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Jasmine Tooks for ELLE Canada June 2018
In the June 2018 issue of Elle Canada, we bring you: The Ultimate Summer Treatments Crush any fitness goal Must-have slip dresses, flirty florals & sandals Are You Doing All the Work in Your Relationship? Get That Glow with Supermodel Jasmine Tookes. Get more HERE

#RHoA: Did NeNe do more nipping and tucking to her Nose?
Fans noticed something different at NeNe Leakes’ face in her latest pics. Check out a few comments and some of her most recent pictures and judge for yourselves.

 ‘i love nene but you ain’t lying she had a face transplant,’ someone wrote.
‘Girlllll I wish I was there… Sure you gonna rock it. I mean I spit alllll the coffee out and laugh out loud. For that, I am thankful cause I am a single ma girl life is harsh sometimes but thank you and bless you to make me laugh. Nene forever. Hugs and kisses,’ another commenter gushed over NeNe.
‘I’ve ALWAYS loved your hair cut, color & style in this CAPTURE better than any style or color you have ever styled & profiled! This cut is SOOO BEAUTIFUL on You! And you didn’t wear this style very long so you certainly didn’t wear it out!! I think you should rock it again!! It’s Magical!! You’re STUNNING in this CAPTURE!! LOVE YOU!’ another one of NeNe’s followers said.

‘I stay trying to take a selfie but I’m no good at it no matter the angleπŸ˜­πŸ“Έ I’m up in Swagg tho! Come thruπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ @swaggboutiqueatl swaggboutiqueonline’ – this is how NeNe captioned another picture featuring herself.

‘Another nose job and mo mo plastic surgery. You look like Kim now .wow,’ someone said.


#Empire: Recap ‘The Takeover’
Cookie is welcomed back into the fold with a quiet welcome back party. The board is excited to have her back but also is missing Eddie, who brought a level of professionalism to the label. Of course, however,  Eddie's veneer was too good to be true and now the family has to move to protect itself. With Andre hearing about the real plans between Anika an Eddie, he tells his father and the Lyon family begins to plot their own takeover. But Anika has paired up with Tiana to prepared her own.

"Aren't you just a little tired of the drama they continue to bring?" says Anika to a handful of investors at a private meeting. The investors seem to agree and they discuss possibly not accepting Eddie's letter of retirement. Tiana, seated next to Anika, goads them on.  The younger star seems to be harboring a lot of pent-up resentment about not being recognized earlier for her talent. She is trying her hand at a dangerous game. Didn't Cookie already tell her there's only room for one queen bee?

Want more Empire?

#NewMusic from MUSIC N’Dambi and All Cows Eat Grass ‘Nowhere’
Soulful songstress N’Dambi returns with the brand new project, Air Castle, a collaborative EP with All Cows Eat Grass via Alpha Pup Records.

Listen HERE
“This project is an experience….a trip. Depending on where you come from determines how you hear it,” declares N’Dambi, while T. Brown characterizes it as an “Innocent exploration through different styles and concepts aiming to please and intrigue.”
If you’ve been missing something greats musical sonics and creative compositions, bending through various genres, listen deeply to ‘Air Castle.’

#HipHopNews: Young Thug Confirms Next Childish Gambino Album Is The Last
Young Thug recently sat down with Spotify for their “Scrolling In The Deep” segment and confirmed two very important things: yes, that is him on Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” and Childish Gambino’s next album will be his last.

“[Childish Gambino] got in touch with Reese LaFlare. I think they cool, friends or whatever. He told him to come to the [studio]. He said he has a song for me for his last album.” Thug said. “I tweeted one time, I was like, ‘I bet I be on Gambino’s last album.’ I’m on his last album, it’s crazy. He’s really not making music after this.”

