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Lala Ali Honors Dad in New Cookbook
"My father and I both have always had a love affair with tasty homemade meals and comfort foods"

Last year, the world lost a legend when world-renown boxer, Muhammad Ali, passed away in June.
Now, his daughter, Laila Ali, is honoring him in her new cookbook.
Food for Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food From My Table To Yours! seeks to assist African-Americans with eating their way to better health.

And the book, set for 2018 release date, goes beyond just providing healthy recipes.
“The epidemic we face in our country with people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other illnesses is largely connected to our lifestyle choices, and unfortunately the African American community is disproportionately affected,” says Ali.”I am passionate about encouraging others and providing all people with tools to improve their health and overall quality of life!”

Ali credits her mother and father for her commitment to eating healthy, and causing her to set a healthy diet for her own children.

“My father and I both have always had a love affair with tasty homemade meals and comfort foods. Another thing my father loved was a great burger at some of the local burger joints he encountered during his worldwide travels,” the 39-year-old states. “So when my dad was still alive and well, to surprise him during one of my trips to visit him in Arizona, I shared with him that I named one of his favorite burgers after him. It’s called ‘The Ali Burger.'”

Food For Life contains more than 100 recipes, ranging from Stovetop Ratatouille to Oven-“Fried” Chicken.

#RHoA: Brielle Biermann Started Her Own Feud With Kenya Moore Before RHOA Is Even Back
There’s some Real Housewives of Atlanta drama brewing, but it doesn’t involve quite who you think it would. Kim Zolciak-Biermann's daughter, Brielle Biermann, is stirring the pot with none other than Kenya Moore.
Late on Saturday, Brielle tweeted something out of the blue but something we kind of expected eventually:
kenya is a dumb ugly evil bitch.

It's summer, which means the sun is shining and beckoning you to emerge from that winter coma into the glory that is nature. It's time to gather the troops and stretch your adventure-loving muscles.
— brielle biermann (@BrielleZolciak) July 23, 2017

Damn. The transparency is almost blinding. However, after last week’s confirmation that Kim’s mother would be rejoining the cast of RHOA for the new season, it’s not surprising that the family would get so heavily involved. Kenya commented on the news in an interview with the Power 105.1 morning show, giving her own version of transparency: “Kim needs a check, so Kim will be back.”

In the past, Kim and Kenya have sparred on and off the show. Now it’s reached a level of personal attacks that come out of season and even out of shooting. Production for the new season hasn’t even started, and Kim and Kenya — and now Brielle — have a storm a-brewing.

But of course, Kim added fire to the flame by responding to Kenya’s low blow. In an Instagram post, Kim wrote, “Hmm this sh*t is funny!! 6 seasons in on Don’t Be Tardy…” (Kim’s own spinoff show with her husband of six years, Kroy Biermann) “...multi million dollar skincare line in less than 6 months… Meanwhile you sell your hair care products out of the trunk of your car and paying Sally’s beauty supply to do appearances there AND you are spending what you do have on your third paid boyfriend… Sweetie don’t try and come for me so you can have a story line for next season.” The post has since been deleted.

But we can definitely see where Brielle gets her passion. While neither Kim nor Kenya have responded or reacted to Kenya’s tweet from Saturday, we can be sure that there will be some sweet, sweet drama on the new season of RHOA.

#EMPIRE: Taraji P. Henson Swears by This Face Cleansing Bar
Even with the most amazing makeup products, you cannot fake radiant skin.

For red carpet regulars like Taraji P. Henson, skin care is everything. And, the 46-year-old star has clearly mastered her routines, appearing near-flawless on a consistent basis. Her go-to makeup looks are never overdone, monochromatic mostly, allowing her skin to speak for itself.

Lucky for us, the Empire star shared her secret in a caption under a photo of skin-care products: "Thank you @urbanskinrx for my goodie bag. I swear by the even tone cleansing bar!"
The Even Tone Cleansing Bar uses kojic and azelaic acids to promote a healthy complexion, and comes with a sponge for application. The kojic acid is used to help regulate melanin in the skin, preventing scarring. And, azelaic acid is used to treat breakouts, due to its ability to combat redness, irritation and inflammation. The brand recommends using as a daily exfoliant or as a mask for a deeper clean. With regular use, the product promises a brighter complexion. 

New Music: Raheem DeVaughn – It’s a Vibe (Jackin 4 Beats Remix)
In typical Raheem DeVaughn fashion, the singer has once again extended his creative skills with a remix of the 2 Chainz hit “It’s a Vibe”. The original version of the song features Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and JhenΓ© Aiko, but Raheem stands out solo as he gives it a soulful feel.
The r&b icon has been known to give us these “Jackin 4 Beats” remixes in the past. Most recently, he released volume 1 in 2010, and volume 2 in 2011.

Meanwhile, Raheem and longtime partner Wes Felton have come together to provide the soundtrack to the revolution. They have reunited as The Crossrhodes and recently released the mixtape “The Great Debate Vol. 1”.


