From the House of Androgyny, Walking Runway it's YOUNG THUG!

From the House of Androgyny, walking Runway it's YOUNG THUG!
Well looky looky here!
Atlanta Rap Artist Young Thug just released his latest CD and lets say the cover is defnitely turning heads. I mean look at this outfit Androgenous personified. Its something straight from the mind of someone in the Ballroom community waking Runaway. I'm sure the Hip Hop community will be talking about this for Days on end either good or bad. But I think this is just what he wanted! 
However in a community that is still overtly homophobic. He may be trying to preach a little understanding and acceptance via his fashion sense? I'm not sure what it is however he has definitely put himself on the cutting edge of fashion.
*SIDE NOTE* He will be a fashion coach along side ICONIC Model Naomi Campbell for VFILES Runway Season #7.

Maybe he is beggining a new career in fashion! Whatever the case good luck. Now as for the cover, What say Ye?

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