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Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells and Matt Bomer Talks to Time Out NYC about ‘The Boys in The Band
Originally staged a year before the Stonewall riots, groundbreaking play The Boys in the Band is finally Broadway bound

When The Boys in the Band opens on the Great White Way this month, it will be one hell of a celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of the Off Broadway debut with a hotly anticipated cast that comprises only openly gay actors. Roughly a month out from opening night, however, the troupe has yet to move into the Booth Theatre. They’re not even in New York. Instead, the production has temporarily relocated to Downtown Los Angeles to make life easier for lead Jim Parsons, who’s busy filming The Big Bang Theory. Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, too, is double-booked, recording a voiceover for an upcoming series. Meanwhile, Andrew Rannells (of Girls fame) is about to drop a PBS concert special, and Matt Bomer (Magic Mike) is spending his few available hours with his three kids.

This scheduling madness is one reason why Boys promises to be a treat: There probably won’t be another chance to see together onstage this caliber of actors from Hollywood’s first out-and-proud generation—or at least not anytime soon.
The first of its kind, Mart Crowley’s 1968 drama follows a droll but tortured group of gay men during a birthday gone wrong. (Parsons plays the host and Quinto the birthday boy in an emotionally cramped Upper East Side apartment.) The original production boasted tons of buzz and a 1,000-plus-date Off Broadway run, but Boys wasn’t without its critics. LGBT groups protested the 1970 film adaptation, directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist), citing its dour depiction of gay life. While each actor in the 2018 revival has wrestled with the play, each, too, seems to have evolved alongside his role. For Bomer, who’s making his Broadway debut, Boys has encouraged him to revisit his own coming-of-age. Parsons is forthright in admitting his initial hesitation, while Rannells, the stage veteran of the bunch, is endearingly confident. Quinto, cited by castmates as the most introspective, is just that. As one of the first productions to put queerness front and center, Boys continues to be meaningful, especially for its players. It takes no time for them to start sermonizing on why this historically polarizing story still feels necessary five decades on. Read more at Time Out NYC

#RHoA: Kandi Burruss Stuns In Red Mini Dress. Was it a Hit or Miss?
Kandi Burruss was a guest on the Bravo series Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where she decided to wear a stunning red mini dress.
Kandi sat like a queen on a throne in the mini dress that featured long sleeves.
Todd Tucker’s wife completed the look with a pair of gold Christian Louboutins, also known as blood shoes, thanks to Cardi B.
The talented singer and songwriter completed the sexy look with her brown and black bob pushed on one side.

The Xscape singer explained via the caption that she had a great time on the show and added: “I had so many laughs today! Thanks, @gabriellecorney & @porschefabulous for getting me together today. @concealvirginhair.”
Kandi is very popular on social media, and it is not surprising that many of her fans had kind words for her look.
Kandi, who had a successful run on Broadway, is set to join Tiny Harris and the Scott sisters on the second leg of the Great Xscape Tour.

She will be releasing two biopics and is working on baby number three with Todd.

#Empire: A Recap: on 'A Lean And Hungry Look'
Shifty, shady and conniving. That's a good way to sum up this week's "A Lean and Hungry Look" episode of Empire. Cookie’s old-school cellmate Poundcake succumbs to cancer and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) in turn becomes more aware of her own relationship with her own mother.

Before we get into the motherhood storyline, let's talk about the murder of a major player for the series, and how that relates to Eddie (Forest Whitaker) not really being gone from the scene. The episode begins with Andre headed to a meeting with shareholders only to be told the meetings were canceled and he should watch his back because people are asking questions about Eddie's sudden retirement. It turns out that Eddie is talking with Anika (as discussed in the previous episode, "Of Hardiness Is Mother") and Anika owns considerable stock through her child, who is a Lyon. Anika is talking with board members and trying to bring Eddie back into the fold. And poor Andre is trying his best to get his family to trust him again, so he is doing all the forensic detective work by his lonesome.

Cookie is coming to terms with her own mother-daughter relationship with her own mom, portrayed by Alfre Woodard. In offering to find Poundcake's daughter, stolen from the prison inmate at birth by the prison guard who raped her, Cookie is also finding herself. And Maya, an aspiring ballerina and college student, is drawn to tears when told that her mother has always wanted her and looked for her, but was denied access. The two visit Poundcake and watch as the inmate "makes her transition." Maya now knows her mother loved and wanted her. This whole storyline pushes Cookie into considering her own role as mother and matriarch, issues that will come to a head sooner than later as Lucious tiptoes around to do his own family dirt.

