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Fifth Harmony looks good on the cover of Galore Magazine!
That didn't take long! Check out Fifth Harmony's first promo pic without Camila.
Fifth Harmony’s first magazine cover shoot as a foursome is a camp, retro spread in Galore. The ladies, who also pose for solo pics, throw it way, way back — reveling in the (sometimes) garish fashions of the ’80s and ’90s. In addition to serving a lot of looks, the quartet also revealed that their new LP will have “some R&B tones” and spoke about their friendship. At one point, they were asked to explain how each member strengthens the group and their answers were too cute.
“Dinah, I admire your fun and playful self,” All says. “I love how you always come in with music. You bring the life to the party and the energy to the room. “Ally… she’s like a little goofball too. It’s nice to know that there’s someone that carries the same energy,” Dinah gushes in reply. As for Lauren? “I feel like [she] almost has this gift of making people feel safe through anything it is that we’re going through,” Normani confides. “Normani is such a hard worker, and she’s so disciplined and constantly putting in effort,” Lauren returns the favor. Read the full interview here.

#RHoA: Sheree Whitfield Thinks Kenya Moore Was “Classless” & “Disrespectful” At Her Housewarming Party
After two years of shading each other’s Atlanta mansions, I would have assumed that they were going to go in on each other at the Chateau Sheree housewarming party, but Kim Zolciak randomly showed up and came for Kenya- hard.
Sheree’s housewarming party was full of drama. Thankfully for Sheree, none of it really had to do with her. I have no idea why Kim was so enraged by Kenya, but I’m sure Sheree was happy to see Kenya getting roasted by someone else.

In her Bravo blog, Sheree wrote, “Nothing Miss Kenya does surprises me.” I get why Kenya would want to point out the flaws in Chateau Sheree after Sheree hated on Moore Manor, but roaming around the house without permission just to make sure that the camera crew captured the unfinished basement was a little much.
Sheree explained, “I do feel that her actions where disrespectful and classless. Did I point out what I saw in her home that was unfinished? ABSOLUTELY, after she began shading me. However, I did not go into her home and go wander around freely throughout her residence. I respected the fact that I was in her home and only remained in the sections of the home that were open to guests.” It’s hard to know who is right here. They both really went in on each other’s homes and said the most unnecessary (albeit hilarious things), but it really seemed like Kenya was thirsting for ammunition when she went down into that basement.

As far as that Kenya and Kim argument, Sheree did not seem to be fazed by it. Sheree said, “Kim and I have history, so I know that Kim can handle herself. I had no problem sitting back and enjoying the exchange.” Of course she did. Sheree has been trying to put Kenya in her place all season. Kim just finished the job. However was she just standing up for Chateau Sheree and getting vicariously offended by Kenya’s trespassing. Or maybe she was just trying to earn a hefty paycheck if she returns to Real Housewives of Atlanta next year.

Sheree concluded, “One thing about Kim I always loved is that she will definitely give it to you straight with no chaser. Kenya was clearly not prepared for what Kim served, but if you can dish it out, be prepared to take it!” Somehow, I don’t feel like Kenya was at-all fazed. She really seems to live for this kind of tension and I’m sure she has a million insults to spew back in Kim’s direction. This is way more entertaining than fighting over mansions.

Your thoughts? (h/t Reality Tea)

#EMPIRE: Taraji P Henson is one of People’s World’s Most Beautiful 2017
She was a universal pick for best dressed/most glamorous/just all around gorgeous at the 2017 Oscars, though Taraji P. Henson admits it “took me a while to get on the chic bus,” she once told Harper’s Bazaar. “I was coming from the era of Lil’ Kim and Mary J. Blige, you know, ghetto fabulous. I came from nothing, I was deprived all my life, so when you get money, you go big!”

