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Kim Fields Shares "Miracle" Baby Boy Quincy Xavier With The World
Actress Kim Fields has revealed the first photos of her 4-month-old "miracle" baby boy Quincy!
Back in December, the 44-year-old former "Living Single" star became a mommy for a second time, welcoming baby Quincy Xavier Morgan with her husband Christopher Morgan and big brother Sebastian. Kim shared little Quincy was named after legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

In the newest issue of Closer Weekly, Kim talked about how much of a blessing baby Quincy is to her and her family after suffering two miscarriages.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s a blessing. There was so much gratitude that he was here and healthy.”
The couple was trying to have another baby before Quincy, but was unsuccessful.

“He [Christopher Morgan] thought I might be dehydrated, then I find out I’m two months pregnant! I was stunned out of my mind,” Kim says. “We were both overjoyed,” adds Chris.
Little Quincy was born on December 3, 2013 in Atlanta after a C-section. Kim shared the precious moments of them singing as Quincy entered the world:
 “Turns out the anesthesiologist was totally into singing, so we were doing three-part harmonies and holding hands! We were singing ‘Family’ from Dreamgirls when Quincy came out.”
And big brother Sebastian is totally smitten with his little brother:
 “They look a lot alike. Sebastian loves bragging about his little brother. He tells his teachers at school everything he does. He is Quincy’s publicist at this point,” Kim jokes to Closer.
At her age, will Kim decide to add another addition to their family?
 “Never say never. Being a mom is really the greatest role in my life.”

Too cute!  And pretty much a miracle indeed. GOD BLESS!

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 'All lives are lost'
Via CNN -- A grim-faced Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed the worst fears of the families of those aboard Flight 370, announcing Monday that the missing plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean.
New analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators led to that conclusion, Prime Minister Najib Razak said.
"They have told us all lives are lost," a missing passenger's relative briefed by the airline in Beijing said.
While the last-minute announcement appeared to end hopes of finding survivors more than two weeks after the flight vanished, it left many key questions unanswered, including what went wrong aboard the Beijing-bound airliner and the location of its wreckage in the deep, wild waters of the Indian Ocean.
For families, some of whom had held out hope their relatives somehow were still alive, the news appeared to be devastating. At a briefing for relatives in Beijing, some were overcome and had to be taken from a hotel on stretchers. In Kuala Lumpur, a woman walked out of a briefing for families in tears.
"My son, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter were all on board. All three family members are gone. I am desperate!" a woman said outside the Beijing briefing.
Another woman came out of the briefing room screaming, expressing doubts about the Malaysian conclusion.

"Where is the proof?" she said. "You haven't confirmed the suspected objects to tell us no one survived."
Sarah Bajc, the partner of one of three Americans aboard the flight, Philip Wood, canceled all media interviews after the announcement.

"I need closure to be certain, but cannot keep on with public efforts against all odds," she wrote. "I still feel his presence, so perhaps it was his soul all along."
A committee representing some of the families of the 154 Chinese and Taiwanese passengers aboard the missing aircraft sharply criticized the Malaysian government in a statement, accusing authorities of deliberate search delays and cover-ups, China's state-run CCTV reported.
"If our 154 relatives aboard lost their lives due to such reasons, then Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and the Malaysian military are the real murderers that killed them," the statement said, according to CCTV.
Malaysian police have interviewed more than 50 people in their investigation into the missing plane, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakal told Malaysia's national news agency Bernama.
He said police are still focusing on four possibilities about what happened: a potential hijacking, sabotage, psychological issues or personal problems of the passengers and/or crew.
"Such cases may take up to a year," Khalid said, "so please don't jump to conclusions that the police are slow."
While investigators have yet to find even a piece of the plane, the Prime Minister based his announcement on what he described as unprecedented analysis of satellite data by British satellite provider Inmarsat and the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch. He didn't describe the nature of the analysis.

