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SOUL SISTA! ESSENCE’s 47th anniversary cover features a dozen women who are pushing the movement forward.
For the first time ever, ESSENCE honors 12 women on its cover who are blazing trails for equal rights and inclusion for Black people in America.
The cover features a host of dynamic women, such as writer/producer Shonda Rhimes, veteran journalist Joy-Ann Reid, Women’s March co-chairs Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez. Plus, appearances from Women’s March organizer Janaye Ingram, political commentator Angela Rye, Circle of Mothers founder Sybrina Fulton, author/blogger Luvvie Ajayi and social activist April Reign.  #BlackLivesMatter cofounder Opal Tometi and educator/activist Brittany Packnett are also featured.
Each woman talks about her role in the fight for Black liberation, highlighting why participation in the movement is more urgent than ever. “Women can empower ourselves by embracing the intersections of our advocacy and educating ourselves on the issues impacting others,” says Janaye Ingram.

The cover stars are part of the #Woke100, an inaugural list of female creators, activists, educators, journalists, politicos and thinkers who are socially conscious and vigilant about changing our nation for the better.
Pick up your copy on newsstands now!

#RHoA: Did you know Shereé Whitfield Never Told Her Mom or Kids About the Alleged Abuse She Received from Her Ex?
The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 reunion part 2 came to an emotional close on Sunday, when Shereé Whitfield spoke out about the alleged abuse she received from her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.
The couple, who divorced in 2007 after 7 years of marriage and 14 years together, have spent the last decade or so involved in legal and emotional squabbles. In recent seasons, Shereé and Bob aimed to put their past behind them, remaining friendly for the sake of co-parenting their kids — Kairo Whitfield, 20, and Kaleigh Whitfield, 17.
While they may be on good terms now, the 47-year-old reality star was still brought to tears on Sunday as she detailed the private turmoil she had been living in during their marriage.
The topic came up as the cast looked back at the former couple’s emotional exchange earlier in the season, when Bob joked about his alleged violent past with Shereé during the group’s vacation in Maui, Hawaii.
“After we split, we were in Las Vegas,” Bob recounted. “I was driving her and she fell asleep, and I was like, ‘Yeah, it’d be easy for me to take the seatbelt off of you and hit the breaks.’ So she can fly her ass through the window, you know?”

He the said that he didn’t remember ever physically hurting Shereé in the past, asking “could you still breathe?” when she claimed he had choked her and telling her, “Maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.”

No matter how far they’ve come now, watching things back during the reunion wasn’t easy for Shereé — who went on to claim that Bob was verbally and emotionally abusive and that the two had had some
Despite being one of the RHOA‘s most outspoken and confident Housewives, she explained that she had stayed silent about her alleged abuse until the show — not even telling her own mother or children.

“I would have never talked about this had it not come up,” Shereé said at the top of the segment. “I’ve never talked about this with my mom until she watched the show. My mom, my girlfriends — I only told maybe a couple of people. None of the cast knew.”

“I don’t know if [my kids] have seen those episodes,” she added later, explaining how she still hadn’t discussed what happened in Hawaii with Kairo, Kaleigh or her 31-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Tierra Fuller. “I suppressed it. I’ve not talked about it for 10 years — I’ve never talked about it. I wanted to protect my kids.”
Protecting them meant making up excuses for Bob — even when he disappeared for their lives for six months without any communication while the two were still married. “He left and I didn’t get a phone call, I didn’t get an email — anything for six months,” she said. “So I’m in a house with young kids, and I don’t tell my mother or my friends — I’m covering for him.”

She wasn’t proud of not speaking up sooner either.

“I am ashamed,” Shereé admitted. “I portray myself as a strong woman who my daughters look up to and I am allowing someone to hurt me in a way that I would never want someone to hurt them.”
So what gave Shereé the courage to finally open up? Ironically, it came from Bob’s Hawaiian slip-up — which ended up being a wake-up call for Shereé.
“I was surprised that he even talked about it,” Shereé told host Andy Cohen. “Honestly, I think he forgot the cameras were there. I’ve never brought this up. I protected him, I protected my kids for all this time. So for him to say the things that he said, it brought back a lot of memories. Because those are things that I’ve heard him say.”
Giving an example, Shereé recalled a time she was traveling on a flight with her mother. ” ‘The only reason I wish the plane didn’t crash is because your mom is on the plane’ — he’d say stuff like that,” she claimed.
“I didn’t realize I was still holding all this until the show,” she said.
Bob had spent a lot of time over the past two season of RHOA trying to convince Shereé he was a new man. While he doesn’t appear until next Sunday’s third part of the reunion, Shereé did tell Cohen that she had seriously considered taking him back — comparing herself to other victims of abuse who go back to their abuser.
Her fellow Atalanta Housewives were sharing their love too — offering her support and advice.
“It’s okay not to be superwoman,” Cynthia Bailey told Shereé. “You are human. You cannot have all the answers. Don’t ever feel like you have to carry everything on you. It’s out there and you can do positive things to inspire woman. I think it’s going to set you free, to be honest, to just move on.”
“I just hope that you received that you didn’t deserve that and you didn’t need to be treated like that and that none of what happened to you was your fault,” Porsha Williams said. “I pray that you accept that and that you can find some healing from what you showed women.”
Kenya Moore agreed and encouraged Shereé to talk about what happened with her children.

