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Kellogg's releases special edition cereal box featuring Simone Biles and U.S. gymnastics team
Members of the "Final Five" celebrated their gold in Rio with a reveal of a "Gold Medal Edition Special K" cereal box featuring the team.
Simone Biles, fresh off of another gold-medal performance in the individual all-around Thursday, unveiled the team box on the "Today" show in front of her teammates.
Biles is a member of Team Kellogg's -- which includes soccer player Julie Johnston and track and field stars Ajeé Wilson and Natalie Bieule -- and already had her own specialty box as an Olympic hopeful. 
Biles' victory in Rio warranted a makeover and now features her as an Olympic gold medalist.

RHoA: Hit or Miss? Nene Leakes In NeNe Leakes Collection Lightweight Glam Maxi Cardigan
Nene Leakes recently posed it up in a Nene Leakes Collection Lightweight Glam Maxi Cardigan ($80). The stylish jersey stretch knit cardigan features drape-front detail and dropped shoulders. The reality star kept it comfy, pairing it with a matching tank, ripped denim jeans and sneakers. Get another look inside.
Ladies, would you rock it?

‘Empire’ Season 3 Spoilers: Hakeem Becomes a Father
Season 3 spoilers and questions. Anika is pregnant with Hakeem Lyon’s (Bryshere Y. Gray) child.
How will Hakeem react to being a father in “Empire” Season 3?
And what does he have up his sleeve? In the last season, he found out a secret about his mother. What is that secret and when will he tell us?
Is he going to finally take over Empire without his family? Don’t sleep on him, he has something major brewing.

Tune into FOX on Wednesday Sept. 21 at 9:00 p.m. EST for the “Empire” Season 3 premiere.

New Music: Tank – Real One
Better late than never. Continuing with his weekly #TankTuesdays series the R&B General, Tank, hits fans with his fourth new song, titled “Real One.”
Over heavy-hitting production, with some powerful 808 vibes, the crooner looks to trap the bedroom as he drops a separate interlude track to set the song up as well.

Boastful and full of braggadocios lines, Tank lets fans know that he is clearly a real man, with a real player pedigree.
 “I really got cash, I really got whips, really got swag / I’m really the man, they f**k with me hard, wherever I land,” he sings.

Take a listen HERE

New Hip Hop: New Music: The Game – ‘Sauce’ 
The “Sauce” is hot. The Game unleashes some fiery bars on his latest song, which kicks off with an intro from DJ Khaled. Over a grungy guitar riff, the Compton spitter rhymes about being bipolar (“Half Gandhi, half schizo”), the Grammys (“They gave away my Grammy, gave it to Missy / I was too gangsta and they ain’t understand me”), and even the Kardashians (“Then I fu**ed three Kardashians, hold that thought”).

He sums it up with a Jay Z-inspired line: “I got 99 problems, but the sauce ain’t one.”
Listen HERE 

Game is working on his album 1992 and just last month, he dropped his Block Wars soundtrack. He will also head out on the road on the “1992: Block Wars Tour,” starting Aug. 26 in Oakland.

Gabby Douglas rides emotional Rio Olympics roller coaster after social media SHADE!
RIO DE JANEIRO – If there was any doubt Gabby Douglas was hurting, that the Olympics had become far more painful than she’d ever imagined after her decision to return for an encore, it was all erased not long after she finished seventh in the uneven bars on Sunday.

For nearly 10 minutes after the likely final event of her career, the 20-year-old American, who had such a thrill ride four years ago in London, spoke with reporters about the emotional roller coaster here. As if failing to qualify for the individual all-around finals after winning  in groundbreaking fashion in 2012 and earning just the team gold weren’t enough, she was criticized at every turn in the social media spectrum so often devoid of humanity.
They said she was unpatriotic on Wednesday, when Douglas was the only member of the Final Five who didn’t place her hand on her heart during the national anthem after they won gold. They said she was bitter on Thursday, when Simone Biles won the individual all-around, Aly Raisman won silver and Douglas – who was clapping – didn’t stand and cheer like her teammates Laurie Hernandez and Madison Kocian.

Douglas, who finished third in qualifying, had only missed the finals because of a rule forbidding one country from sending three gymnasts to the all-around final (Raisman finished second).

They again made fun of her hair as they did in 2012 – the type of thing that comes with racial implications and stings so much more when you’re a minority in a mostly white sport. They made fun of her smile (or perceived lack thereof). And despite all those people telling her to stay off her phone, it’s quite clear she heard it all.