But he said the data -- drawn from satellite pings the ill-fated airliner continued to send throughout its final flight -- made it clear that the plane's last position was in the middle of the remote southern Indian Ocean, "far from any possible landing sites."
He begged reporters to respect the privacy of relatives.
"For them, the past few weeks have been heartbreaking," he said. "I know this news must be harder still."
The Prime Minister's statement came after the airline sent a text message to relatives saying it "deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those onboard survived."
The airline said it was making plans to fly families to Australia once wreckage is found.

The announcement came the same day as Australian officials said they had spotted two objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be related to the flight, which has been missing since March 8 with 239 people aboard.
One object is "a grey or green circular object," and the other is "an orange rectangular object," the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.
Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia's acting transportation minister, said Monday that Australian authorities hoped to retrieve the objects by Tuesday morning. The Australian naval ship HMAS Success was steaming toward the location at last word Monday evening.

The objects are the latest in a series of sightings, including "suspicious objects" reported earlier Monday by a Chinese military plane that was searching in the same region, authorities said.
A U.S. surveillance plane sent to follow up was unable to find the objects, and so far, none of the sightings has been definitively linked to Flight 370.
Ten aircraft -- from Australia, China, the United States and Japan -- searched the area Monday.
China said Monday after the Prime Minister's announcement that it would be sending more ships to help search for the aircraft.

China has a particularly large stake in the search: Its citizens made up about two-thirds of the passengers on the missing Boeing 777.
Beijing, which has repeatedly called on Malaysian authorities to step up efforts to find the plane, repeated those calls Monday after the Prime Minister's announcement.
China is paying "high attention" to the Malaysian announcement that the plane had gone down in the ocean, and asked authorities there for "all information and evidence leading up to such a conclusion," according to a statement posted on the Chinese Foreign Ministry's website.
Satellites focus search
Amid a vast regional search that at one point spanned nearly 3 million square miles, searchers have homed in on the southern Indian Ocean in recent days following satellite images that have spotted a variety of unknown objects in an area roughly 1,500 miles southwest of Perth, Australia.
Australia reported the first images in the area, followed by China and France.
The area also lies on a projected flight path for the aircraft calculated in part from the satellite pings sent by the plane after other communications systems had shut down.

Australian officials have repeatedly warned that the objects may not be from the missing plane. They could be containers that have fallen off cargo ships, for example.
On Saturday, searchers found a wooden pallet as well as strapping belts, Australian authorities said. Hishammuddin said Monday that wooden pallets were among the items on Flight 370. But such pallets are also common in the ocean shipping industry, so it they may be unrelated to the flight.
The investigation into the passenger jet's disappearance has already produced a wealth of false leads and speculative theories. Previously, when the hunt was focused on the South China Sea near where the plane dropped off civilian radar, a number of sightings of debris proved to be unrelated to the search.

Monday's dramatic developments came after a weekend during which other nuggets of information emerged about the movements of the errant jetliner on the night it vanished.
Military radar tracking shows that after making a sharp turn over the South China Sea, the plane changed altitude as it headed toward the Strait of Malacca, an official close to the investigation into the missing flight told CNN.

The plane flew as low as 12,000 feet at some point before it disappeared from radar, according to the official. It had reportedly been flying at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet when contact was lost with air traffic control.
The sharp turn seemed to be intentional, the official said, because executing it would have taken the Boeing 777 two minutes -- a time period during which the pilot or co-pilot could have sent an emergency signal if there had been a fire or other emergency.
Authorities say the plane didn't send any emergency signals, though some analysts say it's still unclear whether the pilots tried but weren't able to communicate because of a catastrophic failure of the aircraft's systems.
The official, who is not authorized to speak to the media, told CNN that the area the plane flew in after the turn is a heavily trafficked air corridor and that flying at 12,000 feet would have kept the jet well out of the way of that traffic.