“The next thing might be to talk to your daughters about it so it doesn’t happen to them,” she said. “I don’t think they will ever look at you in a different way and look down on you, but actually admire you for your strength. You wanted your family together. You had to be tough. And no one will judge you for that. I’m proud of you.”
Shereé said she was ready to talk to her children — confessing that speaking out about it had been “therapeutic.” Before the episode’s conclusion, she offered advice to anyone else going through the same situation.
“You have to love yourself and know your worth,” she said. “You have to know when to get out and not just stay longer than you should have.”
The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

#EMPIRE: Bryshere Gray’s mom has a new Book discussing her son’s her son’s ADHD!
Andria Mayberry, the mother of rapper and actor Bryshere Gray, has penned her first book titled Before Empire: Raising Bryshere “Yazz The Greatest” Gray. In an exclusive interview with rolling out, Mayberry talks about life as a single mother, how she’s pressed reset and is living her best life.

“I worked two jobs. I came from the projects and bought a home to provide a better life for my kids,” she reveals. “When you live in the projects, you don’t have light and gas bills. I lived off credit cards most of the time just so I could buy food. There were times when I couldn’t pay the mortgage. I had so many credit cards that you couldn’t even count. All of this was new for me.”

Gray was a teenaged mother. Bryshere has a sister, Brianna, and they’re the apples of her eye. Mayberry remembers waking up with her family at 5 a.m. daily to take her kids to her mother Alberta Furson’s home so she could send them off to school and look out for them. She’d return every evening to retrieve her kids. It was a measure she took to ensure they stayed off the streets of Philadelphia.
Mayberry was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Bryshere’s father. At age 5 years old, Bryshere was diagnosed with ADHD, a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and makes it difficult for them control impulsive behaviors. It was a tough bill for a single mom to pay. She leaned into God and relied on the Bible to see her through.
She works in the medical field and her job isn’t a 9-to-5, but she maintained her faith and stayed devoted to God 24/7. “I work in the hospital and worked on the weekends, so I was unable to go to church on Sundays. I read my Bible at work on breaks,” shares the celebrity mom.
Her go-to Scripture is Psalm 46:10, “‘Be still and know that I am God.’ I always refer back to that because I am always on the go. I had to get to a point to fully commit and trust in God, and know that he does come and will provide. I have to sit still and let God do what he does.”
A symbol of strength and resilience, Mayberry has plans to go on a book tour to encourage other moms. “I want to educate and empower women, and inspire them. This is in my heart and soul. I have been there, I want women to know you are not alone. I am going around the world,” she says.

On why she decided to open up and pen this book, exposing her dark nights of pain, depression and anxiety …
“I had a lot of parents who would ask how did I manage his ADHD. I will speak more about it. It’s all about education. It’s the only way you are going to be able to help your child. You can’t show up to meetings blind. You need to know your rights and your child’s rights. When they are diagnosed, they are covered under the law. They can’t suspend your child [at school] for behavior that’s a manifestation of their disorder. They can’t control their behavior. That’s why they become aggressive because they feel like no one is listening to them. I know that difference between disrespectful and their disorder. The kids are not always wrong. I too had to learn it. I had to educate myself on the medication. My son would eat me out of house and home. The medication suppressed his disorder. As a single parent who prepares a pot of spaghetti that you’ve budgeted would last for three days and it’s all gone the first day, you are ready to discipline your child. You can’t be mad,” she enlightens.

It’s the height of Bryshere’s career in music and television, as well as Mayberry’s career. With her children all grown up, she’s taking advantage of good health and energy and is returning to school to further her career.

WOW…..Empire is back Wednesday night on FOX!

#NEWMUSICVIDEO from New Video: Jacob Latimore – Love Drug
Last month, Jacob Latimore released a video for “Mutual,” off his debut album, Connection. Today (Apr. 24), the singer/actor returns with sleek visuals for his hypnotic song, “Love Drug.”
Hopping in his red Corvette in the beginning of the video, Jacob drives through the city on the way to his girl’s crib. Neon lights provide a colorful glow in the seductive setting, as he dances his way through the house and to the bedroom where she awaits.