The Music
Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) is obsessed with getting his sounds out to a larger and more diverse crew. He gathers a crew of artists who are all misunderstood and pitches a "collective" with no one person as the voice. The collective eventually plans to releases its music into the streaming world. The music is hot, but Jamal's move to release records behind his parents back might not work out well for him unless it also helps the new product launch Cookie and Lucious are planning. Plus, who knows how the board will interpret this move. Still, Jamal is set in this new way and asked Becky, who found out about it, to pretty please not tell his parents. She agrees to fall back and keep her mouth shut. At the same time, Lucious and Cookie have cooked up House Empire. It's all part of a plan to get more streams and please the shareholders.

 Want more? Stay tuned for Wednesday’s new episode of Empire!

#NewMusic from Leon Bridges ‘Good Thing’
Leon Bridges releases his eagerly-anticipated sophomore album Good Thing. Proceeded by the single “Bad Bad News,” “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand,” and “Beyond.” The 10-track album is a striking progression from his retro-soul debut on 2015’s Coming Home,


Leon is now set to embark on an extensive world tour in support of the new album. The tour kicks off with the Good Thing release show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 5). Bridges will then continue his run across the world through Nov. 17, sharing the stage in select shows with acts such as Harry Styles, Zac Brown Band and Masego, to name a few.

#HipHopNews: Nicki Minaj Announces New Album ‘Queen’
All hail Queen Nicki. After much anticipation, Nicki Minaj has revealed the title and release date for her new album Queen.

She made the royal announcement in grand fashion on the red carpet at Monday’s Met Gala in New York City. Queen Nicki stunned in a red Oscar de la Renta gown before revealing that her fourth album will arrive June 15.

“It’s a big night for me because I just let the world know that my album is coming on June 15, and it’s called Queen, and I can’t wait,” she told reporters.
During an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 last month, Nicki teased the title. “[Fans] are gonna love the title of the album,” she said. “It fits everything that I am right now, where I am in my life.”

Queen has spawned two singles so far, “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz,” for which she released a pair of videos last week.
Before dropping what she calls her best work yet, Minaj will perform both songs on the season finale of “SNL” on May 19.

Queen marks the follow-up to 2014’s The Pinkprint, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Meek Mill Celebrates the Sweet Taste of Freedom on 31st Birthday
Meek Mill no doubt tasted the best birthday cake he’s ever had in his 31 years, and it had nothing to do with the flavor.
The hip-hop star celebrated his birthday in Miami on Sunday, less than two weeks after he was released from custody.  Meek enjoyed dinner at Komodo with friends, a Southeast Asian inspired eatery.
Meek has been the guest of honor wherever he’s gone since being released from prison, including ringing the ceremonial bell at the Philadelphia 76ers game.

Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama again with her new Initiative
Melania Trump has stolen from Michelle Obama, again. Although she’s reportedly married to a man, Donald Trump, who hates Barack Obama, Melania Trump has used her position as First Lady to jack every aspect of Michelle Obama that she can get away with.
Of course, the first theft occurred when Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech while speaking at the Republican National Convention in 2016. There was a lot controversy, but no one on Melania’s team was fired and her husband became president.

But Melania must have thought that she could get away with stealing again. This time, she has used words from an Obama-era anti-bullying campaign to be included in her “Be Best” initiative for kids, according to Buzzfeed.

Melania basically took the FTC pamphlet published in 2014 and copied the document for her new campaign.
The issue is another disastrous and embarrassing moment for the Trump campaign. After being in office for over a year, Trump and his team have yet to make America great. Instead, Trump’s presidency has been flawed and marred by scandal.

Moreover, Melania apparently did not think twice about her anti-cyberbullying campaign. It will be hard to convince America’s kids to speak believe that message when the biggest cyber bully in the nation happens to be the leader of the free world.

Kelly Rowland throws cold water on those pesky Destiny's Child Tour Rumors
Last month there were rumors Destiny's Child would be joining Jay Z and Beyonce for selected dates on the upcoming On The Run II tour

Kelly Rowland denies the rumors...Kelly tells People Magazine
“This is the first time I heard it — this morning. I was like, ‘Well, that’s news to me!’ There hasn’t been anything we discussed. She and Jay are getting ready to go on tour — I’m sad because I won’t see those babies.”

