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How much do TV actors make per episode? Salaries of TV's top talent revealed 
The peak TV era has increased the paychecks of in-demand talent to eye-popping levels. The high fees for television's 1% -- at a time when business models, episode orders, and distribution strategies are in the midst of a massive transition -- has exacerbated the earnings gap between stars and supporting players.

The folks at Variety conducted a wide survey of actors, executives, attorneys, agents, managers, and other representatives in an effort to offer a snapshot of the earnings power of talent at all levels in primetime, late-night, daytime, and news. The figures presented here are estimates based on extensive research to determine talent paydays in the most current seasons of specific series. In some cases, those numbers include backend fees. These numbers do not reflect income that many actors and personalities realize from other projects, licensing and merchandising, and business ventures.

#RHoA: Reconciliation? Someone Caught Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas Coupled Up
There’s nothing strange about exes getting along. In a perfect world, it’d be the status quo. But for Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, reconciliation didn’t seem on the horizon.

Until now……
A video posted to a non-Bravo TV affiliated Instagram account, @therealhousewivesofatlanta, shows the couple walking hand-in-hand from a boardwalk to the beach. And the pair, who have been separated for months, look pretty content.
Bailey and Thomas separated earlier this year, after years of on and off-camera relationship toils. At the time, Bailey said they needed to “process [the separation] and just move forward”.

But in June on the day of their wedding anniversary, they both posted loving messages.
“I’m doing awesome,” Bailey told PEOPLE at the time. “I’m at a great place in my life. I used to always say I just want to be happy. I don’t say that anymore. Now I just say I want peace.”
“I’m turning 50 next year, and it’s a huge milestone for me. It’s really important for me to wake up on my 50th birthday and just love my life – every part of my life. And that’s real… It’s scary, but there is something very powerful about starting my life over by myself at this age. Some women feel like it’s too late to start over and I don’t think it’s ever too late to be at peace.”

Honestly, these two could be totally making up all this drama for the show or really be trying to work it out. Either way, we have no doubt that we’ll find out their current state on the upcoming season of ‘RHOA’.

#EMPIRE: Will Lucious steal the EMPIRE from Cookie?
In  Empire Season 3, episode 3, which airs at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Lucious aims to reclaim sole control of Empire Entertainment, which means a new war with Cookie. In Season 2, the Empire Board of Directors made Lucious and Cookie co-CEOs of the entertainment company, and the two worked well together until Lucious’ marriage to Anika caused a rift between them once more.
Since  Season 3 premiered, Lucious has hinted at wanting to rekindle the budding romance between him and Cookie at the end of Season 2, but Cookie has made it clear she isn’t interested. In fact, Cookie has a possible new love interest, who attempts to make a move on her in episode 3. She resists his advances, but she appears to be playing hard to get.

But since she has made it clear to Lucious that she is not interested in him, he appears to want to get back at her by seizing Empire.
Mariah Carey will guest star in episode 3, appearing as a singer named Kitty, who comes to work on a song with Jamal. However, according to the episode promo, Lucious may take control of the studio session away from Cookie.

Will Lucious and Cookie start a war over producing their track with Kitty? We will find out during the season premiere, which is best viewed on television or live online through  Fox Now.

Meanwhile, Andre is in court, after having been accosted by police officers while trying to move things out of the home that he and his late wife, Rhonda, shared. Andre is surprised to be charged with assaulting a police officer. From here, we may see a dark change in Andre, which has been brewing for several episodes since his wife’s death.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

New Video: DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, & Rick Ross – ‘Do You Mind’
Secure the bag. Fresh off hosting the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards, DJ Khaled debuts the cinematic video for “Do You Mind,” the latest single off his chart-topping album Major Key. And once again, Khaled is joined by an A-list cast including Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, and Rick Ross.
The Gil Green-directed clip starts off with an explosive argument between Khaled and his girl, played by model Bernice Burgos. Then it cuts to Nicki, who shows off her curvaceous assets in some lacy lingerie while strutting around her hotel room. Then Breezy, August, and Khaled go poolside for their scenes alongside some bikini-clad babes.
Khaled flashes back to better times with his girl, including their rose garden rendezvous and rides through his palatial estate on a bike. The Snapchat King also parades around his lavish pad in robes while holding Goyard bags, and he even rides a jet ski in his pool. Breezy makes love to his woman on the piano, while Future caters to his lady with calamari dinners.