“Let me be your drug / I wanna be your lover / Baby, I can be your friend / And all the above, girl / I wanna be your drug / Let me be your lover,” he sings.
“Love Drug” is the latest release off Jacob Latimore’s independently released debut album Connection, which is available now.

Check out the young stars new video HERE

#HIPHOPNEWS; Ruff Ryders Reunion concert reunites DMX, Eve, The Lox, Swizz Beatz
The Ruff Ryders Reunion concert featuring Drag-On, Eve, The Lox, Swizz Beatz and DMX was the first time that many attendees saw these hip-hop legends on the same stage. The iconic event took place on April 21 at the Barclays Center and celebrated the 20th anniversary of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. The record label released dozens of albums and several compilation projects in the late '90s and 2000s, but the former labelmates have not been reunited since the 2009 release of Jadakiss' "Who's Real" remix. Fans have eagerly anticipated a reunion show and thousands showed their gratitude by selling out the arena on Friday. For many, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The wait for X to come out was about 25 minutes but felt like much longer. When he emerged around 11:40 p.m., he performed hits such as "Party Up," "Get at Me Dog" and "Ruff Ryders Anthem" with vigor. From jumping into the crowd to climbing on top of speakers, it seemed that X wanted to reach everyone in the audience during his one-hour performance. Unfortunately, much of that time was also spent talking about his struggles, not wanting to be a role model and ranting unintelligibly. Through growls, barks and prayers, DMX sang Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," announced that his estranged wife, Tashera, is still his best friend, and refused to cut his set short. "Kickrocks.org" and "getthef***out.com" were his choice words when discussing the non-possibility of abbreviating his performance. With the stage missing a hype man, entourage or guest appearances, it was just the audience and X, and it made the unsettling performance even more difficult to watch. Technical difficulties did not help, and what was once a highly-anticipated performance from a Grammy-nominated rapper devolved into a bizarre Easter sermon.


Further dates for the Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour have not yet been announced, and it remains to be seen whether this show will, in fact, go on the road. The reunion concert coincided with the release of the Past, Present, Future compilation album, available now on iTunes and other outlets. Songs from DMX, The Lox, Eve, Cassidy and Swizz Beatz are interspersed with those from Lee Mazin, Quadir Lateef, Lil Waah and other Ruff Ryders Indy artists.

Beyoncé and Jay Z put in $120M bid for sprawling Bel Air mansion
Beyoncé and Jay Z have put in a $120 million bid for a stunning hilltop Bel Air mansion that boasts four pools, eight bedrooms — and even bulletproof windows.
As Beyoncé prepares to give birth to twins, she and Jay are planning to move their family to Los Angeles from New York in search of more privacy. They have bid on the breathtaking, newly constructed mansion at 454 Cuesta Way in Bel Air’s private East Gate area.
The place, which is being sold off-market for an asking price of $135 million, has just been completely remodeled from the ground up, and also boasts 11 bathrooms, a media room, space for a recording studio, a garage that can fit 15 cars, separate staff quarters and a big spa with a hot tub, sauna and steam room.
The hilltop location offers extra privacy, along with the woven metal security gates. It also offers sweeping views of Los Angeles.

The sprawling mansion spreads across six separate structures encompassing more than 30,000 square feet and more than 10,000 square feet of outdoor living space on two acres of land.
The house has been completely rebuilt by Irish firm McKillen Developments, which also redeveloped and owns landmark London hotels Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley.
Described as a “masterpiece,” the manse was designed by acclaimed architect Paul McClean.

A real estate source says, “The house is beyond words. No expense was spared in design or execution.”
Famous residents of East Gate Bel Air include Salma Hayek, Tom Jones and Michael Eisner.
Jay and Bey have been looking to buy an LA pad for years. In 2014, they were interested in a home built by Bruce Makowsky, but Minecraft billionaire Markus Persson beat them to it, paying $70 million. Then there was the Beverly Hills mansion that Tom Ford reportedly outbid them on. Since then, they’ve only rented mansions in LA.
But the couple is anxious to get settled in a new home since the twins are likely to arrive in June. They’ve also been checking out private kindergartens in the area for their daughter, Blue Ivy, 5.

A rep for Jay and Bey didn’t comment.

Madonna Biopic 'Blonde Ambition' Announced at Universal
Madonna is getting her own biopic!

Universal Pictures has secured the rights to the film, titled Blonde Ambition. It will be based on Elyse Hollander’s script, the No. 1 screenplay on 2016’s The Black List (a yearly ranking of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood), Deadline reports.
The flick will be based in “1980s New York, where Madonna struggles to get her first album released while navigating fame, romance and a music industry that views women as disposable.”