That larger-than-life aesthetic — and-larger-than-life personality — is just part of why Henson, 46, is number six in our seven days of beauties, leading up to the reveal of PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful woman on Wednesday, April 19.
In an empowering speech at the 2016 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Los Angeles, the Empire star reminded the crowd, “We’re all we got, ladies. If we don’t support each other, who will?” She added to PEOPLE, “Know your voice is important, and fight until it’s heard. That’s what I did.” Her regular reminders to women that “you have a voice” exemplify her beautiful spirit. (via people)

#NewMusicVideo from LeToya Luckett – ‘Used To’
LeToya Luckett is back for more, with the release of “Used To,” the second part of her new music video series, which she first shared in January with her comeback song, “Back 2 Life.”
In the 10-minute video, the Grammy-winning artist brushes off her ex-boyfriend’s advances to get back together after their bad breakup. But, when she runs into him for a second time, she has to try harder to resist their chemistry.

The track itself boasts smooth R&B production with a subtle afro-beat bounce on the chorus, which features confident lyrics from LeToya.

“I put you up on new / Not what you’re used to / It’s what you need though,” she sings.
Speaking on the inspiration for the track, Luckett told Billboard: “‘Used To’ is one of my favorite records because of its confident in-your-face lyrics. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s humble, but knows what she can bring to the table.” She adds, “I wanted the video to possess that same quality. It shows the bounce back from the disappointment of a relationship gone wrong, but it also showcases the vulnerability of a woman who allowed herself to Love.”

LeToya’s new album Back 2 Life is due out May 12 via Entertainment One Music. She recently revealed the album cover and 13-song tracklisting, which includes a guest appearance from Ludacris. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Watch the continuation of her story in the “Used To” video HERE

#NEWHIPHOPVIDEO: Juelz Santana feat. Cam’ron & French Montana – ‘Dip’d in Coke’
Dipset and Coke Boys unite once again.

After flossing with Dave East in the video for “Time Ticking,” Juelz Santana taps Cam’ron and French Montana for the cinematic “Dip’d in Coke” visual.
Directed by Kid Art, the clip features Juelz, Cam, and French in a meeting with underworld bosses from around the globe. But when they find out there’s a snitch in their midst, the guns come out, and it’s time to go to war.
However, Killa Cam has other plans. Before letting Juelz shoot the potential rat, Cam has a money-making plan. “I know what you’re thinking,” he tells Santana. “But we’re gonna get a couple dollars from this.”

Blindfolded, the informant finds himself in a room filled with the bosses he was trying to lock up. His plans now foiled and money in their hands, the snitch gets beaten in the face by one of the kingpins. Then, the lights go out.

“Dip’d in Coke” is a cut off Santana’s forthcoming release, which is said to be titled The Get Back. Watch the mini-movie visual for his latest single below.

Janet Jackson's Creative Director Claims there is no Prenup! Shuts down the Rumors!
Earlier this month rumors spread that Janet Jackson was in for a $500 million payday after announcing she was separating from estranged husband Wissam Al Mana.
Janet Jackson's bff shuts down the reports...

Janet Jackson's creative director Gil Duldulao left a scalding message on Instagram regarding the rumors.
The $500 prenup rumors originated from the National Enquirer back in 2014.

The Cleveland Facebook Killer. Committed SUICIDE once he was cornered by Police!
The man suspected of carrying out a chilling homicide in Cleveland that was filmed and shared on Facebook was found dead Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania, from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.
Steve Stephens, 37, was wanted for the aggravated murder of Robert Godwin Sr., 74. Stephens’ death ends a nearly two-day manhunt that had widened into a national search.
Steve Stephens was spotted this morning by PSP members in Erie County. After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself.

Pennsylvania State Police received a tip about Stephens around 11 a.m. Tuesday, officials said in a news conference. He was still in the white Ford Fusion described in alerts sent out after authorities determined he could have left Ohio after the shooting.
He was ultimately stopped near the edge of Rodger Young Park in Erie, just over 100 miles from Cleveland. When police approached the car, Stephens shot himself, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said Tuesday.
“We preferred this had not ended this way. There are a lot of questions [we] had for Steve as to why this transpired,” Williams said.
Pete Elliott of the U.S. Marshals Service said officials had searched Erie on Sunday after media reports said Stephens’ cell phone had pinged in the area. At the time, they concluded the report was not credible.
“In Erie, Pennsylvania, there are a lot of places to hide: a lot of remote areas, farms and barns,” Elliott said.
Investigators are now trying to piece together Stephens’ past 48 hours, including where he went and whether anyone helped him.
Asked if was disappointed with the outcome of the search, Williams replied that “a loss of life is a loss of life.”

