Tea Time: Milan Christopher CHOPPED from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood!

Morning Sips: Milan Christopher CHOPPED from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood for demanding more Money!
Milan Christopher is clueless as to why he is not returning to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. As you know, season 3 of the hit Vh1 However, Milan, who is the show’s first openly gay man, was not invited to return. A source tells my friends over at theJasmineBRAND
"Initially producers and the network wanted him back.  They offered him a contract and he was negotiating with them. He wanted WAY more money and felt like he brought so much to the show." The source added,"Milan felt like he was one of the bigger stars on the show and brought most of the ratings to season 2. This should have been leverage for him, but it didn’t. "Vh1 and producers bent over backwards to accommodate him and make sure he could share his storyline and his side of what went down this season with him and Miles [Brock]. He was like a 'COMPLETE DIVA'!.There are conflicting reports as to why he was asked not to return. He recently posted the following below on his Instagram account!
Despite bnot being on this season of LHH Hollywood. We're told he is working on his own reality show. Its rumored to be show about Milan dating and hoping to find loe! Stay tuned and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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