Blonde Ambition takes its name from Madonna‘s 1990 world tour.

There is no word yet on who will be playing Madonna  or if producers have secured rights to use her early hit songs.

Joseline Hernandez Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Day Party At The Gold Room
Joseline Hernandez celebrated her 30th birthday for a 2nd time with a Day party at the Gold Room.
She was accompanied by  Stevie J for her “Birthday Bash Day Party” held in the Gold Room. Showing off in an leather ensemble, she turned up for the bash,.
The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star went the extra mile, even wowing her attendees with a red-hot performance. Wearing a black cape, she got down with her bad self while rapping the verses to her single. As she said leading up to her shindig, “it’s my birthday, so let’s f***king party.” Due to her pregnancy, the reality star wasn’t able to party, drink, and party like she wanted to. Now that her daughter Bonnie Bella is here, Stevie J threw her a second 30th birthday party.

She’s expecting Stevie to spoil her like the Puerto Rican Princess that she is.” Based on what we saw, it looks like he surpassed expectations. The rekindled couple recently celebrated Easter together, sharing a pic of their family by the pool, including their daughter.
Joseline and Stevie J seem to be madly in love again, especially when they were spotted together at a star-studded event on April 9. The L&HH: Atlanta pair looks strong together.

Aaron Hernandez Found With A Bible Verse Written Across His Forehead
Earlier news broke that Aaron Hernandez was found hanging in his prison cell Wednesday morning. When officials found Hernandez he had a Bible written across his forehead in red.

According to Daily Mail, he scribbled the verse ‘John 3;16’, which reads, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

Officials also say he left a bible in his cell on that verse.
What’s interesting about this situation is that investigators are trying to determine if Hernandez smoked synthetic marijuana before he hung himself.

Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o movie conjured up on Twitter
The photo was taken at a Miu Miu fashion show in Paris fashion week in 2014
A photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o has sparked a film idea on Twitter and they have both taken to the social media site to say they are up for it.

The 2014 fashion show photo was shared by fans with the comment: "Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scams".
It caught the attention of Oscar winner Nyong'o a few days ago and now Rihanna has tweeted she is up for it too.
Fans have gone crazy for the idea.
Lupita saw the tweet a few days ago and posted "I'm down if you are @Rihanna".
More than 200,000 liked the tweet and earlier today Rihanna replied saying "I'm in Pit'z" - her nickname for the Star Wars actress.
Another 99,000 liked that tweet and now the two stars had said yes Twitter went into a meltdown with ideas about the film.

Tweet saying: 'Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plans the scams'Image copyright Twitter

Lupita Nyong'o tweeted 'I'm down if you are Rihanna'Image copyright Twitter
'I'm in Pitz' Rihanna tweetedImage copyright Twitter
One fan then tweeted it over to Selma director Ava Duvernay saying she should direct it and Duvernay loved the idea.

"Lights set. Camera's up. Ready to call action for these #queens," she tweeted back.
It seems Rihanna didn't want to let go of the idea as she retweeted a fan's idea to get Issa Rae, the creator and executive producer of Insecure, on board.

Rae then replied with a Gif of a cat manically typing, which made Rihanna blush.

Rihanna tweeted about Issa Rae getting on boardImage copyright Twitter
The idea of a movie based on the photo had been around on Tumblr when the photo was first published - but now the main players have got involved it looks like Twitter may have cast and created a movie.

But with so many fan ideas contributed who takes credit for the concept and gets a cut of the profits?

Most of the fans on Twitter though are just desperate to see it happen.

Viola Davis Bares Her Abs in Sheer Look at the Airport!
Viola Davis is slaying the fashion game!
The Oscar winning actress was seen walking through LAX Airport in a sheer top, looking amazing on Monday (April 24) in Los Angeles. Viola was joined by her husband Julius Tennon for her flight.
If you missed it, Viola was recently named one of Time 100′s most influential people in the world for 2017! Viola graced the cover of the magazine as well.

Heather Morris Reacts to Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination After Getting Perfect Score

Heather Morris and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on Monday (April 24) in a shocking twist after getting the season’s first perfect score.
“I felt sad – I felt that there was an opportunity for ‘Maks and Heather’ to develop and build every single week and we got that cut short,” Maks told People. “I just feel bad it took so long for me to get back, even though this was the fastest I could possibly do. I wish I had been here for those other weeks. Even if it was meant to be that heather got eliminated this week, I still wanted to enjoy the jive and tango and Disney week that I missed. So it’s just sad.”

“It’s great that everyone was behind me,” Heather added about the judges being shocked that she was sent home.

Heather also appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday (April 25), and spoke about the elimination

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