New Music: The Original Vogue Queen Jody Watley “DANCER”

New Music: The Original Vogue Queen Jody Watley “DANCER”
The 80’s Music Diva Jody Watley is back with a new tune titled ‘DANCER’ And it’s an ode to all dance. In this beat thumping soul pulse video, she acknowledges all types of dance from Freestyle tom Vogue. YES by the way she’s the original vogue queen. Jody Watley was the first artist to use vouging in a music video with the song ‘Friends’

While putting this latest project together. Jody said (via her website) Rosero McCoy and I had been talking about doing a dance video for a while, and I’m happy to say we finally made it happen. As he’s been doing with recent ‘concept’ dance videos (shortened video’s for a new generation) – Rosero made it all come together.

I’ve only used a lot of dancers once in a video (I Want Your Love) and it wasn’t the best experience. It’s such a gift of life to have other opportunities for a different outcome. This was magic. The energy, the kids, the parents there supporting their kids and their passion, the director Q, Nate from Shalamar Reloaded and the variety of dancers in various genres including of course waacking  – everyone who was there made it a special night in celebration of dance, diverse cultures, confidence and going for your dreams. As inspired as I was – when the video is done, it’s my desire that others will be inspired too.

There was a dancer named Dor, fresh from Israel in America to pursue his dreams of being a professional here. I met him by chance while rehearsing with Rosero, and we reeling him in..he was looking lost and had gotten the schedule wrong for a class.

There was also little Jaxton in the video working his first job – at 7, just going for it. It was an inspirational night – they are me and I am them.

Dancing is where I first found a sense of escape and confidence, it was my field of dreams..the music, the creativity.
I believe a dancer lives in all of us – the drive, the passion, the learning of confidence and the feeling you were born to shine no matter what your circumstance, passion or job is. We are all navigating. DANCER.

And I totally agree! So now get ready to get your life and WATCH BELOW ‘DANCER”

Jody Watley - DANCER- Concept Video
Get IN The Music - Werk It - Lose Yourself - Hit Them Beatz!!! "DANCER" a concept dance video choreographed and directed by Rosero Inc. Filmed by Q Burdette. Thank you to all involved for sharing your gift and passion for dance. #JodyWatley #RoseroInc #ShalamarReloaded #waacking #freestyle #hiphop #house --Cut Correct and Rhe' Remix, thank you Ray Easmon :-)
Posted by Jody Watley on Wednesday, 23 December 2015


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