Raheem and West are now preparing for the release of their upcoming Sony BMG album “Footprints” on the Moon” which will come out on September 18th, 2017.

#NEWHIPHOP from Puff Daddy feat. Biggie & Rick Ross – ‘Watcha Gon’ Do?’
Can’t stop, won’t stop. Fresh off his No. 1 documentary on iTunes, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs unleashes his new single “Watcha Gon’ Do” featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Rick Ross. The ’90s-inspired banger, which premiered during Episode 48 of Drake’s OVO SOUND Radio, finds Forbes Cash King in classic Bad Boy form.

“I’m fuckin’ proud of myself,” says Puff before rapping about his jet-set lifestyle and getting his “dick sucked by mermaids.”


Rozay delivers some regal rhymes about bad bitches and Bugattis, while Biggie’s verse was previously heard on “Hustler’s Story” off 2005’s Duets – The Final Chapter.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Celebrate Their Birthdays in Miami
That’s one more thing they have in common! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrated their birthdays together in Miami with a lavish celebration on Saturday, July 22.
The former New York Yankees player posted a photo on Instagram on Saturday that showed him wearing a blue suit and white shirt as he posed with his arm around the singer, who looked stunning in a sheer black mini dress with an ab-baring cut out. “Happy birthday to Us!!! #leos #305,” he captioned the pic.
Rodriguez, who turns 42 on Thursday, July 27, also shared a series of images from their party. In one of the pics, Lopez, who will be 48 on Monday, July 24, smiled as she stood next to a towering six-tier birthday cake decorated with her name along with gold and silver embellishments and white roses. The pair also sang along to Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" in a cute video, and kissed.
The couple, who made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala on May 1, are pretty much inseparable, despite their hectic schedules.
“If you want to be together you are together,” the former third baseman told Extra in June. “Our kids get along really well, we’re both from New York, we’re both Latin, we’re both in our forties, we’re really enjoying life, but she really is one of the most impressive and smartest human beings I have ever met.”

The Shades of Blue actress is equally besotted with Rodriguez, telling Extra in July that he is “a beautiful person” and “a loving father” to his two daughters, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9.
“He’s a generous human being with his family, with his friends, with me,” she added. “He’s caring and sweet and capable and responsible and just all the beautiful things you would want a man to be. I feel really lucky right now, so I’m excited about life, but I’m more excited for people to get to see who he really is.”

IT GETS WORSE? Woman Sues Usher For Exposing Her To STD
The floodgates are officially open…

Days after a bombshell legal document revealed Usher paid a woman a $1 million settlement for giving her herpes, another woman has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer.

Via TMZ:Usher had sex with a woman earlier this year who had no idea he was exposing her to Herpes … according to a new lawsuit she’s filed for millions of dollars.
According to the suit, filed by a Jane Doe, she and Usher hooked up in Atlanta on April 16 at her home. She says there was some heavy petting, some kissing, and she performed oral sex on him. They eventually had intercourse, and she says he wore a condom.

However, in the docs, she says they had sex again 12 days later — this time in a New Orleans hotel room — and they did not use a condom.
Cut to this month … when Jane Doe says she read news reports about Usher admitting in docs, connected to an earlier legal case, that he has Herpes Simplex 2.

In this new suit, the woman does not say she’s infected. She is concerned because she was “exposed” and says she wouldn’t have had sex with Usher if he’d disclosed he has the virus.
She’s suing “U.R. IV” — Usher Raymond IV — for negligence, battery and emotional distress … and is seeking at least $10 million in damages.

Lawd hammercy Jesus!
So, not only did Usher allegedly cheat on his wife with this woman, she’s suing for a disease that she may or may not have?!

Trump declines 2nd Invite from NAACP to Speak at National Convention!
*It probably won’t come as a surprise that President Trump has rejected an invitation to speak at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People/NAACP in Baltimore, according to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.
You most likely have your own ideas on why he declined, but as far as an official answer from the White House, don’t hold your breath waiting. So far, the administration hasn’t offered any details on why Trump would not speak to the 108-year-old civil rights group.

“My understanding is that the invitation has been declined for this year,” Sanders told reporters at a briefing.

On the other hand, she offered that while Trump would not speak at the conference, the White House would be happy to have a dialog with the group.
“We would certainly like to be able to continue to do that,” Sanders said.
So far there’s been no comment from the NAACP. This year’s convention begins Saturday.
This isn’t the first time Trump has declined to speak at the NAACP convention. Last year, ironically it coincided with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where he was formally nominated as the party’s presidential candidate. P History will note that previous Republican presidential nominees regularly attended the annual meetings of the oldest U.S. civil rights organization.

Bloomberg points out that Trump’s most recent predecessors in the White House, Barack Obama, a Democrat, and George W. Bush, a Republican, both delivered speeches to the NAACP during their time in office.
During his campaign, Trump pledged to improve the lives of African Americans and implored them to vote for him because, in his words, “what do you have to lose?!” The bottom line is that black voters weren’t swayed and voted overwhelmingly in favor of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election.

