The Daily Buzz For Dec 22

“Ghostbusters” Character Posters Are Incredible!
Rolling out more pre-release goodies, Sony Pictures just unveiled some seriously awesome character posters of the “Ghostbusters” cast.
Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all suited up and ready to bust some paranormal poltergeists ahead of the film’s July 22nd, 2016 release date.
Director Paul Feig told press that McCarthy plays, “Abby Yates: Paranormal researcher, supernatural scientist, entity trapper,” while McKinnon’s role is, “Jillian Holtzmann: Nuclear engineer, munitions export, proton wrangler.” Check the posters!

CELEBRITY #EGGPLANTNATION Meet Lucien Leon Laviscount of Screm Queens!
Lucien Leon Laviscount is a British actor and recording artist. He is most known for his role as Jonah Kirby on the BBC One drama Waterloo Road, and he released his debut single in 2012 called "Dance With You". Laviscount appeared on "Celebrity Big Brother" where he landed in fifth place.
He is also series regular on Fox's horror-comedy anthology series, Scream Queens, as Earl Grey.

Now he has something for you ladies and others LOL ;-) to make you a SCREAM QUEEN!

Now stop screaming…Thank us later!

#RhoA SHADE! Uh Oh? Is Cynthia Planning to Dish Dirt on Porsha?
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams better watch it! A Newly revealed blind item claims Cynthia Bailey is thisclose to spilling Porhsa's tea... 

This Housewife probably should be careful with who she ticks off. The person ticked off is about to release a list of all the married men the Housewife has slept with over the past year.
Cynthia Bailey will spill about Porsha Williams

What do y’all think? LOL!

New Music: Tank Feat. Shawn Stockman – Already In Love
Last week, Tank announced that his new album ‘Sex, Love, & Pain II‘ will be released on January 22 and dropped the new song “Better For You.”

Now, the R&B General continues to give us a feel for the project with the third buzz track, “Already In Love” featuring Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men). The veteran crooners know a thing or two about love, and over a commanding piano production they let their girls know that they are ready to devote themselves to a serious relationship.
“I could be your soldier girl, be your king and rule your world / Try me so you know it’s real / I’m already sure about you and the way I feel,” they sing.

Listen to the new song HERE

Also if you pre-order the album on iTunes now you will receive 3 instant grad tracks.

Rick Ross Hands Out Toys For 8th Annual Toy Giveaway In Florida
Rick Ross has a big heart! The MMG honcho rolled up yesterday with a stash full of toys to hand out in Fort Lauderdale just in time for Christmas.The Miami rapper hosted his 8th Annual Toy Giveaway in collaboration with other charitable donors to pass out hundreds of toys to kids in need.
Rozay snapped selfies, passed out toys and even dropped a few rhymes on the mic during the event.
On Instagram he said, "Gave away a few toys and took a few pics with the yungsta's... Peace #MMG" Loves it!

WELL DAYUM! Mr. Papers Takes Aim at Lil Kim!
Back in August Lil Kim's baby father Mr. Papers apologized to her in the midst of their messy child custody battle

It would appear their truce was short lived... Over the weekend Papers fired obvious subliminals at Kim on Instagram.
No shade to Mr Papers, Kimmy is mounting a real comeback. Be on the team and step back and let Ma…REIGN!

THE LAS VEGAS STRIP HORROR! Murder Charge for Woman Accused of Deadly Vegas Strip Crash
*The 24-year-old woman accused of driving her car on a sidewalk and through a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday, killing one and injuring more than 30 others, has been charged with murder.
Lakeisha Holloway, reportedly from Oregon, is in custody and will be charged with one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, the district attorney’s office said. She may face additional charges including multiple counts of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, child abuse and neglect and leaving the scene of an accident.

Officials say they have ruled out terrorism as a possible motive. However, they do believe the incident was “an intentional act,” based upon the car’s movements. The suspect went up on the sidewalk “two, maybe three times,” according to police.
The sheriff said she was very stoic and didn’t appear to be “distressed” from her actions.
“The video [of the incident] obviously shows intention,” the sheriff said today.
Holloway had been in Las Vegas for about a week and living in a car, officials said today. She said it was her car, but the car was registered to another person in Oregon, officials said.
Holloway could be in court as early as Tuesday, the district attorney’s office said. The investigation is ongoing, the sheriff said.

OBNOXIOUS ARETHA? Well that’s what her behaviour was considered while attending ‘The Color Purple’ Play
Aretha Franklin’s Behavior Called Obnoxious at ‘The Color Purple’ Play
Rumor has it, Aretha Franklin recently exhibited what some consider some diva behavior.
Last week, Franklin attended a performance of “The Color Purple” and was accused of behaving obnoxiously, according to Page Six. The site reports:

According to a witness, Franklin showed up late to a performance at the Jacobs Theatre, took up six seats around her and began holding her phone in the air to snap photos of the show — and that was all before intermission!
“She arrived a few minutes late with four bodyguards. One to sit in front, one behind, and one on either side. The prime orchestra seat in front of her was empty,” entertainment writer Brandon Voss posted to Facebook friends.

Then, “During the opening number she began taking photos on her phone, lifting it high and proud, much to the murmuring disgust of those around us,” Voss reported. Then an “older white lady” in the audience began “gesturing wildly for her to put down the phone, letting her bodyguard know it wasn’t allowed.”

That’s when an usher arrived, and, “It took her an eternity, but she finally shut it down.”
But at intermission, the woman who’d complained, “realized it wasn’t a human being but was in fact THE Aretha Franklin, she APOLOGIZED,” Voss posted. “Because it’s Aretha f?-?-?king Franklin, and she can take pictures whenever and wherever she wants.”
But, “Then shortly before the second act starts, after being approached by many fans, she accuses me of not being in the right seat and wants to check my ticket,” Voss wrote. “She doesn’t recognize me .?.?. [m]aybe because I was on time? I didn’t think my mouth could open that wide.”
And “finally, after the show was over, her bodyguards asked our whole row to file out the other side because Aretha was just going to sit and chill.” But Voss figured, “I have no problem with any of this, quite frankly. #RESPECT.”