“I apologize if what may have … seemed to be me really mad in the stands (on Thursday). I wasn’t,” said Douglas, who also felt compelled to apologize for the flag issue. “I was supporting Aly (who had just lost out on the gold), and I always will support them and respect them and everything that they do. So I never want anyone to take it as I was jealous, or I wanted attention. Never.

“I support them, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t showing it, and I should have. But for me, it’s just like – it’s been a lot. And I’ve been through a lot. But I still love them. I still love the people who love me, still love them who hate me, and I’m just going to stand on that.”

If this is it for Douglas, and it likely is, what a sad way for her to go.
In the 15 minutes after she spoke with reporters, Douglas appeared to jump right back into the social media world that put such a stain on her goodbye tour. Sporting a “USA” backpack, a red jacket, blue pants and red, white and blue shoes, Douglas pulled her iPhone out and began to swipe. And scroll. And swipe. And swipe again. She would put the phone away for a few moments, standing there in silent thought with a heavy look upon her face, then bring it back out again.

All the while, with people coming and going inside the Olympic Stadium as the day came to a close, Douglas was mostly alone. A member of the team’s staff stopped by quickly to rub her shoulder. A fellow gymnast came by to console her and offer a hug. Eventually, after she walked away from the barricade that had been supporting her and kneeled in a corner next to a fire hydrant, she grabbed a tissue and began dabbing her eyes and wiping her nose.

Douglas swears she has no regrets about coming back to the Olympics, that the work it took to get here was worth it even in spite of the ugliness on the periphery.

“Not really,” she said when asked if she had second-guessed her decision to return. “For me, when you go through a lot, and you have so many difficulties and people against you sometimes, it kind of just determines your character. Are you going to stand, or are you going to crumble? In the face of everything, still stand. I have no regrets coming back for a second Olympics. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Chris Brown Scores Major Victory in Custody Battle 
Breezy has a few more reasons to celebrate. Chris Brown has scored a major victory in his ongoing custody battle with Nia Guzman, the mother of his two-year-old daughter Royalty, according to TMZ. 

Guzman reportedly had all of her requests regarding custody denied in court. She originally wanted full custody, to have Brown monitored during visitations, to ban Brown’s mother from seeing the child, and to have Brown tested for drugs. None of these requests were granted. 
Instead, the judge maintained the joint custody system that is currently in place, allowing Brown to have Royalty 12 unmonitored days a month. 
When Guzman first filed the documents, the judge asked Brown to front her $20,000 for lawyer fees. With all of her requests denied, the judge said she was no longer entitled to the money, giving Brown credit for that amount. 

Another hearing was scheduled for child support issues. Guzman was looking to earn $16,000 a month, a significant increase from the current monthly total, which stands at $2,500. However, after these court losses, Guzman has dismissed the support petition. 

This isn’t the first time Brown has won in court over issues regarding custody. A similar verdict was reached back in September, when Guzman claimed Brown was an unfit parent. By October, the two agreed to co-parent, only to publicly feud over parenting disputes in the months to follow.

Your First Look: Hidden Figures Official Trailer 
A first look at the new Fox picture 'Hidden Figures' about the Black female mathematicians responsible for calculating the trajectory to send the first American astronaut into orbit...



Marques Houston Shares His Jehovah Baptism Journey 
Last month R&B singer / actor Marques Houston converted to Jehovah's Witness 
This weekend Marques was baptized in the name of Jehovah!
Well ????????????????????????

OH NO Larry Wilmore’s “Nightly Show” Cancelled!
Unfortunately, Larry Wilmore’s “Nightly Show” has gotten the axe! And reportedly, it was a “business decision” as for why the show was cancelled. The “Nightly Show” replaced "The Colbert Report" in January 2015.

According to Variety, the Comedy Central half-hour late night show will end after this Thursday’s episode. Comedy Central’s 12am show, “@midnight,” will replace “The Nightly Show” at 11:30pm.
“I’m really grateful to Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, and our fans to have had this opportunity,” Larry said in a statement. “But I’m also saddened and surprised we won’t be covering this crazy election or ‘The Unblackening’ as we’ve coined it. And keeping it 100, I guess I hadn’t counted on ‘The Unblackening’ happening to my time slot as well.”

Cast ember Francesca Ramsey, said:
Sucks his show got the axe right before this year’s presidential election.

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‘Pooh Problems’
I’ll tell ya one thing, I don’t care how ironically funny you think that tattoo might be, I’m sure as hell not reaching into Pooh’s jar for any damn honey.


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