Also over the weekend, Malaysian authorities said the last transmission from the missing aircraft's reporting system showed it heading to Beijing -- a revelation that appears to undercut the theory that someone reprogrammed the plane's flight path before the co-pilot signed off with air traffic controllers for the last time.
That reduces, but doesn't rule out, suspicions about foul play in the cockpit.
Last week, CNN and other news organizations, citing unnamed sources, reported that authorities believed someone had reprogrammed the aircraft's flight computer before the sign-off.
CNN cited sources who believed the plane's flight computer must have been reprogrammed because it flew directly over navigational way points. A plane controlled by a human probably would not have been so precise, the sources said.
Malaysian authorities never confirmed that account, saying last week that the plane's "documented flight path" had not been altered.

On Sunday, they clarified that statement further, saying the plane's automated data reporting system included no route changes in its last burst, sent at 1:07 a.m. -- 12 minutes before the last voice communication with flight controllers.
Analysts are divided about what the latest information could mean. Some argue it's a sign that mechanical failure sent the plane suddenly off course. Others say there are still too many unknowns to eliminate any possibilities.
CNN aviation analyst Miles O'Brien called the fresh details about the flight a "game changer."
"Now we have no evidence the crew did anything wrong," he said. "And in fact, now, we should be operating with the primary assumption being that something bad happened to that plane shortly after they said good night."
If a crisis onboard caused the plane to lose pressure, he said, pilots could have chosen to deliberately fly lower to save passengers.
"You want to get down to 10,000 feet, because that is when you don't have to worry about pressurization. You have enough air in the atmosphere naturally to keep everybody alive," he said. "So part of the procedure for a rapid decompression ... it's called a high dive, and you go as quickly as you can down that to that altitude."
Authorities have said pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was highly experienced. On Monday, Malaysian authorities said Flight 370 was co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid's sixth flight in a Boeing 777, and the first time when he was not traveling with an instructor pilot shadowing him.
"We do not see any problem with him," said Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Jimmy Kimmel Shares A Selfie With The Clintons
Jumping on the celebrity selfie bandwagon, Jimmy Kimmel posted a photo of himself and the Clinton family on Saturday (March 22).
The pic was taken at Arizona State University, where the talk show host was moderating the Clinton Global Initiative University closing conversation with Bill, Hilary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.
In the snapshot, the whole former First Family is smiling with a gaggle of happy students squeezing in the background.

Taking a jab at Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Night selfie, Jimmy wrote, "@TheEllenShow- No Brad Cooper but 3 Clintons & a Kimmel @BillClinton @HillaryClinton @ChelseaClinton #selfie."

Reggie Jackson Writes Tell-All Book and Accuses Mets of Racism
Reggie Jackson*According to the New York Post,  baseball legend Reggie Jackson‘s autobiography is a tell-all book that will be one to remember; full of stories that we may already be familiar with, but from his viewpoint.
The Post mentions one story in particular the book touches on; and that is how Jackson wasn’t drafted by the Mets with the top pick in 1966. Jackson says that he was obviously the best choice, but he was overlooked due to racism and his college coach, Bobby Winkles, confirmed it.
“A day or two before the draft, Bobby Winkles sat me down and told me, ‘You’re probably not gonna be the No. 1 pick. You’re dating a Mexican girl, and the Mets think you will be a problem,’ ” Jackson writes. “‘They think you’ll be a social problem because you are dating out of your race … you’re colored, and they don’t want that,” Winkles said. Instead, the Mets took Steve Chilcott as the first overall pick that year.
Some may wonder if there is any truth to what Jackson is saying or should we take it with a grain of salt.

Ciara Celebrates Baby Shower
There’s only a few short weeks left in Ciara’s pregnancy, and to celebrate the arrival of her unborn child, the happy singer held a baby shower this weekend at a private residence in Los Angeles.  And it was very evident by all the blue-colored gifts and baby Jordans that Ciara is expecting a boy.
Throughout the day, her good friends like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, La La, and makeup artist Yolanda Frederick, were all spotted arriving, as well as her fiancé Future and his mom Stephanie.

And with the third trimester being the hardest, Ciara continued her trend of keeping it cute and comfy by wearing a beautiful white and burgundy, lace-embroidered Naeem Khan caftan dress. Gorgeous!