Franklin’s camp has yet to comment.

Anti-Diversity Twitter Trolls Reject Harry Potter’s Black Hermione Actress Noma Dumezweni!
Harry Potter-loving Twitter trolls against diversity are mobilized and downright livid over the casting choice for an upcoming play in London. A Black actress has been chosen as squad member, Hermione Granger, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
Noma Dumezweni, a London-based Laurence Olivier Award-winning actress originally from Swaziland, will take on the roll of adult Hermione.
Though the character’s race isn’t explicit throughout the books (although some would disagree), White actress Emma Watson portrayed her in the Harry Potter flicks. Some fans wants to keep it racially consistent, but as Raw Story notes:
Many girls of color read Hermione to be black due to the descriptions of her hair as well. Color doesn’t change her character. Hermione is a strong, intelligent heroine that inspired a generation of young women to embrace their “bossy” side and see it more as strength and leadership. Hermione also overcame a lot of racism while at Hogwarts. The parallel is remarkable if you think about it. Due to being Muggle-born, Hermione was teased mercilessly and many refused to acknowledge her right to attend the school for wizards.

It is not surprising that racists lost their minds over the news spreading their hate tweets all over Twitter. These are just a small sample of the disgusting nonsense that flooded the internet.
Potter author J.K. Rowling, who has been criticized for the lack of diversity in her books, loves the new Hermione casting:
SHAMEFUL…When will we get over race?

New Tupac Shakur Movie to Star Dead Ringer Demetrius Shipp (PHOTOS)
*We know what you’re thinking and we agree, dude is a dead ringer for Tupac Shakur.
We just hope he can act as well as he looks like late rap legend, if you get our drift.
His name is Demetrius Shipp and according to TMZ, he’s getting his big break playing 2Pac in “All Eyez On Me,” a Morgan Creek Production.
We’re told the biopic covers the rapper’s entire life, including his murder in 1996.
Production sources tell us Demetrius’ father worked in the music biz, and crossed paths with Tupac when Demetrius was a kid, and he’s been a huge fan ever since.
We’re told producer L.T. Hutton approached Demetrius to star as the rapper in no small part because of the obvious similarities. He immediately took some crash acting classes … 4 times a week.
Hmm, time will tell. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering who’s helming the film, that would be music video director, Benny Boom. “All Eyez On Me” is being shot in Atlanta where production began this past week.

Awwwwwww, Dwayne Johnson Shares First Pic of Daughter Jasmine
*At the tender age of four days, Jasmine Johnson has made her Instagram debut.
Proud pop Dwayne Johnson on Sunday (Dec. 20) shared the photo of his newborn daughter – and first child with girlfriend Lauren Hashian.
“Within minutes of being born she was laying on daddy’s chest. And being a grateful man takes on a whole new meaning,” he captioned the photo in a lengthy post thanking fans for their good wishes.

“Kinda crazy but in this cool and powerful skin to skin bonding moment with my newborn baby Jasmine, I had just one wish I asked the universe… Give me the strength to be a better man today than I was yesterday. If I can accomplish that, then I’d have a good shot at being a great father,” he added. “Again, THANK YOU guys so much for all the love during this blessed time. I always say I’m a lucky dude because I’ve got the greatest fans in the world – and it’s true. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families from ours.”

Jasmine was born on Dec. 16. Johnson also has a 14-year-old daughter, Simone, with ex-wife Dany Garcia.

FDA Lifts Ban on Blood Donations from Gay Men, Now Requires 12-Month Abstinence
The FDA has lifted the 32-year-old ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men, but there are still limitations on which gay and bisexual men are allowed to donate.

via AP: The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday it will replace the blanket ban with a new policy barring donations from men who have had sex with a man in the previous year. While the one-year-ban has been criticized by activists it matches policies in other countries, including Australia, Japan and the U.K.

Gay rights activists said the new policy is a “step in the right direction,” but falls short.
“It continues to stigmatize gay and bisexual men,” said David Stacy, of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. gay rights group. “It simply cannot be justified in light of current scientific research and updated blood screening technology.”

Monday’s policy shift was first announced in late 2014 and followed years of outreach by medical groups and gay rights groups who said the blanket ban no longer made sense. FDA officials signaled their agreement Monday, saying in a statement the change is “backed by sound science and continues to protect our blood supply.”

The lifetime ban was put in place during the early years of the AIDS crisis and was intended to protect the blood supply from what was a then little-understood disease. But many medical groups, including the American Medical Association, argued that the policy was no longer supported by science, given advances in HIV testing.
All U.S. blood donations are screened for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But there is a roughly 10-day window between initial infection and when the virus can be detected in the bloodstream. The American Red Cross estimates the risk of getting an HIV-positive blood donation is 1 in 1.5 million for U.S. patients. About 15.7 million blood donations are collected in the U.S. each year.

In 2006 the Red Cross, the American Association of Blood Banks, and America’s Blood Centers called the ban “medically and scientifically unwarranted.”
The FDA concluded that moving to a one-year abstinence requirement would not change the safety of the U.S. blood supply, based on data from Australia and other sources.

On the current blood donor questionnaire, men are asked if they have ever had sex with another man since 1977– the start of the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. Potential donors who answer positively are barred from donating blood. The new questionnaire, as outlined by the FDA, would ask men if they have had sex with another man in the last 12 months.


Got that ripped leopard print like you’re about to film a Tarzan porn parody.


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