Kirk Franklin On Prayer: God Doesn’t Want To Be Your Booty Call!

GOSPEL: Kirk Franklin On Prayer Controversy: God Doesn’t Want To Be Your Booty Call!
After the  tragic attacks in San Bernardino, groups continue to talk about the issue of gun control, but that’s not all. It’s the conversation about prayer that also seems to be an even hotter topic.

The Daily News made headlines this week for it’s front page that reads: God Isn’t Fixing This. The article being based around politicians who could put a policy into effect, but instead, are saying prayers are going out to the victims and their families.

People around the world are also suggesting that prayers won’t end these massacres and to that, Grammy Award wining gospel singer Kirk Franklin is speaking out. “We can’t Santa Clause God,” he told us exclusively. “We can’t hotline bling God … God’s not a spare tire that you pull out when you’re in trouble.”

Franklin continued, “If you rock with God, you rock with God, if you don’t rock with God when you need God, you can’t expect for there to be a genie in a bottle fix my problems instead of fixing your life.”

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Kirk, whose album Losing My Religion dropped earlier this month, explained “God loves us too much to just want to be the booty call type of response.”

He added, “The tragedy the other day, we heard about that. We aren’t going to religisize that. The general conversation, either we want him or we don’t. And that choice, amazingly, he gives to us.”

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