The visual ends on a happy note as Khaled and his lover kiss and make up. “I got a new name in the streets. They call me Billy,” he says before presenting her with a diamond necklace. “No words can describe how beautiful you are. You’re a major key to me, baby. Billy got you. I love you.”

Watch Khaled get romantic in the “Do You Mind” video  HERE; 

Common Debuts New Music at White House ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert
Common rocks the White House.

The Chicago MC brought star-studded support for his “Tiny Desk” concert at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as part of the South by South Lawn festivities on Monday (Oct. 4).
His co-stars on the NPR show included Robert Glasper, Keyon Harrold, Derrick Hodge, Karriem Riggins, Elenia, and Bilal. Together, they ran through a set featuring his classic Resurrection single “I Used to Love H.E.R.” and “Letter to the Free” from Ava DuVerney’s mass incarceration documentary 13th.
Delivering powerful rhymes, Common addresses the prison system while discussing politics today. “We staring in the face of hate again,” he raps. “The same hate they say will make America great again.”
Common didn’t stop there. He also performed “Little Chicago Boy” — an ode to his father — and “The Day the Women Took Over.” Both are new tracks from his upcoming album Black America Again. Due in November, the LP also features the lead single and title track.

Watch Common’s 21-minute set straight from the White House HERE

Oh? Orlando Brown Is High As A Kite, Dishing On Sexual Encounter With Raven Symone [NSFW]
Orlando Brown is back at it again. The 28-year-old actor, best known for starring in That’s So Raven with Raven-Symone, has recently posted a highly questionable video where he kisses and tells, literally. In the clip, Orlando takes a few puffs from what appears to be a joint and goes off on a tangent about Raven-Symoné’s breasts.

"She’s light-skinned so they were all one color. She was so nervous about me sucking on her aureola."

Atlanta Educator Fired After Calling Michelle Obama ‘Gorilla’ on Facebook
*I swear, you have to ask yourself, what level of mental illness are we dealing with here? A racist post on the personal Facebook page of elementary school paraprofessional, Jane Wood Allen, has cost her a job.

Her job…………….
Jennifer Caracciolo , an official with the Georgia School District, confirmed on Monday that Allen had been terminated after it was discovered that she referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as a “Gorilla” in a post on her social media page.

The hateful, slanderous post (scroll down to see it) asked:
 “How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore?”
It ended with Allen saying Michelle Obama is a disgrace to America.

Allen worked at the Chestatee School near Atlanta. Though the school district refused to speak to the  media on camera, calling it a personnel issue, they did release a statement.
“Jane Wood Allen has been relieved from duty and is no longer an employee of Forsyth County Schools. Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals.”
One parent at the school, Kassie Siver, who spoke on camera thinks Allen’s remarks are racist without a doubt.
 “She’s putting it on social media. She may be putting it in the classroom. That’s not OK with me.”

See Allen’s Facebook post directly below.
This is the thing I always find if difficult to wrap my brain around. Are these people so damn stupid that they actually BELIEVE nothing will happen to them after these posts are discovered?
That Allen, an employee at a school, would blatantly post this message – with no sense of concealment — baffles the mind.

I would like to know what did she think would happen (or not happen) as a result of this. Did she even think about it at all?
Oh what I wouldn’t have given to be in the room when she was summoned and confronted with the post. Did she attempt to explain or justify her behavior? Or did she just stand there looking moon-eyed? Did she burst into tears? Say she had a lapse in judgement?

God. I guess we will never know.
I posed the question at the start of the article, but now, I must apologize to the mentally ill.
…Because Allen isn’t mentally ill, she’s just STUPID!
Apparently, this is not Allen’s first time displaying such tactics. Just look at a post she put up last month directly below.
Her Facebook page has since been removed…….#idiot!

