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Jennifer Hudson No Longer Ambassador For Weight Watchers After 4 Years 
Jennifer Hudson has Weight Watchers to thank for her dramatic weight lost and new silhouette but now it seems the two have parted ways.
J-Hud is no longer the face of Weight Watchers and they both released statements announcing their split after 4 years.

Jennifer tells E! News:
"My experience with Weight Watchers has truly been life changing," Hudson said in a statement Friday. "I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me. I have chosen to step away from my role as ambassador and I am excited for the year to come, with many new projects and lots of new music." 

Weight Watchers also released the following statement:
"After four years of a successful and rewarding partnership, Weight Watchers and Jennifer Hudson are ending our official partnership, though we're confident Jennifer will remain a Lifetime Member," Weight Watchers said in a statement to E! News. "Jennifer's healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss has inspired so many—from her friends and family to our members and staff, as well as people around the world—and we know that inspiration lives on. We will continue to support Jennifer in maintaining her healthy lifestyle and wish her the very best in her personal and professional life."

There were also reports that the split may not have been a friendly one after J-Hud fired off a tweet which allegedly said "Sometimes you have to step back and let your work speak for you, and when that doesn't work you walk away knowing you did your best...It's been fun and a pleasure good luck to you all. @WeightWatchers."

The tweet has since been deleted. Its possible J-Hud had a certain number of years in her contract to begin with.

Lady Gaga Reveals She Was Broke During Monster Ball Tour
She's one of the most famous pop stars in the world, but fame wasn't enough to keep Lady Gaga financially afloat back in 2009.
Though her 2008 album The Fame was a huge hit, the "Born This Way" singer states that she was broke during her 2009 Monsters Ball tour.
In an upcoming EPIX documentary, "Who the F--k is Arthur Fogel?," the pop star shares, "I had 3 million dollars in the bank to my name and I threw it all in to make my stage. So I was bankrupt during the show."

Talking about her struggles during that time, she continues, "I remember I went home and I was with my dad and he said, 'I don't understand. 'Bad Romance' is out. You are all over the radio. Everyone is talking about you and you don't have a pot to piss in.' I said, 'Just let me do this. Let me just put it on the stage because I think if I can do this I can get Arthur Fogel's attention.' And I did."
It all paid off for Gaga, however, as she concludes, "I remember he called me and he said, 'We want to do this.' And he got Live Nation to write me a $40 million check. And it changed my life and the life of my whole family."

Tyler, The Creator Arrested For Starting A Riot At SXSW 
Tyler, The Creator was completely innocent when a drunk driver plowed through a crowd outside of his SXSW show, killing two people in the wee hours of Thursday, March 13.
But Austin, TX police are saying he is guilty as charged for inciting a riot during his showcase later that day.
Reports TMZ:
Tyler the Creator was arrested Saturday afternoon at an airport in Texas ... after cops say they had a warrant with his name on it -- for starting a riot at the SXSW festival.
Austin PD officials say Tyler was booked this afternoon for inciting a riot at his concert Thursday.
Cops released a video of the riot (below) -- and Tyler is clearly telling everyone to break down the barricade to get in. The scene is pretty scary.
See pics of the struggle for yourself.
According to the warrant ... a bartender at the facility told police he tried protecting a woman from getting trampled on ... but a guy punched him in the face for it.
Also, according to Spin, Tyler was telling his onlookers to "PUSH, PUSH, PUSH," which they happily obliged. The end result resembled the Spanish Running of the Bulls.
He's being held on paltry $3,500 bond.

Christina Milian & Jas Prince Hit Up Hollywood’s Cosmo Nightclub
Christina Milian and her fiancé Jas Prince were snapped as they hit up The Cosmo in Hollywood earlier this week. Christina looked gorge as she stepped out all dolled up for the evening. She rock’d an animal print ensemble paired with black sandals, and wore a smile on her face as they strolled along in the L.A. night.
While inside, she sipped on drinks and posed for pics with Jas and their crew, which she shared on Instagram

Dead Beat Dad??: Master P’s Ex Wife Claims She Is Broke And On Welfare
While Master P is sitting on a $200 million piggy bank…
His estranged wife, Sonya, is claiming to be struggling to survive

According to TMZ:
Master P’s estranged wife claims he’s worth $200 MILLION … yet she says he’s left her and their 4 minor kids so destitute … they’ve been struggling on welfare.
Sonya Miller says she’s indignant … because she helped Master P create one of the most successful labels in hip-hop — No Limit Records — yet he has cut her off like a bad habit.
Sonya says things have become so desperate … she had to move in with her adult son, Lil Romeo.

