Foxy Brown Shades Philadelphia Black Pride by taking their coins and NOT PERFORMING! πŸ˜’

Foxy Brown Shades Philadelphia Black Pride by taking their coins and NOT PERFORMING! πŸ˜’
NOT CUTE INGA! But your makeup job from MUA Shades of Jacen was!
Here now the details; The much-anticipated 2,000+ Sexy Men Mega Party kicks off on Friday, April 28, at Park Avenue in West Philadelphia. The bash runs from 11 p.m. to sunrise and features a performance by hip-hop legend Foxy Brown. Flashman Wade, the chiseled Adonis who recently appeared on America’s Next Top Model, serves as the evening’s MC.
Foxy Brown must have her own time like Lauryn Hill where they come whenever they feel like it.

Read this below…
the_critic_c.e.o FOXY BROWN sooooo foxy brown was supposed to come perform lastnight @_parksidebanquethall lastnight for the Black pride event, was supposed to arrive at 2am showed up at 5am, sat in a corner facing the wall and not her audience, had someone else on stage hyping her up, basically stalling for a whole half hour, dj kept playing her songs but Foxy Brown never took the stage which resulted in the audience booing her out of the building, HOW TACKY OF U FOXY BROWN,how do u come always to the city to put on a show and then not perform for the people who paid and was waiting to see u, like what was the point of coming… definitely lost cool points for that one but made a so called diss track against remymaπŸ€”πŸ€” bye girl, when gay people boo ya ass out a building u done fucked u

Peep this Foxy stans were so upset they start chanting Remy Ma at the end of the clip.

More tea…from the_critic_c.e.o @lilkim_theblueprint right , people were so upset cause they were asking people where she was , I heard a lot of them say “I came cause the flyer said foxy brown was gonna be here” so it was very upsetting that when she got there she jus sat there and wasn’t engaging her crowd, she never took stage, they gave her a mic and she said “wassup philly” but that was it

Foxy you gon learn today! Should’ve had BIG FREEDA and paid it!

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