Check the flicks below!
Ciara and Kris Jenner at Ciara's baby shower La La, Ciara and Kim Kardashian at Ciara's Baby ShowerKim Kardashian tweeted a photo of the trio with the caption, “BFF’s.”  There is a lot of wisdom that can be shared between the three on marriage and motherhood. By the end of the year, all three will be married women with a child.

Kyla Pratt Dishes On Babies Before Marriage
Back in 2011, when actress Kyla Pratt revealed on 106 & Park that she had a baby just a year prior to her appearance, the reactions from fans were a mix of “Wow! Congrats! Who the daddy?!” and “Yeah, but are y’all married though?”

This week, the Let’s Stay Together actress sat down with Hot 97′s Morning Show, and Ebro and the gang got the former child star to open up about why she’s not in a rush to walk down the aisle despite already having two kids with boyfriend of six years, Danny Kilpatrick.

Marriage is a lot of pressure! It’s different with your kids because no matter what, we’re going to make sure things happen because I want to make sure my babies have everything that’s perfect. I don’t want to rush into a marriage and people are like, ‘Oh, you need to be married!’ and the next thing you know, we rushed into something and now we’re getting a divorce and the kids are stressed.
The 27-year-old also spoke on trust in a relationship and why it’s not cool for taken men to be sexting other women.

It should not be allowed [in a relationship] because if I see it, we gon’ have a problem. He knows I’m crazy! And I know he’s crazy! That’s why we got an understanding here!
As far as [my man] having dirty talk with someone else, if I see it or I find out about it, I’m gonna be upset and that’s gonna make me wonder what the hell else he is doing. And it’s gonna challenge the trust in our relationship. Of course, I’m gonna stay here and fight for my family, but I’m not gonna sit here and be unhappy for years because I’m trying to worry about where you are going and what you are doing now because [I caught you] texting hoes.
Would she stay if she found her man texting someone else? She’d definitely fight for her relationship and family, but she made it clear, she doesn’t play that mess!

People make mistakes. Stuff happens in relationships. We’re all human. It’s all about being honest when it comes down to it. BUT, if I see some stuff, now you are giving me reasons [not to trust you.] When we [me and Danny] first started dating, it was all kinds of stuff on both of our ends and it was like, ‘You making me not trust you’ and he didn’t understand when I was like, ‘Babe, just answer your phone and that’s gonna help me trust you.’ That’s gonna help me be like, ‘Okay! He not doing anything! He’s just chilling, I’m just checking on him and he’s answering his phone!’

If we had issues in the past and you don’t answer your phone, you could be on the toilet for all I know, but I’m sitting here like, ‘Oh my God! I know his ass is with [someone else], and this is what he’s doing and I just know it!’ So now I’m creating stuff in my brain. Why even do all that? Why even have to make me have to go there?!

And there you have it fellas, answer your damn phone! LOL!

LeBron James LAUNCHES Sprite 6 Mix
This guy is on his hustle at all times.  Miami Heat star and 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James hosted a launch party to celebrate the release of Sprite 6 Mix at UNKNWN, a sports lifestyle store at the Aventura Mall in Aventura, Fla.

The new Sprite 6 Mix adds cherry and orange flavors to the original lemon-lime drink and is available in 19.2 ounce cans and 20 ounce bottles that include custom graphics integrating LeBron's name and jersey number.

In other news, our sources say LeBron and Savannah are expecting baby #3.
His Miami Heat teammate Norris Cole came out to celebrate as well.
In other Lebron endorsements....
LeBron is featured alongside Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel in McDonald's commercial for the Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich.

M.I.A.’s Lawyer Throws Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince Under the Bus to Counter NFL’s $16.6 Million Demand Over Super Bowl Performance
M.I.A.’s lawyer is pulling out all the stops to ensure his client avoids paying $16.6 million demanded by the NFL by referencing past Super Bowl performances by Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, arbitration papers filed Friday are in response to the NFL’s effort to penalize M.I.A. for extending her middle finger when she shared the stage with Madonna during the Material Girl’s performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” for Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5, 2012.
Although the league didn’t pay the Sri Lankan singer/rapper for her performance, the NFL has secretly pursued M.I.A. for arbitration following the event, THR reports. The NFL spent the first two years of arbitration demanding $1.5 million for M.I.A. allegedly breaching her performance contract and tarnishing the league’s goodwill and reputation.