Master P hasn’t even responded to her divorce petition. The judge fined him $10K for ignoring the case, but he doesn’t seem to care.
Sonya explains in her docs she hooked up with Master P when he didn’t have a pot to pee in … back in ’89. They started the label together, and when it exploded, they built an empire, which include clothing manufacturing, sports management, toy manufacturing, and film and TV production.
Well boo…if you helped him build the empire why didn’t you help yourself and get those contracts tight?  Women need to learn to protect themselves a little better.  You don’t want to think that your relationship will ever come to an end.  But you do need to hold your own

Tamala Jones Sets Porsha Stewart Straight
Remember that African Prince Charming with the spotty background who's supposed to be dating Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart 
Well his real girlfriend, actress Tamala Jones, has a few words for Ms. Porsha while Porsha claims she never met him...

Tamala Jones let loose on social media making sure Porsha, and everybody else, knows that Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue is her man.

Meanwhile Porsha tells E! News 
"The TMZ report is completely false! I do not know Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, nor have I ever dated him. When there is someone special in my life whom I wish to share I will let you all know. It has been rumored that I am dating many people."

HMMMMM, Tamala girl are you looking for relevance. Girl pls that MAN doesn't belong to you either! He's also been linked to EVE and others and why would you want to eb linked t an EVIL DICTATOR’S SON? BYE!

Eva Marcille Share More Adorable Pics Of Marley Rae 
Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille’s 2-month-old is too adorbs for words! On Instagram, Eva shared the cutest pics of them bonding recently.
Eva revealed that she she returned to work just one month after giving birth to baby Marley.  
Too cute!

Lupita Nyong’o met with JJ Abrams about a major role in ‘Star Wars VII’: OMG!?
If I have one worry for Lupita Nyong’o, it’s that Hollywood won’t know exactly what to do with her and her career will end up faltering as she’s miscast in a series of sketchy action films or heart-wrenching and utterly unwatchable dramas. Since winning her Oscar, Lupita hasn’t signed on to any new film. She was in Paris to represent her MiuMiu contract, and then…? My guess is she’s home in Brooklyn. Quietly weighing her options, figuring out her next move. What if her next move is a substantial role in the new Star Wars film?

Add Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o to those meeting for the part of the female lead in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Sources say that Nyong’o met with J.J. Abrams only a few weeks ago, just before the Academy Awards where she took home the statuette for best supporting actress for her work in 12 Years a Slave.
Nyong’o’s next moves post-12 Years are generating much tongue-wagging as she takes the steps to firm up a film career that has basically started off with a bang.
Nyong’o was born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, and graduated from Yale University School of Drama. She had a role in the MTV series Shuga but her feature debut was in 12 Years.

Her stardom has closely been building throughout the awards season and in the last few weeks she found herself in the mix for the high-profile role of Tiger Lily in Warner Bros.’s Pan. She is also in the running for a role in The Whole Truth, a courtroom drama starring Daniel Craig.
Now Nyong’o’s name has surfaced in connection to Star Wars. Because of the secrecy, it is unclear which role it could be. One possibility is that of a descendent of Obi-Wan Kenobi, which has been described as a non-Caucasian role. That is separate from the search for two roles, female and male, for characters in their twenties.
It is known that Abrams is still meeting with actors with several for his leads, which remain uncast. Several sources say that Jesse Plemons is one of the actors to beat for one of the roles and that British actors Ed Speleers and John Boyega are also in the mix. Adam Driver is in final negotiations to play a undisclosed villain character in the movie.

[From THR]

Latino Review theorized that Lupita is up for a role as a Sith. Lupita’s rep told them, “We’re not allowed to talk about that.” So… there was a meeting, that much we’re sure of. And how would JJ Abrams NOT want to work with Lupita? I imagine she’s very good in meetings.
So, is this Lupita’s next move? A Star Wars movie (or possibly three)? The thing is… imagine Lupita in some skin-tight futuristic suit. Imagine her with a badass cape. Imagine her with a light saber. See? I think it might work. I think she would fit in well with that world. We’ll see.