Though many rappers have returned after announcing their retirements — including one who switched up in a matter of hours — if Gambino sticks to his promise, he’ll be bowing out at the height of his success. His new “This Is America” video is getting attention from all corners of the mainstream media and has generated almost 50 million YouTube views since its release on May 5. Meanwhile, his FX show Atlanta has been generating rave reviews.

Maybe because he’ll now being going under the name ‘Donald Glover’?

#RHONY: Bethenny Frankel Leaving ‘RHONY’ After Season 10?
Rumors have been swirling that Bethenny Frankel, one of the most popular cast members Real Housewives of New York, is leaving the show at the end of the season, and her recent admission that shooting season ten was “emotionally draining” is adding fuel to the fire.

The reality star was a member of the original cast back in 2008, and then she left in 2010 only to return in 2014. And, she says that she thinks about leaving again “every so often.”

“I honestly don’t know. I have to make this decision each season,” she told The Metro U.K. when they asked about her plans for the future.
Frankel went on to talk about how emotionally draining this season was, and she admits that she took on too much with the Puerto Rico effort. She explained that if you combine that with motherhood, her career, three renovations, and three TV shows, it resulted in her hitting the wall.

The 47-year-old said that she is focused on philanthropy, but she hit the wall so hard she had to revisit her life, her choices, and her own personal happiness. There is no denying that Frankel is a busy woman.

‘Lethal Weapon’ Fires Clayne Crawford And His Character Gets Shot!
Multiple sources confirm to TVLine that Fox and its studio partner Warner Bros. are actively searching for an actor to replace the embattled actor in the role of Martin Riggs. The outcome of the 11th-hour recasting effort will largely determine whether Fox renews the series for Season 3.
According to reports, Word of Crawford’s exit comes roughly two weeks after Deadline reported that the “Rectify” alum had “been disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment” while shooting the Fox series. The situation allegedly worsened in recent months to the point where, per Deadline, Crawford’s co-lead, Damon Wayans, stopped talking to him.
 The actor recently apologized for two incidents for which he was reprimanded during the sophomore season.
And it wasn’t looking good for his character, Martin Riggs, who was shot in the chest in the just-aired finale,

Tidal Accused of Falsifying Beyonce and Kanye West Streaming Numbers
Tidal has been accused of intentionally falsifying streaming numbers for Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” albums and consequently paying inflated royalties to the artists’ labels, in a report by Norwegian newspaper Dagens NΓ¦ringsliv (via Music Business Worldwide). The paper has accused Tidal, which is primarily owned by Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, of inflating its subscriber numbers in the past, claims the company has denied; in a statement to Variety, it also denied the latest accusations.

Tidal, which has rarely shared its data publicly, had a streaming exclusive on West’s album for its first six weeks of release and continues to be the exclusive streamer for Beyonce’s album. It claimed that West’s album had been streamed 250 million times in its first 10 days of release in February of 2016, while claiming it had just 3 million subscribers — a claim that would have meant every subscriber played the album an average of eight times per day; and that Beyonce’s album was streamed 306 million times in its first 15 days of release in April of 2016.

These claims led the Norwegian paper to investigate the service’s numbers and report that it was intentionally inflating its subscriber count, a report supported by research from British firm Midia, which estimated that Tidal’s total number of subscribers was closer to 1 million globally.

Today’s report, according to MBW’s translation, says that “BeyoncΓ©’s and Kanye West’s listener numbers on Tidal have been manipulated to the tune of several hundred million false plays… which has generated massive royalty payouts at the expense of other artists.” It bases this claim on data contained within a hard drive it obtained that “contains ‘billions of rows of [internal TIDAL data]: times and song titles, user IDs and country codes.” Tidal has disputed the information on the hard drive, but the paper asserts that it matches information received by labels for the time period.

