🇫🇷VIVA LA FRANCE🇫🇷! Emmanuel Macron Wins French Election!

VIVA LA FRANCE!  Emmanuel Macron Wins French Election! 🇫🇷
Emmanuel Macron, the pro-EU centrist, has won the presidential runoff, with 65% of the vote, projections show, against Marine Le Pen of the National Front who has conceded defeat. Marine Le Pen has conceded defeat in a telephone call to Emmanuel Macron, a top Le Pen aide says.
What the Vote Means for Europe
Defenders of the European Union breathed a sigh of relief when the pro-EU Emmanuel Macron made it into the second round of the presidential election to face National Front leader Marine Le Pen.
More relief for them came as polls showed Mr. Macron clear favorite to win the second round.
But a defeat of Ms. Le Pen tonight won't spell the end of the threat to the EU and the euro. The stronger Ms. Le Pen's score is, the more momentum she will have in coming years to become the main opposition by fixing the French political landscape as a conflict between globalists and nationalists.
She already sealed an alliance between the two rounds with rival nationalist leader Nicolas Dupont Aignan. Also favoring a rewrite of French politics, far-left anti-EU leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon took nearly 20% of the first-round vote.
Polls have consistently shown Ms. Le Pen is on track to get around 40% of the runoff vote, more than double the score her father Jean-Marie Le Pen when he reached the second round in 2002.
Polls show Le Pen was more successful with Fillon voters, 28% of whom said they will vote for her in the second round and 26% who propose to abstain, according to a poll by Ipsos Sopra-Steria. Only 11% of Mr. Mélenchon’s voters said they will cast a ballot for Ms. Le Pen, but 38% prefer to abstain, the poll shows.
The sum, however, still leaves Ms. Le Pen far short of what she needs to rival Mr. Macron. According to the poll, the centrist won with 61.5% of the vote.

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