“There may be other people out there who are in similar situations who we can help by finding out why [Stephens] did what he did and what drove him to do this.”
Cleveland police issued a warrant for Stephens’ arrest on Sunday night after a video from around 2 p.m. that day was posted on his Facebook page. The footage appeared to capture Stephens complaining about a woman before approaching Godwin and shooting him at close range.
Godwin, who apparently did not know Stephens, had been walking home from an Easter meal with his family on the city’s northeast side near I-90. Police say Stephens apparently selected Godwin at random.

Authorities searched for Stephens across the city on Sunday, but speculated that he may have left the state in a white Ford Fusion. They alerted residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan that he was on the run and considered armed and dangerous.
The FBI as well as other statewide law enforcement joined the Cleveland PD’s efforts on Sunday and offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to Stephens’ arrest.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) praised the state police for their efforts and said he was “thankful no one in PA was hurt.”
Stephens’ life and motivations at this point largely remain a mystery to investigators. Court records provide a limited portrait of Stephens as a low-paid social services working who struggled with debt and previously declared bankruptcy.

Godwin’s family had pleaded for Stephens to turn himself in and said they forgave him for killing their loved one. The family described the 74-year-old victim as a father of nine who had 14 grandchildren and was the type of man to “give you the shirt off his back.”

“We forgive him. We forgive him because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what daddy taught us,” Tonya Godwin-Baines, one of Godwin’s daughters, told Cleveland’s Fox 8 News.

Beyonce Asks Court to Dismiss ‘Formation’ Lawsuit.with Messy Maya
Back in Feb of this year, Beyonce stole a famous recorded line from a dead New Orleans rapper and then sampled it in her song, “Formation,” without permission … according to a new lawsuit.
The estate of Anthony Barré — aka Messy Mya — just filed suit against Bey for allegedly using a small, but memorable, piece from his 2010 video “A 27 Piece Huh?”

Here’s an update on the situation.

THR reports, Beyonce stole a famous recorded line from a dead New Orleans rapper and then sampled it in her song, “Formation,” without permission … according to a new lawsuit…

In a motion to dismiss filed Friday, attorney Mary Ellen Roy argues that the heir has grossly overstated the use of Barre’s work in the “Formation” video and its subsequent use during live performances  — including a claim involving Super Bowl 50, during which Beyonce performed the song but did not actually use the clip of his voice.

“Among its many references to New Orleans, the Music Video used a total of approximately ten seconds of audio from two YouTube videos featuring Anthony Barré — also known as ‘Messy Mya’ — walking through the streets of New Orleans speaking to the camera and interacting with others along the way,” writes Roy. “About six seconds of that same audio was played at Beyoncé’s performances of the Song during the ‘Formation World Tour.'”

Is a BABY behind La La and Carmelo Anthony separation?
What a strange, sad week for Carmelo Anthony. Three days ago, his president of basketball operations began a very public campaign to get him to waive his no-trade clause. Now we learn from TMZ that Carmelo and his wife, former MTV VJ and VH1 reality star La La Anthony (née Vasquez), have allegedly separated. But why we ask? Apparently there's a potential outside baby in the mix...

Insiders tell TMZ the other woman works at a strip club in New York, and that she's claiming to be six and a half months pregnant with Carmelo's baby.

The source also admits the marriage has been rocky for a while and there's virtually NO chance of reconciliation.