By the way last year Kelly Rowland also told People Magazine Destiny's Child would not be reuniting at Coachella and we see how that turned out

Lifetime Prepping Docu Series & Movie Based On Singer R.Kelly Alleged Abuse!
More negative press for R.Kelly. Lifetime is relaunching a Stop Violence Against Women campaign to raise awareness of abusive behaviors, and the first project will be a documentary series and movie focusing on women who say they’ve been abused by R. Kelly.
The series and untitled feature will focus on women who are emerging from the shadows to share their stories. The documentary series is an investigation into the accusations that the singer faces. Despite damning evidence and multiple witnesses, to date, none of these accusations seems to have affected him.
For the first time, survivors and people from Kelly’s inner circle are coming forward with new allegations about his sexual, mental and physical abuse. They finally are ready to share their full story and shed light on the secret life the public has never seen. Joel Karsberg, executive producer and CEO of production company Kreativ says,

“We’ve been working for over a year to bring forth the stories of these women. We are proud to team with Lifetime to shed light on these stories as well as an industry that has looked the other way for so many years.

Both of Lifetime’s Kelly projects are executive produced by Kreativ’s Karsberg and Jesse Daniels. Dream Hampton is an executive producer on the documentary series, along with Brie Miranda Bryant from Lifetime.

Well Looky, Looky: Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Spotted Chummily Chatting At The Met Gala
Have hip-hop’s biggest divas just buried the hatchet? It’s no secret that there’s some sour grapes between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj — though neither one will outwardly say anything directly to or about the other. But with fans stepping in with sick slick talk and third parties constantly jumping in to stir the pot further, it seemed their beef was at a fever pitch.
That’s why some fans were shocked to see the two seemingly exchanging niceties at the Met Gala.

They even posed for flicks together with other partygoers.
Welp, motorsport turned out to be quite a big point of drama for these two…but now that they’re seemingly on DECENT terms, maybe we can look forward to a future collab?? Here’s hoping…

Kermit The Frog Reveals Miss Piggy Cheated On Him Live on Instagram
Everyone is using social media to overshare about their personal lives, even muppets. We didn’t know that Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy were having marital problems but apparently, they are, and Kermit took to Instagram Live to spill the tea. WATCH HERE
We hope they get it together. They’re a cute couple.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Season 2 of 'Luke Cage'
Season 2 of "Luke Cage," Luke is about to share the throne with a new Queen of Harlem.
Luke Cage is trying to be the one man save his community in Harlem, but in his struggle to do so, he may find himself consumed by the very darkness he is fighting against.


Bad ass Simone Missick, Mike's on-screen love interest Rosario Dawson and Alfre Woodard return.  And Gabrielle Dennis joins the cast too.  Here's what's popping off:

After clearing his name, Luke Cage has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so visible has only increased his need to protect the community and find the limits of who he can and can’t save. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain. Marvel’s Luke Cage stars Mike Colter (Extinction).

Tony nominee Ariana DeBose Talsk about her role in ‘Summer: The Donna Summer Musical’
“I took this job because it was a great new challenge for me,” reveals Ariana DeBose, the star of “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.” “It gave me an opportunity to do something I’ve never done in a way I’ve never done.” The actress recently received a Tony nomination for Featured Actress in a Musical for tackling this new challenge

DeBose embodies ‘Disco Donna,’ one of three different versions of Donna Summer in the new Broadway show. The multi-talented performer has a great admiration for the disco diva. She first learned of Summer’s music through her mother. “My Mom and I used to ‘Donna Summer-cize’ in our living room,” she admits. Think jazzercise but with synths.

As DeBose prepared to embody the icon, she identified with Summer’s refusal to be pigeonholed. “I came into this business as a dancer primarily,” she says, and she “felt pigeonholed too.” Indeed, one of DeBose’s breakout moments was landing in the top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2009. And while her slick moves in “Summer” rival the best dancers on Broadway, her vocals are nothing to scoff at either. Her vocal prowess is no more evident than when standing center stage during ‘MacArthur Park.’ “I feel at the top of my vocal game when I do it,” adds DeBose, of the song that also served as Summer’s way of telling the world she was a legitimate singer. “A lot of people don’t realize that I can stand and sing without moving.” After this number their minds will be changed.
DeBose also offers praise for her co-stars LaChanze (also a Tony nominee for “Summer”) and Storm Lever. They portray ‘Disco Donna’ and ‘Duckling Donna,’ respectively. “She’s a masterclass,” DeBose says of Tony winner LaChanze. When singing a role, “she accepts that her humanity is interesting enough.” The three actresses conferred with one another to offer a complete portrayal of a star who was “multiple things for millions of people.”