An additional claim was later added by the NFL, seeking $15.1 million more in “restitution” as the alleged value of public exposure M.I.A. received by appearing for an approximately two minute segment during Madonna’s performance. M.I.A.’s response papers, which were filed on Friday, state the figure is based on what advertisers would have paid for ads during this time.
The arbitration papers mark the latest chapter in M.I.A.’s lawyer, Howard King’s efforts to counter the NFL’s claims of its reputation being damaged by highlighting the “profane, bawdy, lascivious, demeaning and/or unacceptable behavior by its players, team owners, coaching and management personnel and by performers chosen and endorsed by NFL to perform in its halftime shows.”
To back up his counter claims, King cites Michael Jackson’s crotch-grabbing performance at the 1993 Super Bowl halftime as well as Prince’s handling of his guitar during his 2007 Super Bowl halftime show.
“During part of his performance, he was illuminated against the backdrop of a billowing sheet of fabric to project a huge shadow of himself,” M.I.A.’s legal papers say. “His oversized shadow was shown caressing the neck of his stylized trademark guitar…as if stroking an erect oversized phallus in a manner
reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix performances where he fondled his guitar’s neck. Discovery is expected to confirm that NFL knew in advance exactly what would be presented, from pre-game rehearsal and from the stage set configuration,” the papers said about Prince’s appearance at the event while also taking Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl set into account. “The Show prominently features scenes of very young women dancers (possibly not even of adult age) poised in reclining positions, with their feet and hands and/or shoulders planted on the ground behind them. The women lewdly thrust their elevated pelvic areas in a manner unmistakably evocative of sexual acts (very probably qualifying as ‘indecent’ under the FCC definition), or at the very least, in a manner wholly consistent with the scenes a faire in a strip club.”

Wendy Williams Apologizes For Transphobia Remarks!
Well it seems Wendy Williams has gotten herself into trouble with the Transgender Community. And if you know her history, it’s ironic for the TV Personality to be apologizing to a community she’s been accused of being a part of for far too long.
Wendy Williams isn’t new to controversy. However the subject matter of her latest blunder is definitely one that draws attention.
Williams held a panel recently over the controversial water topic conversation regarding transgender CrossFit athlete Chloie Jonsson.

CrossFit reportedly stated that Jonsson was denied the chance to compete in the Games’ women’s division because she was “born as a male.”
Williams told viewers that she agrees that Jonsson should not be permitted to compete in the women’s division at the CrossFit Games, due to the fact that “this is an unfair advantage… you can take away female parts or male parts or whatever — it’s like Chaz Bono! You know Chaz is a man now, but I bet she [sic] still fights like a girl like the rest of us and she’s [sic] not as strong as a man who was born a man.”
The Huffington Post wasn’t happy and went onto obliterate Mrs. Williams.
Many in the audience appear to enthusiastically back up Williams’ claims that Jonsson should not be allowed to compete.
Williams isn’t the first television personality to come under fire for their treatment of issues surrounding transgender identity. Last month, transgender writer Janet Mock sat down for an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, later taking to Twitter to take the news anchor to task for “sensationalizing” her life through the interview’s packaging. Additionally, Katie Couric landed herself in hot water for questioning Carmen Carrera about her “private parts” in early January.

Is an Atlanta Local Investigative Reporter Adam Murphy Stalking Dr. Nedra Dodds at her Private Residence?