(I want Lupita and Benedict Cumberbatch to play Sith lord and lady – like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth of the Star Wars universe. I want them to be gloriously villainous and I want them both to have badass light sabers. There’s your start point, JJ.)

Nas Angers Feminists With Questionable Tweet, Twitter Reacts 
Nas has offered his unique brand of social commentary via his vast catalog of music over the years, and he's tried his best to promote intelligence via his art. However, a tweet last night from the veteran rapper comparing feminists to the Mafia without explanation has sparked a lot of discussion and confusion on Twitter.
To make matters even more interesting, Nas followed that tweet with, “I don't have to agree with you to respect you” – also without any type of explanation. Like some Twitter users pointed out, Nas appeared in a photo this week with Angela Davis, a woman he referred to as his idol and a hero of feminists worldwide.

Also as some suggested, it's possible Nas meant the statement as a ill-advised compliment but without a follow up it looks rather suspect. There's far too much that can be unpacked from the tweet, and best believe Twitter went in with the jokes, the slander and even a playing devil's advocate in some cases

Vegas Police Say Floyd Is Not Under Investigation For Brutal Beatdown 
Las Vegas police are calling the report that Floyd Mayweather Jr. orchestrated an attack on 2 former employees a “rumor.” Neither of the 2 men making the accusations has contacted authorities.
Laura Meltzer, a public information officer for the Las Vegas police, spoke by phone with the New York Daily News to shed some light on the situation and explain why Floyd is not under investigation.

“So I’ve been trying to put this rumor to rest all week. We’ve had a variety of reports that have come out stating this event occurred. We have not had a victim come forward and make a report like what is being alleged. So if this event occurred, it’s something where the victim has not come forward to the police to make an official complaint. As of right now, the bureau commander over there is not aware of any complaint that has been officially filed. So again, if this is a victim who is choosing not to come forward and make a report – then that’s up to the victim to do. We don’t have any say in that. There is no criminal complaint on file so there is no reason to go and contact Mr. Mayweather.”

Lifestyle For Him: Dolce & Gabbana Mixed-Media Low-Top Sneaker

I’ll co-sign the message.

And now…the price: $450. Cute Kicks

Ooops! LeBron Tweet Causes Trouble With One Of His Big Money Sponsors! 
LeBron James was so upset that his phone deleted everything he had in it that he took to Twitter to vent. No problem there right?! Wrong. He’s a spokesperson for Samsung.

And now…after a reality check, another Bron Bron tweet. 


Tyga Owes The IRS $100K
Tyga at the Exclusive Press Preview Of Tyga's Last Kings Flagship Store
Somewhere between buying a tricked out Maybach and opening a flagship store for his Last Kings clothing line, Tyga forgot to pay his taxes. The YMCMB rapper owes the IRS almost $100,000 after failing to pay taxes from 2009 to 2011.

Reports TMZ:
Tyga might want to consider selling off his Egyptian sand collection -- TMZ has learned, he allegedly owes Uncle Sam nearly $100,000.
According to a federal tax lien -- the rapper owes $11,201 for 2009, $4,437 for 2010, and $76,008 for 2011.
The total comes to $91,648 -- almost the exact amount he spent decorating his brand new L.A. clothing store, Last Kings. Among the ornaments ... a $20,000 Egyptian tomb.
Ten, ten, ten, twenties and them fifties ... won't come close to fixing this problem.
Ironically, Tyga spent $120,000—which is more than he owes Uncle Sam—to decorate the Last Kings store. Also, the Maybach was allegedly $2.2M.
We're going to guess Tyga either doesn't have an accountant, or pretty much pays him no mind.

Ashanti SQUARES OFFS With Manny Pacquiao At Wild Card Box Club
Ashanti got in a good workout at trainer Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California 
The "Braveheart" singer was there to step into the ring with world champion fighter Manny Pacquiao.
Ashanti (shown above with her mom Tina Douglas) recently accepted Manny's invitation to sing the national anthem during the HBO Pay-Per-View broadcast of his April 12 rematch with Tim Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Manny also gave her an autographed t-shirt.
During an earlier interview with boxing site The Ring, Ashanti said, "I'm such a huge fan of Manny Pacquiao. I can't wait. I actually love boxing. Manny's such a champion and I can't wait to cheer him on.

Sometimes plumber’s crack is just too easy and some like to perfect the art of showing off their front butt. Do you prefer yours nice and round or more boxed up?


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