Opioids Found Hidden Throughout Prince's Paisley Park Home, New Court Documents Reveal
Opioid painkillers were found hidden throughout Prince's Paisley Park estate in the days after his death in April 2016, new court documents released by the Minnesota Judicial Branch reveal.
Investigators discovered several white pills labeled "Watson 853" (hydrocodone-acetaminophen) in various bottles inside the late music icon's home in Chanhassen, Minnesota, according to a search warrant issued on April 21, 2016, the day of Prince's death.

The documents, which were released on Monday, April 17, state that witnesses told authorities that Prince "recently had a history of going through withdrawals which are believed to be the result of abuse of prescription medication."
In addition to the pill bottles, officials found Ziploc bags and envelopes containing medication. According to the court papers, a bodyguard filled the "Purple Rain" singer's prescriptions, which included Percocet, at a local Walgreens pharmacy just one day before the music legend's death.

Dr. Michael Schulenberg, one of Prince's main doctors, told police he had prescribed Oxycodone to his patient the same day he overdosed on a jet, less than one week before his death. Schulenberg said he placed the prescription under Prince's bodyguard's name, the documents state.
Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose at the age of 57. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last summer that Prince's pills may have been mislabeled and that he did not know they contained fentanyl, an opioid medication that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

The eight-time Grammy winner was scheduled to meet with an opioid addiction expert one day after his death. His secret battle with addiction stemmed from chronic pain caused by a debilitating hip injury. Prince "took the pills to keep the show going," his collaborator Sky Dangcil.

Breakfast Club Power 105 Charlamagne Da God Spills Own Tea About Wendy Williams.
Charlamagne tha God is finally telling all about his nasty feud with his former mentor and close friend.
In his upcoming memoir, Black Privilege, exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com, the radio star, 36, slams the popular television host as “very cruel” and her husband/manager Kevin Hunter as “extremely aggressive” and threatening.

Though he claims Williams, 52, taught him everything he needed to know about radio in his three-year stint as her sidekick, Charlamagne claims the pair fell out over a business deal gone wrong.

Also, Charlamagne tha God briefly talked about it Rumor Report on the show.

So Chris Brown Punches Photographer In Tampa Nightclub and the Victim RESPONDS by PRESSING CHARGES!
Chris Brown finds himself in yet another altercation, this time with a photographer.
Chris Brown took a break from his Party Tour to appear at Tampa's AJA Channelside club. TMZ reports that Brown's appearance escalated into violence once a photographer violated the "no photos" policy. The photographer, Bennie L. Vines, fell victim to the singer's fury after snapping some crowd shots in Brown's vicinity. Sure enough, Brown took exception and unleashed out some seriously unchecked aggression. TMZ shared a video, which shows the attack occurring around the 20 second mark. Chris Brown, decked in red, is seen lunging at the victim in the leftmost corner.
Watch here
Vines confirmed he will be pressing charges, but Chris Brown and his entourage dipped out before police could arrive. It's yet unclear what this means for the remainder of the Party Tour, as there has been no word on the incident from Brown's team.

HUH? Snapchat CEO Accused Of Allegedly Saying App is “Only For Rich People”
Snapchat is under fire after a recently unredacted court complaint surfaced, quoting a 2015 exchange between the app’s CEO and a former employee. In the complaint, Evan Spiegel is quoted as saying the app is “only for rich people,” adding that he doesn’t want the popular app to “expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Now, the parent company, Snap Inc, is denying the CEO’s involvement in the conversation, calling the quote “ridiculous,” adding that the lawsuit was a “publicity stunt.”
According to reports, the complaint was filed by the company’s former growth lead, Anthony Pompliano. In the paperwork, Pompliano revisits a meeting he had with Spiegel about a plan for the app’s international expansion. To which the CEO reportedly responded saying the app was only for the wealthy, sparking international outrage and a significant decrease in app ratings and stock.
However, a spokesperson for the app has since spoken out, clarifying the apps international relations.

“Obviously, Snapchat is for everyone! It’s available worldwide to download for free. Those words were written by a disgruntled former employee. We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and around the world,” the spokesperson said on Sunday. Despite Snap’s damage control, the app is now reportedly being boycotted in India.

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