Mo’Nique: Oscar Winning Actress Graces the Cover of sheen Magazine!

Mo’Nique: Oscar Winning Actress Graces the Cover of sheen Magazine!
The Queen of Comedy, Mo’Nique, closes the November issue of sheen magazine, as all eyes are on the curvy covergirl this month as she poses in her sultry and glimmering gown on the cover!
Oscar Winning actress, Mo’Nique, is dominating the scene yet again as she discusses her role in her latest comedy film of the Christmas season, “Almost Christmas!”

“You know walking on the set and you see a legend named Danny Glover, that’s priceless. To be able to sit around and go to school where he’s not even trying to school you purposefully you’re just in the midst of that greatness and that talent” 
Don’t forget,  “Almost Christmas!” hits theaters nationwide on November 11!
Meanwhile, in other Mo’Nique news, the actress has been sharing several videos of her impressive dance workouts via Instagram.
In a recent video, the 48-yr-old actress/comenienne posted one where she’s dancing along to a choreographed routine with her friend Tommie Alsobrook while showing off her slimmer figure in a purple tank top and black leggings.
As well as losing weight, she’s gaining flexibility, too. She also posted a collage showing that she was able to get into a seated stretch pose that she was never able to do before.
“Wow, today I am having a proud moment,” she shared on Instagram. “This position right here has taken me three years to do by myself. Didn’t happen overnight. I refused to give up. Sisters just don’t quit!
Mo added:
“I am down from a 44B to a 38B,” she posted on Instagram. “It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen in a week. It takes time. This is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Life is meant to be lived.”

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