Since he’s been in office, Trump has been criticized by some groups, including the Congressional Black Caucus, for not doing enough to address issues in the African-American community.

Chris Brown Suing Promoter For Trying To Extort Him Out Of $300k
An incident stemming from a New Years Eve appearance in 2014 has got Chris Brown back in court.

In 2014, Chris Brown was booked to perform in Manila, Philippines. However, a misplaced passport kept him from honoring his commitment and he canceled at the last minute. The singer vowed to make up the missed date and he did just that in July 2015. The show seemingly went off without a hitch but before Brown could leave for a scheduled performance in Hong Kong the next day, armed men blocked his exit from the hotel. Initially, it was reported that Iglesia ni Cristo, a politically powerful religious group, filed a suit against Brown and his management, claiming that the singer took $1 million in payment for the NYE show he never performed and he needs to rectify the situation or he’d be barred from leaving.  Chris tells a slightly different story, saying that a lawyer for the arena told him that unless he wired $300k to a trust fund for Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco, he was going to jail.  You may recall a lot of this incident playing out on Chris Brown’s Instagram page after the singer spent over two days held up in Manila.

Chris Brown refused to pay the $300,000 and hired an immigration lawyer who was eventually able to get him clearance to leave the Philippines. The harassment didn’t stop there, though. On his way to the airport,  Biongco sent texts looking for his money.

Luckily, Chris made it home safe but he’s still suing for “extreme” emotional distress. Despite the fact this happened in 2015, this could be a small factor into something bigger. Could Chris Brown be planning for another concert in the Philipines and he just wants to ensure his safety? We will have to wait and see!

Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Willing to Waive $8 Million Trade Bonus to Facilitate Trade to Houston
Carmelo Anthony is willing to do whatever it takes to get out of New York, even if it means giving up millions of dollars.
According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Anthony is willing to forgo $8,125,785 if the Knicks can make a deal with the Houston Rockets.

“My sources tell me he’s willing to waive the trade kicker, which is worth around $8 million, so that makes a little easier for Houston to do a trade,” Wojnarowski revealed.
Anthony’s contract with the Knicks includes a trade kicker or trade bonus, which requires increasing a player’s salary by 15% in the event of a trade. Since Anthony is willing to waive the increase, the deal could be facilitated, as the Rockets would only have to give the Knicks $21,095,008 in salary. However, things are still up in the air for the baller.

If things don’t work out for the Rockets, Wojnarowski reports that Anthony is willing to waive his clause for the Cleveland Cavaliers as well.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello on the OUTS? She says: 'We don't care about that'
“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara didn’t shy away from discussing rumors regarding her 18-month marriage to Joe Manganiello.
“We don’t care about that,” she told the Daily News at a special screening of “The Emoji Movie.” “What can you do? It’s the entertainment business.”
In May, the 45-year-old Colombian actress slammed Star magazine for its cover, which screamed “Sofia & Joe: It’s Over!” and alleged she had been caught cheating in Rome.

“The editor of this magazine is an idiot,” Vergara fumed on Instagram.
Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello slam report claiming they broke up

Her “True Blood” star hubby, 40, also blasted the tabloid, writing it was a “fake story” that “Photoshopped my wife’s engagement ring off her finger in order to sell magazines. They are run by malicious trash. Do the world a favor and don’t buy their garbage.”
Indeed, on Thursday night, the couple was spotted hugging and laughing as they enjoyed a date night at a Guns N’ Roses private concert at the Apollo Theater alongside other celebs, like actors Jason Biggs and Drea de Matteo and Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

Vergara, who came to the screening with her son Manolo, 24, says her favorite emojis are “the smiley one and of course the dancing girl.” That’s the one she happens to play in the cartoon film, which also features the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden and Anna Faris.
The sitcom star noted her part in the film is minuscule.
“It’s a tiny, tiny part. I’m barely in the movie but I thought it would be super fun and easy for me to do because it was in L.A.,” she explained.

Indeed, Vergara estimates she spent no more than half an hour recording her lines as Flamenca, a flamenco dancer emoji.
Despite being a genetically blessed celeb duo, Vergara and Manganiello don’t spend time gazing into the mirror.

“Don’t you do that, too?” she asked laughingly. “Get in front of the mirror with your man? Can you imagine? I tell him, ‘You’re very handsome’ but I don’t say, ‘Look at yourself in the mirror!’ ”

NICE or NAH? Alicia Keys has a Neon Braided Look
"The Voice" judge Alicia Keys is keeping it bright this Summer '17. Bright AF actually.

The make-up free (well....) singer/actress just showed off her new neon pink, orange and yellow braids on the Gram.  And they're hard to miss.
While braids are becoming a staple once again (of course, they've always been a go-to look for us but they're becoming even more popular these days amongst the celeb set), Alicia decided to turn it up a notch with the multi-color factor.

So...do you like Alicia's new look, or NAH?

‘Caped Crusader’
Not all heroes wear capes. However, it’s also true that not every person in a cape is a hero.

Meet Joe! So you know what to do to see more. Just CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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