Mega Pastor Jamal Bryant pleads with Judge DON'T LOCK ME UP! Over Baby Mama!

Mega Pastor Jamal Bryant Pleads with Judge Not Throw Him in Jail Over the Accusations from his Baby’s Mama!
Host of the DEFUNKED show The Preachers’ Jamal Bryant is firing back at his baby mama’s demands he be thrown in jail, denying he blew off a court order and demanding she cover his legal bills for having to even defend himself.
Here’s the latest: Jamal’s baby mama, LaToya Odom, went to court demanding the pastor be found in contempt of court. She says he has refused to follow the court order. She accused him of not providing her with his address for their son’s medical card, nor has she received policies and he is periodically late on his payments to her. She says she wants a revised court order to make sure he pays on time.  LaToya sought to have the pastor thrown in jail for contempt until he purges himself of said contempt.

On May 15th, Jamal responded, denying he refused to follow the court order. He is pleading with the judge NOT to throw him in jail for contempt, saying he did not disobey the court order.
Further, he is seeking to have his LaToya pay his legal fees for even having to defend himself against her motion for contempt. [FYI: Jamal was previously married to Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant. He is currently dating singer Tweet.]
Here’s the backstory: Last year, LaToya Odom, sued Jamal demanding child support and
custody of their minor son, John Karston Bryant, born in 2015. She sought primary physical and legal custody.
Bryant responded, saying he was the father and had been paying child support, with the intention of resolving the issues outside of court. However, he said due to her continued harassment he stopped making the payments and decided to let the judge decide.

During their legal dispute, LaToya blasted the founder of a Baltimore-area megachurch and TV host, saying that he is well off financially and makes millions from book sales, TV appearances, personal
appearances and podcasts.
Back in November, Bryant and his baby mama reached a settlement in the case. LaToya was awarded primary physical custody and Bryant got visitation. The amount of child support was sealed from the public but, he was ordered to cover his baby mama’s $13,500 legal bill.


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