The Tony Award nomination took DeBose by surprise. “I burst into tears… it was not something that was on my radar.” She is thrilled by the diversity represented in her fellow Featured Actress nominees, which includes Renee Fleming, Lindsay Mendez, Ashley Park, and Diana Rigg. “None of us do the same thing,” DeBose says. With the inclusion of so many different types of women and styles of theater, the “nominations mean they’re all valid.”

Good Luck to her on Tony night!

Man Who Stabbed Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter 25 Times Acquitted of Murder
The Manhattan man who stabbed Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter to death was found guilty of manslaughter on Monday.
Lamar Davenport stabbed E’Dena Hines 25 times in full view of multiple witnesses on a Washington Heights sidewalk in August 2015.

Davenport, 33, was found guilty on the lesser charge of manslaughter because the judge believed his lawyer’s defense that Davenport stabbed his girlfriend while high on PCP.
The defense initially argued that Davenport was innocent by reason of insanity, but the judge disallowed the defense.

The defense lawyer claimed Davenport and Hines were smoking PCP together before she was killed.
Rumors swirled that Hines dated Freeman, 80, for years, but both denied the rumors. Lawyers for both defense and prosecution stated in court that Hines had “disclosed to Lamar Davenport and others that her step-grandfather engaged in a sexually inappropriate relationship with her.”
Hines, 33, is the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Deena Adair. Hines was raised by Freeman’s second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee.

Davenport faces 25 years in prison at his sentencing on May 29.

Jay-Z Lawyers: SEC Probe Has Become a ‘Celebrity Hunt’

NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for Jay-Z say the Securities and Exchange Commission has gone on a “celebrity hunt” by demanding the rapper submit to unlimited questioning about various businesses.
The lawyers wrote in a court filing Monday that he has agreed to testify for a full day before the regulatory agency but is opposing appearing for as many days as the SEC would like.

A hearing on the matter is set for Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.
The court filing was made in advance of the hearing scheduled by U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe (GAHR’-duh-fee).
The SEC has said it is investigating the Iconix Brand Group to learn if federal securities laws were violated when the company reported financial results.

Jay-Z sold his Rocawear apparel brand to Iconix over a decade ago.

Tristan Thompson’s Side-Chick Lani Blair ‘Hurt’ He Is Working Things Out With Khloe Kardashian
Rumor has it that Lani Blair, Tristan Thompson’s alleged side-chick is pretty upset the basketball player and Khloe Kardashian have fixed things. Apparently, he had promised to take care of her.
One insider claims that ‘Lani Blair is upset with Tristan for getting back with Khloe. Tristan always told her she meant a lot to him and they had a deal he’d take care of her if she kept their encounters a secret and she stayed out of the limelight. Lani definitely held up her end of the bargain.’

As you may already know, Lani and Tristan were caught on camera at a New York hotel just two days before Khloe gave birth to her daughter with Thomspon.

Lani has kept quiet about the affair and apparently, that is pretty common among her fellow bartenders.
‘Lani and her Startenders associates (a group of former Starlet’s bartenders, including Bernice Burgos) had always a strict code that they do not tell any of their business about their dealings with athletes and rappers.’

‘Lani was part of a group of women who thrived off of anonymity, and that was one of the reasons Tristan was drawn to Lani and also what made his escapades with her so fun. It was the fact that he knew she would be super low-key about what they were doing, and the fact that she was relatively unknown to the general public, it made everything easier. It was not until he was followed and spotted in the club and the hotel that his entire jig was up,’ the source explained.

Now we have learned that Lani is hurt that Tristan is working things out with his second baby mama.
 ‘Tristan and Lani had been seeing each other on and off for a long time without being outed. So to see him spending time with Khloe was shocking to Lani because he does not spend much time with Jordan (Craig), and the fact that Khloe would go support Tristan at his game only means they are working things out and there are deeper feelings among them.’

This would be my luck of the Irish.

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