Chris Brown Gun Case Reportedly Ready to be Dropped
Since the alleged gun incident originally concocted by former beauty pageant contestant #BayleeCurran, #ChrisBrown has maintained his innocence. The case, which has gotten a lot of media attention and caused a ripple effect of issues for the singer, may be on its way out. In other words, Brown may be off the hook.
According to #TMZ, the District Attorney has yet to move forward with the case because of the lack of evidence.
If you recall, a few months ago, Curran, whose credibly has since been shot, claimed Brown pulled a gun on her and kicked her out of his house. Hours later, the singer was arrested and booked. Apparently, Brown was supposed to be arraigned two weeks ago but officials got an extension so that they could gather more evidence, TMZ reports.  But, they didn’t. Especially, since authorities can’t tie a gun to the singer.

So, if officials want to pursue a case against Brown, they would have to take it to the L.A. City Attorney for misdemeanor assault prosecution, but, that could also be a dead end because the case is still weak, TMZ reports.

It’s safe to say, Brown dodged a bullet with this one.

‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Alum Victoria Rowell Joins Cast Of ‘Mann And Wife’
'The Young And The Restless' News: Alum Victoria Rowell Joins Cast Of 'Mann And Wife'‘The Young And The Restless’ alum Victoria Rowell has a new gig!  The former ‘Y&R’ star, who is well known from her role as Drucilla Winters, shared the exciting news on social media today.  Victoria has been in the news a lot lately with her ongoing lawsuit against CBS.  So, this news definitely comes at a good time, the former soap star could use some positivity these days.

So far there isn’t too much information on Victoria’s new character on ‘Mann And Wife.’  Right now the sitcom is currently filming Season 3.  ‘Mann and Wife’ airs on Bounce TV, the 22 minute sitcom has garnered a lot of success with its hilarious cast.  Real life married couple David and Tamella Mann play the part of the sitcoms main characters, Daniel and Toni.  Daniel and Toni are newlyweds, and they both have children from previous relationships.
Victoria Rowell shared a photo on Twitter of herself posing with some of the ‘Mann And Wife’ cast members.  Victoria raved, “OMG laughed so much!  Loved every second!”  We can’t wait to see Rowell show off her funny side, this role seems much less serious than some of her previous castings.

So ‘Y&R’ fans, have you ever watched ‘Mann And Wife’ on Bounce TV?  Do you think that Victoria will make a good addition to the cast?

Tina Fey’s Mean Girls Musical Will Premiere in D.C.
A stage adaptation of Tina Fey’s 2004 hit comedy film Mean Girls, which starred actress Lindsay Lohan as a high school transfer student trying to navigate teenage social cliques, will have its world premiere in fall 2017 in Washington, D.C.
The news was announced October 3—the day fans have dubbed Mean Girls day, in reference to a line in the film—on the official Mean Girls Facebook page and new verified Twitter account. The Facebook post was taken down minutes after the announcement, but the tweet remains.

As previously reported, Tony Award-nominated Legally Blonde lyricist Nell Benjamin is collaborating with Golden Globe winner Fey and Fey’s husband, composer Jeffrey Richmond. Fey told the Tribeca Film Festival crowd that the pregnancy of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper has given her the chance to focus on the new musical.

“We’re working on the musical adaptation, and thanks to Ellie Kemper’s pregnancy, we have this whole summer to work on it,” she said. When asked whether the musical would be updated to include the impact of social media, Fey answered, “The thing about social media is… it doesn’t dramatize well.” Fey previously told Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen that she has no plans to star in the musical, which will have a “classic Broadway” sound. The actress/writer also joked that Broadway will see the musical in “in 2027… whenever Hamilton closes.”

Ladies and others meet Jamal ! So you know what to do to see them goods. GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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‘The Pumpkin Patch’
Fall is upon us, and so pumpkins in all shapes and sizes randomly appear! LOL!


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