In a statement provided to Variety, Tidal responded: “This is a smear campaign from a publication that once referred to our employee as an ‘Israeli Intelligence officer’ and our owner as a ‘crack dealer.’ We expect nothing less from them than this ridiculous story, lies and falsehoods. The information was stolen and manipulated and we will fight these claims vigorously.” The quotes reference descriptions of Jay-Z and Tidal COO/Roc Nation executive Lior Tibon in a previous Dagens NΓ¦ringsliv article, which were technically accurate at one time but are decades out of date.

Drake And Chris Brown Have Different Reactions To Rihanna’s Vogue Interview
Rihanna’s interview is still making waves, and according to reports, Drake has reacted to what his ex-lover had to say.
Talking to Vogue, Rihanna made it clear that there is nothing left from her on-and-off romance with Drake.

The diva, who is in a romance with Hassan Jameel, said she is no longer in contact with the Canadian rapper, but she does not view him as an enemy.

However, unlike Chris Brown, Drake is not angry nor bitter by the words uttered by Rihanna.
A source close to Drake told Hollywood Life: “Drake is hurt that Rihanna has turned her back on him so hard. He still has feelings for her so to know she does not even consider him a friend anymore is a blow. He is shocked and disappointed. But Drake is always optimistic when it comes to Rihanna, and he is looking at the bright side in all this — at least she does not consider him an enemy.”

The person added: “To him, that is proof that the door is at least a little open for things to heal between them one day. He is letting her have time and space, and he is confident that they will get things back on track. Drake still thinks very highly of Rihanna. Nothing has changed in his heart or mind about her. It is all love.”

One of Drake’s supporters had this reaction to the story: “Why is she talking about Drake and not her new man? She said more about Drake then her man. I am confused on what Drake has to do with anything. What Billionaire they did not even mention his name in the interview, but the mentioned everybody else’s?”
Another commenter brought up Janet Jackson: “She is done wit blacks damn. So y’all didn’t learn nothing from Janet and her experience with her sand Prince….Bye!….”

A third person shared: “His name was not mentioned in the interview at all. Everybody is is saying his name, and people need to stop saying that if Rihanna is not saying it. All it said is Rihanna is in a relationship they never mentioned his name or who he is. They let people say it, so Rihanna does not have too.”

Rihanna seems ready to put a lot of drama behind.

Murdochs Acknowledge Comcast Bid For 21st Century Fox Assets, Decline To Address “Market Speculation”
Lachlan Murdoch opened 21st Century Fox’s call with investors after its quarterly earnings report by addressing recent press reports of “the potential of a further offer for our business.”

It was a reference to Comcast’s reported plan for a rival bid well above Disney’s, but the exec hastened to add, “We are not going to comment on market speculation.”
Murdoch, echoing sentiment from Disney chief Bob Iger, signaled confidence that the Disney acquisition will proceed as planned. He said the company filed a detailed proxy filing and noted that, once regulatory review is finalized and the deal clears FCC review, “we will request shareholder approval this summer of the merger and creation of a New Fox.” At that time, Murdoch said the company would announce “the new company’s leadership team.”
He did not specifically address a Wall Street Journal report that James Murdoch would leave the corporate fold and launch his own venture capital firm.

The call was kept to a terse 30 minutes, short by normal Wall Street standards and indicative of limited patience with the swirl of speculation about the ultimate fate of the company’s history-rich portfolio of studio assets and valuable IP.
Multiple reports earlier this week said Comcast had met with bankers to line up financing for a $60 billion, all-cash offer for the Fox assets. The unsolicited bit is well north of Disney’s pending $52.4 billion transaction. Comcast had also made a sweeter offer than Disney’s last fall, but ultimately the Murdochs chose the Disney offer, for various reasons.

On Disney’s quarterly call yesterday, Iger sidestepped questions about the rival bid, though he never actually said the word “Comcast” during the call. “We are still deep in the regulatory process so I can’t share any more information or engage in further speculation about the deal,” he said, “except to say that we strongly believe in the value of those assets.”