Investigative reporter Adam Murphy is really pushing the envelope in the case of Dr. Nedra Dodds of Opulence Aesthetic Medicine located in Kennesaw, GA. In the past couple weeks Adam Murphy has been spotted at Dr. Nedra Dodds private residence in Kennesaw beating on her door to the point where it’s scaring her children and making her feel like a prisoner in her own home. Murphy the investigative reporter covered the story of the 2 tragic deaths that took place over 1 year ago. Dodds has since had to have her attorney issue a cease and desist letter to Adam Murphy and the CBS news. He has made several visits to the home of the deceased patient’s dad’s home and keeps conducting  interviews in front of  the the Med Spa Clinic where Dr. Nedra Dodds practice is located. CBS news crew has been seen loitering in front of the building for long

[Doctor's license suspended following cosmetic surgery deaths] periods of time during hours of business. Since the State Medical Board suspended Dodds’ license Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 (which Murphy is allegedly boasting to others about being responsible for through his relentless efforts and visits to the State Medical Board by insisting action be taken after 1 year had passed and Dodds was still in business servicing new satisfied clients).  Seems CBS News reporter Aaron Diamant and Murphy have been the primary 2 reporters (relentless to solve a case as if they work for the police department).We all know investigative reporters love to regurgitate the same story over and over through affiliate outlets. Most of the time it’s an attempt to find validity in alleged facts they previously put out that were merely allegations of what happened.
As a graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. After receiving her medical degree w/Honors not only did Nedra Dodds complete her residency in Emergency Medicine at the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn; she also had the experience of training under the tutelage of Dr. David Satcher, former U. S. Surgeon General. Perhaps the media coverage of editors that doubted and questions the legitimacy of Dr Dodd’s credentials to perform any procedures on anyone is simply a case of “assuming that a woman of color” couldn’t achieve such credentials. Dr Nedra Dodds did share the following, “I am human first, God fearing, a parent and a professional, there is not a day that goes by that I do not carry the torch of burden for the families of the two victims that life ended way too early. No merit of honor, degree or award can top the hurt I grieve daily thinking about the gift of life that ended for the two patients that were in my care.” “I have taken the necessary steps to re-instate my current license suspension as I take my career very seriously and I love being a doctor and caring for my patients and educating them consistently on how to take proper care of their bodies, pre and post opp procedures.” I can’t wait to get back to work.”

Dr. Nedra Dodds was never on trial for the incidents that happened to patients at her facility for any accusations of fowl play. Many false accusations have floated around in the press stating Dr Dodds’s hires anyone off the streets. FALSE!  All nurses employed at Opulence Asethic Medicine absolutely must have certification and credentials (which are listed on the company website as well as displayed in the office) to assist with patient care. We know there is an epidemic of cosmetic surgeries that has taken place in high numbers in Atlanta, GA and throughout the U.S. by people who were not licensed physicians.

When is a News Reporter doing too much to crack a case when he/she is not a detective? Can the media become guilty of BULLYING the wrong people in cases where all the facts clearly cannot be presented to the public for privacy act reasons? How many times should a reporter show up at the home of a Single Mom/or Family with children present? Are there limits and laws to the time of day or the proper procedures especially when they are not accompanied by the police? Should the press be required to bring a police escort to make sure they are not overstepping any “personal space guidelines?” After all there is such a thing called “In the privacy of your own home.” At what point are Media Folks/ Anchors/ Journalists/Bloggers(me too) #Idontmakehousecalls #IJS  given a pass to persistently visit a person’s private home?

Could this be considered stalking if they are not invited or accompanied by an officer of the law. If this were turned around where a media person like Adam Murphy who the public felt was doing a consumer an injustice; and the consumer went to the anchor person’s home for questioning; would it be ok? Or would the anchor person be given the “Stand Your Ground Pass?” Maybe Dr. Nedra Dodds should go to the home apartment of Adam Murphy and ask him a few questions. Showing up with a bunch of her satisfied clients who want to relate the love and care they received while under her care during procedures. Post and past. Why do we never get the well rounded stories of “great results” received from many of the 15,000 + patients Dr. Nedra Dodds has serviced over the past 21 years in her practice? Where are those interviews?
People desperate to improve their looks that seek the help of bootleg persons on the black market performing this procedures God knows where injecting fix a flat and chemicals that can be purchased at your local Home Depot and what happens? Things go desperately wrong and some then seek the help of the professionals (we are NO WAY relating these conclusions to the tragic incidents affiliated with Dr Dodds). However this is a growing problem and the blame keeps getting placed on the wrong people. As consumers we have to be responsible for “Educating ourselves and our children and most important implanting in the hearts of our beautiful women that beauty begins on the inside” and maybe these women and men won’t be so pressed to get body enhancement work done at the risk of losing their life by not consulting a professional or not disclosing pre-existing conditions with our medical professionals. But there have been plenty cases in a professional environment where things have gone wrong in the past. A doctor in Florida quoted below:

“I have had many former Strax customers seeking revision surgery,” said Lenny Hochstein, a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon who practices out of Aventura. “It effects the whole industry when something like this happens.”

Who thinks Dr. Nedra Dobbs should have had her license suspended simply because the Investigative Reporter kept pressuring the Medical Board to take action because of the circumstances without any proof of fowl play? We all remember the case of Plastic Surgeon TV regular Dr Adams who also was under investigation for the death of Kanye West mom. Does this mean she was not a great surgeon or was not credentialed? No. But only after an investigative report was done on her (Dr. Jan Adams) Where is the Investigative report that was done on Dr Nedra Dodds? Was there ever one ordered? What were the results? I haven’t seen Adam Murphy or Diamant cover that story. There was a site visit by the Department of Community Healthcare facility regulation division in August 2013. This report has not yet been complete. Are we curious to know why the suspension was only based on the exact same verbiage report as the one submitted by the family of the victim or was it allegedly a report coerced by Adam Murphy? and his spiderman detective book guidelines that he uses for practice until he gets promoted Chief Detective? 

Is there any reason Adam Murphy didn’t want the media to know that :
Justly, the local Fox affiliate did two stories that did provide the facts.

On September 23, 2013, Dr. Brian S. Frist, Cobb County M.E., released a report conclusively stating that the death of April Jenkins was due to natural causes.

On November 22, 2013, Dr. Brian S. Frist, Cobb County M.E., released a report indicating there was no evidence of a catastrophic event, that there were no ruptured vessels identified and that the cause of death was ruled accidental as a result of cardiac dysrhythmia associated with Hypovolemia.

Both Jenkins and Beaubrun passed away this year after a liposuction procedure was initiated at office of Opulence Aesthetic Medicine. Paradoxical to the news reports at the time of death, both patients were in the care of Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia.
While both patients were known to have pre-existing health conditions we are prohibited by patient confidentiality laws from discussing Ms. Beaubrun’s or any other  patient’s history or course of treatment while at our facility, unfortunately, information given to the medical examiner has significant incorrect assumptions as it relates to both patients.  As the medical examiner’s report recognizes, its opinions are only as good as the information it relies on.  We would also note that – if it were true that Ms. Beaubrun did actually expire as a result of “hypovolemia,” as the report hypothesizes – it would be very unusual that there was no effort to address that condition during while at Kennestone Hospital.  Hypovolemia – which refers to significant decreased in blood volume and/or characterized by salt (sodium) – in either case both would be easily diagnosable and treatable in a hospital setting

Miami Gives Jamie Foxx Keys to the City + Rio 2 Cast Throws HUGE Concert

The city of Miami, loves them some Jamie Foxx (Eric Marlon Bishop). So much so that Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado gave the 44-year-old actor Keys to the City. Jamie, along with the cast of Rio 2, also received a Miami Hollywood Star.
The entire cast is in Miami, promoting the new 3D computer animated comedy film. It’s the sequel to Rio and the studio’s first film to have a sequel outside of their existing Ice Age franchise. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the film is set. The cast (or voices for that matter) includes Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, will.i.am, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, and Jake T. Austin. The premiere included a huge after party concert with Ester Dean, Janalle Monae and Carlinhos Brown. Check out some of the candids.

Listen, we all know how nice it is staying in a fancy hotel on vacation and wearing a robe around the whole time, but the vacation is over people. That robe-everywhere attitude is not the appropriate souvenir to bring back with you.


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