really what happens at the holidays, mothers, when your sons get a chicken, you kinda get replaced. They show up late for the family picture and now we gotta hold up his picture like it’s his obituary.
Niecy-Nash-Talks-To-Wendy Williams-The Jasmine Brand
Then, comparing Kim Kardashian’s recent booty-selfie to one taken of Niecy at the 2007 premiere of “Reno 911!: Miami,” Niecy owned it:
I said girl… I was like settle down Kim K, I did it first!”
Niecy spoke of her  characters less-than-glamorous appearance  in the new HBO series “Getting On”,
I look like I was in 12 Years A Slave right there. It’s horrible. And you know, when we got there, HBO, they were insistent, they said take off those eyelashes, take off that glamorous hair, take off that makeup, take off that spanx. Who does that?”

Meanwhile, singer/producer Ne-Yo has his own advice, sorta. His most recent relationship was with the mother of his two children, Monyetta Shaw, but he’s newly single. This week, he stopped by Bethenny, weighing in on what attracts him to a woman. He explained,
I look for the kinda woman I write songs about. I love independence. I love a woman that want’s me and doesn’t need me. If you know what I mean. I need you to have friends in life outside of me, that way when I wanna get away from you I can. It goes both ways. You don’t want your man up under your arm all the time.

Well alright now

Kanye West Says Don't Buy Louis Vuitton, Still Uses Louis Vuitton Bags Anyway
The Kanye West backlash and pile on is getting intense, but this one is just too easy to pass up on. Despite going on radio and telling folks not to buy Louis Vuitton until after Janaury as a demonstration of his "influence" (we're guessing about seven people, two of whom would have used a stolen credit card number, actually listened), Yeezy was spotted rocking the pricey bags in NYC yesterday.
Reports TMZ:
Do as Yeezy says, not as Yeezy does -- because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were traipsing around NYC with a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags last night ... just one day after the rapper called for a boycott on the designer label.
As we reported, Ye went on a New York radio station Monday and ordered NYC not to purchase LV until after January ... because he's pissed the label head refused to meet with him in Paris recently.
But last night, even Kanye couldn't resist Louis' supple leather ... meandering around NYC while faithful handlers lugged his and Kim's LV bags.
Caught up in the moment, right? 'Cause it's Louis Vuitton Don night.
Add this to the ever growing list of Yeezy contradictions.
But hey, to be fair, the Louis Vuitton Don didn't say throw out the LV bags you already have. So this doesn't really count, right?
Also, telling people not to buy a highly coveted brand as Louis Vuitton during the holiday season is comical.

Is Brandy & Tyler Perry Working On “Moesha” Spinoff??
Brandy has been talking about developing her own show for a couple of years now and it looks like her wish is coming true through the eyes of hit maker, Tyler Perry, and is working on her own TV show slightly based off of her old show “Moesha”
Brandy has been talking about doing her own TV show for a while now, and everything is finally falling into place for her! She recently teamed up with Tyler Perry and is working on her own TV show slightly based off of her old show “Moesha”. 
We’re not sure if it will be a continuation or a completely different show, but we do now that William Allen Young and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Frank and Dee from Moesha) will be portraying her parents again in this new show. Sources say it will be more mature but will still be comedic and family orientated. Tyler is negotiating with Oprah to get it on OWN but if that doesn’t work out, BET or TBS would be a great back up.
Brandy and Tyler have not confirmed the news, but I hope so….I love that show.

You know what’s awesome about little kids? Everything. Seriously, if you aren’t the one cleaning up after them, they can do no wrong. I mean, if you put these two together they look like they could act out some Sesame Street scenes right now and that is beyond awesome.


SHOTS FIRED!!! Erica Mena COMES FOR Alicia Keys!

SHOTS FIRED!!! Erica Mena COMES FOR Alicia Keys!
Erica Mena did an interview and she compared Amina to Alicia Keys, they asked her if she was team Tara or team Amina and what was her thoughts on the whole situation and what she had to say was pretty interesting.

Erica says: “I actually became an Amina fan when she pulled out that ID,” Erica says. “Let’s not forget Alicia Keys did the same thing but no one bashes her. It’s not talked about because it’s all about how the story gets put out there, but it’s the same scenario. The only thing different is Alicia Keys really did know he was married.”
Even though I know Alicia Keys probably could careless about what she has to say, but there is some truth to her comparison. Even though most of LHH is scripted, but the type of drama that Peter and his harem are going through is real life, could you imagine what would happen if there had been cameras to capture the Swizz Beatz ,Alicia keys Mashonda mess?!  Her only mistake is opening her mouth when she knows she needs a label to sign her…