The stakes are significant for Disney, not just strategically. It would owe $2.5 billion as a breakup fee if the deal doesn’t close, while Fox would have to pay $1.5 billion.
Asked by BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield whether the combo with Disney is the only one the company would consider, Lachlan Murdoch reiterated, “We’re not going to engage in speculation around this. We are committed to our agreement with Disney and are working through conditions to bring it to closing.”

Opening the door a crack, Murdoch added, “Our directors are aware of their fiduciary responsibilities,” seemingly implying that multiple bids would be evaluated. Greenfield pressed the matter, asking if Fox would consider an offer that included a significant break-up fee and regulatory protections. CFO John Nallen stepped in to reiterate, “The directors are well aware of their responsibilities.”

The Backstreet Boys Dressed As the Spice Girls Are Larger Than Life
The Backstreet Boys are apparently wannabe members of the Spice Girls.
On their recurring cruise (yes, there is a literal Backstreet Boys Cruise), the iconic boy band came on stage during Tuesday night’s performance donning some spicy outfits.

Nick Carter was dressed as Emma Bunton’s Baby Spice, AJ McLean was Melanie Brown’s Scary Spice, Kevin Richardson was Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice, Howie Dorough was Geri Halliwell’s Ginger Spice and Brian Littrell was Melanie Chisholm’s Sporty Spice.

Confused? Same here. Enthralled? Also same.
The Boys reportedly sang the Girls’ hits “Wannabe” and “Say You’ll Be There,” followed by other girl power anthems like No Doubt’s “Just A Girl,” Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” and Britney Spears’ “Oops!... I Did It Again.” Throwback Tuesday, much?!

According to Instagram, the inspiration behind the nostalgia-inducing outfits was to celebrate “all of the girl power that’s kept us going for 25 years.”

Cheers to that!

North Korea Releases 3 American Political Prisoners In Advance Of Historic Summit
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo departed North Korea with the three Americans.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo departed North Korea on Wednesday with three Americans the country had been holding in captivity, another sign that relations between the U.S. and North Korea are warming in advance of a first-of-its-kind nuclear summit.

President Donald Trump announced the prisoners’ release on Twitter, noting that they appeared to be in good health and applauding Pompeo’s “good meeting” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. They seem to be in good health. Also, good meeting with Kim Jong Un. Date & Place set.
Pompeo’s trip to Pyongyang was timed with Trump’s declaration that the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. His meeting with Kim follows the North Korean leader’s second secret trip to China.

Kim Hak-song, Kim Dong-chul, and Kim Sang-duk, who is more commonly referred to as Tony Kim, were due to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base at 2 a.m Thursday, according to Trump’s tweets.

“I will be there to greet them,” Trump tweeted. “Very exciting!”

Cardi B Is Having A Baby Girl
In a new interview with The New York Times, Cardi B confirms she and her fiancΓ© Offset are expecting a baby girl. Get the scoop.
I think we already knew this, but I’ll share the news for those who didn’t…
The tea was spilled a while back when the rapper’s baby sister, Hennessy, let the cat slip out of the bag in an Instagram post.

But, Bartier Cardi confirmed it again while chatting with the New York Times about her her “extremely heavy” MET Gala Moschino dress.

The mommy-to-be said: The beading is just crazy, and then, shorty weighs three and a half pounds. She do. She do weigh three and a half pounds.

That’s pretty good for seven months, right? Because I was born five pounds.
Cardi and Offset will be welcoming their baby girl this July.

Jordan Peele Unveils Poster For His New Nightmare ‘Us’!
Jordan Peele unveils the poster and reveals the title of his new nightmare, “Us.” Get the scoop on the amazing actors in talks to star in the film. The “provocative thriller” will be the follow-up to the Oscar-winning director’s box office hit, Get Out.

What’s even more exciting about Us, slated to arrive March 2019, is that Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Elizabeth Moss are reportedly in talks to star in the film.

Is that Vladimir Putin at Walmart?!?!

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